Here's all the MAJOR Changes and Updates that were made to the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer BETA!
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Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch REVEALS New Maps, FOV SLIDER, & MORE! (MAJOR New Features) -
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything all the MAJOR CHANGES That were just added to the Black Ops Cold War BETA! The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Beta is now live for PS4 users and Treyarch just put out a massive patch notes list going over all the changes they made to Cold War Multiplayer, including new weapons tuning, new buffs and nerfs to various mechanics like Aim Assist, audio, and more! We also go over some of the best settings to use in Black Ops Cold War for the beta as well!

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  • WhosImmortal

    This has to be one of the biggest Patch Notes I've ever seen in my time covering COD. What do you guys think about the Beta so far?

    • Alex Rinaldi
      Alex Rinaldi

      The aim assist is unplayable I dont feel like im playing the game.

    • the original Synnykal 22
      the original Synnykal 22

      I have xbox, soooooo....I'll let you know next weekend lol 😉🤣

    • It’s jokrxlr8
      It’s jokrxlr8

      Does your progress transfer to the actual game from the beta? Especially gun progression??!!!????

    • R K
      R K

      Thanks for stopping by? Thanks for having everyone over!

    • Daniel Bytheway
      Daniel Bytheway

      The beta is infinitely better than the alpha

  • SeNs3NoEviL

    I feel like the aim assist is broken

  • NoslenOCE

    The aim assist in cold war is so broken, it traces people through walls, you don't even have to touch the thumbstick and it locks onto people what the fuck are treyarch thinking

  • john doe
    john doe

    See im actually glad they added aim assist for controller sniping. I 1v1'd a few controller player on MW for fun and they often times had trouble keeping up with the constant strafing and what not you can do on K&M. It will definitely be far more fun to face controller players in sniping fights. But when i played the alpha on my PS4 the aim assist just seemed too strong. I wouldnt be moving the sticks for a second and someone would run infront of me and my screen just followed the guy without me doing much. I just hope it was a bug or something with the aim assist. I don't want it to be like how Fortnites PC controller aim assist where it tracks the enemy perfectly with little assistance from the user.

    • Kenny

      Completely agree, aim assist on snipers I think is fine, but the game tracking for you is kind of insane and it needs to be toned down. I don’t care what you say, no keyboard player can track better than a literal robot. Definitely don’t want the aim assist to be like fortnite.

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall

    This game just looks goofy and clunky

  • Roland G
    Roland G

    Black ops color saturation still comic book like. This will be the 4th I’m skipping.


    I know this sounds mean and its not supposed to sound mean but he kinda looks like he would be a bully in school again not being rude

  • Hearts & Smiles
    Hearts & Smiles

    just wondering can u play the beta without pre-ordering the game. or is it just 4 people who pre ordered it, someone plz clarify

    • Hearts & Smiles
      Hearts & Smiles

      @WhosImmortal thank u so much , love ur content keep on going

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pacific time, so like 5 or 6 i think

    • Hearts & Smiles
      Hearts & Smiles

      as im from uk will it come out at a specific time?

    • Hearts & Smiles
      Hearts & Smiles

      @WhosImmortal for some reason it says "you have not purchased it " there is no download button.

    • WhosImmortal

      its free today for anyone who didnt pre order

  • adamngrin

    Can we progress to rank 27 now? :(

  • M E X I C A N A R T I L L E R Y M O D E B T C H !
    M E X I C A N A R T I L L E R Y M O D E B T C H !

    WhosImmortal WheresImmortal WhysImmortal WhensImmortal WhatsImmortal *WhosTheImposterImmortal*


    Neeeed more guns

  • sidewayz _
    sidewayz _

    I thought he was inkslasher

    • WhosImmortal

      inkslasher is inkslasher. Whosimmortal is Whosimmortal

  • BurgydaHerky

    How much fucking help do you console peasants need?

    • WhosImmortal

      PC has far more advantages that console lol

  • Eloy Anzualda
    Eloy Anzualda

    Now only tactical sprint is needed for perfection.

    • WhosImmortal

      see I disagree, I want my thumbsticks to have a break this year lol


    Why does it look like you have a flash light on constantly? Anyone else notice it?

  • dib4_k

    Tbh i don't want mw to die that easily and also cold war is so dope,so im gonna play both because why not lol,appreciate it whosimmortal :D

  • YourLocalGoth

    I'm more genuinely excited and hyped for this call of duty then I have been for others in the past. I hope it'll be just as good or maybe even better than MW, in its own way of course.

  • Private Label
    Private Label

    For the new Deadzone settings, I’ve somewhat figured out numbers relative to MW Deadzone. Increase to full sensitivity to start. It seems you pick the exact number from MW you use, then start to lower it by 3 or 4 points. Then you should be able to reduce some weapon sway, and fine adjustments

  • Private Label
    Private Label

    Dang didn’t even know I wasn’t subscribed. I watch your vids all the time

  • CallMeKenneth

    Whosimmortal is the best COD news channel change my mind

    • WhosImmortal

  • DeXx

    I Used your code for GFUEL 🙏👍

    • WhosImmortal

      my man, thank you!

  • Ced_ P
    Ced_ P

    I feel like the recoil control is so unrealistic it’s Arcady

    • FunnySpoon

      Because it is. And thats a good thing

  • Paul Bernard
    Paul Bernard

    The slides were fast. I was sliding faster than Clark Griswold on the tin sled in Christmas Vacation.

    • WhosImmortal

      LOL goated reference

  • ppl cap too much _
    ppl cap too much _

    You’re able to double slide. You jump, slide, jump, then slide. It doesn’t work all the time, you just need to be at a good height. My max slide is 5 times in a row.

  • Phantom Reptiles
    Phantom Reptiles

    The aim assist is way to strong especially if your around a cluster of enemies

  • Rutted tapioca
    Rutted tapioca

    Did they gonna add fov sliders in warzone?

  • Rasheed Akins
    Rasheed Akins

    The FOV option is amazing.......I have noticed pc players have that option in MW.....watching some streamers like always seems like they are moving so much faster than everyone else. Tried it on Cold War and it looks & feels so much smoother

  • Daniel Murad
    Daniel Murad

    I Hope theres knife

  • arley tamayo
    arley tamayo

    Honestly I just hope the audio was properly fixed. Those guns sound like weak peashooters compared to mw's

  • Raj Deshmukh
    Raj Deshmukh

    As always thanks for these updates man. Always appreciated

    • WhosImmortal

      You bet

  • Ayden Sullivan
    Ayden Sullivan

    Will progress carry over?

    • Ayden Sullivan
      Ayden Sullivan

      WhosImmortal 😱 whoslmmortal replied to me

    • WhosImmortal

      not to the full game, no

  • Sayantan Chakraborty
    Sayantan Chakraborty

    SuperAgent of Call of duty... Salute to you bro! 🙏🙏

  • Diamond's Stuff
    Diamond's Stuff

    I don't see whats wrong with the graphics, honestly, they're just less depressing then MW2019, theres nothing wrong with them

  • Born Quicky
    Born Quicky

    I hope what we unlock in the beta transfers over when the game is realised 🤞🤞

  • BadKarma.-

    My take away from the game so far is, Im glad I didn't waste money on it. Sniping is horrible, gunplay feels like bricks with 0 recoil, movement is meh but not the worst, hit reg horrible, maps horrible, XP gain horrible, sound horrible (mostly really weird sounding) animations horrible especially when fighting someone sliding, and last but not least the game looks like its from 07

  • khxn

    Codes all stolen?

  • Steven Santos
    Steven Santos

    Anyone have the issue where thr r700 bullets just aren't registering?

  • Shourya Singh
    Shourya Singh

    I hope that Treyarch doesn't keep nerfing the servers with every update like IW did.

  • ll Cutie ll
    ll Cutie ll

    Finally another channel that has no fortnite kids, what a relief

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder


  • SGT Suleski Gaming
    SGT Suleski Gaming

    It is simply amazing I set my controls to 14 sensitivity 2 for zero analog and 80 for max thresholds! Super hair trigger settings and I went 31-4 with 19 kill streak on the ground on Cartel

    • SGT Suleski Gaming
      SGT Suleski Gaming

      And ADS setting on 2.5

  • R K
    R K

    Not too worried about frame rate, I just upgraded my router to max for the new game and Star Wars Squadrons. Doin good. Also, higher hits for one hit kills with the sniper means headshots or upper torso shots only for that.

  • 540 Inc.
    540 Inc.

    Also; The amount of times I've shot somebody and their entire health bar disappears, but they still kill me and run away like nothing happened... It gives me conniptions, PTSD from Battlefield "Player killed you with 0% Health"... 😠😠😡😡🤬🤬

  • 540 Inc.
    540 Inc.

    They need to add different aim assist types similar to Modern Warfare. I need precision aim assist. The default aim assist on sniper rifles is so fucking annoying..

  • School boy
    School boy

    I’m thankful for this channel so I don’t have to look this info up myself

    • WhosImmortal

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Solid vid fella. Appreciated. Gonna defo give this another run this weekend. Good times.

  • Jake James
    Jake James

    When can u play if u preordered

    • Jake James
      Jake James

      WhosImmortal I have Xbox so when can I try it out

    • WhosImmortal

      today for ps4

  • Dom

    Lol... upping that aim assist... Remove it entirely!

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Where do I start? Compared to the Alpha, this game is way better. It feels and looks better. Like my mind has completely changed on this game. I have to note something that I felt personally when adjusting my FOV. On the lowest settings I felt more inside the game. The effects of the gun such as the recoil (even the little it has) you can see and feel. The reload animation looks better and feels more smooth like. The slide feels super slow, almost like MWs beta version and sprinting feels slow. But as I adjusted as I played more my experience changed. When I placed a higher FOV setting the instant change I felt was the sprinting and sliding. How much fast both are. My vision felt further than it really was, making it harder to see the characters and my aim was much worst. Has anyone else experienced this? I cannot wait to see what the full game will bring and the WZ. Like this beta is way better than the Alpha. Wasnt expecting this!!!

    • Asta Da Gouki
      Asta Da Gouki

      @Craig Cobain I didnt say it did. The experience itself changes. When your FOV is pushed out 100+ the effects of running and sliding seem fast, compared to the effects when its closer. When its closers everything feels slower overall and the game itself is up close and personal

    • Craig Cobain
      Craig Cobain

      FOV doesn't change sprinting or sliding

  • The big Grape
    The big Grape

    Are there gun skins

  • Rosehammer_52

    The spawns are still garbage as of today...

  • Sterling Solis
    Sterling Solis

    Your underrated man!!! Keep up the hard work!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it!

  • Muoco

    day 69 of telling zach is the best youtuber ever

    • WhosImmortal



    Graphics still suck. Wish they would get rid of aim assist.

  • iNut

    bruh i’ll watch u on my chrome book during class when i’m bored love your content 🤙🏼 and also can u help me get the beta on ps4 it says i can’t purchase the game

  • Austin McGoey
    Austin McGoey

    Zac you gonna do xbox codes as well 🤞

    • Austin McGoey
      Austin McGoey


    • Austin McGoey
      Austin McGoey

      @WhosImmortal :)

    • WhosImmortal

      If i get any, yes

  • Tomas Valdez
    Tomas Valdez

    Cool soccer ball. REAL MADRID fan here brother lol thank you for all the little tips 💯🔥🇲🇽🇺🇸🌮🍕🌮🍕🌮🍕🌮🍕

  • Tomas Valdez
    Tomas Valdez

    I love this games

  • migz briones
    migz briones

    to be honest i like your intro

    • WhosImmortal

  • Daniel Chamoun
    Daniel Chamoun

    Can you turn off hitmarker audio like in MW?

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    Yo Hey Hi How Ya Doin

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    How the hell does this man not have 1,000,000+ subs already I hope you get there soon 🔜

  • Daniel Lykke Sørensen
    Daniel Lykke Sørensen

    Is the field og view commeing to warzone? Or is it just in Cold War

  • Alexander Javier
    Alexander Javier

    Faith Restored into this game now. I’m very Exited to get my Hands on it. The only thing that was worrying me was Multiplayer, now we all have to wait for Warzone reveal.

  • Chris Pilkington
    Chris Pilkington

    Quick question but I don't have to keep modern warfare on ps4 to access warzone on black ops right?

  • will bongiorno
    will bongiorno

    im hype for the pc and xbox beta but most of my excitement is for zombies still

  • Mark Hirst
    Mark Hirst

    Awesome coverage as always... Thank you Zac 🙏👏👍

    • WhosImmortal

      Glad you enjoyed it

  • Lucas Meder
    Lucas Meder

    I want a hud option that show the amount of bullets in my magazine the old way where it shows each individual bullet instead of the number

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1

    oh wait hold up u can play as woods?!

    • Ghost 1
      Ghost 1

      WhosImmortal Love it! wonder if Mason will be in the battle pass or he’ll be there just like how woods is..

    • WhosImmortal


  • GS B
    GS B

    I've seen enough I'm satisfied!

  • Itzgamer62

    The alpha was better than the beta. Convince me otherwise

  • Yoplaides

    Hey mr expresso when is there gonna be a free multiplayer weekend?

  • Dillion Devault
    Dillion Devault

    The game is such garbage, I got a refund.

    • HuffaloBunter

      Better than modern campfare

  • Mole Rat Gaming
    Mole Rat Gaming

    Just heard a rumor while watching a stream that there will be loot boxes in cold war. Please tell me this is not true

    • Mole Rat Gaming
      Mole Rat Gaming

      WhosImmortal thank you for calming my nerves! Lol

    • WhosImmortal

      there wont be

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1

    beta looking good so sad they nerfed the snipers..but can’t wait to play next week!👌🏽

  • Not a Crouching Tiger
    Not a Crouching Tiger

    Damn probably missed them codes coz a homeboy was studying

  • it's8oclock

    Yo I preordered CoD on PC but also own a ps4, can I Play it somehow on ps4 this Weekend?

  • Dead_Dog_ 27
    Dead_Dog_ 27

    Cold war best load outs next?

  • lyndell wright
    lyndell wright

    With console now having a fov slider, does anyone know if you have the option to choose independent or affected ads fov? (I’m on pc, so I’m just curious, I’m not able to play the beta yet). Thanks In advance for any Info!!

  • Demoe2Sly

    They didn't fix a thing, feels worse

  • Lance Martinez
    Lance Martinez

    Let's be real the menu music got the biggest buff imaginable

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    Day 1 of asking immortal for a pc so I can play warzone with him

  • John Vellekamp
    John Vellekamp

    Wait, do you need a code to get the beta?

    • FunnySpoon

      To get early access.

  • Pp C
    Pp C

    Day 1 until Immortal replies

    • WhosImmortal


  • Cason Claxton
    Cason Claxton

    yo can i be your activition friend it would be a blast to play cod with you and thanks for the awasome videos keep at it.

  • Micah aDizzle
    Micah aDizzle

    I like ya cut g 👏

  • Stediemobin

    Least let us place a C4 on the RC XD like bo1

  • Jeevan Bhullar
    Jeevan Bhullar

    i swear at this point their just fucking with us with the sbmm

  • The_Robloxdude

    I like how you can turn off health bars

  • Jonathan Delgado
    Jonathan Delgado

    That shirt is fire 🔥

  • TheMercsAssassin

    Weapons sound like weapons now, like MW? MORE AIM ASSIST THAN ALPHA?! Crazy

  • Håvard Skjærseth
    Håvard Skjærseth

    Do you need to pre order cold war to play the beta??

    • WhosImmortal

      for the first 2 days, yes

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Thanks for the upload brotha 🙏 👌 💯 it helps like crazy

  • Sterling Solis
    Sterling Solis

    Look at all the gfuel!!!!👀

  • Kyle Dillon
    Kyle Dillon

    first comment

  • Rsqr__

    They clearly trying really hard to make it good, beta looks good cant wait till November

  • Dameon Malone
    Dameon Malone

    I think the beta looks really fun I can’t wait for the open beta also Immortal your an absolute amazing person stay safe and good luck with COD and your channel

  • Best Bun in The West
    Best Bun in The West

    Immortal, my man; something about your voice is so soothing to me. I could honestly listen to your videos for hours!

  • Lenny Martinez
    Lenny Martinez

    Keep up good content best channel for keeping up with the gam

    • WhosImmortal

  • Connor Gaines
    Connor Gaines

    It’s the best feeling when u get off a long day of school and getting an immortal notification

    • razeenrajaful

      wait, you guys are getting off school