Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward REVEALS The Upcoming UPDATE, HACKERS ADDRESSED, & More!
Here’s everything Infinity Ward just REVEALED about the upcoming update, how they’re combating Hackers, & more!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that was just revealed for the NEW UPDATE coming to Modern Warfare and WARZONE! Both Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE will be getting a new update this week that will add in new weapons, in the form of new anime blueprints, a new mode in warzone, multiple new modes in COD MW, and more! This may be another smaller update, but with only a few weeks left here in Season 5 of Modern Warfare, a lot of bigger things are going to be coming to the game very very soon!

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  • WhosImmortal

    The End of Season 5 is coming up here soon, but we've got a few updates left before that! Here's what to expect this week! Thanks for watching :D

    • Derek Andrew
      Derek Andrew

      @NotTalkTo codm Bizon is lowkey monster though!

    • Hi Bye Another Time
      Hi Bye Another Time

      HEY IMMORTAL!!!! I found a hut outside of TV station that needs an access code and has a picture of a verdansk map potentially a new one plz see this I can’t believe I found it

    • Infamousbrad -YT
      Infamousbrad -YT

      Btw why cant i use grinch

    • VincentRoy Oshea
      VincentRoy Oshea

      Immortal the tac laser doesnt work on the red dwarf m19 blue print I can equip it but the attachment itself doesnt appear on the weapon and doesnt give me the bonus stats

    • RitzyEdgyOcelot

      Tomorrow is update day٩( ᐛ )و

  • ICON

    People are hacking and then when you play in solos you have clowns helping each other win a game it’s sad.

  • davidjohnson36st

    Rusty old boat

  • Lewis Hardiman
    Lewis Hardiman

    All I ever get is shipment not shoot house 😂

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook

    I want night maps back :( I always hoped they’d do warzone at night too

  • 4G64SicKShoT

    You realize that they are sending letters and not even try to make an anti cheat, theyre still just asking for the cheating to stop. An arsonist keeps setting fires, instead of arresting him and not letting him set anymore fires, they sent him a letter telling him to stop.

  • alone wrld
    alone wrld

    Ok can someone tell what operator is that plz

  • Kaleb Sibbersen
    Kaleb Sibbersen

    Thank lord they are addressing the hacking issues I have stopped playing warzone entirely lately because the hacking has just become to bad to deal with every match

  • Cameron MacDonald
    Cameron MacDonald

    Should I get mw Multiplayer or Cold War because will there be a “warzone” in Cold War or should I get mw Multiplayer but is the game gonna die out in the near future?

    • WhosImmortal

      a lot less people will be playing MW Mp in the coming months, but Cold War will have a fresh take on MP and a continuation of Warzone :)

  • Alfred B
    Alfred B

    Still no ghost ghillie suit!??

  • John Fon
    John Fon

    bro this news is old AF, last chance, if you regurgitate old info again i’m unsubing

    • WhosImmortal

      this video is from monday bud, when all the info literally came out an hour before the video was posted

  • Jayson Nagy
    Jayson Nagy

    i had is one guy that had wall hack like no tomorrow

  • Max Gardiner-creed
    Max Gardiner-creed

    You repeatedly yourself from yesterday's video a lot

  • Mutt

    Activision and Hackers: Better anti-cheat? Nah. Scare Tactics & Swat Teams

  • Chronaz_Chici

    Yooo i hot damascus yesterday

    • WhosImmortal


  • Nikolas Bosey
    Nikolas Bosey

    Mw 2019 is a lot like Ghosts.... Every map plays like stonehaven 😐

    • BullpupsAreJustGayGuns • LGBTQ GUNS •
      BullpupsAreJustGayGuns • LGBTQ GUNS •

      Lmao just about you aren't wrong campers and snipers the whole fucking time especially when you go up above 1KD then you realize the way they got their high KD was from sitting in one spot and beaming people or sniping

  • rickjamez13itch

    Whosimmortal how bout the fix for ppl like me who didn't get Games of Summer Steeplechase. Any news about that?

  • Cee Downer
    Cee Downer

    They need to fix the running with your heartbeat out it keeps freezing the game

  • seerats s
    seerats s

    Oh goodie! One knock on the door,hacks,cheats stop One of the most "powerful" engines fer the game,an Activisious can't/won't contain them? A Door knock on one? HOW LAME..

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T

    Don't get why the new pink tracer rounds dont have dismemberment.

  • Larry Welser
    Larry Welser

    I know where there is 3 dark web hacks for MW

  • AlexanderKnightof1

    Or just develop a anti cheat system.... Jesus this company is garbage

  • TheHolyMakaveli

    Bruh the activision goons rolling up to houses now.

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    If they do not address these hackers, then they need to do away with Xplay with PC. I know consoles can have hackers as well but those number are far minimal than what PC has. Gaming has explode in the last 10 years and with that explosion PC became that standard Optimal gaming platform. This brought nothing but Mods and Hackers since, sorry not sorry. We are approaching a generation in gaming and this hacking/cheating has destroyed alot of great progress.

  • Asad Sher
    Asad Sher

    My team rumble has disappeared

    • WhosImmortal

      Yup, its a weekend LTM

  • Jérémy Pilon
    Jérémy Pilon

    Coming from Battlefield 5, I find this level of activity from the devs really good. They post updates about the current situations and actually acknowledge the problems.

  • TruMurdaMuzik

    They need to fix co-op! Its not counting as completed matches (jack frosty blueprint obj.2).. And where tf is the new ghost bundle??

  • goodguy

    They absolutely need to sue everyone making it possible for people to cheat. Anyone caught using these cheats should be banned for life automatically. I do not mean just their profile. I mean a complete lifetime ban across all platforms.

  • HaraldQuake

    When will they put the "Russian Federal Security Bureau Pack" in the store? I want to buy.

  • Brandon Smythe
    Brandon Smythe

    Oh so now they’re going to start taking it serious oh damn ok...yeah so what about the 30 some odd people I have blocked for blatantly hacking and acquiring 40 to 50 kills in warzone...I mean I quit playing this game cause of the hackers..for me it’s to late I hope the next game is better

  • Nerdy Sabta
    Nerdy Sabta

    Can you bring to attention the stadium glitch where a player can hide in a metal podium and become invincible?

  • Au Robinson
    Au Robinson

    Honestly the hackers are making it not fun to play anymore


    How will the attachments of the ak47 and mp5 move to warzone if there are two games with the same guns?

  • Chance

    While I dislike hackers and cheaters , I don’t think there is much legally they could do to be honest , I think it’s just scare tactics and the cheaper option ( cheaper because they have lawyers on retainer and hiring a PI isn’t that expensive). A better tactic for stopping hackers would be to make a better product instead, but that would cost even more money .

  • IncredibleFlyinSquid

    "...either 24 or 32 players..." - it's 48, actually (re: Ground War Reinfected)

    • BullpupsAreJustGayGuns • LGBTQ GUNS •
      BullpupsAreJustGayGuns • LGBTQ GUNS •

      Yeah Giant Infection as it was called would be lit a Warzone with 150 players in infected

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson

    Omg I need that kar98 class !!!!!!

  • Dim wg13
    Dim wg13

    Battlefield only....cod is for babies...

  • ShotgunSurgery

    When are we getting ghille ghost? For fucks sake it was in the season 5 trailer and season 5 is almost over.

  • deadtreebark

    I finished my mil-sim challenges, the vehicle and buy back challenge were glitched for a bit

  • Dantes creative mind
    Dantes creative mind

    Imagine buying battle passes only to be cheated by Hackers. Apart from my initial purchase this game will never get my money.

  • Santiago Mercado
    Santiago Mercado

    They need to bring back realism mode to warzone

  • Andrew Vaca
    Andrew Vaca

    A new anime tracer pack... Say less

  • Robert Tammaro
    Robert Tammaro

    “Hackers addressed” LoL

  • SteashEdits


  • jeremyah mcbride
    jeremyah mcbride

    they need to make a kar98k tracer pack


    They NEED to fix the unlimited stopping power rounds glitch. All you need is a stopping power box to do it and it will give it for both of your weapons. Why is no one mentioning this?

  • Tomás Ricaldoni
    Tomás Ricaldoni

    Wap (Woods and Perseus) in Warzone?

  • Chris In Missouri
    Chris In Missouri

    You're right on with that comment about Shoot the Ship being mostly Shoot House. For me, it seems that it is about 90% Hardpoint games as well, regardless of which map I get.

  • Rdgg_ Sauce
    Rdgg_ Sauce

    Is the shoot the ship for warzone or multi-player

  • Kelvin Torres
    Kelvin Torres

    Hey whoisimmortal, my account was hacked yesterday and Activision has done absolutely nothing to help me. I looked on the internet and this has happened to a lot of people and Activision are keeping quiet about it, I think you should shed some light on this so Activision is forced to deal with it, they’re trying to ignore it so it goes away. Please, I need help I lost everything, and money too since I bought a lot of things.

  • Jake K
    Jake K

    Commenting cuz there was 666 comments lol

  • Matthew Fries
    Matthew Fries

    I’ve noticed shoot the ship isn’t balance too but I’m seeing it be 70% shoot house 30% shipment

  • Infamousbrad -YT
    Infamousbrad -YT

    I always watch this channel for info

    • WhosImmortal

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    They need to add warzone mini royale back 🙄

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    Hey ! Is this a coincidence that I literally started using P90 yesterday and today Zac is using it ?

  • andrewtt03

    Would be dope if activision could sue players that use cheats for breaking tos. Fuck giving warnings. Make examples out of these assholes.

  • haizay

    That’s good I have two weeks to get Damascus I just finished leveling up all my weapons just spent 4 hours getting platinum for all pistols (:

  • Cerberus_666

    Any word on a fix for the intel missions glitch thats been around for months? I cant even start week 7 of the missions because of the glitch.

  • Dylan Norman
    Dylan Norman

    so i wasnt tripping when i threw on that romanian barrel yesterday lol


    VOTE TO KICK is the only way to stop cheaters.

  • zenmonkey070

    Your very naughty boys for cheating!!! 🤣😂 great update as always Zac stay safe 🕉🙏🏻

  • TwoHand TeaMan
    TwoHand TeaMan

    It would be nice if they made a tracer pack for the Oden. Maybe something to do with lightning lol.

  • Muhammad Awais
    Muhammad Awais

    Here in India we play warzone on 160+ping when will they fix this ?

  • im back
    im back

    hopefully the fsb milsim bundle drops today

  • Bradley Corner
    Bradley Corner

    Already gotten Damascus once. Shame I got it taken off me.

  • 92.50 bet
    92.50 bet


  • 92.50 bet
    92.50 bet

    I have the same pro with sim 3 can’t unlock

  • Screw A Screen Name
    Screw A Screen Name

    The whole hacker thing, is too little too late. There’s a ton of them out there. Stopping people from making cheats will do nothing for the people that already have them. They need to enforce their bands

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    if there is a final season on MW the should be able to give you the option to display your overall career level in lobbies

  • louie •
    louie •

    What about those season one vault packs that are suppose to come out this season???...

  • Tyler Corpuz
    Tyler Corpuz

    I hope Cold War has gun fight, it is a must- the only game mode I kept coming back for other than Warzone

  • Damned Gamer
    Damned Gamer

    There will always be cheaters since the cross play started…

  • Skipjack647

    The USEF III is also broken too. Its just the USEF I skin with the USEF III head model. USEF III is supposed to have green gear and a grey flight suit.

  • Riley Bachman
    Riley Bachman

    I just need to know what’s going to be in season 6 battle pass.

  • Filip Borojević
    Filip Borojević

    When is ghillie ghost comingg

    • WhosImmortal

      no idea

  • Shaney Boi
    Shaney Boi

    They should make the 2v2 maps 6v6

  • Jason Swisher
    Jason Swisher

    Nice buy back quads

  • marc forgues
    marc forgues

    Still no real map changes for warzone gah. The map has kinda grown stale at this point. Wish they would hurry up and change something. Blow the damn up, level some apartments, night mode, idk what else but holy damn they could have done something more special than adding a train that was cool for 5 minutes and opening the arena. Both are features I feel could have been available upon release

  • J TheGreat
    J TheGreat

    That looked like Terminal 👀 I really hope we get that map before they stop supporting this game

  • Mayhem

    Day 3 of saying immortal is awesome

  • KingMonkey 0422
    KingMonkey 0422

    What's your AK class? Me and my friend have been looking for a good class for it and can't find one that feels good and your's looks like it handles fairly well.


    Hella slacked in this season not even at 60.

  • Caleb Moodley
    Caleb Moodley

    Yo I wanted to ask u if u could help me earn my first win Cos I am ok but whenever I try there's always a sweaty player

  • Marco Pineda
    Marco Pineda

    Of course they don't forget about new premium skins...

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Using the Bruen and p90 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Digital Death
    Digital Death

    The "suits" wont do much in reality, just shift around the customer base and the creators will just move shop and change name becoming a "new" company they have to cease and desist again. They need a real anti-cheat and real pushishment for the cheaters.

  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh

    Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • QT

    Hackers still out in full force. At least 1-2 EVERY game. Playing in 3+KD lobbies on PC.

  • DirtyDistrictJamK

    I hope the origin shotgun gets nerved a little bit

  • Dragon Vampire
    Dragon Vampire

    Probably the 79 dislikes are hackers lol

  • Corbin Keller
    Corbin Keller

    When you been rocking the digital desert camo JTF skin since it was added ;)

  • xX- SoLrAc-187-Xx
    xX- SoLrAc-187-Xx

    The comment about the shoot house vs shipment was spot on.

  • C Block
    C Block

    So instead of making anti cheat software, they focus on 1 company. What about all the Cronus users. What a joke!

  • FlayminPotato

    Man all I need for Damascus are the launchers ,any short tips for gold ?

  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Dang how do 59k watch but only like 3k like. Support the boy !

  • Sustainna

    An anime variant but its for an awful weapon. I need to do something about that monkey's paw.

  • Mason

    So they can hire a private investigator to harrass and intimate someone making cheats but can't hire a developer to make an anticheat? I DONT UNDERSTAND


    im so glad to hear about Activision cracking down on cheaters i havent been running into many but i do still get killed sometimes and its pretty sus but maybe there just really good lmao

  • Aditya Agrawal
    Aditya Agrawal

    Like imagine being sooo bad at the game that you need to be assisted by a computer to aim, I hate it

  • Bru h
    Bru h

    What kar98 class do u use?