The NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, Cold War NUKE Mode LEAKED, & MORE!
Here’s what changed in the NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, the LEAKED NUKE Mode in Black Ops Cold War, & More!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MAJOR Changes in the NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, the leaked NUKE Mode in Black Ops Cold War, & More! Today Call of Duty Modern Warfare got another update which added in some new modes for Multiplayer and COD WARZONE and Black Ops Cold War had a new NUKE mode leaked called dropkick and also got a huge change to the XP Rate for Weapons and overall rank. Both COD titles, COD MW and Cod Black Ops Cold War ended up getting some updates this week, but next week is where things will really begin to get interesting as we’re going to see some big changes to WARZONE, Cold War, and Modern Warfare with the Season 1 update!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The new final Season 6 Update is live in Modern Warfare, Cold War got a *spicy* xp Update, and it seems some nukes are on the horizon?! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Soulz K
      Soulz K

      👋Hey, hi could you make a video on each seasons best loadout.

    • Dorian

      I saw it yesterday by accident when looking at the additional description of the perks in loadout configuration in warzone/mw.

    • Oligarch

      Still not fixed on zombies I startet with an lvl 47 gun solo zombies after round 36 exfiled. It only leveled up to 49. I killed 1700 zombies and made 1050 headshots.. xp earn rate is a joke

    • Adrian Keyes
      Adrian Keyes

      I REALLY just want shoot house and shipment 24/7 back in mw. I miss it. 😞

    • Zachery Koneval
      Zachery Koneval

      @C R A 7 G in the intial bunker 11 you could press a button that said restart prime sequence (or something similar) and didn't actually do anything when pressed. The last intel we did have said something about the prime sequence is now ready (again paraphrasing). I just wondered if anyone has tried the bunker 11 easter egg since then?

  • TL Actual Gaming
    TL Actual Gaming

    Gave a sub for always giving reliable info. Can you find out when activision is planning on fixing the revive system in cyber attack? Besides gunfight its all I play and cyber is so broken right now since the last title update

    • TL Actual Gaming
      TL Actual Gaming

      @WhosImmortal looking forward to it because as far as I know Core mode: you can revive but ONLY if you or your team watches their full kill cam, if you or them skip it your rez won't show up Hardcore mode: doesn't have killcams so rez broken fully

    • WhosImmortal

      actually talking about this sometime early next week :) It'll be soon tho!

  • Dylan Bayleef
    Dylan Bayleef

    I got a bunch of the 2XP promos so I should be good for that shit

  • PrellyB

    I won’t be able to play without an FOV slider...

  • M3 Bimmer
    M3 Bimmer

    Modern warfare 2019>Cold War

  • jeff J
    jeff J

    Around 3 minutes after watching modern warfare, then switching to cold war. It's so painfully clear how bad cold war graphics are and the gameplay for MP is awful. I do rate zombies tho.

  • Craig w
    Craig w

    I would prefer if they fixed the demon gun glitch which occurs in 75% of the games I play and makes the game unplayable

  • adam leatherbarrow
    adam leatherbarrow


    • WhosImmortal


  • sohel khaled
    sohel khaled

    Favorite channel on UZload no argue

    • WhosImmortal

  • Nick Pestritto
    Nick Pestritto

    about time they make it easier to level up guns

  • Jmilljr

    Modern warfare really need a 34.015 GB update 🙃

  • markf440

    I gotta cold war worth buying? Or should I just stick to modern warfare?

    • markf440

      @WhosImmortal probably best for me to hold off a while. I'll pick it up when I'm able to get a new console. Seriously though thanks for the reply.

    • WhosImmortal

      cold war will have more accessible content over the next year

  • iEliteWill

    When is shipment coming back??

  • Jefferson Rodriguez
    Jefferson Rodriguez

    Fuck modern warfare leave it behind already

    • Ghost_ Slaayer
      Ghost_ Slaayer

      @Jefferson Rodriguez your prp looks like fake thug

    • Jefferson Rodriguez
      Jefferson Rodriguez

      @Ghost_ Slaayer lol wtf

    • Ghost_ Slaayer
      Ghost_ Slaayer

      Ok fake thug

  • jeffrey wall
    jeffrey wall

    I don't quite understand why on my daily challenges it reads complete 1 Most Wanted Contract. I went into Battle Royale and Plunder Quads in solos and there are no most wanted contracts.

  • J Gotti
    J Gotti

    Can't believe this whole time I wasn't subbed lol

  • Aaron Large
    Aaron Large

    Whats the name of the song at the end of all your videos

    • WhosImmortal

      zero hero - twilight

  • Kodachi

    WhosImmortal, I need your help. I am stuck between 2 games. Should I buy Spider Man Miles Morales or Call Of Duty Cold War?

  • Derek Allgood
    Derek Allgood

    dropkick sounds like a lot of fun

  • william ramirez
    william ramirez

    Anyone if they fixed the game chat problem on Cold War?

  • Billy Griffitts
    Billy Griffitts

    First nuke in a treyarch title? How?

    • Billy Griffitts
      Billy Griffitts

      Anyway...fucking LOVE YOU Z

    • Billy Griffitts
      Billy Griffitts

      Bro I swear to GAWD we had nukes in blops I am....after looking it up.....feeling very mortal

    • WhosImmortal

      what do you mean? We havent had the ability to ever call in a nuke in a treyarch game, so this would be the first

  • Outer Heaven Gaming
    Outer Heaven Gaming

    Me watching this gameplay realizing I’ve been sleeping on the Milano apparently 😳

  • Soulz K
    Soulz K

    A really interesting vid would be if you made the best loadout of each season.

  • Jay Ai Jiraiya
    Jay Ai Jiraiya

    They need to fix the hardcore Nuketown playlist cuz it's only team death match and based on the description it shouldn't be that way

  • jordon williams
    jordon williams

    My man back at it everyone sub and hit that like button baby you know you like it so show my brother some love

  • OsamaBinPoppin187

    Bro, it saddens me that you don't already have 1 million subs. Content is always on point and you're a beast to watch💪🏼

    • WhosImmortal

      Maybe one day!

  • Joe King1
    Joe King1

    Hey hi immortal how ya doing

    • WhosImmortal


  • Knock Knuck
    Knock Knuck

    ug. we've been cucked again shipment or shoothouse.

  • ChaoticTurnip9

    I get it now. The term "drop kick" is a reference to football, which is also the name of that big suitcase that the president carries that supposedly holds nuclear launch codes. If its a game mode about a nuke, and theres a suitcase involved, then that's most likely it.

  • Colton Fraser
    Colton Fraser

    Its been good watching your videos for MW. Cold war is the most garbage ass CoD ive ever played so ill catch ya in the next CoD

    • WhosImmortal

      way more content than just cold war coming up. Warzone will be dominating the channel come December 10th

  • ZikoMario

    You can just level Cold War weapons in Plunder if you only have the Warzone.

  • Goldchain Sladogna Elías Nicolás
    Goldchain Sladogna Elías Nicolás

    even tho i preordered the new cod and i even got the rare milano blueprint... i think i’m gonna stick to mw

  • Leland Culp
    Leland Culp

    so the warzone update is a in game not like 14.87gb update

  • Shinxbi FX
    Shinxbi FX

    Am I the only going for the humiliation master calling card? 🃏

  • Nick D’Amato
    Nick D’Amato

    Dammit i’m late! What’s up immortal

    • Nick D’Amato
      Nick D’Amato

      @WhosImmortal How are you

    • WhosImmortal


  • Jalen King
    Jalen King

    Almost decided to reinstall this trash until I found out that shoot the ship is still gone lmfao

  • DeepKnows

    this game is getting pood on becaus leveling is a big poo and playing SBMM is even moor poooo on the head, you cant get pood on with money, pay money to be pood on buy COD makers

  • Charlie Keyte
    Charlie Keyte

    Ladies and gentlemen, hey hi, how ya doing? *Instant serotonin*

  • laulaka

    why all the edges , offer cold war? let me and warzone alone!Cold war trash animation , to fast ADS etc.Big trash and this trash interferes warzone! why should i wait 2 extra weeks for the new season?Because TRASH COLD WAR HERE !!!fu*k COLD WAR PLASTIC ANIMATION AND physicsTRASH! u play cold war? - welcome to the world of plasticine

  • ADAR

    learn to play the objective man...

    • WhosImmortal

      Lol. You won't win games without a kills, and I had the most hill time on my team that game

  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    Ah, nice, a giveaway - Not available in your region. Oh, come on!

  • Enes Kemal
    Enes Kemal

    Will they remove the SCAR from the game ??!

  • SpaceSlayer 200
    SpaceSlayer 200

    how are you editing this epic videos?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Oops, I already deleted cod idk why I’m still here

  • Jeff Ridens
    Jeff Ridens

    Cold war is garbage

  • TrollMonkey

    You and Exclusiveace should form a super-channel together! Can't believe I bought CW instead of MW. Everyone said it was at its end of life. I so want FFA in Nuketown.

  • KingLattice

    A tip for Warzone players. Supply runs are by far the fastest way to level up weapons

  • KingLattice

    I can't enter the giveaway 😭😭😭😭😭 Different continent

  • Mtg Csual
    Mtg Csual

    Cold war sucks. Wish warzone stuck with modern warfare. Fortnite is better than cold war. Damn, COD should stop coming up with a new COD every year now since they got warzone make it like every 2-3 years.

  • George Tziartzianis
    George Tziartzianis

    Why i have DEV error 6036 in MW maps on xbox

  • CodeNameZesty

    Me and all my homies just want shoot house & shipment 24/7

    • 36epc

      Shoothouse 24/7 fuck shipment

  • Charles M
    Charles M

    Any updates on when they will fix xbox series x from crashing every game?

  • Monarch

    Have people gone back to MW already?

  • Zach Long
    Zach Long

    So no battle pass for MW season 7? 😔

  • Supreme The legend
    Supreme The legend

    I’m in zombies and the xp is the same .. nothing changed

  • Jon Abendroth
    Jon Abendroth

    Is there a way for you to enable the closed captions for your videos? Most videos on my UZload have auto generated captions, however i never have any luck while watching your vids

  • JMPMP15

    So I wanted to use bocw mp5 and a mw mp5 in the same class in warzone I can

  • Fardeen Shahriyar
    Fardeen Shahriyar

    the sputnik pet doesn't show up in lobby.They should fix it.

  • ImEZstreet Y33t
    ImEZstreet Y33t

    Chances of the Christmas game mode for MW coming back??? Really Wishing for it

  • Talisman21

    It won’t take longer to level up weapons in Warzone at all, the multiplier for WZ is insane. It’s laughable that everyone thinks they have to play Cold War to level up the guns fast.

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    We need the MAC 10, every kid in the 80s wanted a mac 10, the poor kids got Tec 9.

  • Duck-A-Tank

    This guy has 633k frickin subs and interacts with every single comment I’ve seen on far, like in all of his vids. Great video man keep em coming!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it bro!

  • king. k
    king. k

    This guy cares for all his comments and answers

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    I would love to join the give-a-way. But I'm in Australia.

    • Taylor Hessel
      Taylor Hessel

      Same, just came back from riding my kangaroo to work whilst been attacked by an alligator and 3 snakes

  • Redux G
    Redux G


    • WhosImmortal


  • Mercy LK
    Mercy LK

    Do you think they will add split screen support for warzone 😭? Edit: Or even split screen for 10v10

  • Min432g

    Anyone know if you buy mw season 7 battle pass will you also get the cw season 1 battle pass without paying an extra 1 thousand cod points?

    • Min432g

      @WhosImmortal oh dang I thought there was. Thanks lol.

    • WhosImmortal

      there is no season 7 battle pass

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob

    What is gonna happen to the modern warfare guns and wraps? Will they be in the game alongside the Cold War wraps and camos?

  • J DV
    J DV

    No shoot the ship again... me so sad

  • Tae Javvuuu
    Tae Javvuuu

    I’m subscribed also noti gang 👏

    • WhosImmortal



    Him has 632 k subs and 63k views all the 60 percent of ppl who didnt sub please sub

  • Aum Kaigaonkar
    Aum Kaigaonkar

    What would be the warzone update date?🤔

    • WhosImmortal

      december 10th

  • Keef Lord
    Keef Lord

    56 kills hardpoint nuketown leveled up gun from 41-42 34 rounds on zombies leveled up gun from 41-45 2500 kills.... I still think it needs tuned dirty bomb the only way to level up guns really..

  • Thad Cooper
    Thad Cooper

    Any word of them fixing the console shutting off on cold war or the cross hairs on the scopes that disappear that's so frustrating

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    Yeah it’s gonna be weird going back to modern warfare for the event just think about is playing after cold war Field of view

    • Jonathan M
      Jonathan M

      @SA idk probly not but they shd

    • SA

      are they planning on adding it to wz??

  • HypeBeastWhisperer

    Definitely nice to have plunder quads again.

  • HD Colic
    HD Colic

    Does anyone know how to split screen zombies on cold war? It wont let me. I'm on xbox

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen

    Will there be multiplayer at the end of season 6 in Warzone?

  • justin grant
    justin grant

    I will say I really didn't like modern warefare and would probably come back to being subbed if he separated the two games videos

  • chase m
    chase m

    Another great vid. Keep up the AMAZING work bro

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores

    I never got my gun that the game gives you for reaching level 10 in the beta 🥺

  • Davster Man
    Davster Man

    The man , the myth, the legend, whosimmortal

  • Patience is Needed
    Patience is Needed


  • Naruto Uchiha
    Naruto Uchiha

    'Lady's and gentlemen' So considerate

  • Henry Knauss
    Henry Knauss

    immortal whats your kd?

    • Henry Knauss
      Henry Knauss

      @WhosImmortal mw has first fps game and I started with a 0.4 and during the year it went up to a 0.88. But in cold war I get to start fresh and I got a 1.3, really cool to see yourself improve

    • WhosImmortal

      like 1.5 in this game, only going for camos at the moment

  • Rafał P.
    Rafał P.

    can anyone share a doritos code? we dont have this promo in europe and the weapon charm looks so nice!

  • YBWsu

    who even dislikes a video like this its a INFO VID

  • JAM

    Smashed a like! 🔥

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    DNA bomb lets goo advanced warfare

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    I'm eating quesadilla's right now does that count as Taco Tuesday?????

    • WhosImmortal

      ill let it pass

  • William Stark
    William Stark

    I am still hoping treyarch will reach back to their old COD 3 maps for Cold War

  • Claycius Austin
    Claycius Austin

    Im soo glad i subscribe to u

  • Vizio Cheap TV
    Vizio Cheap TV

    Yo Immortal, just for u to know when applying the scorestreak Armor plates in CW you can actually cancel the animation by pressing triangle when the animation starts, so helpful when run and gunning.

  • Stephen Buonopane
    Stephen Buonopane

    Wtf I want shipment/24/7 and shoot house/24/7 !!! Yyyyy can’t they just keep those ?

  • Huy Râu Ria
    Huy Râu Ria

    Still sad that shipment is not on playlist this week

  • ShodyAF

    I hope I win the giveaway cause it will be my first time winning and I’ll be so happy

  • emilio idk
    emilio idk

    we need new camos to unlock or so many kills gets something on modern warfare

  • Kincade Nicholls
    Kincade Nicholls

    “The store is big busted” -immortal 2020

  • ivan domaniczky
    ivan domaniczky

    I really notice the improvement in the video quality

    • ivan domaniczky
      ivan domaniczky

      Is more sharp

  • God1st

    2:37 Threw that C4 and I was like “WAIT DID THE C4 GET BUFFED AGAIN!?”