We’ve got a new DLC WEAPON that was LEAKED, a New Operator coming to Modern Warfare & WARZONE, and even more!
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Modern Warfare: EVERYTHING We Know About SEASON 6! (WARZONE Map Changes, NEW Weapons, & MORE!) -

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In this video, we’re breaking down the New DLC WEAPON that was LEAKED for Modern Warfare and WARZONE, alongside the new operator Morte, some new info on Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, and more! Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE are getting another update this week that’ll be introducing a brand new operator, morte, into the game, and thanks to the most recent update, the next DLC WEAPON was leaked to be the AS VAL. On top of that we’ve got some new info on the Black ops cold war multiplayer reveal and the gameplay we’ll be seeing for that!

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  • WhosImmortal

    New weapons, new operators, new week! Lots of info to cover today! Thanks for watching my friends :D

    • Exotic Milk
      Exotic Milk

      I just noticed I wasn’t subbed.... I have fixed my sins now

    • Austin McGoey
      Austin McGoey

      @CorstasClashCam but if he scheduled it it would show up in our feed as scheduled right idk.

    • armin bh
      armin bh

      Bruh the picture was vss a marksma 9mm semi-auto

    • Kereshen Naidoo
      Kereshen Naidoo

      Dude happy birthday!!!!!

    • alteredizzy1010

      @Gamer Sidhu the open beta will be available to download from the store

  • Chad hartman
    Chad hartman

    This is epic!

  • Don Goliath
    Don Goliath

    Chiptune meets Reggae in my chan! Give it a try - you won't be disappointed :)

  • Levent Diker
    Levent Diker

    area 51

  • Dubsty Gaming
    Dubsty Gaming

    Fuck ps4

  • generIc • 14 years ago
    generIc • 14 years ago

    As val Battlefield flash backs

  • Spetsnaz

    They NEED to add a spas 12.

  • 1 Firesource
    1 Firesource

    4:40 Jev is gonna love this.

  • Zenu

    Everyone running the origin 12

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    The game finna die anyways so idc what they drop 😂😂😂

  • its benjy MU
    its benjy MU

    Bruh they adding a As Val? Shit finna get real

  • Mario Orefice
    Mario Orefice

    Culd you stop saing spaghetti or mamma mia the mit balls or whatever this is stupid

  • FAL

    I can’t wait for the new shotgun, I hope we also get akimbo for the AA-12.

  • Gonk Gonk
    Gonk Gonk

    anyone who has played tarkov knows how terrifying the val/vss is. 9x39 is terrifying

  • hunter

    In total iv spent over £500 on this game so I'm glad it's going to be continued to be supported after the new one comes out.


    morte is played by a singer/youtuber that is kinda famus in italy

  • Seal’s Cards
    Seal’s Cards

    Does anyone have the link to the page for the codes

  • Revay

    Assault rifle foxtrot?! That's M13. Ah

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, it's a mock image as it says ;)

  • Nate Films
    Nate Films

    Looks like the Val from escape from tarkov

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S

    I wanna see Terminal,Dome,Resistance and Village added to MW2019 so bad. Just amazing bunch of maps

  • Couch Potatoes
    Couch Potatoes

    sometimes being a creator on this platform is disheartening then i see this and it restores my faith to keep uploading

    • Couch Potatoes
      Couch Potatoes

      @WhosImmortal g I'm trying my best

    • WhosImmortal

      keep on the grind man

  • Cryptec

    Man I would REALLY love to see them bring in the FN 5.7 pistol. Been in love with that gun since MW3

  • YodaOnTrack E
    YodaOnTrack E

    I’m really wanting a spas 12 and the r700

  • _ Flixy
    _ Flixy

    If the AS comes out Ima have to get it obsidian

  • CaptainAustria

    I'd love to see the AS VAL added, loved that gun in Battlefield 4 ^^

  • Nevy2630Dk

    they need to fix the bug when pc players plays vs consol players for there is big lag spikes there still...

  • Camille Cunningham
    Camille Cunningham

    I'm waiting for the as Val *I'M A BF4 GOD*

  • z Opium
    z Opium

    We need a new sniper 🙏🙏🙏

  • Gaming Noah
    Gaming Noah

    Hopefully not another lmg I cant take more 0 recoil 200 round max damage class setups lasering me in the back

  • joshua froughton
    joshua froughton

    The val will be super op at drop. It's a murderer in all games

  • Randy Moore
    Randy Moore

    PlayStation is always getting free shit and exclusive shit😑

    • Randy Moore
      Randy Moore

      WhosImmortal like PSN cost more than Xbox live? I honestly have no idea

    • WhosImmortal

      they pay extra to get it

  • 2021

    Hopefully they add older weapons like the M16A1

  • Djvibing 100
    Djvibing 100

    I’m done I’m fucking done I wanted the intervention

  • a bot.
    a bot.

    if the a90 is released then shipment will be a living hell

  • Why am I doing this I cannot come up with a name
    Why am I doing this I cannot come up with a name

    Yo Call of Duty is fun and all and I'm really happy that both the R700 and the AS VAL are coming to Modern Warfare, but if you really wanna have fun, going to Phantom Forces on Roblox and completely pissing kids off is fun. Just talking trash and using the skills from COD just to destroy them. It's so funny.


    from my experience in Battlefield 3, IV, Bad Company 2 games the As Val will have a very short ammo mag unless modern warfare goes with a Super Extended Mags?

  • LOZ 97
    LOZ 97

    Hopefully the Tier 100 Operator won’t be crap this time and Morte is t even worth it

  • thebag2787

    did anyone see the leaked gameplay of cold war multiplayer in the miami level?? the person playing it was awful, really hope they get someone better to play it during the upcoming reveal

  • Milkman

    My grandma could get 7 kills and get a Warzone win on PlayStation

  • Roshaan Reddy
    Roshaan Reddy

    looks like the thumbnail gun is a AS VAL has to be (still grinding for it on bf4)

  • Usman Qadir Baloch
    Usman Qadir Baloch

    I just want a sniper

  • oli reid
    oli reid

    Holy shit definitely gonna renew psplus cuz that box cutter knife looks mean as

  • TMG Rambo
    TMG Rambo

    1st cod ever im not excited for. tired of black ops and lazy ass treyarch. only reason i am a tad bit excited is bcuz the graphics on ps5 will make it look better.

  • Ela_Red

    I mean.. cant put a monolithic on a gun that already has a silencer build into it sooo no cancer there hopefully

  • Stark Playz
    Stark Playz

    Please buy me a cold war for pc I don't have pc I have never played any cod on pc or console. I do not even have a console or pc. But I will get a pc soon.

  • Terrell The Great
    Terrell The Great

    3:44 “What appears to be NINJA” Ninja: THE FU-

    • WhosImmortal


  • Jeff Ramsey
    Jeff Ramsey

    carmen and corey

  • skilled -variety2
    skilled -variety2

    Can't wait to make ppl rage quit with the aa-12

  • Mr.bossman

    The AS Val isn't an assault rifle its more like a "special rifle" but in most games they just make it an smg cause of the ammo it uses

  • mav chu
    mav chu


  • 1rickopotamus

    No vehicles?! But I'm banned from the am I supposed to get around

  • Winston Wayne
    Winston Wayne

    If they do what they been doing for the past 2 dlcs then their could be a 4th, like another melee, just like season 4 and 5

  • Diego D
    Diego D

    Hopefully they get the AS Val right. Gun was a beast in. Battlefield

  • Fingram

    It saddens me how play station get more free things than Xbox

  • gangstaman60

    I hope for a Ceasar with AA-12 bundle

  • Spa Splash
    Spa Splash

    As Val is the new gun

  • marius boi
    marius boi

    What is the website link ?

  • toasty deagle
    toasty deagle

    AS VAL is pretty interesting and all but.. cmon.. ANOTHER assault rifle, third season in a row? Where’s a new pump action shotgun? The SPAS12?

  • Cosmin CRM
    Cosmin CRM

    I am hype for tommorow but sad because my shit controller is moving the aim on his on again and it s the 6th controller that i should replace because of this...i really dont know what to do ...

  • Matt Sephton
    Matt Sephton

    Com on guys press the subscribe button let’s get WhosImmortal to 600K he’s one of, if not the best for call of duty content

  • Ted357Magnum

    don't call him a "cowboy" that's basically offensive lmao it's like calling Arthur Morgan a Farmer

  • DDog

    Hey immortal I rlly think this gun is super underrated the vlk rogue with dragons breath I feel is better than the origin and r-90 put the marauder suppressor and 16” barrel with no stock and dragons breath and it’s already got better mobility than the mp5 I would rlly like you to try this gun if you do it would be awesome but yeah thankyou for making these awesome videos when I’m bored too lol

  • Its Ricey
    Its Ricey

    how to i get thte trucks ksin, waht sitea?

  • mito 90
    mito 90

    is it just me or has cod been taking weapon and attachments ideas from battlefield games? modern warfare give me a lot of battlefield nostalgia

  • william miller
    william miller

    That free blueprint has been out

  • Sgt. LGND.
    Sgt. LGND.

    R700 will be a marksman rifle.

  • Mateus Alonso
    Mateus Alonso

    Morte=death in portuguese, cool feature for me here in Brazil

  • mikes5637

    Kudos for the PS+ heads up. Had no idea. Thanks a bunch, Sony UK.

  • Røss Williams
    Røss Williams

    Lock & Stock looks like Sparky from Dude Perfect.

  • Andrew McKeown
    Andrew McKeown

    The game is so much better without vehicles, especially the trucks and helicopters. Now if they would just leave the vehicles out they could take out C4 as well #WinWin

    • Andrew McKeown
      Andrew McKeown

      And please please IW don’t add another shotgun...can we get weapons we actually have to aim with? The shotgun spam since the R9 dragon’s breathe has been insane

  • Comrade Productions
    Comrade Productions

    I want a MW3 version blueprint for the Bizon

  • Wesley Kersting
    Wesley Kersting

    More = Brad Paisley.... change my mind

  • Drink Some.
    Drink Some.

    AS Val was a beast in Battlefield.

  • TaxInvasion

    3:39 the multiplayer change they knew we'd be mad at is perks becoming killstreaks? looks like ninja, blindeye and uav.

  • Brandon Bakewell
    Brandon Bakewell

    AS Val? Really? For Cold war hell yea, for Modern Warfare it seems like a stretch unless its just the Warzone integration. Speaking of, We need more info on Warzone this year. It has to be the most interesting aspect of cold war since both games for the first time tie together.

  • Imifumei

    I only know the asval because of roblox phantom forces

  • KingLattice

    Sooooo AA 12 Val And R700 for season 6? Maybe Hopefully

  • AverageGamerGuyz

    this video is awesome! you always give great content, but i wanna know, how do you get all those noobz in your lobby ?? lol

    • AverageGamerGuyz

      @WhosImmortal very true, thats what ive been doing for years, hell even since the golden eye days on n64 . its just crazy that more and more people are using it, and its sad cause they destroy the game when it comes to challenging yourself to get better.

    • WhosImmortal

      @AverageGamerGuyz waste of money lol the game has predictive recoil, all you need to do is learn patterns and its the same effect

    • AverageGamerGuyz

      @WhosImmortal just messing with ya buddy lol but on a real note, whats your thoughts on so many people using thos strike packs on their controllers... they are undetectable and i could see alot of pro youtubers using them, its a big let down to see something like that being used so much

    • WhosImmortal

      I dont get noob lobbies lol SBMM doesnt allow me to do that

  • Miataboyz323

    Bro finally they have my three favourite weapons in the world in my favourite game

  • Ryguy721

    I thought they were done with this game after this season?

    • WhosImmortal

      not sure where you might've heard that, but season 5 definitely isnt the last season

  • Holiest Dread
    Holiest Dread

    The AS Val was horrible in Battlefield... hopefully MW makes it godlike.

  • Mythic Cobalt
    Mythic Cobalt



    and here i was chatting with the wifes grandson in game going " i havent heard any vehicles,, why's it so quiet?" over the weekend..

  • DonCrack97

    But the as val is a submachine, a carbine at max

  • Wazuus1

    Tarkov players know how op the AS-VAL is 😂

  • Korlel Asara
    Korlel Asara

    I think whosimmortal is being too impatient

  • Rhys Hansford
    Rhys Hansford


  • TruMurdaMuzik

    They need to fix the "Survivalist" blueprint. Objective 2 doesn't count any matches :/

  • 2JZ the world
    2JZ the world

    Any ideas or info on any upcoming multiplayer Maps for season 6? Hopefully we see a few remakes and a brand new map

  • Gabe Itches
    Gabe Itches

    The last one is a U2 spy plane so it's probably a kill streak

  • Tyler Lord
    Tyler Lord

    they look like maybe perks not kill streaks... left one dead silence? not sure about the middle, and right is ghost?

  • The Supa Soka
    The Supa Soka

    Happy Birthday. I wish you the best of luck growing as a channel, community, but most importantly as a man. Happy 22nd Brother! 🥳🤴🏻🧁🎂🍰🎁 Make it yours! (And btw I like the solos style and playfulness that you posted last week.

    • The Supa Soka
      The Supa Soka

      WhosImmortal No problem. Enjoy it!

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks man :D

  • Papi Stalin
    Papi Stalin

    So did the g28 get scrapped 😞😞😞

  • DarthAndredu

    The AS VAL is a PDW and not an assault rifle.

  • AMD 65
    AMD 65

    It’s kind of cool without the vehicles. The lobbies don’t seem to die as fast.

    • Adverse KC
      Adverse KC

      Its already as sluggish as it is

  • DeRpY sLuRpY
    DeRpY sLuRpY

    Spaghetti loving cowboy? Gyro zeppeli is that you

  • Skipity __
    Skipity __

    Give us intervention!!!!!

  • zae monk
    zae monk

    Low recoil is good and high fire rate is good sooo...what's the problem? 😂🤦‍♂️ 5:35

  • oh these are some pretty cool bananas
    oh these are some pretty cool bananas

    The ninja one is dead silence

  • Sw ax
    Sw ax