Black Ops Cold War: WARZONE’S New Changes TEASED, Big HACKING Issues, & More!
Here's the potential WARZONE Changes that were teased for Black Ops Cold War & more!
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In this video, we're breaking down the Potential Black Ops Cold War WARZONE Changes that may be coming to the game at launch, the major HACKING issue Cold War is already experiencing and more! A huge question the community has had since COD WARZONE was announced for Call of duty Black Ops Cold War is what's going to change, and thanks to the new Fireteam mode, we may have just gotten a better idea of what to expect for Cold War WARZONE. Alongside that, we got a glimpse at Hackers in the Beta and more!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Warzone's initial changes may already be getting teased through Fireteam! What do you guys think if that's the case? Thanks for watching!

    • burntd toast
      burntd toast

      I didn’t think the driving was weird, but I also am a big halo fan so

    • Grant Phillips
      Grant Phillips

      @medovk fax. Surely someone from Activision or Treyarch is seeing this, or at least Immortal. We need people with influence to see this, because so much of the community is passionate for this.

    • medovk

      @Grant Phillips exactly, i respect that some players enjoy this arcade bs BOCW more, but they should also respect us and leave warzone a more realistic experience. make something else for BOCW, let them have blackout 2 or whatever. and also respect our investment in this game, i spent way more on bundles that on the game honestly.

    • Grant Phillips
      Grant Phillips

      @Almost Famous IMO they should let us play on Urzikstan for MW because that's where the story takes place, and they should give Cold War a Russia map


      Blackops sucks... plain and simple..


    I hope they reset warzone stats

  • ToxicNinja Gaming
    ToxicNinja Gaming

    Will our Warzone purchases etc, carry over?

    • WhosImmortal

      into warzone, yes

  • Jaequan Beats
    Jaequan Beats

    Wait does the beta bring over ur level up process to the real game. Just wondering bc there was a double xp weekend

  • Jaequan Beats
    Jaequan Beats


  • peter

    Anyone else really like fire team?

  • Matías García
    Matías García

    Warzone dont need anuything from this CW shit, done! You fucking youtubers and streamers dont start asking to bring that shit. WZ stands alone

  • Peter Pipe
    Peter Pipe

    Dont buy the battle pass until the hacking stops on warzone . Simple

  • Peter Pipe
    Peter Pipe

    It will end up a hackfest like cod warzone . A good tip for anyone who likes online shooters . . Play on console with crossplay turned off to avoid the morons . On pc all the popular online shooters are badly affected by hackers, cheaters its a tragedy lol

  • Niko SuaVe
    Niko SuaVe

    Other then the hackers, MW’s warzone is awesome I’ll be extremely disappointed if the mechanics and gameplay of dirty bomb will be how warzone in Cold War is gonna be like.. I would literally stop playing the game.

  • Frankthetank

    Can we just end crossplay with pc and just keep it consoles there the ones doing all the cheating

    • WhosImmortal

      why alienate an entire playerbase when we can go for an anti cheat instead lol

  • Daddan Bilic
    Daddan Bilic

    Cold war is so ugly so if they change it to cold war i am done with cod for good...

  • BigGioVR

    Tbh looks like bo4 to me

  • Pixel Zed EX
    Pixel Zed EX

    I dislike how all the gun attachments are so standardized. No stock is always a good thing and a lot of the attachments are just "gimmies".

  • nhxmnt

    they need to make it to where cross play is only for console. PC players can cheat in their own lobbies. it’s literally taking all the fun out of the game

  • R1T3CXL

    I still don't understand, will warzone still have the mw or will they have the cold war look? Or will only the map change?

    • WhosImmortal

      we dont know yet

  • T Doh
    T Doh

    Cold War is trash

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    I say ban all pc players. If they have the highest hacking then the hackers pc have ruin it for the whole pc Community

  • Neon Clouds
    Neon Clouds

    If warzone 2.0 still let’s you have a weapon before you drop I’m gonna lose my shit, sick and tired of getting lit up while dropping and not being able to do shit to defend myself

    • Neon Clouds
      Neon Clouds

      Shouldn’t be able to die before you hit the ground change my mind

  • Andrew Napierkowski
    Andrew Napierkowski

    I'm much more expecting the cold war 'integration' into warzone to be just wz content updates being cold war related & some cross progression stuff for weapon levels and the like. The mechanics etc will still be as they are now in warzone. Click on wz in cold war will prob just switch you over to the standalone warzone. I doubt they would change up warzone mechanics drastically by moving it to the bo engine (for driving/downs etc). It's honestly what im hoping for as well.

  • Omarsito

    One question if cold war warzone is coming can we still play warzone Modern warfare

    • yup its fishy
      yup its fishy

      They will most likely move wz to coldwar and take it off mw

    • yup its fishy
      yup its fishy

      Highly doubt it

  • Shinxbi FX
    Shinxbi FX

    Was I the only who immediately after downloading the beta turned off cross play

  • bigconk74fe

    If WZ does indeed transfer to Cold War engine I will no longer be playing WZ and that makes me sad lol.

  • vibing

    Cold War is a massive let down

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall

    Those loot drops look horrendous, the bright colours make it look like fortnite

  • Bill 2Fast
    Bill 2Fast

    Has nobody noticed the title screen shows the airport gutted the nuke is coming.



    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • JawhBoyLeaf

    Great video. Anyone having issues with ammo? Just posted a video on my thoughts of the beta

  • Sir. Fapsalot
    Sir. Fapsalot

    The movement mechanics look so clunky now . How does their budget for Call of duty games keep growing but they keep getting worse ? Do they have a bunch of retards working on their dev team ? It really is sad . MW had a $300,000,000 budget not including the money they put into it after it's release and it's probably the worst call of duty since Ghost , I actually enjoyed ghost more lol . Now Black ops looks even worse. Fucking pathetic.😂

  • BILLYH944

    Years ago, I really thought that when cross-play was going to be released it would have been Xbox v PS not PC aswell. Make Crossplay only console and PC can play PC

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    I believe we got a small taste of what's to come for the CW BR. It just makes sense that if they are going to call it WZ, then it will just play out as CWs version, but we did get info of them claiming we will "keep our loadouts". Maybe this just means in CW loadouts will still be a think instead of the blackout system.

  • Amin Mazloum
    Amin Mazloum

    Simply , Cold war is a peace of sh..t game that they teased a lot and made a big thing for it and at the end of the day no matter what they do , it is a peice of sh...t , i just hope they do not touch verdansk and it is own mechanics (MW mechanics) bcz no one gives a sh....t about cold war !!!!

  • 4xTerra

    So treyarch think that doggy style is better tha tea bag with opponent down, cool... 🤔

  • Matiss Svilans
    Matiss Svilans

    Cold war still looks terrible, must be hard trying to promote something when you know its a step backwards

  • Stefan Buchwald
    Stefan Buchwald

    I am just here to say i hope its turning out to be like 90% of Blackout style Thanks Im out xD

  • Gearshift

    You’ve got to be a loser to hack in a video game to win, but you’ve got to be a MEGA loser to hack in a beta for a game.

  • Daniel Warne
    Daniel Warne

    Beta isn't playable for me, just lags and skips when I have a firefight.

  • Daniel Warne
    Daniel Warne

    Accidentally played cross play on my ps4 last night, got killed by an invisible player slowly walking towards me 😂

  • Ilya Neskoroda
    Ilya Neskoroda

    Honestly warzone on that horrible BO4 engine , is gonna be disaster, and playing at 25 tick rate is going to be very fun.....

  • Neil Johnson
    Neil Johnson

    Need to remove pc cross play from consoles so ps and xbox dont have to worry about hackers

  • Kenobi 141
    Kenobi 141

    Anyone having difficulty with Mil- Sim's season 5 last battle pass mission for reviving a teammate in Warzone using the Buy Station I tried this like 4 to 5 times already I thought they fixed this already?

  • carl pardo
    carl pardo

    Cold war looks and plays like shit

  • Glen Richardson
    Glen Richardson

    What I want to know is if its going to be visually change to look like cold war or still look like mw, especially for people who dont buy bocw.

  • Danzil Benjamin
    Danzil Benjamin

    BR =MW end of discussion. Cold war = POGO : Camping aim bots cold war is dead in a month

  • Danzil Benjamin
    Danzil Benjamin

    They are going to lose audience in warzone

  • burntd toast
    burntd toast

    Video on best sensitivity and settings?

  • BurgydaHerky

    "I'm not sure why you'd spend money to buy the game and then cheat..." *Laughs in PUBG*

  • streetie31

    Time to remove Pc's from the game until they sort out the hacking and cheating issues, same with Warzone

  • Raúl Silva Gómez
    Raúl Silva Gómez

    The way I see it, Warzone is an experience parallel to Modern Warfare and thus, mechanically it should stay the same and just continue to include content from future games in the franchise. Sort of like COD Mobile being a sort of best of of COD. Mechanically, Cold War is really sloppy, yes it's in BETA but still, we've had a Warzone experience so far that has proven to be for the most part, pretty good. I dunno, I'm worried because I only plan to continue playing Warzone once Cold War launches and if Fireteam is a reflection of how this new experience, could be, I prefer to continue playing Modern Warfare ir doing something else.


      Is it just me or do all the guns feel the same cuz to me using the mp5 and ak74 feel almost exactly the same. Not to mention how every single gun ads is super fast and every gun has barely any recoil. Which makes it unbalanced

  • Logan Cortina
    Logan Cortina

    So will Cold War warzone be free ya think?

    • Logan Cortina
      Logan Cortina

      @WhosImmortal Thank you!

    • WhosImmortal

      it should be, yes

  • Detective Cheeks
    Detective Cheeks

    I thought I was crazy when people seemed like they were cheating in the beta and I thought cheating this early was impossible. Now it has been confirmed. Shit, hackers in the beta!? That’s a horrible sign.

  • znwyankfan

    If they cant fix pc hackers then console players should be able to play games without them make console only servers at least

  • Jake Thornton
    Jake Thornton

    Tbh i think that any person that plays free to play should be forced to be on console because there arent hackers in console so at least if someone is cheating on PC they paid for the game.

  • R K
    R K

    So the game hasn’t even released yet and the cheaters have already ruined it. This is why I refuse to play WarZone.

  • Zachary Vargas
    Zachary Vargas

    They better leave Verdansk alone, I don’t want them to take away mw warzone

  • triancirc

    When Warzone comes out i would like the quiet door entrance mechanism to be there as well

  • Steve

    Lots of hackers all ready in main game to

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito

    I'd never thought I of all cod players would ever say this but "MAN I'M READY FOR ZOMBIES"!

  • Moose on XBL
    Moose on XBL

    Cold War is trash in my opinion there is still hackers I’m done with this shit

  • anthony fetyko
    anthony fetyko

    the crawling when ur downed in cold war looks SO FUNNY

  • drew hood
    drew hood

    Simply ban PC gaming and boom! The hackers are 95% taken care of!

  • flippii :D
    flippii :D

    That new warzone is fucking trash bro

  • Nekksplitta

    fireteam looks like blackout 2

  • Dread Ghostzz
    Dread Ghostzz

    Is it just me but does the guy in the vid sound like Arkham knight from the Batman game

  • UrbanChamp

    Definitely worried bout graphics, this us 2020 not 2002 medal of honor. Soooo bad

  • x3_Nuzzles

    Is it just me or do you NEVER have max plates

    • WhosImmortal

      I feel like I never did, definitely a solid thing to point out

  • Dylan Clarke
    Dylan Clarke

    Unpopular opinion. I like the look of the Cold War Dirty Bomb maps more than Verdansk. They're so vibrant and pleasing to look at whereas Verdansk is so dull and boring imo.

  • LJ

    Dirty Bomb feels like the console version of an arcade game back in the day. Close to Warzone, but no cigar.

    • LJ

      @yup its fishy What?

    • yup its fishy
      yup its fishy

      What arcade games were u playing back in the day

  • SenorBandit

    Going to be alot like blackout

  • Shafiq Mohsin
    Shafiq Mohsin

    Black ops series is corny. I’m not saying one is better than the other. But treyarch games feel like fortnite. I’ve never played fortnight but it looks like it’s made for kids.

  • Spratdragon

    I hope they bring back Alcatraz

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    If warzone goes to blackops cold war GG. Cod just yeeted their popularity out the window.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    People that keep complaining about MW being a camp fest. Get good. I don't camp and don't get bothered by campers. You're just shit and looking for a scapegoat.

  • Amanda Hiskey
    Amanda Hiskey

    With hacking the fix is turn off cross play


    I really wish they gave us a little warzone beta type thing that would be good ngl 🤷‍♂️

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones

    Ugh. Can't stand people that beg for likes and subscribes at the beginning of their video. Especially on EVERY platform. Immediate dislike.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike


  • Garrett Haddix
    Garrett Haddix

    Aiming feels stiff movements feel fast there should be flinch when you get shot while sniping player models are super tough to see sometimes the delay on throwing drags is a pain. I’m sure I’m missing somethings here

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia

    This looks like battlefield conquest no?at6:30

  • Floris Van Brakel
    Floris Van Brakel

    My opinion so far , am I wrong for saying : -The wz coldwar maps are to dark -The driving mechanism should be an option -The items on the ground should be enlarged -They should make pine trees partly penetrable instead of just blocks -D pad ping should be addressable - pinging should be working the same way as in warzone

  • Derrick Kudla
    Derrick Kudla

    Treyarch is sooo fucking trash.

  • Patrick N
    Patrick N

    I really hope they don’t transfer movement, gun mechanics, and graphics from mw warzone. If they do it will be a massive L on their end and most importantly everyone who plays wz.

  • Damien Smith
    Damien Smith

    If they switch warzone over to this style it will ruin it i hope not

  • Ridzz__ og
    Ridzz__ og

    I desperately hope they don't change any of the game mechanics from warzone. Their going to ruin a great game if they start changing stuff


    Warzone took the world by storm and is one of the best brs that is the most repayable I hope they don't change it too much

  • madtrexx

    SORRY but this whole treyarch call of duty bundle is trash. Will not buy it. I will stay with modern warfare and soon comes Cyberpunk 2077 so its no sense to buy new cold war now.

  • Matthew Spencer
    Matthew Spencer

    If warzone looks and plays like this.. i think it’s time to find a new game

  • Olivier Filion
    Olivier Filion

    you gotta stop the peace out at the end man

  • WatchUrKillCamNL 043
    WatchUrKillCamNL 043

    Why are you not on 600k🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Epic One
    Epic One

    Easy fix for the hacking issues. Allow disable crossplay. Coincidently I rarwly run ibto shenannigans with no PC in my lobby

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    cheating and hacking is one of the reasons I don't play Warzone

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    You should have a blooper reel

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    you also need armour just like warzone

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    It would be nice if the level ups and the resulting unlocks carried over when the game comes out


    I believe treyarch put everything into the next gen. I believe the game will be so much better on next gen, specially ps5.

  • tom revach
    tom revach

    The 'down' mechanisem in COD bocw is the worst! When someone is downed its looks like he's possessed

  • Cesar_ MLG
    Cesar_ MLG

    I just got on and all my guns were all maxed out💀


      Because everyone was complaining how long it took to level up your gun

  • TwinAsians

    I don’t know why but I just automatically unlocked all the attachments for all the guns in the Cold War beta. I even got all the attachments for guns I didn’t even use. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Geist

    What time does Zac get up every day? This video came out so early, but you still have to record, edit and upload

    • Geist

      @WhosImmortal oh lol. I thought it was like 1:00 am

    • WhosImmortal

      Usually around 8:30-9 am

  • Ethanwinter96

    Been busy today so couldn't watch until now... Great video man, thanks for keeping us all in the loop all the time, legend play right there, keep it up king Zac!

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BTS "BE" Interview
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