Here's all the info we have on the MID-SEASON UPDATE for Modern Warfare & WARZONE, alongside the Season 6 Modes, & more!
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In this video, we're breaking down the HUGE Mid-Season UPDATE in Season 6 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE! Modern Warfare Season 6 and WARZONE Season 6 only just got underway, but thanks to a handful of leaks, reveals, and context clues, we can actually figure out a lot of content coming to COD MW and COD WARZONE later on this Season, including the Warzone Zombies Mode, the AA-12, a New title Update & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Seems like it's gonna be a busy few weeks with the Cold war beta coming up, immediately followed by the Big Mid-Season update which should give us some brand new content to check out! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Bryan


    • skullkiller _61
      skullkiller _61

      Soap is ghost

    • Paul Blaisdell
      Paul Blaisdell

      Anymore on Warzone custom games?

    • Robert Warren
      Robert Warren

      Still wonder what that belt fed gun in the picture is 🤔 also anyone who reads this pls listen to this and just feel the nostalgia

    • Barry B Benson
      Barry B Benson

      Hey immortal is there any information about the Cold War collectors edition

  • Dezire Abuse
    Dezire Abuse

    So what's the release date? Really need Damascus and this season pass done

  • Frank Woods
    Frank Woods

    Why is season six redownloading in the mid season update it 90 GIGS!!!???

  • DestructiveAxon

    I hope they' re not gonna drop modern warfare after black ops comes out. Don' t like the toy' ish weaponry of black ops.

  • Johnny From Georgia
    Johnny From Georgia

    We gonna talk about the gun the third dude is holding? Its pretty strange looking

  • Simon Ghost Riley
    Simon Ghost Riley

    You completely missed that Griggs on that promo image is holding a gun that isn't in the game and doesn't look like an AA-12 or any of the other guns we got...judging by the way he is holding it it's either a bullpup rifle or an SMG and it seems to have a special and brand new UH-1 holographic sight

  • saavin brar
    saavin brar

    When is free multiplayer weekend im broke too broke to buy the full game

  • Juicy Zeus357
    Juicy Zeus357

    Ah yes everyone in the community gets mad at a shotgun doing its job but doesn’t get mad a quick scoping spr 208 camper

  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey

    I hope they will add the h&k g28 to the game

  • FernandSixx

    What Is gonna happened with the Season 1 Vault Packs? :((

  • Late night's With the bois
    Late night's With the bois

    It's griggs play the campaign

  • Orlando chavez
    Orlando chavez

    I noticed how your colors look so vibrant, do you change the display settings by any chance?

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, I just add color correction when I edit

  • Gaming Pro2004
    Gaming Pro2004

    When is it our

  • Lewis Brannigan
    Lewis Brannigan

    I think we'll get updates till after xmas on both games gotta earn those pennys but the haunting modes need to stay they look so good!!!!

  • Dan The Space Man
    Dan The Space Man

    Man if only I could get those frames on a ps4 😩

  • Rory Is Too Savage For You
    Rory Is Too Savage For You

    What about that big teddy bear Easter egg on the station map in multiplayer

  • Logan Greyhawk
    Logan Greyhawk

    What mods are you using on your controller?

    • WhosImmortal

      nothing, I use a Scuf controller lol

  • Dan Tyler
    Dan Tyler

    That third operator looks a lot like the dude from cold war... The scene with adler in the safehouse garage place... Pretty sure

  • Finaldayzz YT
    Finaldayzz YT

    Not to sound dumb but when is mid season? It’s like 30 days left of it right?

  • Edwin Bradway
    Edwin Bradway

    Remember. No tracers

  • Thisizstev

    Where is the free multiplayer weekend?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Maori Panther
    Maori Panther

    Bro found thd Easter egg to do with the haunting, check the video out @ Maori Panther

  • Echo Gaming
    Echo Gaming

    I thought there wasn’t gonna be another season ther gonna be a season 7

  • Zestobou

    I turned the r700 into the intervention and it' plays just like it

  • S2pidMercenary

    thats thorne the operator in the battle pass he is well hidden in the battles pass

  • Trent Glidden
    Trent Glidden

    Whoever dislikes dudes vids ur an uncultured swine

  • Trent Glidden
    Trent Glidden

    The new ar is broken, I killed an entire squad with 1 clip (20 bullets) in 3 seconds

  • jason francese
    jason francese

    Would it be controversial to say the new marksman is annoying? Not to use, but to fight. Suddenly everyone is a quickscoper. Makes any gun with a less than stellar TTK pretty unusable.

  • Silbestre Soto
    Silbestre Soto

    Man y’all foos ruins the season as y’all mfs complain about soap wasn’t in the battle pass from the last five season as y’all wouldn’t chill tf out of waiting on the sequel after black ops Cold War

  • Landon Hightower
    Landon Hightower

    maby soap will be in modern warfare 2 reloaded in the future like modern warfare (2020)

  • HdndkdjdhgBs 89
    HdndkdjdhgBs 89

    When Is the free mp week

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Lloyd Hillier
    Lloyd Hillier

    Is it me or does the game feel off now ? My aim is usually bang on , but now I feel like I'm swinging my sticks all over the place to try and get on target. And some of my shots are not registering. Any one else have any of these problems?

  • Mohamed majeed
    Mohamed majeed

    Thanks for the update and effort

  • Tuğri Sina
    Tuğri Sina

    when will free weekend be?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • big dong 69
    big dong 69

    Why the fuck is the bat in the roadmap is the reused finish that important?

  • Monarch

    20 FUCKING HOURS AGO WTF UZload !!!!

  • faraz Hamayoon
    faraz Hamayoon

    Will there be a multiplayer access weekend

    • WhosImmortal

      at some point, yes

  • Stoic760

    i believe that is Sgt. Griggs from call of duty 4 modern warfare.

  • Ryan The Rhino
    Ryan The Rhino

    Wth kinda gun is that new operator holding?? I’ve never seen a gun with that barrel or scope!

    • WhosImmortal

      cant tell honestly

  • Ryan Gillett
    Ryan Gillett

    I just want Soap as an operator.

  • RedBeard

    Im still curious why billys laugh was at the end of the s6 trailer.

  • HEELEØ Army
    HEELEØ Army


  • FAL

    I like how they classified the second Midseason DLC weapon when every and their mother knows that it’s the AA/12

  • EmoToxin

    I just want shoothouse back, it’s really hard to get mounted long shots without it

  • Emporium

    Ngl I can't wait for the butterfly knife to come out it gives me huge csgo vibes

    • WhosImmortal


  • Sian Morgan
    Sian Morgan

    My dad play’s call of duty

  • SchochReefa

    “Ladies and gentlemen, hey hi how ya doin!” HE SAID IT, HE SAID THE THING.


    I hope there is going to be a free multiplayer weekend soon cause I don’t feel like buying the full game

  • 2JZ

    im already getting fed up with the spr. cant go one game without being shot by it

  • Kelpy G
    Kelpy G

    Immortal do you have a support a creator in modern warfare

    • WhosImmortal

      unfortunately I don't as of right now

  • cudosone

    Hey whosinmortal, do you have a creator code??

    • WhosImmortal

      not as of now :(

  • TheNoobiestNoob

    You always ask us but I think it's time we asked you... Hey, hi, how you doing Immortal?

    • TheNoobiestNoob

      Good to hear! Best of luck

    • WhosImmortal

      doing great!

  • Khaos

    Can you give us an update on when the free mp weekend will release?

    • WhosImmortal

      whenever they announce it, I'll talk about it :)

  • Ilias Oulad
    Ilias Oulad

    Hey, just wondering do you have a creator code¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • WhosImmortal

      as of now, I do not unfortunately :(

  • Shadowed Skull
    Shadowed Skull

    Snipers only TDM? Get your sniper loadout ready, it’s gonna get spicy!

  • Liam Gaunt
    Liam Gaunt

    tdm snipers only will be plagued with people hard scoping hahaha

  • Epic

    Great I can just imagine people equipping and dequipping the butterfly knife for its animation and flicks while we’re standing still and waiting for the match to start like in CS


    When is the cold wat beta fo xbox because the beta for ps4 is the 8th of october

  • ꧁༒Kazuyo Chan༒꧂
    ꧁༒Kazuyo Chan༒꧂


    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • vita crowchild
    vita crowchild

    What if ghost dies in the final cutscene?

  • Angel Alvan
    Angel Alvan

    Have you guys hear “kids laughing audio” near the campsite on the hill northeast of the stadium?

    • Hüseyin Kurtoğlu
      Hüseyin Kurtoğlu

      Yeah spooky af.

  • Carking 07
    Carking 07

    3:20 eh.. Question: What‘s the gun the 3rd is holding? Looks.. different

  • xXUndeadOutLawX 8226
    xXUndeadOutLawX 8226

    Where tf is Soap

  • Janne Lyytikäinen
    Janne Lyytikäinen

    That one unreleased operator looks like one of the cold war operators, cant remember his name tho :/

  • I give out Lz
    I give out Lz

    How about you compare Griggs to the 3 oparater he’s in mw 2019

  • Piggy_Gamer07

    Hi again

    • WhosImmortal


    • Piggy_Gamer07

      Hey hi, how ya doin

  • Simyolon

    How does your game get such bright colors ? Nvidia Game Filters ?

    • Simyolon

      @WhosImmortal Thanks for the respond. You are awesome !

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit :)

  • ZaeroxFN

    So sad they didnt give free mp access to f2p players this season. Had been waiting since 2 monthe

    • WhosImmortal

      We've got 7 weeks left in the season lol

  • [Jamie: Twomey]
    [Jamie: Twomey]


  • legendz21

    Is anyone aware that you can’t access bunker 11 currently even if you finish the phones correctly?

  • Bruh Dipstick
    Bruh Dipstick

    I feel like if they make a season seven its just gonna be a filler season to please ppl before everyone switches to cold war

  • ツiHxsthy

    I cant wait for that new ghost skin with the military gear! It looks sooo good!!!

  • Jean Louw
    Jean Louw

    Thanks for al the info

  • chris arseneau
    chris arseneau

    Okay but what gun is grigs holding in that promo photo!? Can’t seem to figure out what it is 👀🤔

    • WhosImmortal

      I'm also unsure currently

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates

    Soz if I missed it but will thete be more multiplayer maps for this game when the Haunting comes in?

    • WhosImmortal

      we're not sure on that

  • Kasey Malec
    Kasey Malec

    I want SOAP!

  • MadeBy Gicasso
    MadeBy Gicasso

    What reticle is that on the sniper in the beginning, i don’t see it any where on the reticle list in game

  • Mayhem

    Day 17 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Quickahh

    I just want shoot the ship because I'm not grinding out 100 mounted and longshot kills against sweaty nerds in regular game modes. Shoot the ship is mostly people that dint have damascus yet so you see more than M4, MP5, and bloop guns

  • Micheal Scofield
    Micheal Scofield

    ❤️ When MultiPlayer will be Free to play in season 6 ? ❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Carlos Cañadas
    Carlos Cañadas

    Hey Zac, do you think Soap could be reserved for the next MW sequel?

    • WhosImmortal

      could be the case

  • someone 123
    someone 123

    Yooo Minecraft cave update's here!!!!!

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    The Hype is for real , zombies have really shaken up the community , and I love it!!!

  • FBI

    Immortal can you please tell me your mp7 attachments? btw love the videos❤️

    • FBI

      WhosImmortal I’ll check it out :)

    • WhosImmortal

      they were in yesterdays loadouts video :)

  • Scorpion Clips
    Scorpion Clips

    Just taking a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of content this game has provided this year. Much fun

    • liquidminds

      I'd appreciate it, if they wouldn't still charge full price for MW and BO4... Considering all the money they make in-game, a couple years old game could be on discount... just saying... But I also appreciate the new trend to release content in seasons.

  • Luke Heidenreich
    Luke Heidenreich

    What's up ma man?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh

    Hiii Your friendly Indian guy😊🇮🇳

  • The Secret Surn
    The Secret Surn

    When is the next free multiplayer weekend

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Chaise Webber - CDHS
    Chaise Webber - CDHS

    I just want shoot the ship back, I feel all other maps are too slow/ campy once just playing shoot the ship

  • Samuel Madril
    Samuel Madril

    When is the free multiplayer coming

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Samuel Madril
    Samuel Madril

    When free multiplayer coming to warzone

  • Blue_flare 115
    Blue_flare 115

    Spoopy 🤣

  • Mike7998

    So I think I figured out why the r700 is a DMR instead of a sniper. Scope selection. Restricting the types of thermals available was probably part of their reasoning, given not only how powerful it is, but also the night mode

  • Mr shadow boy
    Mr shadow boy

    When is multiplayer weekend is coming

    • Mr shadow boy
      Mr shadow boy

      @WhosImmortal ok

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Bryne Creekmore
    Bryne Creekmore

    Vaunt wait for the haunting

  • Mark jofer Halili
    Mark jofer Halili

    no free mp for this season?

    • WhosImmortal

      we've got 7 weeks left my dude

  • Sergio Luna
    Sergio Luna

    Spoopy lol kills me every time

  • MrSmartBoi

    You probably won’t see this but if you do can you let us know when free multiplayer weekend is coming out and great vid btw ur my fav youtuber ❤️👍🔥

    • MrSmartBoi

      WhosImmortal thanks man appreciate it

    • WhosImmortal

      When its announced, I'll talk about it :)

  • Captain Uno
    Captain Uno

    I am watchong you when im playing warzone : )

  • steve samson
    steve samson

    Will they bring shoot the ship in the new playlist update????