Black Ops Cold War: RANKING The TOP 10 BEST WEAPONS In The Game!
Here's the top 10 BEST WEAPONS to use in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the top 10 Best Weapons to use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! The Black Ops Cold War gameplay we got to experience through the alpha gave us a lot of playtime with a handful of weapons, including things like the Ak-74u, the stoner 63, the Type 63, & more, and through that, today we're breaking down what the Best Weapons to Use are in COD Black Ops Cold War, or COD BOCW. From this list you can know exactly what weapons to look out for when the Cold War Beta and full release come later on this year!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Which weapon was your favorite from the Cold War Alpha! Thanks for watching :D

    • iron tiger
      iron tiger

      Ak 47

    • newman1711

      @jaron Miller nope

    • YourMoM 69
      YourMoM 69

      Can we get setups

    • jaron Miller
      jaron Miller

      m16 and mp5 meta


      The type 63 with the 16” barrel I don’t have a trigger finger but I can spam it Dang paired with that hipfire uzi I am loving it and the krig is gonna be op in warzone

  • kkkuvvar i
    kkkuvvar i

    boi are you sure you used the aug must be top 5 its 1 burst upper body with 8 attachment its easily top 5

  • Snikch

    Cold war in a nutshell MP5 1000 Grenades Pumpgun campers M16

  • yer da
    yer da

    2:18 yea do I say this?

  • sweetkiller 96
    sweetkiller 96

    I Love the krig 6

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez

    And are they going to add in ground war?

    • WhosImmortal

      no ground war this year

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez

    Brooo immortal will they add in the FAL?

  • Witcher

    Stoner is great

  • Obi Francis
    Obi Francis

    Krig 6 is my fave

  • Scout Smiles
    Scout Smiles

    I have an lmg with max accuracy and 125 round speed mag

  • Freshy

    Why would I get a powder that’s half the price of the fucking game

  • Aidan McSweeney
    Aidan McSweeney

    I love how when I watch your videos they are genuine and detailed, which is something hard to find these days with all the clickbait and sub par shit. Thank you very much 😁

  • Lil Barco
    Lil Barco

    Why is there a Lil bit of guns

  • Valykrie 3435
    Valykrie 3435

    God luv u

  • op

    If I get this game my warzone class will probably be a Marksman rifle and the mp5 or a an assault rifle and the mp5

  • GucciPurrp

    POV u just preordered the game lol.

  • Saulo DeGrandi
    Saulo DeGrandi

    Not so fan of this list, i think best smg overall is milano and best ar The AK

  • john McLain
    john McLain

    Does anyone know if we'll have platinum camo or diamond camo for weapons

  • Icecream Taco
    Icecream Taco

    1911 is the best secondary

  • DoctaTofen

    Who’s the immortal in the comment section?

  • B9

    I think the best gun is krig 6 it is basically the m4 except the krig 6 BEAMS long range and it is also good for everything u would want it to be, it is good with short medium and long range, and it is also very versatile

  • Bruh moment 777
    Bruh moment 777

    Immortal big cool 😎

  • Derek

    Type 63 on mouse and keyboard is fucking insane

  • Sykuno Simp
    Sykuno Simp

    Alright fal 2.0

  • Xypheous Jones
    Xypheous Jones

    Y’all should have added diameti that shit melts for a pistol

  • Jose Contreras
    Jose Contreras

    Krig 6 melts it’s an absolute beam

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles

    Ik damn well this man put the type 63 at #1

  • Pluty- Gaming
    Pluty- Gaming

    I got the quarantine flavor with the code love the videos man keep it up

  • Kincade Nicholls
    Kincade Nicholls

    just like the FAL semi auto underrated guns

  • WilliePlayz

    I agree with all of the guns except.... for the type 63 the AK-47 is the best gun in the game

  • Troy Bush
    Troy Bush

    I hate Cold War cause it’s like black ops 4

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Don’t get me wrong but I think that the game looks amazing and have already pre-ordered it, but I have a few complaints. 1) the gun sounds are a bit odd, they kinda sound like staple guns, 2) a few of the map designs are kinda like 3 lanes which I don’t really mind, just a bit annoying 3) the snipers are kinda op 4) the vehicle physics are weird but not too bad so I don’t really mind

  • MyTownDrunk

    I just can't with them health bars man 🤣

  • Mark_115

    COD has been paying so much detail recently when it comes to realistic weapons and attachments, yet they always put the AKS-74U in the smg category which makes no sense

  • Khalil Rivera
    Khalil Rivera

    The krig 6 is my favorite

  • osets 2117
    osets 2117

    A marksman rifle being #1? I'm liking that

  • Perry2186

    Type 63 is a China SKS

  • [DaRk] Yeetus Deletus
    [DaRk] Yeetus Deletus

    I was using the krig and it was so good

  • Gruuu v7
    Gruuu v7

    Forgot about the ak 😔😔

  • MonarchOne

    Stop talking about the Type 63.....shhhhhhh

  • Ayden Sullivan
    Ayden Sullivan

    So are we goin to be able to prestige?

  • Fred Fedor
    Fred Fedor

    I think his account will really take off with Cold War! Road to 1 mill!!!

  • Onkel Irohs Jasmin Tee
    Onkel Irohs Jasmin Tee

    Wow the really made the 74 u an smg? Pls shoot me.

  • Reckless

    I've been watching WhosImmortal since he had 1000 Subs 🤩

    • WhosImmortal

      you're a champ

  • Jordan Sanders
    Jordan Sanders

    So they lied to us when they said the M16 would be full-auto. Smh.

  • Jorge Luis Soto Audelo
    Jorge Luis Soto Audelo

    I had fun with the type821, definetly my favorite gun from the Alpha

  • Locc'd Out Fuu
    Locc'd Out Fuu

    Ak74u is a carbine rifle not an smg thats why it has range

  • Locc'd Out Fuu
    Locc'd Out Fuu

    1 word for black ops cold war Unrealistic

  • Paul John Albios
    Paul John Albios

    Beyond the pale bundle cost 2000 cod points not 2400 cod points 😄

  • Sam Ford
    Sam Ford

    i dont understand why mp5 is #9

  • Steve

    SBMM is going to be as bad as MW and warzone. Don't waste your money guys

  • Felix Jonsson
    Felix Jonsson

    Fun fact, krig means war in swedish

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    I think come cold Warzone. The Ak74u is gonna be used by everyone. And so is the type 63 rifle. I think it's gonna be stupid. Vs the grau and so on.

  • Emmanuel Ortega
    Emmanuel Ortega

    Yeah i knew that was the best gun in the game since the first day the alpha started...meanwhile scumpii (Pro COD player) was saying that the Ak74u but i was lile nah its the Type 63 hands down i even made a video right away good video man 👍💯

  • Vortex

    soo tyoe 63 is a newer version if the fal

  • RaztaPapoulos

    This game looks like dogshit

  • Mukul Verma
    Mukul Verma

    @WhosImmortal the krig reminds me of the grau. literally behaves like the grau, the longe range, recoil everything

  • Aktshen

    Fun fact Stoner 63 was from Black Ops was such a good gun in BO but magazine size was low in BO 😢

  • pete nenonen
    pete nenonen

    Why the M16 is tactical rifle?IT IS AR!

  • Cyber Outrage
    Cyber Outrage

    will the grau be in cold war?

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy


  • Arctic

    Illbdefo be tryin that type 63 when the beta comes out,thanks🙃🙃

  • Mike Mena
    Mike Mena

    Unfortunately I didn't get to Joy the the alpha because it was PS4 owners if I bought the game I might console it was not Sony in general and I didn't like it I'm stuck with the game and I'm out of $60 kind of bums me out exclusivity deals was PlayStation literally unfair to the rest of us PC and Xbox users

    • Ishmael koomson
      Ishmael koomson

      Bro never pre order a game these thing always happen

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder


  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller

    Hold up... did you say 8 attachments?

    • WhosImmortal

      that I did

  • Caleb Nespoli
    Caleb Nespoli

    Type 63 on Miami was INSANE

  • Its Nutty
    Its Nutty

    The MP5 in this game (from what I've seen, xbox player here) looks a lot like the MX5 (I think) from black ops 4

  • Los_no_Fake

    I dont now why the ak74u its a submachine gun, its fires assault rifle munición

  • TwinMedal27

    1100th like

  • Eone Yaj
    Eone Yaj

    my favorite weapon in the game right now is tied between 1911 or galil or krig, i say its like the galil because in bo1 commando galil and ak were the three ars and krig looked similar to that of the galil

  • Fox4222

    I kinda like how the Gunslinger Wildcard can potentially make any weapon viable in any situation

  • Logan Cortina
    Logan Cortina

    The type 63 it’s amaZing

  • 1truedavid 12
    1truedavid 12

    Mp5 is a pea shooter in Cold War it makes the modern warfare mp5 look like a fucking beast

  • MyZ Holy
    MyZ Holy

    type 63 looks like the sks

  • Themrpiggaming

    I only used the Type 821 and the LW3 Tundra the entire alpha.

  • MyZ Holy
    MyZ Holy

    is there sniper glint in this game? also if they change wz will i still be able to play when i load it with mw? cuz i don't plan on buying cold war and i might just keep playing mw unless there's a mastery camo in cw

  • Shotley123

    Why is he ranking guns already? We don't even have all the content yet.

    • Shotley123

      @WhosImmortal I see. Keep up the good work though.

    • WhosImmortal

      Im ranking the content we do have lmfao

  • Luis R.
    Luis R.

    I saw the type 63 was basically the sks (my fav in MW) and I was not disappointed! Dropped people so easily

  • daniel anderson
    daniel anderson

    In modern warfare I prefer specialist in multiplayer could I get get some perks you all recommend

  • Tiamat Haze
    Tiamat Haze

    my fav gun is the mp5 i hated the mp5 in mw because it was overused and so hard op

    • Faintz

      Its gonna be overused and OP in cold war to hate the mp5 it's literally always the meta weapon so annoying

  • Stephen Raines
    Stephen Raines

    I know this isn't the same engine as MW so I imagine the weapons here are hitscan. Can anyone confirm this i haven't played yet as i don't have a ps4.

    • Stephen Raines
      Stephen Raines

      @WhosImmortal dope

    • WhosImmortal

      Not hitscan

  • Daygham Alkhalaf
    Daygham Alkhalaf

    Where is the ak 47

  • Borge Gush
    Borge Gush

    Anyone else HATE the vehicle controls?

    • Borge Gush
      Borge Gush

      @WhosImmortal the only time I've liked controls similar to that was halo reach.

    • WhosImmortal

      Yeah they’re not ideal

  • молния

    The Stoner 63 TTK felt insane when I was playing with it

    • WhosImmortal

      It’s spicy!

  • The GamingSensei
    The GamingSensei

    How about the XM4 it’s pretty good right??? Also great video fuego 🔥🔥🔥

  • douwe jouke yntema
    douwe jouke yntema

    What!! No shotgun ???

  • XxEskiimo

    0:55 literally what i needed for when i play thanks immortal 👊🏾

  • Luca Spencer
    Luca Spencer

    I mean aren’t there like 10 weapons in the game right now anyway

    • Luca Spencer
      Luca Spencer

      WhosImmortal this is my first reply from comment from a UZloadr. Thanks!

    • WhosImmortal

      18 actually I think

  • Aidan Watkins
    Aidan Watkins

    When the top 3 guns are the only ones you DIDNT use ;(

    • WhosImmortal

      Oof :(

  • michael_ slaughter430
    michael_ slaughter430

    Mate the xm4 irons sights are my dream, it's a combination of m13 and m4

  • Ronnie Boyd
    Ronnie Boyd

    Cod Cold War is gonna be one of those games that’s hella good on alpha but when the actual game comes out it’s gonna be shitty and nothing like the alpha 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Its OZ
    Its OZ

    My guy immortal already showing us the best weapons in the game, well played brother

    • newman1711

      @Its OZ people who care about the facts. 🤦‍♂️

    • Its OZ
      Its OZ

      newman1711 who gives a toss

    • newman1711

      Not exactly. He missed some and put them in the wrong order.

  • Will Hemphill
    Will Hemphill

    Why TF are snipers being nerfed if it’s #10. They take skill, get good stop complaining when you get sniped. As a quick scoper, I hated how slow the snipers were and how many hit markers I got in MW. I just want a fun year of quick scoping.

    • Will Hemphill
      Will Hemphill

      newman1711 good point. I definitely think that they are adding flinch to snipers. Honestly they can’t nerf the damage much more because the damage at long range currently is basically a one shot only to the head. I think range needs a bit of a buff but the ADS may need to go down to Kar98 territory. Edit: I haven’t played the beta cause I’m on PC but what that’s what I’ve heard about the damage. I think the damage up close currently is good. Not too many hit markers, not killing people with leg shots.

    • newman1711

      @Will Hemphill There needs to be some kind of trade off. They can add flinch to snipers only and/or nerf the ADS on snipers to where other guns can aim faster.

    • Will Hemphill
      Will Hemphill

      newman1711 Sorry you didn’t deserve me getting mad at you, I was talking about snipers in the new COD. I agree they need to be slowed a tad bit but not nerfed to the ground. Quick scoping should by no means be taken out of COD though as lots of people do it (including me). As a PC player I probably should stay out of the topic of aim assist on snipers. Reply on what you think they should do to snipers in Cold War. I think add actual flinch to snipers and slow them down but not by a ton for the speed.

    • newman1711

      @Will Hemphill I really don't keep track of my quad feeds but I sure I've had since I've been playing COD since 2007. Having aim assist on snipers and being able to use a sniper as a shotgun in Modern Warfare isn't balanced. If you disagree then you're delusional.

    • Will Hemphill
      Will Hemphill

      @newman1711 I can’t believe you’re saying I’m bad at sniping. You’ve probably never hit a quad feed with a sniper in your life. Actually I snipe 80% of the time using the kar98 mostly, which I will admit is a very balanced and fun to use sniper with all of the ADS attachments and a sniper scope. I have over 10,000 kills with that gun and hit quad feed after quad feed with it. But people think the snipers need to be nerfed to the ground, from what I saw they were perfectly balanced maybe just needing to be a bit slower on the ADS to around kar98 territory. Also they don’t have any aim assist, and are WAY harder to use than any other gun in the game. Get good.

  • Mmm Mmm27
    Mmm Mmm27

    i like how the game isnt even out

  • Mark Hirst
    Mark Hirst

    The AK-74U was the best gun for me.... I'm a casual gamer and didn't have time to try all of the gun's on offer on this alfa release so thank you for this valuable info... Awesome as always 👏👏👍

  • Cobxa

    I feel like cod war is a bit of a mix of ww2 and bo4, but i wonder what the zombies will look like

  • Mayhem

    Day 7 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Antonio Soria
    Antonio Soria

    I don't like this Alpha Cold War

  • Jet Snipez
    Jet Snipez

    Oh my god I just realized you’re the I talk Fortnite of cod!

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob Ross

    I preordered the ultimate edition on Xbox but sadly didn't have a ps4 to play the Alpha. In the mean time though I just ordered a kit from GFuel to get ready for season 6 of MW. Thanks for the discount Immortal!!!!

    • WhosImmortal

      ayee thanks for using my code man!