Modern Warfare: The END Of SEASON 6…
Here's what we can expect in the final few weeks of Season 6 in Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we know about the END Of Season 6 here in Modern Warfare and WARZONE! In the final few weeks of Season 6, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE Should be getting a handful of new content, including a new live WARZONE Event, potentially a new DLC Weapon, New Call of Duty WARZONE Teasers for Cold War, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The final few weeks of Season 6 have the potential to be very interesting when it comes to content! As always, thanks for watching!

    • Jeremy Rogers
      Jeremy Rogers

      Give. Me. Soap. That is all please 🙏🙏🙏

    • Garret Lemaster
      Garret Lemaster

      I don't know if you'll see this but in the night time zombies loading screen on the far right it looks like Farah is running from the zombies holding a revolver that is not in the game it is a single action "cowboy style"

    • VincentRoy Oshea
      VincentRoy Oshea

      Immortal me and a bunch of other people havent received the grau blueprint from the halloween event. Is there any way you can say something to infinity ward about it or on the trello board idk if they have seen everyone's comments about the issue

    • Charmelo Cool
      Charmelo Cool

      Remember season 4 was pushed back a week after George Floyd so that’s why the season 6 ends in the overlap

    • Drags OG
      Drags OG

      @Hala Juventus Y nada mas tbh I wish there would been zombies in the beta

  • Cuban Linkx
    Cuban Linkx

    Why should I settle for less?I don’t care for Cold War multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Con Lon
    Con Lon

    You just won the Internet with this vid

  • oplix


    • WhosImmortal

      COD is a yearly game bud.

  • PONY

    Im new what will happen after the season ends?

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford

    I keep getting better at the game but do worse and worse as the seasons go on. Getting to sweat for an average player like me.

  • Your ordinary Boy
    Your ordinary Boy

    Lasses and lads hey hi how ya doin

  • Jack Toler
    Jack Toler

    when is the butterfly knife out

    • WhosImmortal

      sometime in the next 3 weeks

  • Braden Fart
    Braden Fart

    I want a 5.7

  • Votive Karma
    Votive Karma

    Makarov would be good as it could be a release ahead of Cold War which will probably feature the Makarov as it was the standard pistol of Soviet Armed Forces

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming

    Hope they keep up MW cause I won’t be buying Cold War unless they change a lot.

  • CEO of Racism
    CEO of Racism

    Found a makrov in custom games lol


    Damn i wish there was more seasons

  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Antonio Gutierrez

    Wanna know a secret? The hideout that pawn takes pawn takes place in is in Alert, Nunavut, Canada. You can tell by the clock at the homepage next to the duck as they match

  • Nick Grey
    Nick Grey

    #AK74u please!Thats my gun!!!!

  • Tyriek Blake
    Tyriek Blake

    Really want this free to play multiplayer weekend 😩

  • colby petry
    colby petry

    has anyone ha a glitch with the renetti when it turns into the makorav pistol

  • Hisnax

    MW isn’t slowing down.. BOCW is ass

  • Shaun Law
    Shaun Law

    okay i dunno if this was just bait style or what but.... LMFAO.... WARZONE IS SHARED BY BOTH GAMES lmao. derp. SO of course warzone will have more seasons. lmfao. man i cannot believe this isnt something you said in the video.

    • WhosImmortal

      This video isn't relevant to Warzone in the sense of Seasons ending, that's why the title is Modern Warfare and not WARZONE. Warzone will have cold war season 1 whenever that goes live and we've talked about this numerous times at this point.

    • Shaun Law
      Shaun Law

      "Warzone will share content with Cold War, while Black Ops will include "shared progression features" to add inventory items that can be used in both titles. ... On top of this, Warzone players "will still have access to Modern Warfare content they earned previously, like Operators and weapon blueprints"

  • Blitz_ProtoKrill

    I want makarov and PP-19 Vytizan or AK-102




    Is anyone having a problem with doing the operator missions? I feel like they have a bug and are not being completed when I do them.

  • Lo Daughtry
    Lo Daughtry

    Black ops pass is starting mid December I called it...

  • Ngilenko342

    A makarov would be so good, we have already got the 9x18mm round with the bizon

  • Benz Benz
    Benz Benz

    If makarov comes into this game i will play it till i die

  • Matthew Garcia
    Matthew Garcia


  • Ajg1056

    I found a video of the makorov and in the comments the guy even shows you how to get it!

  • That One Skull Guy
    That One Skull Guy

    I wonder if you could buy a battle pass just for the cod points for Cold War

  • Patty Salter
    Patty Salter


  • jakob germain
    jakob germain

    They should ad a five seven not a makarov

  • I only have random stuff on the comment section
    I only have random stuff on the comment section

    Bruh I haven't played yet because of my fucking online class

  • Mamba

    I though Multiplayer weekend was for players to get XP and also why would they do one every season if they gonna try it out the last season before?????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  • Huey Nguyen
    Huey Nguyen

    Even if IW cuts support for MW the moment Cold War launches, dedicated fans/players can definitely keep the game active for at least another year. That said I feel that it’s one of those gem games people will be coming back to, just like how MW2 lobbies are still very active today.

  • Haasyir

    I want SOAP as operator in Season 7.

  • Daniel Talash
    Daniel Talash

    Man it really hurts my feelings watching the background gameplay and remembering how I struggled to get the haunting event rewards, wish me good luck cause I still need that watch and oden blueprint

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    I got 155 and completed battle pass within the first week😂😂😂

  • BGB83

    Loads of people still haven't got the grau blueprint even when got 16/16 myself included. All over reddit about it.

  • Why you Lurking
    Why you Lurking

    Cold wars trash if they stop updating modern warfare i bet half their players will be running away again

  • CoralCarne372

    I think I know what will happen with Alcatraz When Verdansk gets nuked and destroyed all the players will be put into Alcatraz and it will be a map where people are trying to escape the island to go to San Francisco The final team will escape and then the map will not be available to them anymore So it’s like they’re trapped inside a Map for warzone and to get out they need to win

  • Nate Nixon
    Nate Nixon

    I want the makarov solely so I can make a Brandon Herrera loadout.

  • Kovács Patrik
    Kovács Patrik

    At 4:07 you just putted a plate inside but you were full and the one is gone. Why is this keep happending?

  • josh mclean
    josh mclean

    They’re gonna nuke it to get rid of the zombies Watch this space

  • Brinson Willis
    Brinson Willis

    Who else moved to modern warfare after having their GTA 5 account wiped?

  • Hans Fritch
    Hans Fritch

    See makarov click

  • Sgt. Hartman
    Sgt. Hartman

    So will modern warfares warzone still be available after cold wars launch

    • Sgt. Hartman
      Sgt. Hartman

      @WhosImmortal ill be done with cod if its not

    • WhosImmortal

      we don't know yet

  • CodeNameTrashRxven

    Me: They should add a new pistol -sees thumbnail Also me: Is there gonna be a full auto mod?

  • BABA1

    Cold War is trash

  • Gekko Gear
    Gekko Gear

    Anyone else feel heartbroken that modern warfare is on its way out? Best cod to date and may be the last good cod ever.

  • ted ronald
    ted ronald

    I really want a Makarov PM we need a Russian pistol...


    Happy Halloween! Whosimmortal

  • marcusin30

    When I play custom matches, when the bot pulls out a "renetti" and dies, when you pick it up, itll be a gun with no texture and with a different inspect animation, it does play like a renetti though

  • W A A N
    W A A N

    Aint even get the new sniper yet 😓

  • TheRealJako '
    TheRealJako '

    I hope we're gonna have a free multiplayer weekend this season

  • Carmen Oakley
    Carmen Oakley

    This is the best youtuber

  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott

    That guys name doe😂😂 Also im SO exited for everything thats coming

  • Brock Behner
    Brock Behner

    The makarov would be trash in MW...

  • Iron

    I'd like to see more weapons in MW: 5.7; G3; A-91 etc.

  • lil bandana
    lil bandana

    Best call of duty news page

  • Atago-neeSama

    Cod mw still has the g28 and intervention in the game code

  • BasicallyKill

    I swear immortals channel is the only one without bots

  • Carlos Cañadas
    Carlos Cañadas

    How about the "dia de los muertos" bundle for maze and the reaper bundle for ghost? :D

  • Steyn Lemke
    Steyn Lemke

    Get this men his deserved 600k!!

  • Cornellius Barnebus
    Cornellius Barnebus

    They should keep it going cause cold war is trash

  • Louis Gaultier
    Louis Gaultier

    Infinity Ward: Adds Makarov to MW Me: Ooh Tiny Russian Yeet Cannon

  • Sean Springer
    Sean Springer

    Im pretty sure that the battle pass reset is just because their still gunna support wz

  • Bryne Creekmore
    Bryne Creekmore

    Will hate to see Halloween mode go away.

  • FAZE Dark Wolf
    FAZE Dark Wolf

    Hey zack sorry I'm late

    • WhosImmortal

      s'all good dude!

  • Connor James Thompson
    Connor James Thompson

    Even if BOCW is released, but when Season 7 drops in Modern Warfare, at least Activision won’t be turning away from it just to fully focus on Black Ops Cold War I would say, when BOCW drops, leave it all to Treyarch to do the job since the game is a bit rushed in development (even though it’s still in the Beta, but there are lots of rooms of improvements that were needed to refined) and Activision will continue on promoting both MW/Warzone until Season 7 comes to an end

  • MrHITTMAN8888

    Let’s hope it’s not the end I stupidly put a bunch of money into skins like an idiot hope I didn’t throw it away hahahah

    • Justin Mielsch
      Justin Mielsch

      Same here bro

  • Roswiper

    it ends on my birthday :)

  • Lawson Kling
    Lawson Kling

    bro I'm only tier 31 on the battle pass but I'm not sure if I'm going to get tier 100

  • Samuel Chai
    Samuel Chai

    Wait i havent play soo long that i barly played for season 6

  • Isaiah Jacobo
    Isaiah Jacobo

    I need to know did you win that zombies royale game?

  • Lone wolf 4221
    Lone wolf 4221

    I'm not a cod fan. But this game is so much fun. Honestly Cold War can eat a cock and go away. I don't want this to end!

  • Craig randazzo
    Craig randazzo

    Well Cold War hasn’t been the best there’s going to be a lot of players coming back to his cod cuz it’s gunna die out quick

  • Snail Trail
    Snail Trail

    Ok this is going to sound dumb, but say the new cw warzone map/update sucks and we just want to play the original verdansk will there be a way?

  • 12Daniel34

    Isn't Warzone in Cold War just a link to start the Modern Warfare app?

  • Macadelic Miller
    Macadelic Miller

    Call of duty is never ending! 🤷‍♂️

  • Mhj 76
    Mhj 76

    I just hope we get more mp maps for Cod MW

  • Yuri

    But what happends when warzone is chancing to CW with the skins?

  • Benjamin Hamel
    Benjamin Hamel

    huh the makarov irl shoots the same stuff as the bizon. I wonder how they'll balance that

  • Zenit 3419
    Zenit 3419

    4:11 ur putting a shield plate when ur full shield???

  • Twoeyespy

    Love your Videos! Keep it up 👍🏽

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it!

  • Sirenia YT
    Sirenia YT

    How so good in ps

  • wokon bruh
    wokon bruh

    Shoot the ship plz


    Dude what is that kilo load out???? You have no recoil at all!

    • GEE NYC
      GEE NYC

      @WhosImmortal will be taking a look at that right now!

    • WhosImmortal

      Same setup in my season 6 loadout video :)

  • Caleb Richmond
    Caleb Richmond

    What if they gave us like a shorter season 7 after the event and that goes through to the 23rd?

  • nickytax101

    Ive got a mail from pawn

  • iamnotoncrack

    So no Russian?

  • Stewy Bros
    Stewy Bros

    It’s funny how he used a heartbeat sensor when there was an advanced uav up at 1:44

  • Henrique Lindo
    Henrique Lindo

    im curious about the ending of the 7:57 game now...

  • Henrique Lindo
    Henrique Lindo

    Zac! Something i noticed while watching your videos the past few days is there are sometimes where your blue bars that indicates the amout of shields u have on dont go down, but u still put one or two on even when it looks like its full. Do you know anything about that? Is it a bug or...?

  • mr squiggles
    mr squiggles

    Zombie drops near me hey hi how you doing

  • Nikolaos Ioannidis
    Nikolaos Ioannidis

    I want the original AK-74u from cod4 so bad...

  • Kek Alla
    Kek Alla

    I really wanted a free mutliplayer weekend bc then inwould have platinum snipers and maybe platinum ARs but ok

  • Manny G.
    Manny G.

    2:19 WhosImmortal out here making new words "donestly"

  • Giuseppe Palazzolo
    Giuseppe Palazzolo

    Hello who is immortal . I am reaching out for help getting this problem myself and others are experiencing exposure and hopefully resolution. Apparently there was a data leak at Activision and many accounts were exposed. Because of this I have lost all progression, purchases and unlocks that I worked hundreds of hours to achieve. Worst part of all Activision has Been silent. Using the call of duty app I can see the persons name who stole my account. Imagine spending time and money to get unlocks and achievements for some loser to steal it and enjoy your hard earned work. Most of the accounts that are being attacked are those who have unlocked Damascus. I am not alone Please see the reddit link

  • UrHed AintRite
    UrHed AintRite

    Me: *" I realy need to finish the battle pa-"* Minecraft: *"NO"*

  • cloud 90909
    cloud 90909

    ending soon??? there like 30 more days left, chill out on your title

    • WhosImmortal

      We're passed the halfway point, we have 3 weeks left until CW launches, and you must not have watched the video if you don't understand the title still lol


    what about the juggernaut royale