Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward REVEALS The FINAL Update! (1.29 UPDATE)
Here's everything we now know about the 1.29 Update in Modern Warfare & WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we currently know about the upcoming 1.29 Update in Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE! Call of duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE are getting a brand new update this week, the 1.29 Update, which is set to include multiple new additions across the board. According to Infinity Ward, this update includes a ton of fixes for Modern Warfare and WARZONE, a new operator, likely a new DLC weapon in the butterfly knife, and maybe even a few surprises as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    It's gonna be a huge week for COD & for the channel as well! Thanks so much for tuning in!

    • miguel alvarez
      miguel alvarez

      @OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming yes it is

    • OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
      OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

      What about the cold war warzone update thats live to download right now? At least on playstation...

    • miguel alvarez
      miguel alvarez

      Do u know what the mastery camo is for Cold War

    • Hemplayer

      Congrats on ur collab with gfuel broo

    • Ryan Ferris
      Ryan Ferris

      Just one question do you think you can earn the cod cold war weapons in warzon without the game lets say you were playing for free

  • Joesf Patterson
    Joesf Patterson

    Still no butterfly knife.. wtf?

  • Andy Bartlett
    Andy Bartlett

    I'll be honest I wish they would leave warzone as it is. It has a huge player base for a reason. Cold war looks and feels terrible. I just think there gonna ruin the game I love just to merge the 2 games. Not happy

  • N810 K.
    N810 K.

    Y does CW look like 🗑

  • Khadeemrg _
    Khadeemrg _

    Good video

  • felipe herrera
    felipe herrera

    toy story 4

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    Final update is...... buy the new game

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Thanks for the video brotha 🙌

  • Mega Boi
    Mega Boi

    so basically we dont know if it is the final update?

  • RayRay781

    Why hasn't this man gotten to one million subs. :( come on guys. let get Immortal to one mill subs. :)

  • Balz Sac
    Balz Sac

    G what,g what,g what?


    I hope cod mw doesn’t just take the black ops 4 route an fall off the face of the earth I’ve enjoyed everything in mw so far an would hate to see it end just because Cold War is coming out I wanna be able play both but if mw just stops adding multiplayer maps,guns,blueprints,etc idk I’ll be sad

  • Average Life
    Average Life

    Clickbait POS

    • WhosImmortal

      nothing about this is clickbait lmao

  • Sanketh SK
    Sanketh SK

    what abt TDM???? anyone????

  • Julián

    I don't know why but after 1.29 the game started running bad for me I cannot change the operator in Warzone and I have unstable fps all the time... Hope it get's fixed

  • Daniel Wiles
    Daniel Wiles

    Can get black ops weapons on warzone without buying Cold War?


    No DLC weapons. Geeez. Hopefully shipment 24/7 is here to stay.

  • _ Habibi
    _ Habibi

    Anyone else get the high res pack?

  • DBRKingEpicGG

    I call bullshit I got all 16 things but still don't have it

  • Julian Says あなたを愛しています
    Julian Says あなたを愛しています

    I don’t know why but my games keeps breaking. I’m on Pc and it scans my game files and it resets everytime. Anyone else have this problem? (PC)

  • Alessandro Gutierrez
    Alessandro Gutierrez

    No multiplayer free weekend?

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller

    Hey! Cant Change my Operator Skin after the Update... Anyone has the same Problem? Thx for help

  • astitav malia
    astitav malia

    I can't change my operator after this update...plz tell ?

    • Beckham13

      I have the same problem

  • Drew Sivao
    Drew Sivao

    Man its gonna be a while til I get Coldwar. Just gonna keep grinding out in MW

  • Faze Arda
    Faze Arda

    How is this the final update warzone is very successful

  • FlightV

    "Final update"??? 4real? Guess its time to upload cod zombies


    Mines taking 7 hours

  • Ali Suzulmus
    Ali Suzulmus

    is this the last update of all time or???

  • x INTENSOR x
    x INTENSOR x

    Swear to God all you UZloadrs sound the same.

  • Shmimoshmin

    Hey Hi How ya doin? :(

  • gwhizWHO

    Bro the nuke event is happening this week for sure

  • MRWHITE3535

    I'm sick and fucking tired of all these massive updates that I'm seriously considering not buying it the next Call of Duty if it's going to be like this

  • Stand Against Communism
    Stand Against Communism

    Did they ever say the word FINAL?????

  • Dusty Allen
    Dusty Allen

    Thanks for the info

  • old man jenkins
    old man jenkins

    3:02 *b o n k*


    This game updates take me 460GB of 500GB of my PS4🙃 I think COD can sale an a private console just for play it.

  • Dvnny Asebias
    Dvnny Asebias

    Updating it rn!!

  • Shanew624

    Do we have to have cod war to get access to the weapons in warzone?

    • _ Habibi
      _ Habibi

      Yes to get your blueprints from mw u need to get Cold War

  • zillasleezy bag
    zillasleezy bag


  • osvaldo valentin
    osvaldo valentin

    No SOAP 🥲

  • alejo aquino
    alejo aquino

    How can i change my defualt operator in warzone in this version? The display operator is different from the one that i selected?

  • chris dellinger
    chris dellinger

    still do not have my gun from event even with update did not give me

  • Admiralcasual

    Time to fix my 1 terabyte problem with the PS4 looks like system storage cant handle it.

  • Alec Thrash
    Alec Thrash


  • Corbin Keller
    Corbin Keller

    Let's pray there's a nerd to the dragons breath and specifically the r90...

  • harjas sohal
    harjas sohal

    hehe you have 609K subs

  • MutzNutz

    @Whosimmortal 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam Axon
    Sam Axon

    How have you only got 609k subs? Such great content!

  • Blauwal YT
    Blauwal YT

    So if they ad the cold war weapons theire should be the Stoner43(Boner69)?

  • Solid Oblivion
    Solid Oblivion

    Look how far we have gone with to be here:).we all love u immortal

  • sarxastic

    My sputnik from take no prisoners pack is white

  • Benjamin Harrison
    Benjamin Harrison

    Congrats bro I will be grabbing a cup

    • WhosImmortal


  • AlvisWuNights

    Keep up the great work ;)

  • Rinnengan Sage
    Rinnengan Sage

    Why life can’t be like yt comments...peaceful positive vibes no toxic racist ppl😔

  • ObeyThaOrder

    Will the weapons for multiplayer aswell

  • LouisianaRougarou

    Man I really wish they would focus more on multiplayer rather than war zone. It’s fun and all but as a true cod fan I think multiplayer should come first

  • Ben Mauger
    Ben Mauger

    Can i buy the cup with food tokens?

  • francesco lira
    francesco lira

    Will there be season 7?

  • Eddie Mckay
    Eddie Mckay

    Nice! Rocket league music at the end!


    Wow. Griggs comes to the game at the end of the games lifespan. Fuck off with that.

  • Derek Goodman
    Derek Goodman

    hey i just wanted to say thank you, i appreciate you. i saw my game updated and i knew i could go on here and you’d already have a video about it. you’re a real one

  • Legendary Ronin
    Legendary Ronin

    This dude using mods 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      if you think im modding, you need to watch the gameplay more closely lmao

  • Greenarrowu393

    I feel like co op barely got any love.. I would've really liked to see new operations and more creativity with survival

  • S

    I just got the game, and finally after installing the 250 flippin gb, ANOTHER 40GB IADSJOFIAJFODISJDFA

  • Memøry


  • Sense

    Evolutions Boosters🤔 Maybe a opening...


    Butterfly knife fudge yeah

  • La Fontanne
    La Fontanne

    I wanna know what gun that is pls

  • Cheesy Production
    Cheesy Production

    Will warzone be available for ps5?

    • Mattia Gessi
      Mattia Gessi


  • John Nicholson
    John Nicholson

    Well this isnt the final update though is it......

  • Iraq

    In my country it takes days to download....

  • Mullvad

    I hope they fix the cheating problem that is right now soon also! At least one "player" blatantly cheating 1 out of 3 games!

  • kick4gaming can
    kick4gaming can

    hey do you know if cold war has ranked leage play like black ops 4

  • WinterWolf04

    Who else’s console was destroyed due to this games size and other things?

  • Zach Long
    Zach Long

    Is that 2am Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning?

  • Track Medix
    Track Medix

    Smh. Gave me nothing

  • Jacob Bellerud
    Jacob Bellerud

    Kinda wish they made terminal but oh well

  • God1st

    Not gonna lie.... THAT SHAKER IS LIT 🔥🔥🔥

  • Edgar Louw
    Edgar Louw

    Looks like childs sippy cup lol

  • ReVeLaTiiOnzZ

    this is what they said on twiter UPDATE: the Warzone message of the day that was live yesterday regarding weapons was inaccurate. Black Ops Cold War weapons will be available in Warzone starting with Season One on December 10. Black Ops Cold War Operators will be in Warzone at launch.

  • JokinGrinch

    When I fire my crossbow it sounds like a regular sniper and my buddy said it even sounds louder than the kar can we get this fixed PLEASE!!!!

  • TJ Productions
    TJ Productions

    Its 1 gig more for xbox and its updating rn


    Remember I'm with ya from beginning and will be I'm nihil from India!

  • Rin

    So we need to own CW to have the weapons on Warzone?

  • Trainbow11

    The reason why a lot of viewers aren't subscribed is because not everyone has a UZload account, they are just watching anonymously.

  • Krenzi Plays
    Krenzi Plays

    Oh yay, a new knifem and a random guy no-one cares about, which = 60+gb And a few guns from CW They must be putting filler content in theres no way

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates

    Cant watch as im at work but are there new maps...

  • Mario Keiber
    Mario Keiber

    I'm still totally fine with MW, I won't buy cold war! Our journey will end pretty soon than I guess

  • zurutitgsming 1
    zurutitgsming 1

    Nothing happened on the update I'm wiating 19hr for nothing just to say cod mw can't be danload

  • DiscoCj

    Pre load for pc is available now

  • qet0

    where is the butterfly knife 🥺

  • Ace of spades
    Ace of spades

    Me enters video Immortal:we've got an important announcement Announcement: g fuel shaker cup Me: my disappointment is immeasurable

  • Luis Haza
    Luis Haza

    I just hope they KEEP Shoothouse & Shipment in this week's update.

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    And what the hell is happening with the NUKE🤔🤔🤔

  • andrew parle
    andrew parle

    What's the bet that cold war weapons gonna be op for warzone forcing ppl to go by cold war just so u have to obtain them for warzone


    They added warzone private match too!

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    I hope there is new intel been waiting forever

  • Mustafa Waseem
    Mustafa Waseem

    Nice bro. I know I wanted your own shaker for so long. Good job dude.

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks 👍

  • brick smith
    brick smith

    I’m guessing you need cw to use the cw weapons on war zone yah?

  • Mena Toh
    Mena Toh

    Hey Immortal, love the content dearly, but i find the whole "FINAL UPDATE" thing kinda misleading imo. Do you think they will drop MW once CW is out? If that's the case, that's real dissapointing

    • Mortis

      Fr, game isnt even 2 years old yet and they're dwindling down on the content

    • WhosImmortal

      It's the final update of the main year of support. No content, especially title updates, is guaranteed after CW drops. Playlist and shop updates will happen, but large updates are unlikely