Modern Warfare: The SEASON 6 LEAKS! (WARZONE Map Changes, New WEAPONS, & MORE!)
Here’s all the current LEAKS and Confirmations for SEASON 6 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that we currently know about Season 6 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE thanks to the various leaks, teases, and confirmations we have. Modern Warfare Season 6 and WARZONE Season 6 is going live later this month and is set to bring new DLC WEAPONS, new Maps, new Modes, Warzone Map Updates, and more to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! COD MW Season 6 will likely be the last season for this main year of support, then we’ll see Warzone transfer to Black ops Cold War for the next new season(s).

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  • WhosImmortal

    Season 6 is nearly here and today we're going over every leak, teaser, and confirmation we have for the season so far! Thanks for watching!

    • Michael Sierra
      Michael Sierra

      Yooo immortal.. Whats ur video setting on ps4.. It looks fantastic

    • Enes Kemal
      Enes Kemal

      I don't care about the new content, I only fucking care about the update size.

    • Luca Favalli
      Luca Favalli

      They should add terminal

    • Kevin Westfall
      Kevin Westfall

      @WhosImmortal Ok, thanks.

    • WhosImmortal

      @Kevin Westfall the Modern Warzone twitter account.

  • questioning everything in a broken world
    questioning everything in a broken world

    Airsoft and paintball better time,... Season 6 COD more of same basically another Kar98, and another M13 ... Just do real things, this game it's getting old.

  • Extiuss

    SOUP IS DEAD how can he be in the game when HES DEAD

    • Extiuss

      WhosImmortal true I see now

    • WhosImmortal

      different universes my dude

  • Hunter Nijenhuis
    Hunter Nijenhuis

    We all know the most broken and op shotgun was the akimbo ranger in mw2

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia

    It’s simple, “prison has been blown up” “Send them to Alcatraz”, BOOM.

  • Benz Benz
    Benz Benz

    All i want Makarov Spas12 vz 61 skorpion Full auto glock Pp 2000 (why not) G3

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook


  • Johnny Dotson
    Johnny Dotson

    All I'm asking is for them get rid of that recoil for the aa 12. Such disgrace

  • SuperDooperFunTimeShow s
    SuperDooperFunTimeShow s

    I think the nuke event will bring the zombies event

  • Shakir Sims Sr.
    Shakir Sims Sr.

    The AA-12 was my favorite on MW2

  • Forrest Wilms
    Forrest Wilms

    Love prop hunt!

  • Rikka is waifu
    Rikka is waifu

    The AA12 will become my main weapon if it comes out

  • Matt Willerton
    Matt Willerton

    I know it won't happen but I really want coop n normal multiplayer to get the attention they deserve next season, since warzone launched it really feels like they got sidelined hard by the devs

  • Jeremy Hedrick
    Jeremy Hedrick

    List of what we want ARs -HK418 -ACR Shotguns -doublebarrel - M1887 LMGs -M1 Browning MARKSMAN RIFLES -R700 -SR25 SNIPERs -Intervention Cheytac -L115 (We already have the RSASS And VKS) Pistols -KARD-45

  • —

    IW: we're not gonna add zombies because that's just not realistic. Also IW: P R O P H U N T

  • TopFive

    On the subject of zombies, the devs also said when the game was first released they would never make it a BR game lol and look what's happened

  • Cerberus_666

    Does anyone know a fix for the intel missions glitch?

  • BigAndy229

    Anyone else had their Activision account stollen? I still can’t play

  • Johnny Ha
    Johnny Ha

    Will warzone for bo cold war allow console players to finally have an fov slider?

    • WhosImmortal

      no idea

  • gian francisco
    gian francisco

    and also regiment vs regiment mode in multi

  • gian francisco
    gian francisco

    now,they should implement level down when you lose the game

  • Black House
    Black House

    Where is the Spaz-12🤔??

  • Hawkeye

    I want warzone rumble back😤

  • Puma TheGod
    Puma TheGod

    My dawg

  • Gabe Raddo
    Gabe Raddo

    That AA12 will be one that I won't use and others will say 'AA12 noob' and they right just as they are with RPG at infantry instead of machinery and those absolute B*****d Dragon rounds! Imagine AA12 with those dragon breath rounds, MW ruined.

  • McCrackles

    If the AA12 is added im quitting lol

  • Famousking

    what is that m4 class he was using anyone know the attachments ?

  • Samuel Chai
    Samuel Chai

    imagine adding a forest

  • Ringo Impreza
    Ringo Impreza

    Question - why would anyone that is getting the new COD game in November, spend anymore money on this game? Can you carry any of the items across to the new game? If not I dont see why the new season 6 pass would do well? I'm new to all this so I may have missed something?

  • Josiah Ramsey
    Josiah Ramsey

    I think about the blackout mode is some people use cold-blooded and that is going to be hard for the thermoscopes to pick them out at night

  • Thom Pellerin
    Thom Pellerin

    *new guns* Jev: fuck no

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    I don’t even care about Cold War. I just hope they keep updating MW after they’re done with the seasons.

  • Vibe

    All I heard was Marshawn Lynch and I NEED MORE INFORMATION.. I’m tryna play as Beast Mode for sureee

  • Jay Dowd
    Jay Dowd

    A dark mode, the Roze skin added with an obsidian camo it’s a pay to win and a Grind to win too,

  • AWW_ YEA81
    AWW_ YEA81

    Dife seriously o don't think they are going to stop doing updates once they figure out how bad cold war is. It's Soo bad and it's a complete downgrade from modern warfare. Once they figure out that cold war isn't pulling enough money they will start releasing new seasons for Modern Warfare

  • Alan Gasior
    Alan Gasior

    So has anyone thought that maybe the zombie mode will be on the Alcatraz map? That way they can call it “separate” from the story of Warzone.

  • Obi Don Jacoby
    Obi Don Jacoby

    At this point Soap will make an appearance after BOCW in Modern Warfare 2 from the reboot. If he hasn't gotten added I doubt he will.

  • Emman Nool
    Emman Nool

    So what does Cold War mean for our current unlocks and purchases?

    • WhosImmortal

      theyll save in warzone, but not for CW multiplayer

  • Martin jonsen
    Martin jonsen


  • Artimus

    to my playstation brethren, i bite my thumb at thee.

  • Dirty Tables
    Dirty Tables

    No one Also me- snorting noodles intensifies

  • Jbu-Gatti Productions
    Jbu-Gatti Productions

    Hopefully we get a lot of maps this season since it’s the last.

  • Waseem Al Khair
    Waseem Al Khair

    Yesterday , there was a new daily objective/mission to unlock Soap emblem. I think he will be the main operator in season 6 along with Farah


    It’s just infected war zone not zombies stupid idiot

    • WhosImmortal

      The mode is literally titled Zombies royale bud. Might wanna fact check yourself before you call someone an idiot lol.

  • mr. Burge
    mr. Burge

    I think the Alcatraz thing is a gulag map for Modern Warfare multiplayer

  • imanishay

    1 thing the NEED to add is thr ability to play warzone with crossplay turned off

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price

    If they don’t add zombies br they should add infected br

  • Tyson Playz
    Tyson Playz

    All the guys that rant about the game not being realistic , what do u expect from a VIDEO GAME !!?

  • Toasty GG
    Toasty GG

    Dual 725?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]
    Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]

    Just plz make r700 good and not another trash gun like rytec


    ranked mode?

  • Jorge Ortega
    Jorge Ortega

    All I care about is operator skins

  • angie ospina
    angie ospina

    espn first take

  • Regwire _yt
    Regwire _yt

    Guy 1:"Y'know Alcatraz from bo4" Guy 2:"Yeah why" Guy 1:"Let's put that into warzone" Guy 2:"That has nothing to do with the game, you know that right" Guy 1:"How about we make it into a mode and call that mode escape the gulag" Guy 2:"You need a raise"

  • arctic_crims0n

    How do you move so fast?

  • Protective Dad Pranks
    Protective Dad Pranks

    BEST COD CHANNEL ON UZload! - Hands Down!

    • WhosImmortal

  • シPureRice

    looks like infinity making spotter scope useful

  • シPureRice

    the gameplay though

  • The Cardboard Box
    The Cardboard Box

    I'd like a new pistol. Revolver or a machine pistol.

  • Mohammed Al -Mudhafar
    Mohammed Al -Mudhafar

    It would be great to add Weather change in Warzone instead of night mode!

  • T3TSU

    Glad it's not another Ak looking weapon. As Val is gonna be interesting

  • Justin _that_one_dude
    Justin _that_one_dude

    This game needs to be fixed before they keep adding stuff to it. I know this as I play hardcore you get hit markers. Like how do I pump bullets into a guy and he only takes damage and not death. Causing me at the end to die. 😣😣😣😣🤦🏻‍♂️ It also happens on head shots. I'm a beast I have 50 gs gold and almost revolver gold. Yet I hate the matches I get. It's like going against elite players every match. Ps4 players are too damn good 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Warzone Brothers
    Warzone Brothers

    Fuck farrah

  • T.G.E

    They should add day/night cycle in Verdansk.

    • WhosImmortal

      would be very interesting to see!

  • Dimitrios Fotopoulos
    Dimitrios Fotopoulos

    I am still kinda dissapointed that the game doesn t have many weapons for example it doesn t have the fn pistol or the mp granch when it comes to sniper rifles it only has like 3 snipers and also it doesn t have the m240b and tons of other cool guns

  • AlexD2 Titan
    AlexD2 Titan

    MW has been decent but take warzone away it’s been one of the worst cods ever in terms of cheesy stuff

    • AlexD2 Titan
      AlexD2 Titan

      ObeseChunk 707 you may be a 1 kd player so your games might be a hell of a lot easier than mine lol

    • AlexD2 Titan
      AlexD2 Titan

      ObeseChunk 707 also I’m 2.1 in multiplayer so I’m just over average and I’ve played over 2 weeks game time in multiplayer so I’ve played a lot. The engine the game runs on is amazing but the the spawns along with time to kill in this game is trash bro the skill gap doesn’t exist. You’ve got things like automatic tac sprint double time which ruins the game

    • AlexD2 Titan
      AlexD2 Titan

      ObeseChunk 707 no my dude I’m not a free to play player. MW 2019 has been a shit show!!! Am I wrong ? The cheese in multiplayer is ridiculous It’s actually a shit show

  • Chris The Meme Man
    Chris The Meme Man

    Finally a game where I actually care about the seasons

  • Blug0n

    I hope they still add guns after Cold War releases cuz there’s still a ton of guns I want in the game

  • Saif Ob
    Saif Ob

    I wish terminal and dome would come back .....

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    In warzone their adding a zombie game mode that’s why Alcatraz is being added

    • WhosImmortal

      could be!

  • Volk

    Press F to pay respects to the QI from those who think the AA-12 is semi auto

  • questioning everything in a broken world
    questioning everything in a broken world

    Marshawn Lynch character yes!

  • questioning everything in a broken world
    questioning everything in a broken world

    How many PlayStation 4 are going going gone

  • Wasted Timeandeffort
    Wasted Timeandeffort

    1000th comment

  • Wasted Timeandeffort
    Wasted Timeandeffort


    • WhosImmortal

      hi :D


    How could it be night time when it is taking place at 2:11 P.M. When you drop in the time is right there, 14:11:38.

  • Forest Finn
    Forest Finn

    Why did u not just name it another gun that takes no skill ???????

  • ToXic Joker
    ToXic Joker

    Can someone help me get into bunker 11 I know it’s old but I just want the mp7

  • Sk'2500

    Just want snow maps, got a bunch of snow skins with no purpose at all

  • Basically-God

    It would just be fun

  • Beast

    I think they are gonna continue modern warfare saying its from a different team

  • Franklin Moran
    Franklin Moran

    I'm not really hyped for season 6

  • Chandler Davis
    Chandler Davis

    What’s your m4 set up

  • Raizur

    They added terminal 6 months ago and never added it :(

  • Trix the Heretic
    Trix the Heretic

    I mean black op 4 they told us we wouldn't have loot boxes and whatnot and look what happened. I don't take anything of what Activision or the company's under them say seriously anymore.

  • Fatman TheGod
    Fatman TheGod

    Damn I wish they was needing more.. I don’t like the new black ops

  • Michael Mann
    Michael Mann

    If it's not a Halloween event. I want to think it could be left over file from Blackout.


    need ranked mode

  • hunter

    I prefer modern warfares setting... But I prefer Cold War as a game I'm sad I spent £800+ on modern warfare

  • Blue Dog
    Blue Dog

    That man said modern warzone 5:04

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, I did, that's the name of the account.

  • Sneakstr

    Omfg if theyre gonna add aa12 instead of literally Anything else

  • Jack Slater
    Jack Slater

    I would love to slay at night.

  • Beatz By Breezy Official
    Beatz By Breezy Official

    no season 7!?


    Can't wait to shit on all quickscopers and riot shielders with the AA12.

  • Sami 0121
    Sami 0121

    After s10 we’re going to get a new map verdansk is going to get nuked and that’s how the Cold War starts

  • Winston Ralphs
    Winston Ralphs

    The fact that anyone looks at call of duty and thinks any part of it is or should be "realistic" baffles me to no end.

    • Winston Ralphs
      Winston Ralphs

      ObeseChunk 707 it clearly affected you enough to get a response 😂😂

  • Young Guuk
    Young Guuk

    Did anyone hear him say "Modern Warzone" when he was talking about Alcatraz?? 😂😂😂😂. Ik he meant "Modern Warfare"

    • Young Guuk
      Young Guuk

      @WhosImmortal oh my bad then 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      no I meant Modern Warzone lol. Thats the name of the twitter account

    • Mar dawn pops
      Mar dawn pops

      Nah modernWarzone is a leaker/company

  • Samantha V
    Samantha V

    RIP as I get damascus close to the end of a games life

  • Kai T
    Kai T

    You're surprised we haven't seen soap yet? He's dead, man. "Makarov knows Yuri"

    • Kai T
      Kai T

      @ObeseChunk 707 don't know what you're problem is, I asked him a question and he answered me. People would only see it as a competition if they had something to prove, little guy.

    • Kai T
      Kai T

      @WhosImmortal oh yea, just me being reactive. But soaps death is such an iconic moment in the series that I think bringing him back would be silly and take away from his death.

    • WhosImmortal

      Different universe dude

  • G I Z M O
    G I Z M O

    The AA12 better have a drum magazine! It doesn't have to hold a bunch but it just doesn't look the same without a drum mag.