Here’s everything that changed in the MASSIVE 1.27 UPDATE in Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty WARZONE!
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Call Of Duty WARZONE: Infinity Ward Details The SEASON 6 METRO UPDATE! (Map Changes) -
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that changed in the NEW 1.27 Update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! The New 1.27 Update is now live in Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE and it adds Modern Warfare Season 6 and WARZONE Season 6 into the game! Season 6 of COD MW brings a ton of content to the both for Multiplayer and WARZONE, and thanks to the 1.27 update, we ended up seeing a handful of new changes as well, including an Origin 12 Nerf, new DLC weapons, & more!

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  • WhosImmortal

    The Season 6 update is here and so is a lot of new content, changes, and other updates! Thanks for tuning in!

    • 60fpsRyder

      i JUST got the noti for this video an hour ago

    • Filming YOU
      Filming YOU

      subscribed because 60 percent of your viewers are not. that's crazy. keep grinding. Twitter- @FilmingApex

    • Richard Boothman
      Richard Boothman

      only got two downloads on xbox

    • Russel Marvin Danganan
      Russel Marvin Danganan

      the train also re-spawn in random area now not always on promenade

    • Stefan Eamiguel
      Stefan Eamiguel

      @A Seahorse ok dokie thank u

  • Thunder Warrior
    Thunder Warrior

    And if you'r new to the game then all updates are 93,457GB (for PS4). I am currently downloading it and it says it will take 28 hours................ Edit: 2 days later and i'm still updating and downloading files to play the maine campagne..............

  • johanna cardona
    johanna cardona


  • Tiffany Mcclain
    Tiffany Mcclain

    oliver tree

  • checkle1

    "I am so tired of these massive updates." - WiFi-extender player

  • ben cruz
    ben cruz

    Worste fucking maps ever. fuck this game. Nobody plays free for all anyway and all other modes are shit

  • speedy blue
    speedy blue

    Its been almost a year and now they decide to nurf C4.

  • Pandakai

    How do you get the colors to vibrant in game?

    • Pandakai

      @WhosImmortal I thought it was a color blind setting thx tho

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit :)


    Mid game my screen goes black for about 3 secs then comes back have no idea why

  • Suge 555
    Suge 555

    Am I the only person that loves that whyatt

  • Mutant X Gaming
    Mutant X Gaming

    Why does my multiplayer show ‘missing packs’ Plss helpp

  • Michael Ruelas
    Michael Ruelas

    Modern Warfare is nothing but a placeholder for your HDD to take up meaningless space on your PC. Sad, but true.

  • Calvin Brown
    Calvin Brown

    How do you delete the add on

  • Mrs B & Ava C
    Mrs B & Ava C

    How do you get the origin twelve so good could you tell me you’re setup?

  • MrGoncho235

    Wich setup are you using with the origin?I don't understand how youtubers do to have the hip fire with the origin shotgun so closed. I use a cloned setup and my hip fire sight isn't the same

  • e-Thot catcher
    e-Thot catcher

    Infinity ward needs to make ground war playable for free

  • Jase DiFabio
    Jase DiFabio

    Bruhhh... I can’t believe they nerfed c4 in the LAST season... It’s jst killin me ugh!!!!

  • Shxl

    Free multiplayer weekend?

    • Shxl

      WhosImmortal thank you for the answer

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent announced anything yet

  • User name
    User name

    10:04 what attachments aré on that m4?

  • User name
    User name

    Did they nerf the shotguns?

  • Wilchapa

    how you download the survival pack for xbox

  • Julian Hyde
    Julian Hyde

    All I want is a remastered Bog, Showdown, or Crossfire map. Is that so much to ask?

  • Brandt Swanson
    Brandt Swanson

    Who do I need to email to get them to fix the bug for unlocking tamagotchi charms?

  • REYNALDO Ramirez
    REYNALDO Ramirez

    You can find Self revive kit in boxes now too don’t forget

  • Oni Mori
    Oni Mori

    im so glad they nerfed the c4. now they have to nerf the goddamn marksmans. im still salty of all the 725 nerfs.

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Cracking summary. Cheers fella. Also bummed about the C4 situation. Hopefully it’s not too drastic. 🤙🏼

  • Businessman

    Wish they'd do something about all the fucking hackers and cheaters. Every single fucking game there's a group of aim botters and aim hacks

  • Elaina Collins
    Elaina Collins

    Anyone else get Vorkuta vibes from the new tank map or is it just me..??

  • Bedo Bosses
    Bedo Bosses

    dont anybody notices c4 dont throw as far as they use to?

  • Zack Keswick
    Zack Keswick

    Have you noticed the 1960s or 70s style broken down cars sprinkled through the map? The Cold War change is already happening in warzone. Like so immortal can see

  • Adrian Nieves
    Adrian Nieves

    I've been rocking the origin since season 1 on survival mode. Melts the juggernaut and is perfect for camping with the 25 clip.

  • Elite ShooterYT
    Elite ShooterYT

    I was wondering y my C4 wasn’t throwing far I looked pathetic throwing it and picking it up again to try again. 😂😂😢😭

  • Chema Olague
    Chema Olague

    On Xbox I didn’t get the survival update pack? Anyone else??

  • MrCmonster13

    give us night mode and zombies in warzone damnit!!! its all i want lol

    • WhosImmortal

      coming soon ;)


    is it me or has the Kilo 141 got a buff cuz it be shredding NGL

  • francesco lira
    francesco lira

    Does anyone know if the fixed the JTF2 skin 3 challenge?

  • TaylorW

    None of these characters are impressive, I'll stick with my shadow company roze skin.

  • sean - no
    sean - no

    The game is broken right now.crushes and mirco burst.pocket loss. Please csn i address this in your channel.

  • Sir Clipper
    Sir Clipper

    Season six chicken nugget hyped up 😁

  • kyle mcgee
    kyle mcgee

    Also Zac did you hear about the new Easter egg?

    • WhosImmortal

      just covered it in the new video that just went live ;)

  • kyle mcgee
    kyle mcgee

    I also found an advanced UAV in a bunker

  • BlackCatalyst Gaming
    BlackCatalyst Gaming

    i want deathmatch in free to play

  • Ghost _
    Ghost _

    will you make a video? about the best loadouts to use

    • WhosImmortal

      coming this weekend :)

  • Its North
    Its North

    I just realized you can convert the AS VAL into the VKS Sniper

  • F O O D B O I
    F O O D B O I

    Where is the season six loadouts uh

    • WhosImmortal

      Season's been out for a day fam, chill

  • Smooth Brain
    Smooth Brain

    0:58 so is no one gonna talk about that ghost skin?

  • danmancino22

    Only 2 good things about the new season pass. Except for the guns, this pass is trash

  • Michael Harless
    Michael Harless

    Nerf the c4 o now everyone will use the stupid ass shield

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook

    I want realism back

  • mavado gr
    mavado gr

    Guys we need shipment

  • David Sears
    David Sears

    Whew I thought I was alone with my pc crashing. Just played my first game of the season and it crashed on the final scoreboard

  • M A
    M A

    Press F for shoot house. C u again

  • Richard Boothman
    Richard Boothman

    were do you find servival pack didnt see it on xbox download

  • Trebled85

    Good lookin out

  • vGhQst

    the C4 is now the C3

  • Alonso Delgado
    Alonso Delgado

    I’m also bummed about what they did to the C4, I was playing this afternoon and I knew I felt something different, and now it’s al been cleared out. Thanks man👍🏻

    • 101 aSavage
      101 aSavage

      Bummed? Lol. C4 should've never been as powerful as it was. Glad, but it took WAY too fuckin long to properly balance it.

  • MistakzWerMade

    Since the update I’ve been only getting error after each battle why is that

  • bigSMASH80 Allday
    bigSMASH80 Allday

    Why they need c4?😐😑😐😡

  • Fraser Connachan
    Fraser Connachan

    Tank factory is a reskin of an older cod map. Anyone remember what game?

  • Daniel Sedgley
    Daniel Sedgley

    Bro the new modern warfare playlist is dog shit. I mean the tank factory map is dope but is it shipment??? Hell no it ain’t

  • I SnOwCoNe I
    I SnOwCoNe I

    Dude the C4 nerf sucks... you cant even throw it to the second story of any map. its dumb

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :(

  • Mustafa Seren
    Mustafa Seren

    Bro i love your intros ❤️

  • Manuel Olivares
    Manuel Olivares

    I had a random juggernaut spawn into warzone, how long has this been??😅

  • Mitch Overholt
    Mitch Overholt

    I got a calling card called "lady in the moon" it's from season 6 and has a lady playing the flute with the moon in the background. Nothing about it online or anything and I have no clue how I got it. Anyone else have it or know how?

    • NoMaDiC DiSPoSiTioN
      NoMaDiC DiSPoSiTioN

      Probably a challenge

    • 101 aSavage
      101 aSavage

      I got it too.

  • Alonzo Salazar
    Alonzo Salazar

    You should do a best setup for every gun in multiplayer and warzone for season 6

    • WhosImmortal

      coming later this weekend :)

  • Azor

    It took all day for me to update it I’m on pc so yea 60 gbs


    I got a content for ya open the secret train station !

  • Charles Vo
    Charles Vo

    If the update was 19.3 gbs on PS4 then why tf do I have to download 90 fucking gigs

  • Chadrick Weaver
    Chadrick Weaver

    I could be wrong but does the kar take a little longer to shoot again now? -also the c4 seems like you can hardly throw it all now. More concerned about people blowing themselves up:)

    • Chadrick Weaver
      Chadrick Weaver

      @101 aSavage very good helpful points.

    • 101 aSavage
      101 aSavage

      @Chadrick Weaver Thermite mostly, I use it as a temporary form of Suppression. You can use it to Slow Aggressive players(Block Narrow passage ways or doorways), or use it to Flush players from power positions(Windows, Balconies, Rooftops and Corners). My Favorite use for Thermites is that they are VERY Effective at eliminating enemy placed-equipment. So satisfying hearing all of those claymores unexpectedly detonate.

    • Chadrick Weaver
      Chadrick Weaver

      @101 aSavage not talking about c4. It just seemed a bit to nerfed to me. But I still need to try it out more. I agree though the distance you could throw previously was a bit overkill. What lethal do you use ?

    • 101 aSavage
      101 aSavage

      Are you talking about a grenade? Yeah, the grenades you can Throw. As of season six, You're supposed Toss/Plant C4(as it was intended). Glad throwing it was patched.

  • Higinio Jimenez
    Higinio Jimenez

    Yeah I play on xbox and every few games it logs me and my friends out of the game

  • Che Hope
    Che Hope

    Why would they increase the damage of slugs and tank map sucks iw showing how incredibly stupid they are again

  • TheCookieManGames

    Is anyone else getting their PS4 crashed when playing Season 6 or unable to play multiplayer?

  • Logan Klatzker
    Logan Klatzker

    orgin 12 isnt nerfed tho like they say it is but it still is cancerous

  • Not Perez
    Not Perez

    My level went down

  • Ultra Lucid Bluedream
    Ultra Lucid Bluedream

    What you think of the new sniper boss? After a long day of homework and quizzes I’m installing the data pack now!

  • Damned Gamer
    Damned Gamer

    The servers are trash and laggy...

  • Jason Carbon
    Jason Carbon

    When you're more excited for Season 6 than the new CoD.

  • Dallas cowboysbeenchokingsince96
    Dallas cowboysbeenchokingsince96

    Has any one been playing warzone then get kicked then says application error


    What are compability and survival packs?


    I'm always with ya bro love and support from 🇮🇳 india

  • Fissure

    The new maps are still shitty mazes

  • Lucio Regalado
    Lucio Regalado

    I mean bug lol

  • Lucio Regalado
    Lucio Regalado

    The big where u get kicked is on xbox

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez

    Weird my compatibility pack was 8 gigs

  • ajinkya deshmukh
    ajinkya deshmukh

    on PC it's little bit laggy tho..

    • WhosImmortal

      definitely is

  • Unknown

    Anyone else lose some rank?

  • Robert G
    Robert G

    WHERE IS THE 3RD PACK? I only downloaded two downloads and it didnt say i needed anymore?

  • Hans

    How unfair is PlayStations bitch ass getting picked as favorite for small updates

  • Dreamy Vibes
    Dreamy Vibes

    Lucky I had to delete modern and reinstall it cause the new update wouldn’t install

  • Troy Bush
    Troy Bush

    I can’t use the store to get cod points and my game is crashing a lot

  • Chicken Nugget212
    Chicken Nugget212

    Yo can I know those attachments on your M4? and also thanks for all of the info can’t wait to play tomorrow

  • Quack

    Is it just me or on Ps4, when you try to download the multiplayer, it says the store isn't working

  • Greyenn

    Immortal is your one stop shop for all things CoD, I've said it before I can't wait to see his sub count explode over the next year, he deserves all the love

    • WhosImmortal

  • Silver

    Why tf would they give SYD nikolais gear? What about the operator F*CKING NAMED NIKOLAI lmfao

  • Nikolaos Ioannidis
    Nikolaos Ioannidis

    Whats wrong with this game? I try to enter the multiplayer and there is messenge on my screen telling me to pay for subscription..?

  • jamal blackman
    jamal blackman

    My game isn’t updating it’s telling me to install and everything is installed what’s going on


    Dude it's funny that they nerfed the c4 lol

  • Grogu

    I don’t see the point of pre downloading this update since you have to wait more to download the multiplayer pack, now I have to wait even longer...

  • OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
    OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

    Still kinda weird to give Syd the Primus Nikolai clothes... she's not Russian or Nikolai... guess we'll get a Tank Dempsey bundle for Mara... cause that makes as much sense as the Syd skin

  • אסף בן שמעון
    אסף בן שמעון

    Can you show your settings in warzone on pc

    • WhosImmortal

      My most recent settings video shows all of them