Call Of Duty WARZONE: The BEST SETUP For EVERY Weapon In The Game! (WARZONE Best Loadouts)
Here's the Best Setup for EVERY weapon in Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down the BEST Setup for Every weapon in Call of Duty WARZONE! COD WARZONE has a ton of different weapons and best class setups to choose from to make the best loadout for your playstyle, to day we're breaking down every single weapon that is currently in the game, and detailing the best class setup for it! This video will help you build the best warzone loadouts for all types of situations as it features the best attachments for weapons like the Grau 5.56, the MP5, the MP7, the Renetti, the HDR, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Here it is! The best class setup for every single weapon we (currently) have in WARZONE! Thanks for watching!

    • Juan Nagaya
      Juan Nagaya

      Ur so good at this game

    • Liliana Venegas
      Liliana Venegas

      I do not like tac laser

    • Aziz Ali
      Aziz Ali

      Yah but sa87 is still SO GOOD IN WARZONE

    • Purple Guy
      Purple Guy

      Rytec sniper?

    • Dachshund ‘Ohana
      Dachshund ‘Ohana

      The drippy stip uh wait, uhh I mean grape stippy tip or I mean uh the stip grip tip and h ya.🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • - M x c h a e l -
    - M x c h a e l -


  • Michael Giannone
    Michael Giannone

    Bro he said tippled strip grape for the aug😂

  • Parsa Pouyanfar
    Parsa Pouyanfar

    15:26 "Rippled Stip Grape

  • Boi Gamer
    Boi Gamer

    Ok not to hate but this video has to have a remake with the new Cold War guns

  • Boi Gamer
    Boi Gamer

    This was before the r 9 op dragon breath thing and also the dmrs and the mac 10s

  • Jared Lopez
    Jared Lopez

    Man. I’m the worst fucking player in COD AND MW HISTORY. you did a finnnnee fucking job. I’ll try these out and come back to you. I do suck ass cheeks, so if I do get kills, it’s all because of you. THANK YOUUU. also why that suppressed ???? Thank you. I dislike all you fantastic players that kill me so easily. But props to your skills 😂😔😒

    • WhosImmortal

      monolithic extends the range a bit :)

  • Kayden Kendall
    Kayden Kendall

    Who else what him to do a SETUP for the TYPY63

  • Yutang Gao
    Yutang Gao

    u r monolithic 24/7

  • logan is a bike kid
    logan is a bike kid

    Anybody notice how he says the rippled stip grape

  • Juan Nagaya
    Juan Nagaya

    Can u do more best lodout pls


    What wrap is he using the blueish one

  • TheyHateDxrieon *
    TheyHateDxrieon *

    ebr lmaooo

  • Clap bwe28
    Clap bwe28

    Bro really the solozero mini reflex on the kilo you use a vlk 3.00 or the Holo sight

  • Mr Fairbunkle
    Mr Fairbunkle

    Rippled stip grape 😂

  • Shai

    Wheres the as val?

  • God Of War 1234
    God Of War 1234

    the semi auto guns are very good if you have good aim a very fast trigger finger and good attachments.

  • Megan Walker
    Megan Walker

    On the renettie he aimed with akimbo

  • Cyclone FN
    Cyclone FN

    Everyone's favorite attachment

  • Mr laser Lazer
    Mr laser Lazer

    What happened to the vlk sight

  • Cole Angel
    Cole Angel

    You missed a sniper

  • Christian Qualls
    Christian Qualls

    I love the R9-0

  • Faith Qualls
    Faith Qualls

    I love all the SNIPIRIS

  • Roman Tybor
    Roman Tybor

    I must be on no snow but a few days ago I saw him at 400k subs

  • Ethan Long
    Ethan Long

    im six months late but u should try out the sa87. it shreds and the recoil is super easy to control. i use mono suppressor, merc foregrip, tac laser, 60 round mags, and granulated grip tape. also use the cover of night blue print, it has a good iron sight and i think you get it for free from the battle pass i think

  • Ian Richardson
    Ian Richardson

    my mans forgot the launchers i need to know what barrel to put on my rpg

  • _Traveled _
    _Traveled _

    Grippeled stip tape

  • Gaming with memes and other stuff
    Gaming with memes and other stuff

    I have unlocked gold renetti 347 and the desert eagle and the rytec

  • Nalee Xiong
    Nalee Xiong

    The names Anthony

  • Nalee Xiong
    Nalee Xiong

    Plz friend me in warzone cuz I got no parts for those guns plz help me win and also level up my weapon

  • F0gy

    so you dont use drangos on the r9 interrestning

  • Isaac Cavazos
    Isaac Cavazos

    grippled stip tape.... AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa nice bro. I love your channel, keep the vids comin

  • nill hill
    nill hill

    he just plays echo so much he is addicted to the mp5sd

  • Jared Blancas
    Jared Blancas

    maybe instead of using a perk add a laser or instead of using stippled use a under barrel

  • Vinegar Doppio
    Vinegar Doppio

    Did this man just aim in with AKIMBO renettis??????

  • The Teenager View Podcast
    The Teenager View Podcast

    I think your smart enough to know that the 5mw laser is better than the 1mw

  • rocio campa
    rocio campa

    nah bro u forgot the iso

  • Iam Flashin
    Iam Flashin

    watched majority of it MAN YOUR A GOAT FOR ALL THAT WORK

    • WhosImmortal

  • Emil Beltramba
    Emil Beltramba

    15.25 the rippled stip grape hahahahah

  • Kousin Krew
    Kousin Krew

    Who’s “grippled stip tape” Immortal. No hate tho love your vids.😂😊

  • CheckTheKillcam :
    CheckTheKillcam :

    the word *monolithic sopresser* haunts me in my dreams

  • Max Pupillo
    Max Pupillo

    Um on the kar98 instead of using the focus perk out the tac laser on it makes aiming stability better so you won’t need the perk. It also makes the ADS Speed and mobility so yeah.

  • Yylow Ylowwy
    Yylow Ylowwy

    Some of these load are so weird

  • CodeAltF4logn

    10:06 grippled stip tape? 15:25 rippled stip grape?

  • Joshua Guevara
    Joshua Guevara

    wait a minute, where's the cr-56 amax?

  • Conor Utterback
    Conor Utterback

    The sA87 is a godsend for me it’s like a bigger assault rifle, you just gotta know how to use it, and ittl reward you.

    • Henry Knauss
      Henry Knauss

      yea its my favorite gun

  • Noah Südel
    Noah Südel

    15:26 rippeld stipgrape

  • Nathan Molina
    Nathan Molina

    Immortal: On the Oden I have... Me: ITS THE MONOLITHIC SUPPRESSER AGAIN!!! Immortal: the Collosus suppressor for a change Me: Years of academy training wasted

  • Jesus Asevedo
    Jesus Asevedo

    Call you pro wholsimortal because you found these loudout

  • Eggsontoast Productions
    Eggsontoast Productions

    In my opinion, the tac laser is better than the stippled grip tape, at lest for warzone. They both provide the same boos to your ADS time (two frames), and the tac laser gives you aiming stability, which can make it easier to line up your shot. Compare that to the stippie grippie which takes away aiming stability, and you'll see why I prefer the tac laser.

  • Lange Skovmand
    Lange Skovmand

    How do u have all these Nice waps

  • Marc Yacoub
    Marc Yacoub

    i suggest using vlk 3.0 optic for assault rifles

  • Jeoffrey Moraga
    Jeoffrey Moraga

    Thats a lot of hard work for me

  • ac beats 444
    ac beats 444

    Wouldnt you wanna go for a little more accuracy than range when it comes to sniper and marksmen?

  • I Bosvt I clipz
    I Bosvt I clipz

    Is it just me or are pistels a lot harder to use without akimbo in mw??? All the other games are good

  • Luca Petrocini
    Luca Petrocini

    5:14 did he just… aim with the akimbo perk?

  • Jesse Wicken
    Jesse Wicken

    See I have this bug where the people actually shoot back

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    Why use thermal sniper scopes? It straight up just impedes vision. Same with Focus, that perk does almost nothing. Have never seen the benefit in using Focus

    • WhosImmortal

      just posted an updated version of this yesterday ;)

  • Divine_jayden00

    “The gripple stip tape” hahahha

  • Argeniss 0519
    Argeniss 0519

    Does anyone know what gun is his primary in the beginning of the video

    • Landon Fulcher
      Landon Fulcher


  • S4NR0D

    Whosimmortal: this gun isnt that great like the damage is not so good also Whosimmortal: sreds someone faster than the speed of light with the gun

  • Ruby Ann Feliciano
    Ruby Ann Feliciano

    Is the 357 is really that cool?

  • Sergei Sergeev
    Sergei Sergeev

    WhosImmortal about the dragunow: "I just do not enjoy using it"... Also him: has damscus on it

  • bbrcz4

    5:13 Wait! Wtf did just happend? zooming with akimbo pistols? Thats illegal.

  • Douglas Carter
    Douglas Carter

    I’m saving vid for help

  • HitMarker

    What is that ram 7 blueprint called is looks dope!!

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo

    ahhhhh the pre R-90 dragon breath and origin-12 spam.

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    Why are you using the the 1mw laser instead of the 5mw laser? The 5mw is much easier to see

  • Barrett Koch
    Barrett Koch

    15:26 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Valesonic Rv
    Valesonic Rv

    What's the gun at 0:33?

    • Valesonic Rv
      Valesonic Rv


    • WhosImmortal

      grau 556

  • Vincent Hoang
    Vincent Hoang

    Hold up did he just ads with akimbo? 5:14

  • Cade Lewis
    Cade Lewis

    Rippled stip grape

  • Whiteboy Aiden
    Whiteboy Aiden

    This is the class set up i use 24/7 M4A1- Mono sub Tac barrel Ranger forgrip 60 round mag VLK sight MP5- Integrated Mono sub Merc Forgrip 5MW laser 45 round mag Slight of hand BEST SET UP




    Get this man 600k

  • Trey Foote
    Trey Foote

    18:26 isn't that the FAL?

  • dracoTV

    they be spamming explosives like this gta

  • hella bread
    hella bread

    Someone Remember the KAR from ww2

  • Nathan Mcgrath
    Nathan Mcgrath

    My dude is aiming with.akimbo

  • Nathan Mcgrath
    Nathan Mcgrath

    Me watching this in season 6

  • All Tories Are Scum
    All Tories Are Scum

    Rippled Stip Grape

  • Sharp Dragon
    Sharp Dragon

    I feel like you made some mistakes with the AK47 but overall is a pretty good guide

  • Alec -
    Alec -

    ahh but ofc make sure you have the rippled stip grape on the aug

  • Gr3asy R4bb1t
    Gr3asy R4bb1t

    Also i just realized when he was going over the kilo he inserted a clip of the FAL lol

  • Gr3asy R4bb1t
    Gr3asy R4bb1t

    Yoooo when he said rippled stip grape i thought i went crazy

  • Sylvie Mpanzu
    Sylvie Mpanzu

    Hey hi how u doing welcome back to the channel classic

  • Nemo john
    Nemo john

    XD google

  • Charlie Emerson
    Charlie Emerson

    Rippled stip grape

  • Bye Chris
    Bye Chris

    Ur stupid kilo is better than the grau ur on something cuz so many pros use kilo for a reason

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    How can the last thing be “60 Round Mags” and not Grippled Stip Tape

  • Astro Lando
    Astro Lando

    “Rippled Stip Grape” 😂😂😂

  • DerpyUniverse

    i hope i dont sound stupid but how do you get the net at the end of the hdr

  • Drewsiff

    How tf did he ads on his akimbo pistols

  • Mudkiptoons

    Anyone noticed he ads with the dual renettis

  • hyper l
    hyper l

    Im a bit late but i sometimes use the scar and nstead of the stock i reccomend vlk 3x optic

    • hyper l
      hyper l

      Well i say a bit late i really should say 5 months late

  • Ace Hylian
    Ace Hylian

    20:47 Did you hear it?

  • Ace Hylian
    Ace Hylian

    On Aug use the rippled stip grape

  • Ace Hylian
    Ace Hylian

    Grippled stiptape on the pkm YOU HAVE TO

  • CreativeHouse Event Management
    CreativeHouse Event Management

    thank u so much. some class setups made me excited

  • unboxer dude
    unboxer dude

    Are you playing on ps4 or pc

    • WhosImmortal