Modern Warfare: The BIGGEST WARZONE REVEAL YET, Remaining SEASON 6 CONTENT, & More!
Here's the Biggest WARZONE Update reveal yet & what to expect for the remaining SEASON 6 Content in Modern Warfare!
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In this video, we're breaking down the BIGGEST WARZONE Update Reveal yet regarding Warzone's future in Black Ops Cold War, the remaining Modern Warfare Season 6 Content, & more! COD WARZONE just got a major intel drop regarding how it's going to be approached in Cold War as Activision revealed what Engine Call of Duty WARZONE would run on in the future, plus we're also breaking down what to expect in the final few weeks of Season 6 in Modern Warfare as far as content goes. As we know, we've got one new DLC weapon coming up with the Butterfly knife and a new operator, alongside some smaller content drops too!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Gonna be a fun few weeks in the world of Call of Duty! Thanks for tuning in my friends!

    • RuthlessKO

      im gonna miss this game being the only thing my friends and i were always talking about

    • Chance™

      "Hey, hi, how you doing?" 👍

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez

      Soo We Can Have MW weapons *BUT* Cant have WarZone In MW for at Least 6 Months😓

    • Logan Hoskins
      Logan Hoskins

      When do you think that knife would come out

    • Yaakov Okorley
      Yaakov Okorley

      Do you stream @whoisimmortal

  • Souad hayek
    Souad hayek

    How many gb will the update probably be???

  • JV710

    Butterfly hasn't released yet... Do you have a date?

    • WhosImmortal

      They haven’t said anything yet

  • THEKINGRg 100_Yt
    THEKINGRg 100_Yt

    I'm very concerned if the guns in modern warfare is going to be better then the cold war guns because the guns are broken lol

  • lina espinosa
    lina espinosa

    Me no like cold war

  • Therd

    Cold War had one job keep MW engine

  • big7pointer

    >"biggest warzone reveal yet" >"the remaining content wont be anything big"

    • WhosImmortal

      @big7pointer the warzone reveal is talking about the warzone reveal, the remaining content is talking about what's left this season lol

    • big7pointer

      @WhosImmortal in what way

    • WhosImmortal

      2 different subjects there bud

  • MR Person
    MR Person

    Nice gameplay

  • Kris Williamson
    Kris Williamson

    Imagine call of duty just having one game and they just keep updating it like r6 siege

  • SystemExclusive

    Im predicting cold war to have very few sells... Its gonna be flop

  • Veronica Quezada
    Veronica Quezada

    I hope were able to flip around the butterfly knife like weapon inspect while sprinting sorta like in bo3 you tap square to flip it

    • WhosImmortal


  • Taylor Thomson
    Taylor Thomson

    Cod ghosts 2 for 2021

  • Olddirtytiger

    TKO is waiting for that butterfly knife 👀

  • Björn Andri
    Björn Andri

    They should just add choices so do u want to continue to play on mw or go to cold war

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael

    CW guns and movement are both so different than MW...the CW gunsmith is totally different and they would have to remake all CW guns to have MW recoil and damage profiles or the game would be a huge mess just jamming a second games worth of shit into WZ...will it be MW ghost or CW ghost? Will it be dead silence or ninja? will there be wildcards? The only way this works is to have a secondary map with CW assets and movement and if that's not the case COD will lose many customers...I'll be done for sure

  • Confused Mista
    Confused Mista

    Considering that Season 1 for Black Ops Cold War will supposedly release in December, I think there will be a season 7 for MW, and will have David "Section" Mason and John "Soap" MacTavish as the seasons operators.

  • devs-a-

    Wait so your telling me shipment and shoot house will be gone tomorrow?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Eddie Valdovinos
    Eddie Valdovinos

    Cold War looks like a re-skin of WWll Or is that just me

  • Marq Ware
    Marq Ware

    I would use the Cold War load out because of ninja alone

  • Fireysalt022

    Legit only got Cold War for zombies

  • Tristan Seth
    Tristan Seth

    In Cold War you can have more attachments no?

  • J Bandz
    J Bandz

    Bro his guns have zero recoil

    • WhosImmortal

      yep. Just learn the patterns lol

  • Mason March
    Mason March

    Btw if you don't get the mp7 named tsundere it's small but mighty

  • Sam Faust
    Sam Faust

    All I want is kingslayer in wz back!!!

  • SchwarzerRegen

    Modern Warfare > Cold War

  • Forum Mongol Indonesia
    Forum Mongol Indonesia

    I want Warzone add Reconnect Feature.

  • Scott Harrison
    Scott Harrison

    Think most people that switch to BO will do so just for zombies cos the multiplayer is trash.. SO glad they leaving warzone on its own engine too

  • Christian Gordon
    Christian Gordon

    Where’s our butterfly knife?!?!

  • Good Taste
    Good Taste

    I'm sticking with MW and Verdansk. That rare lull in seasons where weapons are balanced, there are no bugs and matches are just pure skill is what I live for.

  • Brian Greenfield
    Brian Greenfield

    The engine shift is going to be hell... but i suppose it'll be quiet intertaining to have so many wepons available... I'm just afraid shot guns are still going to be a huge problem... everyone will likely have a spaz 12

  • $DarkBoy$

    bro im soooooo happy rn letsssssss goooo 4:30

  • Shrimpy


  • GG

    I think that, huhh, I forgot the day 6 ?! DAY 6 OF SAYING THAT IMMORTAL HAS THE BEST INTRO EVER !!

  • Jack D
    Jack D

    Infinity ward > treyarch The only treyarch cod game that was even fun was “world at war” IW has been the king of cod since day 1

    • Jack D
      Jack D

      @IDoAnel lame af, zombies are the only thing that made them playable

    • IDoAnel

      Black ops 1 black ops 2 even black ops 3 were all memorablr games you bland person

  • paarth nimish
    paarth nimish

    The graphics and reticle are so 👎 bad

  • Aspxct

    im moved into house now

  • Samuel Fekete
    Samuel Fekete

    Should I buy modern warfare or cold war now

    • WhosImmortal

      cold war would offer more content over the next year

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson

    What’s bracking I’m back

  • Thelegend27

    I forget who but I saw some UZloadr steal the fuck out ur intro, hey hi how ya doin

  • KrossPath

    ngl, dirtybomb as a wz gamemode (or even straight up replacing plunder) would be interesting.

  • camden graves
    camden graves

    They should’ve just kept the engine from modern warfare for all future cods. Best feeling cod of all time and I’ve been playing since the original modern warfare through black ops 1 and on.

  • MrJacob

    Exactly what day does Season 6 end? It'd be nice if someone said.

    • MrJacob

      @WhosImmortal thank you!

    • WhosImmortal

      November 23rd

  • teddy natter
    teddy natter

    NEED MORE MW3 MAPS!!!! They’d be so fire. mission, village, dome, terminal, underground. I guess just to name a few😂

  • jostrander72

    Wondering if they'll put a fov slider in warzone for console players...

    • WhosImmortal

      I think eventually they will :)

  • edward

    Cold War feels Arcady, don’t like it.

  • Luca _77
    Luca _77

    everyone is saying "where is Griggs" but no one is saying "wtf is that gun hes holding???"

  • MooreGravy

    MW doesn't feel smoother. IT IS SMOOTHER! 1000%. It's an IW vs 3Arch thing. COD 4-MW3, Ghost, Infinite & MWR all felt smoother than the 3Arch game that came out afterwards. Bash IW camping or maps or colors whatever. Say engine or whatever. But that's just the way it's always been. Same with hit detection.

  • James Just
    James Just

    Bro I think you should coin the phrases “Modern Warzone” and “Cold Warzone” to distinguish the two

  • Kvng cano
    Kvng cano

    Does anybody know the load out he is using because it’s fire??

  • Mark McQuillan
    Mark McQuillan

    I think there's another easter egg of some sort introduced in Season 6. I've seen these numbered stickers in various places, never noticed them before this season, looks like it's related to semaphore. This one is in a Gulag cell around the middle floor: This one is in a farmhouse NE of the farm, just before the hill up to the lumber yard: And I found a 3rd one last night, numbered '22', although I forgot to take a note of the location.

  • Steven Cavin
    Steven Cavin

    This is my only source of COD news and I couldn't be more happy about it. Keep it up!

    • WhosImmortal

      Much appreciated!

  • Potato Austin
    Potato Austin

    a floaties and snorkle update literlly amde my day! Best line of WhosImmortal!

  • Ryan Pippert
    Ryan Pippert

    "Arcade shooter" (PS3 gameplay with a slight polish) < IW Engine anyday. Glad to hear WZ's not devolving.

  • Sam Salazar
    Sam Salazar

    So what ever happened with the Dam ??

  • Marcus Henry
    Marcus Henry


  • Dylan Fry
    Dylan Fry

    Curious about how some of the guns that are already in warzone that are in cold war like the AK are going to play

  • Dacoda 82
    Dacoda 82

    Drop shots are annoying

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon

    WHAAAT. ACID TRACERS? MORE CRAZY TRACERS INCOMING??? gunna need more info on that spicy bit

  • itz_ Fresh
    itz_ Fresh

    They should just make war zone its on game

  • Jonas Burgos
    Jonas Burgos

    i completed the halloween event and didn't get the grau blueprint anyone know why

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis

    Activision seems to have created some trouble for themselves. Had they just produced Cold War on the MW engine, they could have easily shifted it over to to Cold War upon release. Instead now those who want to play Cold War and warzone are going to be constantly changing between mechanics and weapon models. Seems like a rookie mistake to me

  • bigman gaming
    bigman gaming

    Will zombies be playable at launch

    • bigman gaming
      bigman gaming

      @WhosImmortal let's go

    • WhosImmortal


  • Señor.I

    I like that you have a “How you doin” loadout.

  • Coşku Atalay
    Coşku Atalay

    well i wonder if we have to download another 150 gb for warzone after the release of cold war. is it gonna be cold war: warzone? are we gonna launch it from modern warfare or coldwar(from blizz launcher). i am pretty confused... any ideas?

  • Rinzalard

    Hey Hi How ya doin'? I have a prediction that in S7, the empty river is going to be flooded, maybe by the dam or from the port, but I think it would make sense since Cold War is being connected to WZ and CW has swimming.

  • Patsfan11

    Why would an infinity ward game use a treyarch engine just bc the treyarch game is newer? Treyarch is ass compared to infinity ward

  • Jeffrey Duran
    Jeffrey Duran

    Any updates on the Pumpkin Punisher gun? I still haven't gotten it to unlock...

    • WhosImmortal

      fix is coming with the next update

  • Chris Beech
    Chris Beech

    Does keeping the mw engine mean it's less likely to get updated for 120fps?

  • Joao pedro l l braga Braga
    Joao pedro l l braga Braga

    when the butterfly knife dlc will arrive?

  • Reflex Mickle
    Reflex Mickle

    All I ask for is the butterfly knife, I've been waiting far too long.


    i REALLY like CoD.. despite the yelling at the screen because of glitches.. shooting thru peoples heads and getting no hit markers, doing a slide and going 20 mph and 200 ft.. i still LOVE the game.. its just insanely cool to an OLD gamer, who literally has seen games progress from a print out on an IBM computer in the H.S. computer lab, to whats almost "in person" realistic looking graphics. every "kid" when i grew up, had a huge set of "Green Army men".. we all played "War".. now, its as close as we all HOPE we ever have to come, to getting to really "play war" , and for fun.. i just dont wanna have to ditch a game i now have spent significant $$$ on, because they are splitting it down the middle, thanks to a lack of a decent "Engine" from treyarch.. wouldnt that be something you would WORK on, before taking over a Billion $$$ franchise ??

  • Meatslicr McDuncan
    Meatslicr McDuncan

    There is drop shot in Cold War, you have to equip the drop shot grip. Butters figured it out on one of her videos.

  • Thisizstev

    Still no free MP weekend..

    • WhosImmortal

      probably not happening my dude


    okkkkk.. i think thats gonna mess with players like me, who play more MP than WZ< but still enjoy WZ.. weapons, actions, mechanics will be significantly different.. if i am used to CW weapons in MP ( I assume no current weapons will be there ? or will both be in both sides ? MP and WZ ? ), then swap to WZ, which has different, well, everything, how yanked is my chain gonna be ? Will ground loot all be current MW/WZ weapons ? a mix of both, ?? only new Treyarch weapons ? thats gonna mess with people, i think. i mean, if you can choose from EITHER "side" of the games Weapon Armory's For Loadouts........, WHICH weapon set is gonna be in WZ for ground loot ?? Enquiring Minds Wanna Know ! ! ! so yea.. color me jaded, despite looking forward to the new CW launch.. having what seems like two different games playing along side one another, is gonna make my head hurt.

  • Denjii

    Yo quick question. Can we use skins,tracers and operatirs bought in MW/WZ to cold war?

    • Denjii

      @WhosImmortal so if i buy cosmetics for warzone i can use it for cold war?

    • WhosImmortal

      in warzone for cold war, yes

  • Samuel Dennis
    Samuel Dennis

    You know...

  • Rafał Ćwikliński
    Rafał Ćwikliński

    2 different games, 2 different mechanics in one world, Instead of pushing ColdWar into Warzone they should bring us Blackout 2.0.

  • Samuel Holmwood
    Samuel Holmwood

    Hi @WhosImmortal the Halloween event has finished and I did all my challenges and still don’t have the grau

  • streetie31

    I just want to know why the hell they changed engine's 🤨

  • Status External
    Status External

    I'm going to be giving away $5000 worth of cod points when I Hit 1000 suscribers, come and suscribe and you can win!!!!! LIKE THIS COMMENT AND SUSCRIBE IF YOU WANT TO BE ENTERED TO THE DRAW. WINNER ANNOUNCED AT 1000 SUSCRIBERS

  • Lmo

    What about the Battlepass, are we going to have 2?

  • T3TSU

    If they gave me a proper UMP45 and not some defunct ripoff I'd probably be satisfied. Or at least better MP maps if anyone still bothers to play core MP other than me lol

  • Tomáš Holubec
    Tomáš Holubec

    This Season is broken where is Free Multiplayer weekend??

  • HatredGaming

    I just want the Cold War footsteps audio to come to Warzone

  • aL1ve Gaming
    aL1ve Gaming

    So the game ends here or new seasons also will be like 7 8 9 10

  • Honster6

    To me its a GREAT news

  • Leor D.
    Leor D.

    What about warzone and ps5 integration?

  • xFrancisMichaelx

    A little off topic, apologies if it has been highlighted before. But, what is the outro music? Feeling it 👌

    • xFrancisMichaelx

      @WhosImmortal awesome, thanks! Love your videos also! Keep up the good work, much appreciated!

    • WhosImmortal

      zero hero - twilight

  • BZG Nuggets
    BZG Nuggets

    Hi immortal long time no seen but I'm back love your vids :)

    • WhosImmortal

      Welcome back!

  • Colton Parker
    Colton Parker

    Anything on the FSB bundle?

  • Pierre

    You are making out that everyone is going to be jumping over to cold war.... i think more than half will stay on MW

    • Jay Jagpal
      Jay Jagpal

      They broke the mould with MW, the spawns can be a bit tedious but I'll trade that for insane graphics,animations and gunfights. It'll just be the sweats, fanboys & mummy's boys who have to buy this crap, rushed game the moment it comes out. Look at how big the maps are for CW, and how much people complained about safe spaces in MW.

  • That One Kid
    That One Kid

    Acid tracer? I wonder what gun it might be

  • Weston Rigsby
    Weston Rigsby

    I’ll miss modern warfare, none of my people will be playing anymore.

  • Technicolor Tony
    Technicolor Tony

    I’m not even gonna bother buying Cold War. Multiplayer is trash, and they know it, they have to incentive you to even play it with weapon unlocks... the should just focus on quality BR ....

    • Kraken 209
      Kraken 209

      Are you describing mw cause that’s exactly how mw is

  • Cat Zach
    Cat Zach

    Activision is 50 billion dollar company... why is there still no anti-cheat? The community gets more toxic the longer it goes on. Eventually I am afraid if they continue to allow it as they do, the game will begin to lose some major support and players.

  • Tech Ed
    Tech Ed

    Is the playlist update going to remove shipment? Edit: I’m really worried that is going to be gone that soon

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    I wish the finishing moves were in Cold War, that would be so dope.

  • FaZe Ninjas Dad Tfue
    FaZe Ninjas Dad Tfue

    IDK if ur going to answer to this comment, but what are ur setting for warzone? I barely started playing the game and I just want to get better at the game. Thank you.

    • WhosImmortal

      my most recent settings video is still up to date if you wanna check that out :)

  • Adam Kucharik
    Adam Kucharik

    I just want FOV slider on console, i think it would be game changing is FOV leaked or something?I hope when ColdWar came out FOV slider come to the MW

    • Ian Morgan
      Ian Morgan

      I’m pretty sure the FOV slider is coming to the new consoles...the current ones can’t handle it. From what I read it can’t be extended as much as PC, but you’ll be able to pull back further then you can on current gen. Not positive on this...

    • Previous Current
      Previous Current

      I heard somewhere it was coming with dynamic resolution, ( looks worse but more fov)

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    So confused righ now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No idea what will happen , but nothing else except warzone