Modern Warfare: All CONFIRMED CHANGES Coming In The Next MAJOR UPDATE!
Here’s all the CONFIRMED CHANGES coming soon to Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down all the confirmed changed and suspected changes coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE in the Next Major Update/Near Future. Thanks to a handful of Infinity Ward employees and also the trello board, we actually have quite a few confirmed changes for Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE that will be coming in the next update. Joe Cecot also revealed that we should be getting a post Halloween Event update as well meaning COD MW and Warzone could have some surprise content coming up too!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Really curious to see what the update schedule is like in the next few weeks! However it plays out, we should see a lot of interesting changes added in soon! Thanks for watching!

    • play3r_on3 Mobile
      play3r_on3 Mobile

      Are they ever gonna fix the server lag on australian cod servers? Ping jumps from 50-800ms, you get one good server then all of a sudden the game decides all further servers will be shit


      Biggest hipe in my opinion is the field of view , that would be the best uptdate in my opinion

    • Hala Juventus Y nada mas
      Hala Juventus Y nada mas

      Cannot wait for season 7 cause CW is trash step back from MW 🤷‍♂️

    • Carlos Santiago Gutierrez
      Carlos Santiago Gutierrez

      Love the vids keep it up

    • Szúdy Gergely
      Szúdy Gergely

      Great vid! Do you know anything about the butterfly knife? I'm hyped for that one

  • Auscro Auscro
    Auscro Auscro

    Man, fuck Cold War, game is trash.

  • Safejewel Gaming
    Safejewel Gaming

    That hey hi how ha doing gets me every time

    • WhosImmortal


  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    I got a nuke when the game was still new and I never got any calling card or anything 😔

  • Kade B
    Kade B

    Hello I would like to ask you where I can submit a request for COD ? Im facing LAG in multiplayer and that's not normal at all, when I play with my friend he is in turkey and I live in kuwait in this case everything work great. but when I play on my country server it is lagging like hell. any advise could be useful for me please ? my internet connection is perfect

  • Smit Sonavane
    Smit Sonavane

    Immortal my multiplayer download was suspended so I wasn't playing Cod and wasn't watching your channel But I'm back now to see my go to channel for cod news

  • itsProRookie

    I’ve only ever gotten 1 technical nuke in MW but it didn’t come up I did a 47 gun streak and nothing I was pretty upset but at least on my combat record the streak shows

  • Julijan Grajfoner
    Julijan Grajfoner

    3:30 where does he get these fix logs from? I wanna check them out myself

    • Julijan Grajfoner
      Julijan Grajfoner

      @WhosImmortal thank you so much bro

    • WhosImmortal

  • Drake Hurley
    Drake Hurley

    BO4 Adds Free Halloween Battlepass Everyone: "It LoOkS LiKe AsS, wHere's ThE CrEaTiViTy?!" MW Adds paid Day of the Dead Mace Everyone: "It'D LoOKs CoOl! TaKe My MoNeY!" CoD community is literally all about contradictions lol

  • XXkoaWolfXX

    yo try out the kali sticks in zombie royale they are insane like the comment if you agree

  • Sirocco the Dawnbreaker
    Sirocco the Dawnbreaker


  • Jaiden Ramos // Joe Mama
    Jaiden Ramos // Joe Mama

    They need to fix the texture glitch in Modern Warfare cuz I'm tired of seeing an MP5 instead of a uzi

  • Bryan Rausch
    Bryan Rausch

    really wish they'd make separate classes for mp and warzone, sucks having to split them up

  • Austin

    whats a demon gun?

  • SadSwordsman

    I’d really like to see more support for nvg mode, like so many maps and only four of them have a night time variant?!?

  • devman301

    Thanks for the news

  • Jacker

    I would like to see a 5.56 conversion for the scar-l. It would improve recoil control and rate of fire.

  • Jace Woods
    Jace Woods

    WHAt is that m4 class?


    The amount of times I get a crash with the hks has become a lot less although it happened yesterday when I was about to kill a guy and then my game crashed

  • Patrick Donovan
    Patrick Donovan

    still not going to change the campy multiplayer

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M

    Trying to help my buddie grind out the last two Halloween loot items he needs. Dam and superstore. These two are usually hot drops but he opened endless loot boxes all weekend. He wasnt getting jump scares or candy or fire coming out. Is there a known issue or what? Shouldn't be this hard. I had no problem getting mine last week. Thanks for any insight!

  • Kryte LMNS
    Kryte LMNS

    pretty sure the reason the halloween event ends in the middle of the night is because of the mid season update but thats just me


    So is warzone gonna go bye-bye in December and be replaced by Cold War in Dec? Cos I wasn't planning on buying Cold War right away but I might be forced too..


    Duo die is clearly do or die....oh man such a weird name. -_- come on bro

  • B G
    B G

    Console has aim assist and its cheap as hell. they don’t need FOV

    • WhosImmortal

      The same aim assist that doesn't work in the majority of gunfights this year? lol

  • el lucioz
    el lucioz

    fix the loadout drop glitch! sucks getting stuck like that!

  • Lewis

    To level the playing field why not just stop pc players playing with console players. No one asked for that and dont way turn cross play off because that just makes it harder

  • Lewis

    Can we just have ship and not shoot the.

  • Brandon Darracott
    Brandon Darracott

    Duo die is a play on words do or die

  • Marvin St John
    Marvin St John

    It’s a play on words BR Duo Die BR Do or Die

  • Chris Kaliber
    Chris Kaliber

    Savr some ending phrases for the rest of us.

  • xKnightOfNi

    What about that glitch that has happened to me 5 times now, where you select a loadout from a loadout drop in BR and sometimes completely freeze and cannot move until you are downed, additionally you do not even receive the loadout you picked after being revived.

  • xKnightOfNi

    Bro what is the "trellaboard"? Trellavord? Trail of ward???

    • xKnightOfNi

      @WhosImmortal ohh okay ive never heard of it, thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      trello board. the place where IW posts the things they're currently working to fix

  • Quintin McDonald
    Quintin McDonald

    your soft aim goes crazy bro !!

  • Adi Cicirean
    Adi Cicirean

    What about a anti cheat system? Almost one of three lobbies i can find ESP players and aimbot players. They know all your moves without UAV and even if you have ghost. 10% of players are cheating in this game. Ia ridiculos for a game like this to not have a dexent anti cheat system. Two days ago i was sniped from 250m away through the fkin wall.

  • Steven Cavin
    Steven Cavin

    Dude that demon gun glitch been killing me. Seems like it happens every three or four games for me.

  • ChickenTit

    The only things I ask for the SCAR is to increase the damage for 7.62 NATO rounds and the option to add 30,50,60 5.56 NATO rounds

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    Anybody else notice that claymores are not working??? I watched an enemy walk right over my claymore and kill me?! WTF 🤬 🤬🤬

  • Kagami Tetsuya
    Kagami Tetsuya


  • idk yet
    idk yet

    Good vid man. Excited for the fov slider and maybe getting ghost 👌🏻

  • Sleep R6
    Sleep R6

    Thay should add a 5.56 scar conversion

  • Ramiro Paramo
    Ramiro Paramo

    how do you fix disc read error [3.1]: ‘common_mp.ff’ on Xbox please helppp

  • Bankaii

    I think the Dou Die mode-name is a reference to do or die, which is prolly why it sounds a little weird

  • Kyle Kaczmarek
    Kyle Kaczmarek

    Fucking cant get the last loot at the superstore :sigh:

  • Recovery Lifestyle
    Recovery Lifestyle

    I really hope they bring back gun fight 3v3 knifes only back that shit was lit

  • Christopher Roy
    Christopher Roy

    Shoot the ship is nice and all but I have noticed a LOT more cheaters than I have ever seen blatant cheating.

  • Joshua Yelton
    Joshua Yelton

    I like cod mw more than cold war

  • ballon96

    Gaz operator bundle is still broken.. unbelievable they can’t fix it.

  • Shrek

    imo i think the zombies need a buff like i died so many times when i got like two shots on it and they just hip fired me with a frickin m91

  • God Man
    God Man

    600k he didn’t acknowledge it in the videos that much

    • WhosImmortal

      I did on the day that we hit it :)

  • XRxevenge Xx
    XRxevenge Xx

    WHOSIMMORTAL do you have any predictions for Christmas update?

    • WhosImmortal

      no clue. not sure if we'll get one

  • MKR SimP
    MKR SimP

    There's was a massive bug in warzone apparently if you collect all the rewards of the Halloween event somme time you well even not get the pumpkin punisher

    • WhosImmortal

      we talk about that in this vid :)

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J

    Hey I was seeing that you know a lot about call of duty I was wondering maybe you could answer the question I've been wondering I can't find an answer too why is there no Mexican flag in the calling card section and if they are ever going to get one?

  • Colinator

    I will subscribe if you stop saying hey hi how you doing

    • Colinator


    • WhosImmortal

      nope :)

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green

    I really just deleted the game because someone stole my whole account, I spent 200 dollars on this game and lost night I lost everything. I’m done with this modern warfare

  • Gilesyone

    Your use of the word spicy is getting a bit tiring

    • Gilesyone

      @WhosImmortal you’ve used it loads recently and it’s a bit repetitive!! Just like your videos which follow the same format every single day, week in week out. Go and watch jackfrags and learn how to freestyle mate

    • WhosImmortal

      sorry, in the future I'll refer to exciting things as "hot seasoning"

  • j.esus_v

    will warzone still be free ?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :)

  • Scatpack 318
    Scatpack 318

    When is the Ghost Pro Combat Pack coming out? The one with the 2400 cp

  • Frank Bravo
    Frank Bravo

    Do or die get it?

  • F s g
    F s g

    What will happen to our mw cosmetics??

  • Vylohz

    All I want is FOV for console Cod MW

  • Pultiq


  • Greg Renner
    Greg Renner

    Congrats on reaching 600k bud. Been following this channel since warzone got big and im proud to see your current goal was met with such success! Next stop 1 mil!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks Greg!

  • unmaskedgaming2025

    So if shoot the ship says "all shipment, all shoot house all the time. Does that mean shoot the ship is now permanent

    • unmaskedgaming2025

      @WhosImmortal what???

    • WhosImmortal

      not necessarily. That's always been the description for it :)

  • Na'im Mukarker
    Na'im Mukarker

    this channel needs more subscribers

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    I need a cronus like u

    • WhosImmortal

      If you think this is a cronus, you probably havent actually seen on in action lol

  • Minty

    Immortal you have inspired me to make videos and somehow i got a 1.2k views on a video thank you

    • WhosImmortal

      thats awesome man, congrats!

  • Foxxhound020

    Yo peeps should I save up my cod points for any new season that might be coming??!! 🥴

  • Tudor Costache
    Tudor Costache

    It's great shoot the ship is back! I can finally start my Damascus grind!!!

  • luthfi darisalhazmi
    luthfi darisalhazmi

    Btw about the FOV is it true that it will actually come out soon this year and does this information actually true? I mean in my mind i know it will cuz we have our last season this year season 7 and i guess the cold war will coming out at season 7 warzone but pls reply if its true



  • Kohy 76cz
    Kohy 76cz

    Could you do a video best graphic for ps4, audio and video for best gameplay

  • Nathan Lomas
    Nathan Lomas

    Bro show us one of your best war zone games. Would love to watch how you play.

  • RizerGaming

    Can we just appreciate this consistent uploading. Usually they tell you release good content on a moderate frequency but he's pumping out good quality vids in abundance

  • Cro Phantom x
    Cro Phantom x

    Free weekend and i am set

  • zenmonkey070

    Let’s hope come December when they integrate CW into Warzone that they don’t ruin it! Keep up the Stirling work Zac. Stay safe 🙏🏻🕉

  • Turtle Mufin
    Turtle Mufin

    Shoot the ship better be 50/50 this time not 90/10 with shoot house all the time

  • spraxx

    It is probably not worth it to buy the full game right

  • Imraan Adam
    Imraan Adam

    A night mode for shoot the ship would be interesting🤔

  • Sesto Alternative Evo
    Sesto Alternative Evo

    I just want the butterfly knife😭😭😭

  • BEAV 96
    BEAV 96

    Any news for private matches yet ?

  • Dean Carter
    Dean Carter

    The FOV slider is an advantage for PC players, but surely not as big an advantage as being able to aim and shoot in mid air (hence the bunnyhopping).

  • Gilbert Reyes
    Gilbert Reyes

    Well shit I’m 12 hours late

    • WhosImmortal

      still appreciate ya watching :D

  • Abdslam Chibani
    Abdslam Chibani

    Pls immortal can u add me on cod

  • william miller
    william miller

    Go to pawntakepawn make an account then go to pawntakepawn/color bound and type in 1pieces9in8play1 then you will choose if you want warzone, cod mobile or cold war and a code to type in. You will get a gold AK , pawn chest piece, calling cards, sprays and a heli skin. Just did it and it works. Im just a random i just want others to have it

  • Alexandre Due.
    Alexandre Due.

    Thanks for the video! I like the dlc maps from cod ghost. I m sad to not seeing back departed or FOG for multiplayer. I mean, it was the perfect time during Halloween

  • Zakk Lim
    Zakk Lim

    Maybe we should play sometime?

  • Tharuka Nisal
    Tharuka Nisal

    Using M4 Huh 😻🔥🤟

  • Oso Pørt
    Oso Pørt

    I Still get frozen at my load drop markers ☹️🙃 they need to fix that 😭

  • FunkeyMonkey GL
    FunkeyMonkey GL

    You getting me hyped for no reason😂 I though fov slider was gonna be brought to MW.

  • WhosGhost

    Shoot the ship is the best

  • JulijanPlayzMinecraft

    Congruts on 600k!

    • WhosImmortal


  • Abhishek Garg
    Abhishek Garg

    Happy Halloween Immortal

    • WhosImmortal

      same to you!

  • Manny Alcaraz
    Manny Alcaraz

    I think season 7 will start and end when war zone joins cold war

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    I for one will continue following your videos and hard work over to CW. I will be transitioning to CW once it drops and I will play WZ until its all set for CWWZ. Love MW and what it brought but im very interested in CW and what it could bring. Plus, we already have leaks of MW2 dropping next year, we already knew this was going to happen anyway so I'm moving on in 2 weeks.

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for supporting the content bro!

  • No Name
    No Name

    I’m going to miss shoot house and shipment 😭

  • Daniel McGinn
    Daniel McGinn

    @whoisimmortal, how in the hell do you still throw the c4 so damn far???

    • WhosImmortal

      jump and look up when you throw it

  • Darth Griff
    Darth Griff

    Good to see shipment spawns still fked. Wherever you drop a killstreak youll die and spawn in the killzone. Wherever you drop a care package youll die and spawn the opposite end of the map. Weve only complained about this since DAY ONE

  • Jarvik

    I’ve only gotten the weapon corruption once. FIX THE GAS MASK ANIMATION! It literally gets us killed jumping off buildings

  • TopFive

    Been grinding for the dam unlock, still not able to do it since every lobby I get into is full of sweats going for the same thing :/