Modern Warfare: What We Know About SEASON 7!
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Here's everything we know about SEASON 7 in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we currently know about SEASON 7 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE! Early next week, Season 6 of Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE is set to expire and it seems we've got some leaked unreleased content that could be coming to both COD MW Multiplayer and to WARZONE as well, including some NEW DLC WEAPONS, perhaps a new Operator, new maps, modes, & More! This video is a collection of everything we know about Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 7!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Who's looking forward to Season 7 of Modern Warfare/WARZONE? Thanks for watching :D


      Hey where is the new warzone map we were all supposed to get from season 4 Ursikstan

    • Andrew Cardenas
      Andrew Cardenas

      @A- Form colorblind setting. Tritanopia

    • A- Form
      A- Form

      Can you reveal your Warzone settings? I like the colorful graphics you have!

    • xUNBROKENx

      Meee bro Black war cold ops is cheeks

    • Moises Rodas
      Moises Rodas

      Yes Modern warfare!!!

  • Jay Swervo
    Jay Swervo

    What is that song playing in background

  • Ryan Tharpe
    Ryan Tharpe

    Tracers for the m13 ,😂😂😂😂

  • Jayz Dayz
    Jayz Dayz

    Same bullshit recycled guns with tracers that you pay for and don't make em any more special than stock weapons. If you pay $25 for a tracer pack, it better kill guys faster and is more lethal

    • WhosImmortal

      that'd be pay to win which is an awful system lmao

  • Benny Ortiz
    Benny Ortiz

    We need more new guns

  • iTsMenol

    I hope they put the MW2 Spinning skull with fire emblem

  • Jcob_ 2319
    Jcob_ 2319

    I want a new ghost skin

    • Bosscon 1000
      Bosscon 1000


  • Big Draco
    Big Draco

    me watching This December 1st🥲

  • Joseph Rijos
    Joseph Rijos

    Soap and makarov

  • Jonas Glover
    Jonas Glover

    will mw and cod cw be sharing the same maps for wz

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, verdansk will be the main map

  • Undead Spartan
    Undead Spartan

    Yuri from MW3 maybe on S7 just a thought. OH! I forgot about Sandman, Grinch, and Truck all from MW3

  • Daniel Botezelli
    Daniel Botezelli

    I want hk416 in season 7

  • Jayden

    Call Of Duty Chapter 2 Season 1 then a crossover with fortnite for some reason then the map gets nuked then MW servers shut down

  • preston___

    I don’t like how they’ve merged the two games together like in MW Cold War is right on the menu screen and all the operators are there, keep the game apart! I hate Cold War it feels like a downgrade compared to MW

  • Bryce Eckhart
    Bryce Eckhart

    bruh y did it go to two more weeks

  • Being a youtuber is controversial
    Being a youtuber is controversial

    Hoping for new Roze skins. :(

  • Holden Skyhar
    Holden Skyhar

    K I am sooo ready for the new season I am not enjoying Cold War right now and I love the content on warzone and the battle pass from the pics I have seen I can tell you right now it’s an buy right away

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🏻🙏🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼😇👼🏾👼🏿👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼🥰❤

  • Robby the Dragon
    Robby the Dragon

    So, no Roach?

  • Carboxylated

    I hope the integration is free. I hear some leak sources saying that the entire weapon line from BOCW will be colliding with Warzone. So you could essentially be rocking two AK47's, one from coldwar and one from MW. So they are giving the gun play mechanics from a $60-70 BOCW game and bringing it free to Warzone players who just play the Free-To-Play mode? They did the same thing with MW. This will be interesting. I just hope the Russian version of Alcatraz is connected to Verdansk and not a BOCW only map. Verdansk is the real problem. The map is old and stale.

    • WhosImmortal

      it'll be free


    -why you look like tmartn..- *anyways can I use my Marlin Lever Action on Cold War?!*

  • SamM23

    Just give us the damn Intervention

  • Joseph O
    Joseph O

    I play it but fuck this game

  • MaDwEbB oneOHHone
    MaDwEbB oneOHHone

    I hope we get soap and the G28.

  • Kaleb Doom
    Kaleb Doom

    Cold War disappointing me so this is good

  • Official Leaky
    Official Leaky

    23rd? mine is still szn 6 wym

    • Doozy

      Same I think they extended it

  • D_italiano86 Murder Inc ENT
    D_italiano86 Murder Inc ENT

    A whole video of idk 🤦

    • WhosImmortal

      you clearly didnt listen very well then lol

  • Kae_Beast24

    It resets in 12 days and 10 hrs

    • Doozy

      They extended it

  • Kae_Beast24

    When does it start

  • Cadyn Trujillo
    Cadyn Trujillo

    When it’s still S6 on the 25th👁👄👁

  • JimAkos

    I hope to give the Last season 7 Because Cold War is Crap , i don't change the warzone for the CW i am loyalty to Modern Warfare Warzone 😂

  • J_ Custer
    J_ Custer

    actually exactly this is happening... Season 6 got a few more days and probably ends when Season 1 of this new (IMAO) crap CoD starts IW better put a mechanic in the game to set us back to Lvl 55 when we reach 155. Doesn't make fun to play when ther is no progress anymore... ah and either a map filter or a permanent playlist for Shoothouse and Shipment

  • TURK3Y

    I want to see roach or soap

  • Hellion

    Its wed and no season 7 why

  • MMN Legend
    MMN Legend

    I just got to lvl 100 at 10 SECONDS to end the battlepass I guess I was 14 days early lmaoooo


    On ps4 it says SESON 7 will come in 13 more days

  • Raging_ Nate
    Raging_ Nate

    Let's be honest warzone is probably not gonna be dead for a while

  • Tom and Will MX
    Tom and Will MX

    Any tips on getting gold on every gun

  • hotpanda 108
    hotpanda 108

    I a really strong pump action decent range highest damage for shotgun no dragons breath for it so not everyone uses it

  • Vatam 1789
    Vatam 1789

    Did anyone else see that the season got extended?

  • andy n. santos
    andy n. santos

    MW better not just be a home for warzone, Cold War mechanics are whack rn MW is still a good game. MP for coldwar isn’t as good as mp for mw

  • Jose Lara Arias
    Jose Lara Arias

    It says that it expires in 14 days

  • Joseph Berrios
    Joseph Berrios

    What’s modern warzone?

    • WhosImmortal

      A twitter account

  • Jorge Cruz
    Jorge Cruz

    How is it that your battle pass reads 2 days left but mine says 13d 13h and 56m left? This video through me off so bad with that bro. I’m watching this video and my battle pass as I type this. Make it make sense for me someone?

    • Jorge Cruz
      Jorge Cruz

      @WhosImmortal there was an extension? 👁👄👁 oooohhh, see this why I follow you man real talk 💯

    • WhosImmortal

      this video was made before the extension

  • exodus0316

    Season 6 ends in 13 days according to Battle Pass. They have also stated that season 6 is going to be the last season. But they will be doing updates to the maps and weapons and such. Even more son in Warzone.

  • quantum_

    imagine reaching tier 100 just to unlock a tiny pistol

  • XxMakeOutHill23

    They added more days to the release

  • Rafael Martin Lim
    Rafael Martin Lim

    Is it possible for a Love is War operator pack for Modern Warfare (2019)?

  • Gino Pietermaai
    Gino Pietermaai

    Nothing happened?

  • Cody Humphrey
    Cody Humphrey

    It got changed to 14 days from the initial date

    • turbo

      I don’t care about their drip feed content anymore. I’m just tired of it and IDC anymore. It’s just so fucking boring, so much potential, they earn so much money with us but barely make big cool changes

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro

    the seasons were pretty short

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro

    my gamertag is lix or halloween 1v1meee

  • Harrythepot

    I know I'll make a video about speculation. Facts!!

    • WhosImmortal

      talking leaks that are literally in the game isn't speculation


    Season 7 the dam Explode... im from future

  • Parker Edwards
    Parker Edwards

    they extended season 6 14 days -_-

    • Parker Edwards
      Parker Edwards

      @Drill Sergeant666 when you go to battle pass in the game it says battle pass time and D: 14 H:_ M:_

    • Drill Sergeant666
      Drill Sergeant666

      Where did they show it though??

  • MMN Legend
    MMN Legend

    Isn’t modern warfare now over and only warzone? Hyped for prob hunt tho woooooooooo

  • MMN Legend
    MMN Legend

    Guysssss the timer has been on 0 seconds for 10 hours and I haven’t closed the game for 3 hours grinding the pass and just got to 100!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooo

  • Falanisi Mahina
    Falanisi Mahina

    Bring soap

    • Drill Sergeant666
      Drill Sergeant666

      I agree

  • Ekaterina Deryabina
    Ekaterina Deryabina

    I wish I enjoyed this game more, but I just don't :( . It seems like such a cool concept and such a cool game but I am just so terrible at it and its just not fun dying all the time.

    • Drill Sergeant666
      Drill Sergeant666


  • Peaxed

    What about Terminal tho 🤔

    • Peaxed

      there’s hope

    • Rice Man
      Rice Man


  • Marcuss Osorio
    Marcuss Osorio

    I like it way better than Black ops rn I’ll probably be coming bck to it if there is a s7

  • Angel Nunez
    Angel Nunez

    Wait can someone please comment on mine why does it say 14 days left

    • Zero

      Bcs there is no season 7 coming

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      It says that for me too. It was at 1 day, now it’s at 14.

  • J Music
    J Music

    Soap isn't a guess for next season.. He's 100% Confirmed.. Voice files for him is found by Data miners. And he sounds manly

    • Rice Man
      Rice Man

      There are so many operator voicelines for so many operators lol. they arent gonna add all of em

    • WhosImmortal

      leaks are not 100% confirmation. Announcements from ATVI or IW are confirmations

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.

    This games needs more anime packs

    • Louis B.
      Louis B.

      @Brandon Lee well Brandon Lee sure as fuck didn't lmao

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      Said no one ever.

  • jenjoeand7

    season 7 is going to be in the holiday

  • jenjoeand7

    love your vids keep it up

  • Tha Hated ones
    Tha Hated ones

    Coldwar is a downgrade if you can't see that, you brain washed! Lol

    • WhosImmortal

      completely depends on what you're looking at. Graphically, for sure in most regards, gameplay mechanics, not really. All very subjective tbh

  • Shiva 11
    Shiva 11

    Bro Pls can u make video about how ur game look like that., Graphics + colors?

  • Graham Toms
    Graham Toms

    Ive just looked online and the battle pass says "14 days 7 hours till end"

    • Drake of the Lake
      Drake of the Lake

      Graham Toms there’s been an extension.

    • WhosImmortal

      good looks!

  • Samuel Dennis
    Samuel Dennis

    Sorry I'm late 😔

    • WhosImmortal

      s'all good!

  • antonio jennings
    antonio jennings

    Already been confirmed soap is the new operator.

    • antonio jennings
      antonio jennings

      @WhosImmortal but I’m not wrong though 😂 you’ll see soap and the 2 new guns I have seen a list of maps but that was dodgy.

    • WhosImmortal

      again, unless ATVI or IW announces it, nothing is confirmed

    • antonio jennings
      antonio jennings

      @WhosImmortal I mean there’s footage of them shooting the guns without a skin. The soap operator was talked about as well

    • WhosImmortal

      @antonio jennings you cant confirm things that are in the files. Those are leaks. confirmations are when ATVI or IW says it.

    • antonio jennings
      antonio jennings

      @WhosImmortal it’s very much true, we are also getting a smg and lmg as well

  • john walter
    john walter

    I wish activision will add christmas event

  • Miguel França
    Miguel França

    Wrong video, but , thanks for the tip on the pkm. was trying to shake up my main weapons and the pkm is really good. leveling it up and i don't regret it. Now for my tip, use stopping power. It makes the pkm have an even faster ttk without losing much control.

  • L Duijm
    L Duijm

    I meen if they start a new COD because of some cry baby community people u cannot stop the rest like oke done. Programming and development is 2 easy cuz u have programs who build programs and who make like everything. So. If they want te maken everything custom OR New its their choise but dont go like u know.

  • L Duijm
    L Duijm

    There is not comming An end to whatever even the latest Blackopps is comming with new shizzlle. Even like MWF the F2000 and mini uzi.

  • skull slicer
    skull slicer

    I'm pissed u can actually throw c4

  • ZeroPomegranates

    Tomorrow we're getting nuketown and season 7?

    • ZeroPomegranates

      @WhosImmortal understandable

    • WhosImmortal

      Season 7 isn't guaranteed as this point since we should have a trailer by now

  • ariel melamed
    ariel melamed

    bro how many GB is the session 7 update?

  • SuperFireman151

    Well damn. Didn't expect to see my tweet to Reed in here.

    • WhosImmortal

      ayeeee what it do!

  • Teo Valdivia
    Teo Valdivia

    What if they make a huge season that’ll last long enough till mw2 dumped with everything they have left

  • Abdallah AbdulRahim
    Abdallah AbdulRahim

    Is it posible for u to play with me?

  • GeekyStormy YT
    GeekyStormy YT

    By you saying bug fixes doesn't mean the operator bug fix every time you try to choose a operator it doesn't bug and you can't choose other operators you have to stay with that one I hope they fix that bug

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      It is fixed.

  • Jamil Chakir
    Jamil Chakir

    What about sandman?...

  • mustafa ali
    mustafa ali

    Yo wussup

  • dabossisredy 1
    dabossisredy 1

    Keep pumping content bro I come to you for my call of duty news and info

  • Falz

    @Whosimmortal would you think the new season will come today? or some point within this week

    • WhosImmortal

      At this point it's looking unlikely

  • lucifer

    I was hyped for cw and now that I have played it a while it’s so static and boring and I hate how the devs were like we should be thankful we have the half ass game for a premium price we bought it for idk hate when they act so entitled wish I could get my refund, IMO don’t buy it at least not for now and hope more seasons come in MW

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      CW is pure shit. Played the beta & realized that right away. MW is a million times better. I’ll be playing it for years to come.

  • Jayelo Bertelink
    Jayelo Bertelink


  • Asianplague

    hey of the hi of the how of you of the doing

  • xi SNEAK ii
    xi SNEAK ii

    I just subbed and turned on post notifs. Hope you can hit your goal by the end of the year. Much love brotha🙏🏻

  • Xan So
    Xan So

    I wish makronov is a operator in a modern warfare game

  • WhosImmortal

    *UPDATE:* As of today (11/23) the Season 6 pass still just says "pass resets in 0 seconds" and Infinity Ward has yet to comment on what's to come. We know more content will be coming, but as to when Season 7 will come, your guess is as good as mine

    • Official Leaky
      Official Leaky

      @Soggy Waffles yea rn mine says 12 days

    • Soggy Waffles
      Soggy Waffles

      its been extended by 2 weeks

    • Tyler Chauvin
      Tyler Chauvin

      We got swindled ! 😒

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price

    Wait so there will be a season 7?

    • WhosImmortal

      We still dont know, IW hasnt shared any info

  • Conner Friesen
    Conner Friesen

    They should continue seasons until MW2-2.

    • Conner Friesen
      Conner Friesen

      @Brandon Lee i honestly dont know. In my own opinion - after the sales of the first MW it would be financially stupid for them not to make a 2nd.

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      I agree. Is it confirmed that they’ll make another Modern Warfare?

  • sad demxn
    sad demxn

    Call of dutty news tweeted this on tweeter: Today was the final day of the Season 6 Battle Pass in Modern Warfare & Warzone. There is no Season 7 expected. The next update is December 10, with Season One of Warzone & Black Ops Cold War. MW’s Progression system will update on that day to match. this is so heartbreaking 💔

    • WhosImmortal

      Thats charlie intel, they're not COD officially

  • Nick D97
    Nick D97

    The call of duty twitter page have said that there is no season 7

    • WhosImmortal

      The actual COD twitter account hasn't said anything, thats just charlieintel

  • WAR GH0St
    WAR GH0St

    There is no season 7 sorry won’t be a season till season 1 cw dec 10

    • WAR GH0St
      WAR GH0St

      WhosImmortal there has been a mw dev already say it on Twitter dude. Look at Charlie intel post dude they get there source before anyone. As well Look back at all the other seasons there was always a trailer a week before the release no trailer no hype no nothing they are not going to release the season so then they will release content but will not be a season because releasing a season takes away from Cold War and Activision’s whole goal is cold war right now therefore modern warfare dies on season six they may release more stuff for like in the codshop for you to buy and weapons and maybe a map but they will not be a new season plain and simple and in the mean time you can still unlock stuff for season 6 but no season 7 Rip mw season

    • WhosImmortal

      @WAR GH0St again, unless COD says something themselves, nothing is confirmed or denied

    • WAR GH0St
      WAR GH0St

      WhosImmortal The deaths of Artie said small continent is coming but they don’t know what to call it there is no season seven coming they’re not going to take away from Cold War it’s obvious

    • WhosImmortal

      not confirmed or denied

  • Викент

    it seems it aint coming

    • WhosImmortal

      We'll know for sure by the end of today, but hopefully IW says something regardless

  • Dobis PR
    Dobis PR

    This game is garbage and has so many glaring issues. I honestly cannot understand how so many people still play this. Although I could be fucking crazy bc I can't seem to find any lobbies that aren't 70-100 ping. But yes please let's keep buying microtransactions to keep ATVI happy and greedy

  • Nate Kiely
    Nate Kiely

    At 7 minutes 45 seconds in the video I think That was me. I remember having a battle there a couple weeks ago where I climbed up the ladder downed the guys teammate but then he lazered me with a tracer round Damascus Grau I think that was you