Here's my honest thoughts and opinions on Black Ops Cold War!
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Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch Responds To SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING, Future Tuning REVEALED, & MORE! -
Black Ops Cold War: RANKING The TOP 10 BEST WEAPONS In The Game! -

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In this video, we're breaking down all my honest thoughts and opinions on Black Ops Cold War! Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is on the road to the beta now as the alpha is now complete, and after 2 days of playtime, trying out multiple different weapons, class setups, maps, and modes, today we're talking about what I love about the game, what I don't, and what I think needs to be improved. COD BOCW is far from perfect, but even now it's a ton of fun in its current state. Hopefully Treyarch implements even more changes prior to launch to really take this game from good, to great!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The Black Ops Cold War Alpha has come to a close 😢 But here's my current thoughts on the game and how it feels. What do y'all think about Cold War so far?

    • Shark Nado
      Shark Nado



      gun sounds, and gun LOOKS.. took a backseat.. to finish the product.. ifin' youre gonna take over a game that established a baseline for at least modest realism,, especially in sounds and looks, for the most part,, keep it.. dont nerf the living sh*t out of it, and "kiddie toy gun it up".. to be polite..

    • byz99kaz

      Pure trash

    • Tayeb King
      Tayeb King

      Nice and sorry

    • Richard Treiber
      Richard Treiber

      It’s ass

  • Jacob Westermeyer
    Jacob Westermeyer

    Tbh the maps are a huge disappointment maps should not be that fucking huge mostly satellite fucking snipers camping in the dam sand and cartel tell dam bush camping and Miami should not be that big of a map

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Bro the hit markers in this game are fucking annoying

  • Tyler Leblanc
    Tyler Leblanc

    Yall really fanboying this game is just not good.

  • Tyler Leblanc
    Tyler Leblanc

    Dude this multiplayer is trash. If you feel otherwise you probably a fan boy. I really thought they couldnt fuck up black ops more than they did. Boy was i wrong

  • Sky Bound
    Sky Bound

    Watching as if i'm waiting for the textures to load in...oh wait just bad graphics

  • The Very Ultimate Channel of Doom
    The Very Ultimate Channel of Doom

    You pull the pin out with your teeth in this game

  • B 21
    B 21

    Lol defending it because it's in "alpha" If you believe this is an alpha build you're an idiot

    • WhosImmortal

      this was already 3 updates old when we played it. Literally missing half the basic features the beta is gonna have. Devs said so themselves lmao

  • B 21
    B 21

    I didn't think it could be worse than modern warfare...... I was wrong

  • Krazy killar47
    Krazy killar47

    I was really disappointed, i didn't like anything about cold war. The only good news i heard was that warzone was going to remain the same. Definitely a step back from modern warfare.

  • Adam Doumah
    Adam Doumah

    you guys need to think about it this way. we’re playing it on the “old gen” consoles. this game will be way better on new gen consoles. it’s like playing bo3 on the 360 or ps3...the game was ass. BUT it was way better on the “new gen” consoles xbox one and ps4. hopefully this will change people’s minds and plus we only played the alpha. it’s like playing bo3 alpha on 360. straight trash.

  • Neutronix -
    Neutronix -

    Whyyy bring out this shitty looking cod instead of working on mw?? Do more maps and guns and a new warzone map- everyone would be happy! Maybe do a standalone zombie game, with a campaign maybe We don‘t need this multiplayer!

  • Felipe Cetra Alhante (STG)
    Felipe Cetra Alhante (STG)

    5:49 ma dude did 1% of damage

  • Mohammed Cassim
    Mohammed Cassim

    Krig was OP

  • Lil_determination

    There is only one thing wrong. The sbmm 😒😒

  • Jackson Card
    Jackson Card

    I'm still waiting for the Beta. But yeah, from what I've seen, I agree. Oh yeah, great video, thanks for keeping me up to date on everything CoD related. I've always loved Treyarch games (except for Bo4, you know what you did) and all, and I feel like this game is going in the right direction, but its not not perfect. And also, whats the deal with LADDERS?! I can't be the only one who's noticed in almost every Treyarch game.


    Probably will be the worst mp cod ever

  • Killeranger Gaming
    Killeranger Gaming

    Idk why but getting lills in cold war is so much more satisfying than in Modern Warfare. I want another nuketown map lol

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris


  • bread

    Out of all the major problems like the *horrible* reload animations and weapon sounds, and how the gameplay has no weight to it, and how the hitmarkers look horrible and kills are unrewarding, somehow the thing that annoys me the most is that stupid swing they do while ADS'ing with the AI Arctic Warfare.

  • stiaan roodt
    stiaan roodt

    Spot on. Does anyone know if there will be weapon mounting in this COD?

    • WhosImmortal

      I dont believe there will be

  • Ruben van Alphen
    Ruben van Alphen

    For me its simple: sbmm = no buy. No sbmm = buy

  • MooreGravy

    Nice rundown! But comparing footsteps in CW vs Warzone isn't a fair comparison. Comparing them in CW & MW is. The gunsmith will be alright. But movement in CW is garbage. Nade animations were cheesy. Reminded my of BO, except for the left handed thing. Kill confirmed, I agree, but the overall 6v6 action was slower than I thought it should have been. I was killed by a lot of campers. A LOT. And here I was led to believe only camping happened in IW games. Love Groundwar so was looking forward to 12v12. It's slow AF. That Armada map sucks. Need to be able to spawn on a held flag of choice in 12v12 like Groundwar.

  • Retro 12
    Retro 12

    Yall are complaining on how bocw is an big downgrade from mw2019 but remember even if it looks like this in release treyarch probably planned for it that way, treyarch has always been on a more cartoonish graphics than realistic they care more about gameplay than graphics

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King

    How do your graphics looks so sharp mine looked all fuzzy, I'm playing on uhd tv

  • E Static
    E Static

    Its 2020. Cod needs a fov slider.

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    Who else feels this is a HUGE DOWNGRADE FROM MW? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • jair maldonado
    jair maldonado

    The stun animation is so fucking annoying

  • Overly Dedicated
    Overly Dedicated

    What are they going to get done in a month?

  • Rhoades Kraning
    Rhoades Kraning

    One thing that’d make the game for me is if they added some extra detail on characters such as: bullet holes in bodies when shot, limb or head amputation when hit by explosives or high caliber, or that thing they did in MW where a dead character model’s face looked dead. Like one of their eyes was rolled back in their head or something. The beautiful original treyarch games had amazing gore such as World at War and Black Ops 1 and it’d be really nice to see them go back to that original gory feel. What do y’all think?

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet

    I may be in the minority here but I like 6v6 on medium sized maps, hunting down people it’s a lot more satisfying than continously chaotic engagements (I’m looking at you Shipment!)

  • JordanEsUnMariconsito

    This is such a downgrade from Modern warfare. From sound of the guns to everything, it feels clunky. I’ll play the Beta before judging completely but I am not impressed at all. I do like satellite a lot and Miami

  • Brendan Keane
    Brendan Keane

    This would’ve been a good game in 2015. Hard to believe this is coming after MW...

    • Play Time
      Play Time

      That's exactly what I was thinking. Modern warfare looked really good even though the game wasn't the best. If I saw these two games without knowing anything about COD. I would think Modern Warfare was the newer game.

  • Thomas St. John
    Thomas St. John

    Alpha or not. This game looks like shit

  • Wesley Fields
    Wesley Fields

    It plays ok but it looks shifty. That Miami map is fucked up

  • Black Kamikaze
    Black Kamikaze

    The shotgun is terrible, the movement the feel the damage and shot time are terrible.

  • Anthony Tessari
    Anthony Tessari

    People need to stop sugar coating everything this game looks bad....


      I think it's a downgrade from modern warfare but I'm still gonna play it

    • Tyler Leblanc
      Tyler Leblanc

      God bless you

    • Fbgm - Topic
      Fbgm - Topic


  • GMDKeepnclassy

    Are you really going to say the spawns were "brutal" ? Come on man. You're literally complaining about "being safe" in your spawn? Would you prefer spawning right in the middle of Shipment like in MW? Or how about being spawned on Euphrates Bridge right in the spawn as the ENTIRE TEAM was up already IN THE SPAWN waiting for you to spawn? The spawns are fine.

  • Hansel Reyes
    Hansel Reyes

    why the graphics and The Operators looks like a PS3 game tho

  • Edgar Chavez Hernandez
    Edgar Chavez Hernandez

    Tipical people like you dont like it old veteran like me WE LOVE IT yes when you drop the grenade is take long time but rhe raspown is so good i got 33 kills with the high score streak


    I personally didnt like it.. the movement.. the guns the way the guns sound.. I didnt like it I will not pre order it..

  • VazGaming

    Are you serious or just trolling? How is sound better in this Alpha Game then MW? The sounds in this game sounds crappy like if you were underwater!!

  • K Entleutner
    K Entleutner

    What about mounting on things? Is that just something that won’t happen in this game?

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony

    Serious question here why is every one so mad at sbmm from the sounds of it good players get put in good player lobbies and vice versa so why does this make ppl mad cause you can't get a bot lobby when your a level 1000 🤔

    • Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony

      @Mrluck that's what I thought wow 🤣🤣

    • Mrluck

      Michael Anthony they want to crap on players to make them look great

  • Vanilla Butternut
    Vanilla Butternut

    This game looks so , eh , like not bad but not good either

  • Tom Cook
    Tom Cook

    should i get MW or coldwar in my opinion i think coldwar is a lot less realistic and too quick moving

  • Dakota Olivier
    Dakota Olivier

    The mp5 reload sound straight bo2 vibes

  • Dakota Olivier
    Dakota Olivier

    With all due respect wdym footsteps are sooo easy to hear like I hate it

  • andrew evolution
    andrew evolution

    Man, i had some fun playing the Alpha, not gone lie... but they need to make a total upgrade for this game cause is feeling like a BIG downgrade.... a lot of problems already in the Alpha + too arcade even for COD standards...

  • Dave mingle
    Dave mingle

    I played 3 or 4 rounds and that was it other then liking playing with the tanks rest was mehh gun shop sucked ... Mix wz cw together and maybe other then that personally wasn't impressed

  • Au Lockheed
    Au Lockheed

    I am dropping a dislike.. being a long -term CoD player.. im feeling disappointed.. i told myself after infinite warfare i wouldnt buy another CoD.. i eventually bought CoD Warzone.. the game seemed to run well and have certain guns people would use, but... it was open.. open basically means any gun is viable from sniper to shotgun.. i probably wont buy this game.. from what i have seen, after warzone, it is very disappointing.. best thing is the footsteps. If warzone had footstep recognition, i would love it even more

  • Destructoguy119 Rs
    Destructoguy119 Rs

    rip the nuclear you were on like a 28 lmao

    • WhosImmortal

      i cry

  • Acid Rex
    Acid Rex

    I’m mainly looking for mw and Warzone

  • Rounder

    SERIOUS QUESTION what is it with you kids under the age of 30 nowadays with this we all want a ribbon we hate SBMM, I’m 35, I should be stomping my feet about SBMM not you kids hoped up on the gaming juice and shit. Bothers me the kids can’t handle some competition

    • WhosImmortal

      competition is not why people dont want SBMM lol

  • AliF TheSoToKaKu
    AliF TheSoToKaKu

    I think You Should Make videos About Warzone Only...just Because people Like Warzone a Lot!

    • WhosImmortal


  • Joe Chanthavong
    Joe Chanthavong

    Graphics and sound is a step down from Modern Warfare for sure. But I find the gameplay and control so much better in Cold War. I like the pick system over modern warfare.

  • Joseph Boutros
    Joseph Boutros

    I thought you already had 1.2 million subscribers I was wrong 😂

  • Dillpicklejr06 xX
    Dillpicklejr06 xX

    I think aim assist needs a nerf

  • STtheGamer

    Only gripe I have is the aiming. It just feels kind of unresponsive and sluggish to me, I don’t know if it’s the dead zone or what.

  • LJ

    The Treyarch fanboys will play Cold War regardless, but the game must improve greatly from the alpha to win over everyone else, otherwise we're going to see the majority of players sticking to MW and Warzone for 2021.

  • Vedant Anwekar
    Vedant Anwekar

    Does anyone else think miami was too dark ? 🙄


    i love the gunsmith.. my biggest gripe ( maybe only gripe, but its very broad ) is you had way to many HIDDEN ADJUSTMENTS on the attachments.. Nerfs to this, Buffs to that,, both to whatever.. you didnt know you screwed yourself when adding such n such barrel and grip, or this sight, and that grip, or that ammo, and that sight, etc. they hid LOTS of mobility and ADS penalties you Needed to know about. to name just a few.. It took experts hours, maybe days, to hunt down Almost all the dirty little sneakcrits they put into the Gunsmith. i call bullsh*t on that.. if i am adding something, show me EVERYTHING IT DOES.. i dont need to find out it screws me movement speed 14% after the fact.. or it adds 44ms to my ads.. or it BUFFS my ads movement speed 10%, and NOT KNOW IT.. damn it.. show us EVERYTHING THE SH*T DOES to our weapons.. not hide them like Easter Eggs IN the actual game.. its Gunsmith.. Not friggin hide n seek weapon adjustment.

  • caleb mendez
    caleb mendez

    I mean I’m not gonna say anything till the game fully comes out

  • Frank Aitoro
    Frank Aitoro

    So this game just feels very underwhelming and meh. No wow factor, game feels like it came out before MW2019 and does feel older. Not sure your point on footsteps as you are comparing footsteps in WZ to Cold War MP, the MW footsteps in MP are way too loud and accurate and you can barley push without being heard. This game just doesn’t get me excited but maybe that will change however there really isn’t anything in this game that they are offering that is really unique or exciting. Just seems like a bare bones COD game at the moment.

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas

    What about guns sound? They are awful graphics are bad grenade animation its bad too remembers battle field animations from what I have seen so far isn't enough to make me buy it and leave mw and same to the friends that play with.

  • Zelene

    This is litteraly full on pepega compared to Modern Warfare 2019

  • Risky Prince
    Risky Prince

    Mw is much better then this one

  • Nicholas Archie
    Nicholas Archie

    It’s good felt great, love the two 10v10 maps not feelin the bigger map tho

  • Zachary Ernst
    Zachary Ernst

    Gets a 25 killstreak, multiple war machines, and a chopper gunner then proceeds to complain about sbmm...

    • WhosImmortal

      SBMM wasn't in the 12v12 mode as I talked about yesterday lol. Also I dont care how well I do, the fact that they prioritize skill or connection is a joke.

  • M Duggy
    M Duggy

    It’s a fun game no doubt, but animations and level of detail is definitely a step down from modern warfare.

  • Eliott Milner
    Eliott Milner

    How anyone can say positive things about this game after playing Warzone/the current game is beyond me. That alpha was embarrassing. This game as it stands looks and feels like absolute trash. I played the alpha and was shocked. Terrible

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    I hate it

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    i tried it and u move a little too fast and some of the guns are way overpowered and the guns have like no recoil but its decent for now

  • BILLYH944

    Apparently their already talking about nerfing the sniper?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, they intentionally buffed them for this alpha

  • fink32

    Feels like a complete step back from modern warfare. Don’t have to much hope for it right now. Best part of blops 4 was blackout and this game doesn’t even have that.

  • Gabe's Gaming
    Gabe's Gaming

    I’m used to 144hz 4k and mouse and keyboard so I hated it, but I’m not judging it solely on that. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it once I can play it on my command center pc setup.

  • Gabe's Gaming
    Gabe's Gaming

    How you doin

  • j C
    j C

    Hey hi.

    • WhosImmortal

      how ya doin?!

  • Juiceless Dave
    Juiceless Dave

    Liked it overall, but snipers need a nerf, scorestreaks feel inconsistent, bunny hopping is ridiculous, everything felt slow, hard to tell who enemies are, and it incentivises camping which is super boring

  • Sean Hall
    Sean Hall

    Kinda has the same feel has Previous Black Ops designs and developments...if this is the Closest thing to the final version, I wont Purchase. MW is still the Standard 4 me....Yup

  • The Savagegeese
    The Savagegeese

    Player models run around like they’re on rollerblades lmaoooooo😂🤣!!!! ALL GUN MODELS are dadgum pea shoot’n air soft guns!🤨 Graphically they’re peddling 2009 quality stuff and expecting the community to turn on blinders after MW.

  • Chris Reilly
    Chris Reilly

    Any other game modes in this game? No zombies?

    • WhosImmortal

      zombies, multiplayer, campaign, and warzone

  • Bad influence
    Bad influence

    Im guessing you never played modern warfare on console.....the movement on cold war is waaay better than modern warfare on console it feels like comparing pubg to cod lol 😂

    • Bad influence
      Bad influence

      WhosImmortal ahhh see now i understand what you said, when i watch pc gameplay i can see the movement is incredible but on console vs console cold war feels way smoother, play a game of modern warfare on console you will be astonished at the difference 👍

    • WhosImmortal

      MW is the first year I played on PC lol, this movement feels very sticky, MW's movement is incredible


    Not a fan of treyarch games to begin with and I like MW2019. The game could survive another year, especially with the way they are currently releasing content and with warzone's popularity. All they need to do is turn down SBMM a little (doesn't need to be removed) and many more players will enjoy the game a whole lot more. Nobody wants to be sweating every lobby, that doesn't mean good players need to shit on everyone every game. We just need a slightly wider array of skill levels in a lobby so that people can loosen up a little without getting shit on.

  • Cody Jordan
    Cody Jordan

    I feel like in the age of patches and updates almost all games come out incomplete or broken.

  • Blue Dog
    Blue Dog

    That man said modern warzone let me sub real quick you remember me bro

  • Jarno R.
    Jarno R.

    Nadelauncher? Ok I Stick to MW

  • Mirage User
    Mirage User

    This is the Day 12th day of asking Whosimmortal when is the next stream,and as always Good content always watching and been a long subscriber of yours im Proud of you man😁❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      hoping to be live for a bit tonight :)

  • Luke Brietzke
    Luke Brietzke

    People, the best players should play the best players!!!! Casual players or poor players should play with each other. If you are really good, too bad you should play the same level of players, not be in a lobby melting noobs. That is as fair as it can get. As a casual player, I hate hearing streamers whine, "oh I was in a lobby where I had to play with the meta and work really hard for my win." Welcome to our world we don't wanna be spanked by streamers or really good players that have 10+ hours a day to play. Skill-based is EXACTLY how it should be done. These meta players sound like a kid on Christmas "oh darn I only got a new PS5 but they didn't get me VR." Whine Whine Whine. Gross!!!! Good for you COD to put that failsafe in.

  • Ricardo Neves
    Ricardo Neves

    The COD MW put the game at a level way good i have try to play Black Ops Cold War and sorry im very disapointed it the game the animations the game and the weapons are far from COD MW. I hope that all of this improve.

  • Lui 707
    Lui 707

    Dam Idk if I even wanna buy it now

  • Steve

    SBMM will ruin this game in a hurry as well. Great to know so I and everyone I know doesn't waste there money.

  • CJ Christopher
    CJ Christopher

    I'm pretty bummed with the alpha. I just may be passing on this one.

    • B 21
      B 21

      @Invite please don't believe it's an alpha... It's not, barely anything will change.

    • Soplin Dopplin
      Soplin Dopplin

      Invite yeah in what 2 3 months that ain’t happening chief it feels rushed

    • Invite

      it’s just an alpha, lots of reworks are gonna be done dawg

    • warpathcucucu

      Lmao why do people keep pre ordering games anyway? Like more than 1/2 of cod games are pure trash. You pay like the full price and get a shitty blueprint as bonus

  • IAmTheMortal

    Bro, all i see is another OP gun and overkill.

  • jon priston
    jon priston

    Treyarch never seem to be able to make a game look as good as Infinity Ward. I know it's an alpha but a lot of the amazing MW detailing seems to be missing

  • mikes5637

    Looking forward to the campaign as the first BO is one of my favourite solo campaigns ever but I found the multiplayer to be 'meh'. Where's the verticality; the ability to open doors; mounting weapons, etc? It seemed the innovations from MW have been left behind. Early days though. I'll reserve judgement until the beta.

  • diligaf1000

    If they change the match makingn ill be happy if even they forget everything else. They should just have a ranked playlist , I'd happily play that too but not every game. The sbmm felt much stronger when in a large party. Playing solo it seemed fine most games .

  • KåyгǟArd͓̽a03

    Hi Zac

    • WhosImmortal

      heyo :)

  • Tomthetrainwreck

    No offense but your complaints sounds like someone who's mad the game doesn't play their strengths. Not every game is shipment... cod hasn't always been hectic. Plenty of big maps that benefit tactical play not quick twitch run n gun

    • WhosImmortal

      Cod has always been the most hectic shooter my dude

  • roland craggs
    roland craggs

    I don't get why people are loving the footsteps in BOCW when all the content creators complained about the loud footsteps in MW? The ninja perk is going to be essential 🤔

    • WhosImmortal

      People complained in MW because dead silence wasn't a perk. We have ninja now which reduces footstep audio