Here's the New Season 6 Trailer & what changed in the Final Season 5 Update for Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that changed in the final Season 5 Update for Modern Warfare and WARZONE alongside the first SEASON 6 Trailer as well! Today Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE got the last Season 5 update, which included a brand new sniper variant, new modes, including shipment and shoothouse 24/7, and even more! Plus we also got the first ever reveal Trailer for Modern Warfare Season 6 and Warzone Season 6 that shows off some of the Warzone map changes, some new operators, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The Final Update of Season 5 is here and so is the first reveal for Season 6! Gonna be a very exciting week with plenty of new info coming out! Thanks for checking out the video :D

    • Dameon Malone
      Dameon Malone

      Tanmay 333 lol no I just follow his insta and Twitter

    • Dameon Malone
      Dameon Malone

      Tanmay 333 it’s immortals real name

    • Dameon Malone
      Dameon Malone

      Zac I love the Grau man I also love your vids I’ve seen this vid 3 times

    • [Viper] Ghost 141
      [Viper] Ghost 141

      Great vids immortal keep it up

    • Savage Knight
      Savage Knight if you want to see a funny among us video then go ahead and click the link but other than that have a wonderful day 😁

  • Salih Nislic
    Salih Nislic

    One of the best youtubers I have learned allot from you can wait for Season 6 content and Clod War Content love you ✌️✌️👏👏🖖🖖❤️

    • WhosImmortal

  • Lorenzo Bianchi
    Lorenzo Bianchi

    So the double exp and the playlist update in italy it's going to show up at 7:00 pm... Why

  • Code In Depth
    Code In Depth

    Where’s Soap man

  • Steve Moshluk
    Steve Moshluk

    They still havent fixed Sins of the Father Intel. Can’t even start the first objective 😡😡

  • KC

    Do you think season 6 will bring survival mode to Xbox? I know most forgot about it but the 1 year exclusivity should be up next month.

    • WhosImmortal

      Should be happening on october 1st :)

  • bini 28
    bini 28

    I’m thinking Griggs will be the next operator they were talking to him in the cinematic

    • bini 28
      bini 28

      WhosImmortal I’m watching it right now 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      talked about this in today's video actually :)

  • David Lupo
    David Lupo

    I can't play game it keeps lagging and teleporting me around map Activision needs to fix there game seriously.;(

  • Yvng Goon
    Yvng Goon

    Broo I was hoping that they would of added the tdm ltm for warzone

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    I don't personally know anyone who likes shoothouse

  • Dan Bradbury
    Dan Bradbury

    Great video as always mate. I really hope they don’t completely stop support and content for MW because personally, black ops doesn’t interest me. I’d understand if they did but I just hope they don’t...

  • Albert Valdovinos
    Albert Valdovinos

    ok buddy thats sus 5:22 lol u just 2 gud some times

  • maddawg8995

    How has everyone missed Captain Price mentioning Griggs at the end? With Nikolai being confirmed the tier 100 operator, I think Griggs will be the paid operator to balance out the number of operators between both factions, since Nikolai and Farah will both be Allegiance.


    Shipment 24/7 and Shoot house 24/7 should be made permanent in season 6 how cool would that be 💪

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson

    Feels like they nerfed the 725 again. They take all the fun outta the dam game... WTF!!! How many nerfs does that make, like 6 times...

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet

    2:40 they couldn’t even bother updating the text, which still describes reinforce. They really don’t give two shits, just flip some settings and throw it in there, unbelievable. Reminds me of One in the Chamber two weeks ago that had matches lasting 2 minutes because they were Gunfight maps they clearly didn’t bother playtesting as everyone still had only 3 lives

  • Puma TheGod
    Puma TheGod

    Idk why beyond pale was suggested so much it is not that tuff 😂😂 basic as shit

  • fraserdoig09 2
    fraserdoig09 2

    Thanks for the heart on my comment im almost crying

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks for the support :)

  • Nick Scheiker
    Nick Scheiker

    Is season 6 the last season forever?

  • Mediumrare27

    I stopped playing for 3 days and have been playing red dead redemption, I got on warzone tonight and i swear ive lost any skill i had

  • Data Breaches
    Data Breaches

    Drop Zone is the best omg

  • Yankee TM
    Yankee TM

    Yeah after the update game isn't playable anymore, dev error 6345. It takes 24 hours to reinstall this game for me. 3 more hours to finish re install.


    Ha subway system lovely! 50 more Gb to download then*

  • Eli V
    Eli V

    any info about privet servers in warezone?

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez

    I'm still confused by the fact that this is the final season of warzone but then they say when cold war comes out warzone will still be separate and available.. does that mean they will no longer update warzone by season when cold war comes out?? If so that sucks

    • Daniel Dembowiak
      Daniel Dembowiak

      Warzone will continue on Cold War but most likely it will get a new map, and they add the new stuff from cold war

  • Smit Sonavane
    Smit Sonavane

    3:30 Immortal's enemy is his friend as Immortal's character is the only proof of immortal getting crushed by a care package so the enemy player saved Immortal's reputation by killing the character

  • CR33M3D

    Yeah well I’m sure shipment 25/7 still is 80% shoot house

  • TheSauceChild

    Why did it look like Nikolai was holding an AS-Val? Anyone else notice that?

  • Micah Heard
    Micah Heard

    0:48 wish i could get that lucky

  • The_Berryinator

    Is there double XP on the battle pass etc..

    • WhosImmortal

      coming this weekend

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook

    Really wish they’d bring back realism night maps, my favourite mode

  • Bozzie 1
    Bozzie 1

    Im still looking for any information about how Cold War affects the gameplay of Warzone? Movement, health, gunplay, Guns, interaction with other objects, Treyarch mapdesign? Or is Warzone only gonna share operators and (gun) skins with Cold War?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said. Once they do it'll be on the channel

  • Ro3dHog


    • manos pipos
      manos pipos

      Lol true

  • Ryan Sabharwal
    Ryan Sabharwal

    subscribed bro :) just cuz i saw the lack of ppl doing it.. appreciate ur vids a lot !!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!

  • Ali Abdulwahid
    Ali Abdulwahid

    Why you don’t mention CO-OP blue prints?

  • -_-

    There's no triple threat event for XP?

    • -_-

      @WhosImmortal perfect for thanks for the info 💯

    • WhosImmortal

      coming this weekend

  • Royal Pastry
    Royal Pastry

    I hate the blueprint system tbh, I want to use the new rytec skin for the ax-50 which is my preferred sniper but can’t, bo4 did it right where it was just skins that were universal

  • Spider

    What’s your loadout for your Grau??

  • Gnome_Bo1

    People are going to camp in the metro

  • ZazkeSan

    I would like very much to see a video, where you show, every loadout you got and make a go through about what and how you are using them

    • ZazkeSan

      WhosImmortal i would like to know the excat loudouts you are using for warzone, cause they look Wild and winnable, is that possible, maybe over Discord you Can send me ?

    • WhosImmortal

      @ZazkeSan theyre split between multiplayer and warzone, I dont even use the majority of them lol

    • ZazkeSan

      WhosImmortal but i would like to see your 10 exact loutouts

    • WhosImmortal

      Thats pretty much what the top5-10 loadout videos are for :)

  • Elias?

    Immortal IS IMPOSTER!!!

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Season Six fella. Rock n Rolls!!! 🤘🏼

  • fraserdoig09 2
    fraserdoig09 2

    Mate i love you

  • TheGamerLeo

    Oh guys the new m4 blueprint has the m4 carbine/m13 iron sights so heads up

  • bingus

    Last time snipers only had marksman rifles aswell but I think now it's just snipers

  • Dean

    what about SOAP

  • Mayhem

    Day 9 of saying immortal is awesome

  • I dont know a name
    I dont know a name

    Me: ah, an update Immortal: it’s a playlist update Me: understandable, have a nice day **clicks off**

  • TheNoobMagician

    Once I counted how many times I got spawn killed in shipment, and I got 51. I got spawn killed 51 times in one game. I can’t wait to play cold war

  • ZyRo

    When is double xp

    • WhosImmortal

      this friday!

  • x Natsuu-_-
    x Natsuu-_-

    I’m struggling to get gold on launchers do you have any tips for the rpg I got kills I’m doing drop zone but I’m not moving a inch in progress for getting kill streaks

    • WhosImmortal

      grind shipment and ground war!

  • The Secret Surn
    The Secret Surn

    If you reach tier 50 for example and you didnt buy the battle pass. When you do buy the battle pass, do you get all the past tiers you unlocked

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :)

  • Mhj 76
    Mhj 76

    I hope we get at least two 6vs6 mp maps

  • bruhbruh mc yeet
    bruhbruh mc yeet

    Where tf is soap

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Farah and Nikolai will be in the house 👍👍👍👍

  • R K
    R K

    It would be cool if, after season 6, they opened up all previously purchased battle passes and let you finish any that you haven’t already. Plus let you purchase any other ones that you don’t have unlocked yet. It would be a good way to keep the game going. Especially for those that didn’t get in from day one.

  • ItsSarus

    Day 22 of saying: Immortal is awesome! I completely forgot but its not midnight!

  • CaptnSmiles

    It would be totally DOPE, that if you bought these bundles with weapon skins if you could show us what it looked like with Damascus.. 100% DOPE!!!!! Hope you read this

  • dark cloud
    dark cloud

    is prop hunt confirmed?

  • Dookin Donuts
    Dookin Donuts

    Thanks for the constant updates!

    • WhosImmortal

      You bet!

  • Captain Uno
    Captain Uno

    Best COD youtuber ever. .

    • WhosImmortal


    i cant wait to use the val i hope we get that aa12 still or a full auto barrel for the glock that would make season 6 fire but the r700 might be beast

  • Tristen Gunter
    Tristen Gunter

    i want soap so bad 😭

  • LNO Like No Other
    LNO Like No Other

    Finally the bundle ive waited months for after seeing it on cod tracker

  • LNO Like No Other
    LNO Like No Other

    Shipment 24/7 hell yeeeeeeaaaahhh bout time

  • The Perfect Paradox
    The Perfect Paradox

    No double xp this dissapoints me

    • WhosImmortal

      coming this weekend

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob

    Not that it relates anything to the video, but when I play cod I get 20 FPS and a lot of the time it goes to 10 I play on pc can anyone help

    • jeff bob
      jeff bob

      I need help

  • Daniel Zackodnik
    Daniel Zackodnik

    Its red, red sus

  • Ryan Heart
    Ryan Heart

    Man I was really hoping for an interaction between Farah and Alex.

  • Bob_ohms2low

    Any new maps coming for season 6? I haven't seen anything on them.

    • WhosImmortal

      Nothings been leaked yet for them

  • Cam H
    Cam H

    I know how to get a red dot sight just take the cantered hybrid and then toggle hybrid

  • Muhammad Fairuzzaky
    Muhammad Fairuzzaky

    Drop zone is here??? LET'S GOOOOOO CHAOOOOSSSS

  • declan2003ppsh

    Will there be double Xp playlist so people who need the xp to get to tier 100 can get to it or not

    • declan2003ppsh

      WhosImmortal ok thx

    • WhosImmortal

      this weekend

  • TheLostWarrior

    Hey, Hi, How Ya Doing Immortal? I am doing great, love your tips

  • Tim Eff
    Tim Eff

    Still no Soap McTavish... Instead we get Lerch, Roze, and friggin Nikolai.... Lol. Fail!!!! Farah is whatever but season 5 operators and skin variants all sucked.... Looks like the same for the season 6, underwhelming for the finale.

  • SenorBandit

    I remember a lot of people said season 5 was the last one 😂😂

  • Squirrely

    Day 46 of saying Yee Yee, better late then never.

  • Wet Bread
    Wet Bread

    100% the train is going to connect the 2 game kinda like time travel

  • Blank Beetle
    Blank Beetle

    Hopefully I can use the underground metro to cross over from stadium to farmland without being beemed by like 6 teams

  • Olympus Mons
    Olympus Mons

    I'm so excited for the sweats to move to cold war so I can enjoy modern warfare

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez

    What is the best graphics on console


    Can't wait to use the AS Val

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox

    Just give me Intervention

  • Trey Tyree
    Trey Tyree

    Dont forget the select few people getting the fatal dev error 6345

  • Dylan deluxo
    Dylan deluxo

    love you man

  • ChaosComedy

    So I take it as a no for any new co-op updates

  • Toxic joel21
    Toxic joel21

    Thanks for the information ❤❤❤

    • WhosImmortal

      No problem 👍

  • Daniel Chamoun
    Daniel Chamoun

    We didn't get the execution for the Beyond the Pale bundle that was shown in the trailer tho

  • NoSanitii

    Hey, where do u get ur leaked S6 images at for ur thumbnail bro. Would be nice if u tell me where so I could see it for myself.

    • WhosImmortal

      They're mock images, like they say :)

  • xPanda86x

    I wish they would do Rust 24/7

  • Chakawatts

    Do people take battle royal seriously anymore or is it filled with hackers, toxic players and sweaty tryhards

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    THIS MAN IS A LIAR! He has been crushed bu multiple crates! 😂 Thanks for the vid, bro. BtP and Season Six HYYYYYPE!

  • billyboy fat
    billyboy fat

    Im excited for 6

  • Miguel Ferreira
    Miguel Ferreira

    damn they really like public transportation

    • WhosImmortal

      Apparently LOL

  • Mr Reaper
    Mr Reaper

    Zac What is the best akimbo renetti class for multiplayer and warzone Don't forget the like and the subscribe 👍👍

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    Looking forward to the new update Zac; thank you 🙏 xx

  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller

    I just- JUST finished Damascus last night..... If only the Playlist update was like this all month long....

    • Jared Miller
      Jared Miller

      @WhosImmortal Thanks, mate. Took me long enough. Now I get to name my setups for every weapon something stupid/cheesy.

    • WhosImmortal

      Congrats tho!

  • Garrett D Brown
    Garrett D Brown

    I'm kinda hoping MW gets a few more updates after S6 given how CW is looking. :o

  • Cholaf

    Thank god drop zone came out I need my rpg platinum to Damascus

  • Rixturax Athest Xygaz Lephisto
    Rixturax Athest Xygaz Lephisto

    I wanna play Multiplayer with you Immortal