Modern Warfare: All MAJOR CHANGES In The HUGE 1.29 UPDATE!
Here’s everything that changed in the NEW 1.29 UPDATE in Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that ended up changing in the HUGE 1.29 UPDATE in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Today Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE got a brand new title update, the 1.29 Update, and this includes quite a few new content additions, like the Griggs Operator and multiple new Tracer packs, new modes, Warzone private matches and more. Oddly enough, this is also one of the largest physical updates we’ve had in COD MW to date.
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  • WhosImmortal

    One of the biggest, and strangest updates we've had in a while! Thanks for watching!

    • Wierd gie That
      Wierd gie That

      @Joey Tomato mono suppressor grenadier barrel commando fore grip rubberized grip 60 rnd mags

    • M_a_D 007
      M_a_D 007

      @Fizzy yes

    • Fizzy

      I’m planning on getting the full game since I only play warzone. I am play on ps4 and do I need to have ps plus to play multiplayer?

    • Caiden Vogel
      Caiden Vogel

      Do u k whats wrong on xbox im having problems i installed it and i try to go in the game it says dev error 228

    • Bazarov inc
      Bazarov inc


    Can you help me with Demand Texture Streaming, should I Enable it or Disable it? If Enabled do I turn it the GB all the way up? I really cant find any videos about this.

  • Marcus Hardigan
    Marcus Hardigan

    Call of duty can eat a bag of rotten dicks. Game keeps crashing

  • Dwain Alvarado
    Dwain Alvarado

    Too bad my xbox shuts off when ever it feels like because of COD..fix this bug asap!

  • jitzmaster

    they didnt update anything dude, they just removed the halloween content and zombie royale.....

  • Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras


  • CollinAqno•

    I finished everything except the riot shield and they took out shipment😂

  • Trevor Costello
    Trevor Costello

    Need a fov slider on warzone can’t play it without getting motion sickness

  • Cash Man
    Cash Man

    I noticed now you cant preview finishing moves in bundles which sucks

  • Will Spedding
    Will Spedding

    What happened to shipment and shoothouse

  • M_a_D 007
    M_a_D 007

    Is Shipmemt 24/7 still available ?

  • BobThe One
    BobThe One

    Do you need this update to play black ops cold wars multiplayer? Thing says that I need an update to play mp, should I download the content packs?

  • Brychael Yt
    Brychael Yt

    Are jumpscares still here?

    • Brychael Yt
      Brychael Yt

      @WhosImmortal ah ok, good :D

    • WhosImmortal


  • Mark Lundy
    Mark Lundy

    My MW load outs still appearing on warzone and vice versa 🤷‍♂️am I missing something


    40 gigs on PC just for this? I'll wait....

  • Ian


  • justin

    so im updating 32 gbs today but i only have warzone because i dont have money to buy mw 2019.. great

  • ROXER Gaming
    ROXER Gaming

    Warzone has nothing to play 😌

  • Jaluba97

    Where is rumble and zombie royale?? They are gone in the menu?

  • Brian Aldana
    Brian Aldana

    my sputnik the hyena with the nikto bundle wont work do you guys know what to do

  • MrFox666

    Like how he pronounced feral lol

  • Ramon Favia
    Ramon Favia

    Too the update in cyber attack you can’t revive your teammates anymore. I found that very strange

  • Serge Douaihy
    Serge Douaihy

    Wow I downloaded it in the wrong time it's gonna have an update when it's done and the download file is going to shrink I really messed up

  • Atanasije Sucov
    Atanasije Sucov

    I can't change the operator. I do it for a strategic reason because why a bunch of them when I can't change the character. Let them fix it under urgent

  • infinity

    hi immortal since the new updat i cant cbange my operator. what to do

  • 805oxnardsocal

    Hey im missing my hyena im bought thr niko bundle away back. This is BS

  • BurgerNation King
    BurgerNation King

    NickyBurgerTv next up and comer Content Creator!

  • Leopards0 Gaming
    Leopards0 Gaming

    Why’d they bring out the load out update I mean Cold War releases tomorrow

  • CʟᴀSsY .Bᴍɢᴏ
    CʟᴀSsY .Bᴍɢᴏ

    uhm does anyone have the problem of that the skin wont change no matter what you do

  • Blixzyy

    33gb????????? for me it was 71gb!!!! about to be 300 gb

  • CloudzySZN

    I cant change my character in warzone :(

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Hell yes! So ready! Mines updating now. Been super busy 😳🔥

  • Om A
    Om A

    Warzone has a lot of bugs it feels like it's not a finished game much to work with. One thing that bothers me a lot is Plunder !! why do they change the number of members in the team all the fucking time one day you can play 3 pcs a few days after 4 in the groupe wtf! they should do as battle royal that you had to choose how many you want to be in a team!

  • Droski-94

    With this update my movement speed feels off, like a lag input whenever i move around. Even messed around the sensitivity settings and still feels off

  • matt69savage

    This guy has his colour turned up too much.

  • Buletproof 9
    Buletproof 9

    Can someone help me? I can not change my operator. It shows it changed but in the loby and in the game I am still on stock operators... Please help.😝

  • -_-

    I guess there's no free weekend for the MP for the players that dont own the game in this season... Feelsbadman

  • What Fred Said
    What Fred Said

    Is it just me or does game seem like it’s not as smooth! I think they screwed it up!

  • What Fred Said
    What Fred Said

    Seems like the game isn’t as smooth!

  • jacob lansdale
    jacob lansdale

    No more factions? Huh

  • Simba Neutron
    Simba Neutron

    Since the update i cant see any finishers in the store. Anyone having this problem ?

  • Ruxzy

    guys i need a fast answer is MW free now for 3 days or ? no cuz i have a bad internet and i want to play it so tell me to download it

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    I still didn’t get my Grau Halloween 🎃 blueprint 😑😑😑 after the update . Am I alone on this ?

  • Anthony Bagonis
    Anthony Bagonis

    The worst call duty update ever

  • Anthony Bagonis
    Anthony Bagonis

    Why cant I change my skins at all in this game update everytime I try to use a different skin it switches back to rodion

  • Myzaels Son
    Myzaels Son

    For me it won’t show the modes of like snipers only

  • james harden
    james harden

    My operator wont change everytime i select another one in warzone.

  • K

    I’m bummed that zombie royale isn’t being made a mainstay. Zombie royale deserves to stat and be given a day mode. 💪🏽

  • K

    Bummer that juggernaut was removed from puzzle bunker. Haters gonna hate but that sht spiced up the gameplay fosho.

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago

    The size didn’t decrease, it increased. It was 106.4 GB now it’s 126.5 GB After this... big yikes

  • Garritt Oberjat
    Garritt Oberjat

    I can’t change my operator on Warzone

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark

    My SSD is screaming like a mother fucker right now. Seriously though, how do I shut off all the numbers that pop up on the UI? I am on PC. IDGAF about +25, +300, yada yada yada. Is there anyway to shut that shit off?

  • Rampage1623

    F**k it, subbed

  • Panos Official
    Panos Official

    I'm the only who cannot change operator ?

  • Maddox Thorne
    Maddox Thorne

    they should add bots to wz private matches

  • D Donawan
    D Donawan

    Bruh another 32gb this game will be deleted after cold war

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright

    In Warzone it’s not letting me switch my operator but it does in Multiplayer. Anyone know what to do?

  • C-hawk

    One day I pray field loadout will be class specific

  • Logan May
    Logan May

    that shaker cup is SPICY bro. 🔥🔥🔥

  • thangying Vue
    thangying Vue

    RIP warzone rumble 😭😭😭

  • Cameron Lu'ke
    Cameron Lu'ke

    Fckn stupid update should've just waited until the pass was over

  • FurdTerguson

    But what about that makarov tho

  • Low Alvin
    Low Alvin

    I have reserved a 1tb hdd for only CODMW

  • Gedo Planet
    Gedo Planet

    I can’t change my operator :/

  • Ella Clanton
    Ella Clanton

    lebron james

  • Marc Charlier
    Marc Charlier

    I'm i the only that have one operator stuck when i try to change?


    Talk about the texture pack

  • Cooper

    Am I the only one who cant change my operator? It says it is equipped, but on the lobby screen it’s not

  • Alianafia Mariwa
    Alianafia Mariwa

    I'm happy there is 20 LO'S

  • Oj Ukx
    Oj Ukx

    they havent release the maruyama sakura tracer??

  • Drew Stephens
    Drew Stephens

    Shocker, ANOTHER tracer for the M4 AND the KILO

  • Bathtub Boy
    Bathtub Boy

    Why they keep increasing storage with minor changes

  • jackcat89

    Butterfly knife?

  • FrxdOG-

    For some reason my operator is stuck on roze I can’t change operators any tips on how to change this ?

  • Smit Sonavane
    Smit Sonavane

    The mara skin is shitty Ain't no mara without the tattoos


    they overprice everything in the store breh why does nobody talk ab that , yu cant get nun w 5$👎🏻

  • Kotomatsukami

    Doesn’t this mean there gonna keep working on mw??

  • Nate Surachet P
    Nate Surachet P

    My frame rate tanked af from this update. from 120 to 80 with the same settings. Don't know wtf they are doing, but ummm. shit uses 3.8gb for Vram rather than 2.9gb

  • streetie31

    I'm not happy my hyena is not working after the update from the NIKTO pack

  • Artur Arturo
    Artur Arturo

    Can somebody change his operator?

  • airsoftmakarska

    There are no revives on Cyber Attack on hardcore after this update. Is it a bug or???

  • Josh Hutchins
    Josh Hutchins

    Why did you pronounce feral like that hahaha

  • Jacob Cunningham
    Jacob Cunningham

    Am I the only one having an issue swapping operators in wz?

  • VIC

    HUGE W wit the immortal gfuel cup congrats

    • WhosImmortal


  • Sergio Guerra Campas
    Sergio Guerra Campas

    vengo de elded

  • Astolfo
    Astolfo this man straight up stole your thumbnail but added one extra thing 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • christian paulo pascua
    christian paulo pascua

    Thank God now i don't have to worry about the enemy team having a minigun

  • Tyler

    Hey y'all is anyone else having trouble with switching you're character skin in warzone. It won't let me do it. Can someone help me fix the issue

  • jayfredo.1


  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez

    also do you no on the gfuel app if it gets updated on sales when they come out or no?

  • Jonathan Sánchez
    Jonathan Sánchez

    Me: smoking weed in my room. My mom: hey, hi, how ya doin?!


    i have a shit glitch my operator destnt change bro

    • Ed Zamora
      Ed Zamora

      Yup same

  • victor madrigal
    victor madrigal

    Epic update

  • Inhenzo

    How do I change my OPERATOR

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez

    as soon as i can i’m coping that shaker with code Immortal *cough* *cough* and also might get the sonic with the same code ;)

  • TrapHouse Tone
    TrapHouse Tone

    Am i trippin or do yu not need fmj to wall bang anymore?

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    I AM SUBSCRIBED, DAMMIT! QUIT TELLIN ME I AIN'T!! EVEN POST NOTIFICATIONS... Now then, good stuff! Love the seperate loadouts, long overdue. Time to get those Gaz skins! One has to wonder.. Can you do the EEs in private WZ?

  • Dominick Mishirumbay
    Dominick Mishirumbay

    Am I the only one who still didn't get the punisher pumpkin blueprint

  • Alberto Flores
    Alberto Flores

    How do you download the high resolution package ?

  • Hector Benavides
    Hector Benavides

    Anyone else not letting them change operators on warzone???