The MAJOR Issues With Black Ops Cold War...
Here’s my honest thoughts and opinions on the Black Ops Cold War BETA!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the TRUTH about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! This video includes my honest thoughts and opinions on the Black Ops Cold War BETA as it’s now been out for a few days and we’ve had a chance to experience the new maps, the new modes, the new weapons, & all the other new content the BOCW Beta gave us access to. Unfortunately there are quite a few things I think could be improved including the Matchmaking, the connection, the spawns & more.

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  • WhosImmortal

    Here's my honest thoughts on the Beta so far! How are you guys feeling about it? Thanks for tuning in!

    • Shise's Channel
      Shise's Channel

      I've been hearing a lot of connection/Lag issues, but to be honest i didn't had any and my connection is just 10MB/s

      ROVIEH FPS on this site you can write a feedback to activision. Sbmm must be removed. Please! You all should write a feedback!!!

    • R0b

      Do you think they'll fix combined arms spawns? Make it able to spawn on the other flags? Or will timmy be killing me all day at my spawn. Like in battle field all over again lol

    • R0b

      Do you thinktheyll fix the spawns for the combined arms mode or whatever? I mean i can just go play battlefield if i wanna spawn on a flag 😂😂 or is there gonna be another tac insertion field upgrade?

    • Jo Foster
      Jo Foster

      Love it! So much better then MW ever was, and am ecstatic for it to come out.

  • s dhami
    s dhami

    Aim assist is taking away in multi player

  • Kreuzritter

    Call of Duty is dogshit since 2012

  • Valenti- Grand Cross
    Valenti- Grand Cross

    honestly the game feels like a better version of mw 2019 its just camping and noob friendly its not a call of duty game its a standard fps game

  • mufc 4ever
    mufc 4ever

    I think the best thing to take away from the beta is the audio. Zero footstep audio when crouch walking, your footsteps aren’t overly loud/enemies quiet. Movement feels very slow, also when you’re prone and start shooting then go to stand up all in one motion, it stops the shooting animation till you’re standing upright; massive pain in the ass.

  • Impulse

    only getting this game for zombies

  • Explicitz GhosT
    Explicitz GhosT

    You can play mw multi then switch to this the controls dont feel right to me seems off delayed can't seem to turn on people controls feel more sensitive ngl full blown struggling to play the game can't seem to do anything I hope this all changes because the game looks really good just doesn't play right to me big fix for treyarch

  • Major Balls
    Major Balls

    I found this very confusing that the only thing different between the teams are the red/blue gamertags, i hope this is a thing that difference in the full version of the game. Great video mate 👍😊👍

  • kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE
    kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE

    The multipler feels very different. At first I didn't like it but I'm slowly getting use to it.

  • NightShark1134

    Did any one has a problem that it has no sound

  • M Bane
    M Bane

    the spawning is a huge problem you spawn at the other side of the map go 10 feet all of a sudden the enemy team spawns behind you

  • Colin destiny
    Colin destiny

    Im sorry but this game does not look good it looks like a ps3 game

  • Vibzx Is slow
    Vibzx Is slow

    I pre ordered Cold War but it keeps saying cross play beta weekend will start soon

    • Vibzx Is slow
      Vibzx Is slow

      If u pre order don’t u get the beta 2 days early

  • Grey

    Why are people complaining about the beta, it’s not even a full release u can’t call the game trash based on a beta.

    • GreyFiveNine

      It's trash because it kicks you from the lobby after each game so they can make each lobby harder and sweatier. You MW loving dip shit.

  • James-Henry Murphy
    James-Henry Murphy

    Yall are to caught up with mw everyone said it was bad when they had there betas and guns were broken which it was but they fixed there problems and there is no telling that Cold War won’t be the same not to mention they were under different conditions they all had to work from home instead of an actual studio which is a massive down grade

  • Leonarjoe_ Davinci
    Leonarjoe_ Davinci

    Looks a bit cartoony to me idk

  • ??

    You guys don't understand there different dev's treyarch did good and it's a big step up from bo4 infinity ward go to a more realistic feel while treyarch go for a arcade feel what so hard to understand treyarch didn't develop mw so why and how is it a downgrade

    • ??

      The only concern with the game is sbmm but we can't say much because apparently it's the same as bo2 but it's the generation of gamers

  • NotMeNotGood

    complained a lot but do agree with everything you said

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    Best Maps on Cold war so far. Rated. In order from worst to best, Crossroads Miami Moscow. Satellite Cartel Armada Like if you agree. Or comment yours.

  • Heyho Brando
    Heyho Brando

    This is what I would love for people like me that paid the gold edition. Let us keep playing the online, let us the players be your beta tester and as a reward we get to play online add a new map here and there but when the game comes out we go back to zero to give everyone a fair chance. To talk about this beta I liked it however I feel some maps shouldn’t play in some game mode. Combine assault doesn’t work well in armada in a way. The VIP mode was I just saw a small group camping in places making it nearly impossible to win at times that could’ve just been with me but I felt like vip was more of camp near the exit and you will win

  • Akkaradet Somrak
    Akkaradet Somrak

    CW is a massive downgrade of MW2019. People who defending are the one who preoreded it only😂 i'll stick with MW until the next good cod comes out.

    • German Benitez
      German Benitez

      Its got campaign and zombies, thats better than campy trihards on mw. Im done with that broing ass game But thats my opinion

  • Nice2347

    The game is bad guys. It’s obvious. It’s been obvious for anyone not a fanboy. Sorry, but it’s a rushed messy COD game.

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook

    Ima stick to MW

  • Josef William Jagger
    Josef William Jagger

    Ngl im a fan of the stuns

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor

    I like how everyone says MW is so great yet warzone saved the game and scump said the same shit as me. I'm glad someone sees sense because who likes SBMM, riot shields, 725s, and no dead silence as a fr?????

    • Anthony Taylor
      Anthony Taylor

      @Sprii you're right but fuck the 725 lol

    • Sprii

      Its really just sbmm and the maps. Bo2 you would see remington and riot shield all the time. Bo2 you didnt need dead silence because it was hardly noticeable. Mw maps are just so shit. The guns are alright.

  • lenard

    i have played this game for an hour and it just wasn't fun for me

  • Skept

    You should make a second channel for your car

  • lxl KHARMA lxl
    lxl KHARMA lxl

    I wouldn't mind SBMM if it prioritized connection as well, but gtfoh activision talking about "fair" Fair isnt getting matched against a 200 ping teleporting all over the map and my bullets just ghosting thru them and dying without even seeing them, that ain't skill...thats bullshit.

  • Freedeoxide

    I think the glitch is fixed

  • LukeDuke04

    I don’t care about any of the negatives you talked about so I’m excited

  • RevolveR

    Major issues ? " EVERYTHING "

  • warner_ xx
    warner_ xx

    You want the real game feel. Like a realistic actual war... The enemies not gonna call you on your cell and tell you.... Hey I'm gonna put the mortor to your left side... That wouldn't be realistic and would be like an arcade game if you knew where it was coming.. really.nthats the thing with really good or pro players... It's always gotta be about them... It's always gotta be fixed for them.. just like the guns. If a normal player out guns a good player or pro player.. all sudden the guns are overpowered...just grow a pair and play. It's not about you all all the time.

  • ZappTV

    I think the stuns are way better then the ones in mw because u r not stuned that long

  • The MrMoney Playz
    The MrMoney Playz

    No I got bots

  • Matt Harrison
    Matt Harrison

    You shouldn’t see where artillery is going. You hear the audio cue try to get indoors. Helps deter camping and it’s more realistic

  • SnipingSkulls

    Problem is, everyone complains about how bad CODs have become yet they will spend 60 for the game.

  • Ahmd Ahmd
    Ahmd Ahmd

    I don't understand why people like xm4. Like as a beginner level ok its fine but when u level up u unlock waaaaayyyyy better weapons. Its dps and time to kill are very very very slow. And its recoil is trash and erratic. And it doenst have amazing stats to account for the ttk. So can someone explain why would you use the XM4?

  • Zafyy

    Looks like star wars on that Rocky Orange map😂

  • Good Doge
    Good Doge

    This game isn’t even mildly interesting. Its a downgrade in all departments from MW

    • LukeDuke04

      I’m so glad this game isn’t appealing to people who like mw a lot (generally) I’m actually gonna have fun lol

  • Chill Man
    Chill Man

    Still has the Mario Bros. mode, not realistic, at least for vets that like playing the game!!! Never seen a grunt jumping in the middle of a shooting, sliding yes... But not jumping for sure!!!

  • -AbPz- Gaming
    -AbPz- Gaming

    Year-78982982 of waiting for cod ghost 2

  • Jan Beton
    Jan Beton

    I hate the map design

  • Euan Anderson
    Euan Anderson

    Is the beta free?

  • jako997

    Honestly, i think I'm more looking forward to Zombies and the campaign. The Multiplayer doesn't look bad but I just can't see myself playing it for long. It just doesn't look good to me. Modern warfare (2019) multiplayer looks way better than this hands down. Plus the time to kill (TTK) looks way to long in my opinion

    • GreyFiveNine

      Yeah your not the same as us. Your a MW lover/camper so your opinion is irrelevant. Thank you.

  • TonyANBUu

    Use the M16 Burst with ACOG sight it’s OP asf

  • Harrison McCartney
    Harrison McCartney

    The biggest issue for me is the gameplay. If I want to play a CoD that feels like it came out 8 years ago, I'll go play Black Ops 2.

  • Indomitus

    100% agreed

  • TyPicalFPS

    i was playing in armada and i spawned in the same place 3 times and there was a enemy with boat he spwan trapped me

  • Mcdumpclumps

    add a good ranked mode ez pz

  • El Giro De Jalisco
    El Giro De Jalisco

    Aye I haven’t played COD in a long time...and I’m indecisive now of what gave I should buy. I need y’alls opinion. Should I buy MW 2019 or this game?

  • Qyxshui

    The problem i have is the guns like with the xm4 i beam and melt people at long ranges but up close its a pea shooter and it feels like you need attachments to win gunfights

  • Mario187

    This game looks 10x worse than mw and 5 times worse than BO2. It literally takes to 2 to 3 shots to kill someone with a Spaz 12 shotgun and the health bar crap is giving people a dead giveaway to get found and shot. The Miami map is garbage and it's too big. But guys don't let my opinion on this game discouraged you to getting this game. If you like CoD then enjoy and bless your hearts, but me I can't stay any longer with this franchise and I'm currently still waiting for what BF Next is going to offer next year

    • Mario187

      @Speed Cola yeah some people that I know only play the zombies part because they miss playing Left4Dead, Dying Light, and Dead Island in co-op fashion.

    • Mario187

      @TЯιGGεЯ HαPPY ツ yep true which I respect most fanbases who love playing what they prefer, but when it comes to denial fanboys like the Ponies(they are the biggest of the bunch and the most annoying & toxic group of fanboys) xbots, and Nintendrones( well they don't talk that much) they just want to make you feel like shit for playing the opposite of what they have. I just want to be honest about the beta from my experience alone and some folks who are close to Activision stated this is close to final product then I'm not buying it especially for $70 possibly in a deal in the near future to kill some time

    • German Benitez
      German Benitez

      @Speed Cola me too lol

    • Speed Cola
      Speed Cola

      I just got the game for zombies

    • TЯιGGεЯ HαPPY ツ
      TЯιGGεЯ HαPPY ツ

      No offense but cod players don't give a fuck about what bf players think of cod. just like how bf players don't give a fuck about what cod players think of bf. That would be like a basketball fan asking someone who doesn't even like basketball their opinion on the sport

  • jacob mullins
    jacob mullins

    I agree with pretty much everything. However I didn’t really have any connection issues, maybe I got lucky

  • UrbanChamp

    Sbmm is horrendous, it needs to go.

  • Sociable

    Why does it feel like Moscow Miami and satellite are the only maps in the game

    • Aleksi Erkkilä
      Aleksi Erkkilä

      @Harrison McCartney i actually enjoy cold war beta at least as much as MW’s 😅

    • Harrison McCartney
      Harrison McCartney

      They are the only maps, but to be fair MW's Beta only had a few maps as well. Still, I enjoyed MW's beta VASTLY more than Cold War's. MW's beta actually got me hyped enough to buy the game, Cold War's beta is only convincing me that it's not worth my money.

    • Aleksi Erkkilä
      Aleksi Erkkilä

      And cartel

  • Hispanic Hustla
    Hispanic Hustla

    Nah bro U Jus Suck

  • Cryptid Collection
    Cryptid Collection

    Just want campaign and zombies. I'll stick to COD2019 for MP.

  • Tes Tickle
    Tes Tickle

    Only The People who played the alpha and beta will be og players when the game comes out. Only og players can like this comment

  • Brigis14

    Long as we can get some cross platform zombies and those modes aren't trash

  • Lazy

    Woah woah woah weapon progression is fine how it is

  • Jackson Card
    Jackson Card

    I wonder how the game looks on Xbox One X. Hopefully good.

  • Officer Oinker
    Officer Oinker

    Major issues: the whole game

  • Loghead 3
    Loghead 3

    Complain about stuns uses stims.... unpopular opinion but sbmm helps trash players not got slapped everytime they want to play so I understand it

  • Supersmashhead

    Guns as usual look like toys when it comes to Black old

  • Mihajlo Jankovic
    Mihajlo Jankovic

    Cod mw 2019 will be the last good cod after many years and the last cod I'll play

    • Mihajlo Jankovic
      Mihajlo Jankovic

      @ammar nuqeman yes probably best cod after 10 years, And the most played cod so far. When was the last time you played cod? U use one perk EOD and explosives cant do shit to you, campers are in every game idk what are you talking about 🤣. they fixed spec ops and it's good too and easier than before. Idk man it's your opinion most people love this cod, And I don't believe we'll get a better cod soon. My opinion.

    • ammar nuqeman
      ammar nuqeman

      cod mw the best cod ? maybe just the best good looking cod , campaign is ok, worst multiplayer i have played, teribble campers , maps sucks , f*cking claymores, teribble spec ops.but warzone is good, warzone save mw really bad. but ngl, graphics and sound is good.

  • Elias Ziad
    Elias Ziad


  • Nick Batdorf
    Nick Batdorf

    Is there any word on special, collectors, or prestige editions of Cold War? This is the first call of duty to not have a physical edition that comes with a steal book or some big item collectors edition.

    • WhosImmortal

      If there was gonna be one, they would've announced it by now most likely

  • Lil Lime
    Lil Lime

    I miss the BO1 style where it was like Cuba and Vietnam they should remaster some original maps like the Jungle and villa and the snowy maps were cool too. I miss waking up, going to school, and thinking all day about playing Black ops when I get home. If they were to put BO2 and BO1 together that would be huge with the cool maps and guns and better graphics but the movements in MW and Cold War just seem odd I miss the guns taking up half the screen and when you could actually have fun camping not killing someone and they spawn right outside the building.

  • predator_ 25
    predator_ 25

    9:54 ok its official immortal is the greatest cod youtuber of all time.

  • Cameron Allison
    Cameron Allison

    I actually thoroughly enjoy this game, I do enjoy the skill based matchmaking since it allows me to play against tougher competition and makes it feel almost like you’re getting moved up to a higher difficulty and it feels progressive which I enjoy, what I don’t like is the score streak system since it’s too complicated and the guns are all so balanced, idk why but it feels like you never have anything insane to work for like you said, there needs to be something special. I don’t think the tanks are overpowered, and I feel if you don’t like em it’s easy to avoid them since the maps are big and due to the large amount of players in the game there’s never a point that I have where I can’t find players. It makes it a bit more fast paced but for normal game modes I can see where the problems come since you can go minutes without seeing someone. I don’t feel the time to kill is too long, I do feel that too many attachments kinda ruin the attachment system since some attachments are clearly more helpful than others. I can’t say the game is perfect but I have enjoyed this game so far

  • Just Wanna Cram
    Just Wanna Cram

    Ecoilespresso stole your content

    • Just Wanna Cram
      Just Wanna Cram

      @WhosImmortal y'all had like the same exact content tho. Do you guys work together or some?

    • WhosImmortal

      no he didn't lol

  • TmZz-Ghost —
    TmZz-Ghost —

    The settings feel weird and I feel like there hackers already because I’m getting shot through a whole boat and getting shot from no were

  • Obie Hallum
    Obie Hallum

    Cold War is awful

  • 4th Chairman
    4th Chairman

    A problem I've noticed is ghost bullets like you said, a few times now I've gotten a few shots in but died, and when it goes to kill cam I swear the guy I'm shooting at has lost no health. It's weird, but hasn't been too frequent. I'm not very good, so far after a rocky start I'm making it with a 1.2 kd or evening out, but hey I'm getting better at shooters since coming off a looonnnggg hiatus. This beta has been fantastic so far, I really really cannot wait to play this but since I've got my ps5 and cyberpunk coming next month, I doubt I'll get this anytime before either Christmas or my birthday in January. If I can, I'll try and nab a ps5 copy as I can see myself sinking hours into this game on ps5 lol


    Activision won’t listen regarding SBMM unless we stop playing. If SBMM isn’t relegated solely to a ranked or league playlist at launch, we should boycott the franchise. This is like an abusive/toxic relationship. We keep playing. They do all this shit we hate and abuse the fuck out of us, but we don’t leave, we keep playing. Enough is enough...

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito

    Am I the only one that laughs and goes "pfft" everytime an enemy attack copter is inbound? Watch out, it's gonna dribble on us like an old man with bph.

  • super unintended
    super unintended

    Mwah better

  • Cappe ‘
    Cappe ‘

    The thing that’s annoying me the most I grinded today 2h alone and I was t able to lvl up from lvl 25 so now I am stuck and can’t try the actually good things

    • Christian g
      Christian g

      Wtf did I just try to read

  • KiryuZer0

    wierd most people said the same about MW 2019 that its not good yadayada, and i was stupid enought not to buy it until january....and i found it to be my favorit CoD to date....well dont trust other people? (exept my friend he tried to tell me its good). And while i have "problems" with CW i dont realy feel its a way worse game then MW 2019, Mw 2019 hat around 700gb of patch data put into also was rought and kinda bad at the beginning like Quick play not realy working for MONTHS It was so stupid to get trapped in this Playmode somtimre map trap loop. Or this stupid 5 minutes conecting to online service i somtimes get even nowdays. What I played of CW i found ok, its not MW thats for sure but BO2 also wasnt MW who cares if i dont like the game in the long run i have MW 2019 to return to.

    • Sprii

      Mw has the worst maps Ive seen. Even the pros have problems because they door hug everything. The guns are alright Ill give mw that. Mw is one of the worst cods I have ever played.

    • German Benitez
      German Benitez

      Its boring as fuck and u have to admit it

  • Joe The Pog Frog
    Joe The Pog Frog

    pellington sniper= garbage i could hit a quick/no-scope point blank and get barely half damage on, like how

  • iClavel3

    The pistols aren’t hitmarker machines like MW 2019 😗

    • iClavel3

      @JM no, it was two. Well, actually, depended on which one you used. For the machine pistol, it took 3. But for the 1911, it was two shots.

    • JM

      @iClavel3 ww2 is three hits

    • iClavel3

      Mateo V. No, it’s not that. It was a two-shot kill in WWII, and in MW, no matter the attachments you had to increase the range, it still would be a 3+ hit kill, and even in HC, it’s even a two hitter, that’s how bad they are. (I didn’t play BO4, so I don’t really know how pistols are) but on BOCW, it’s only a three-hit kill, two if you hit your shots on the head.

    • Mateo V.
      Mateo V.

      Or maybe you are so bad using pistols, I don't know.

    • Lance Martinez
      Lance Martinez

      I was honestly shocked when a guy deleted me even after I got the first shot with the commando

  • Christian Löfqvist
    Christian Löfqvist

    After having had to play Modern Warfare 2019 for a year, I rate this one 15 out of 10!

  • Mr Cybusy
    Mr Cybusy

    I rate 4 stars

  • cod11_30_01 !
    cod11_30_01 !

    I feel like the stun is weak.. I would stun an enemy but yet they would kill me fast

  • Khalil Rivera
    Khalil Rivera

    The aim assist is tone down i notice it

  • AJ Siegel
    AJ Siegel

    Competitive and normal lobbies

  • Sirghis Katsuragi
    Sirghis Katsuragi

    Playable? It's going to be the beta that has shit servers, but frankly it's anything but playable with these servers, folks who shit in a hallucinating way and are level 30, so I got to try a little bit of everything. antiskill, ruined dropshots, jumpshot just as useless due to the presence of this fucking aiming assist really too evident, there is really too much unfortunately, there is not a fucking player who does not take a headshot for you because of the aim assist that hooks the enemy with a disarming ease and just raise their aim and boom, headshots at all ways. New map shit with bushes everywhere and 70,000 headglitches rewarding extreme camping I really have no words, they say they haven't touched the time to kill from the alpha, but it seems like crazy bullshit to me, life has obviously gotten worse, orthey simply nerfed the damage of every single weapon, things are two.I think it has never been so complicated in a cod to enter the series, the level of swapping coffins and deaths behind is hallucinating also because of the absurd worsening of the spawns ( which in alpha were clearly much better) as well as for matchmaking that puts the disabled on your team and they don't know how to juggle the map.I'm too curious to know who has the courage to defend such blatant stuff, all these problems listed are real and if you have not found half of them, either you play fixed in groups of 6 or you have had an absurd ass in finding poor opponents.

  • Mr Plankton
    Mr Plankton

    Whens the free multiplayer weekend?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • KingofKings

    Stuns should stay the way they are now. You shouldnt be able to do anything. Because way for're stunned!

  • AntiViruz42

    I think no alert other than an audio line a few seconds before is pretty sweet especially in a one life game mode where the the pace is slowed. Makes you have to make a split second decision.

  • Moe Money
    Moe Money

    Really try being an avatar player with a .93 kd and getting put against a whole team of pc players wth 1.5 kids and up

  • Moe Money
    Moe Money


    • Christian g
      Christian g

      Reading this have me a stronk

  • Moe Money
    Moe Money

    No the drums are working exactly how they should.... you SHOULD NOT be able to kill me quicker while then I can kill you.... STUN GRENADES should make so u can shoot.... if not why even have them just use a flash grenade then

  • Yair Varela
    Yair Varela

    Day 1 of trying to get a Xbox live card from whosimmortal

  • Eliott Milner
    Eliott Milner

    This game just lacks depth and detail in so many ways. It looks, sounds and plays like a cheap copy of an older COD game. The graphics and audio are terrible and the gameplay is boring and feels one dimensional. Very unimpressed

  • Pelle

    I think that comparing this game to mw is useless, simply for the fact that it should be compared with the other black ops titles. The fact that is different from mw should be obvious and all the people that hate this sare just mw bandwagon. If it's different doesn't mean that it's trash and remember they onlyhad 2 years to develop it. Zombies is looking fresh and better than bo4 and maybe they chose to make zombies better and free for everyone rather than polishing the mp. Plus they have an other month to polish the rest and blaming a beta for being a beta is just stupid haha

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    I agree with everything you said Zac; thank you for your opinion on the game let’s hope it improves for the next beta and the full game because I’m still hearing negative reviews and I love call of duty. Xxx

  • Ben Rhodes
    Ben Rhodes

    Definitely disagree on stuns. Stuns on modern warfare are waaaaaayyyy worse. Literally frozen for 6 seconds

  • Gwalla Boy
    Gwalla Boy

    What happen to the days in bo2 and mw2 when you come back from school or work and you relieve some stress by hoping on xbox 360 and played with others with mics nowadays its sweat your dick off and no one talks and no same lobbys wtf remove sbmm i play cod for interaction with others players and relieving stress not go cdl

  • Erick

    Who’s tryna play Cold War for ps4 , ( mid to good players)