Black Ops Cold War: The MAJOR SEASON 1 LEAKS! (WARZONE Season 1, New Battle Pass, & More)
Here’s everything that was just LEAKED for SEASON 1 of Black Ops Cold War and COD WARZONE!
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Black Ops Cold War: The MOST BROKEN WEAPON In The Game! (OVERPOWERED) -
Call Of Duty WARZONE: The MASSIVE COLD WAR UPDATE! (Everything We Know) -
Black Ops Cold War: ALL CHANGES Coming In The Next MAJOR UPDATE! -
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MAJOR Leaks that just surfaced regarding Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, COD WARZONE, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare, Call of Duty WARZONE, and Cod Black Ops Cold War will all be getting the Season 1 update come December 10th, and recently, we got some HUGE Leaks regarding the Season 1 Maps, the Season 1 Battle Pass, the Season 1 operators, & even more! We also got some content for WARZONE leaked as well, including a new map, Rebirth Island, aka Alcatraz alongside plenty of store content, operator skins, and other more basic content too! Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will be the first big content drop for Cold War and it looks to seriously improve the game as a whole!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Big stuff coming next week for Call of Duty! What are you the most excited about? Thanks for watching :D

    • Don Corleone
      Don Corleone

      Question do thing it's still going to have that mw warzone feel that we all love? Modern warfare and black ops graphics, mechanics, soo much different from one another. I rather a mw feel with a lil spice of black ops.

    • SpareMag -Matt Gore
      SpareMag -Matt Gore

      Is the scorpion still coming to the game?

    • CODMFlex
      CODMFlex Watch my sniper gameplay

    • RabbitHRF

      I only care about the Warzone stuff! screw Cold war it's a cheesy game at best! MW is far better!

    • will smith
      will smith

      Ads on Snipers 😭😭

  • Seth Wallace
    Seth Wallace

    I wish they would take out war zone and go back to the og days😂

  • Angel Avina
    Angel Avina

    When is mason coming to multiplayer??

  • Devon Walker
    Devon Walker

    What blue print is that & how do you get it?

  • Chenigma

    Is MW Warzone starting again from season one

  • Carlos Aceves
    Carlos Aceves

    Raid 24/7 > any other map


    BO1 Map “Grind” needs to be in this game I’m surprised it didn’t get love to make it into BO3 or BO4.

  • Ingvar Jóhann Guðbergsson
    Ingvar Jóhann Guðbergsson

    Im exited for the tactical nuke really sucked you cant call it in

  • Izac Mangual
    Izac Mangual

    I just want my series x to stop shutting off. I spent $90 dollars on a game I can’t play smh.

    • WhosImmortal

      they're aware of the issue and working to fix it :)

  • Benjamin Henderson
    Benjamin Henderson

    We don't see nukes in Treyarch games. "Has nuketown"

    • Benjamin Henderson
      Benjamin Henderson

      @WhosImmortal obviously😂 but why is that. Like I get the devs have unique maps but is the callable nuke something only infinity Ward can do?

    • WhosImmortal

      that's not a callable nuke lol

  • Blackenedpickle

    Is the update going to fix Xbox series x crashing?

  • nick Culotti
    nick Culotti

    Any word of FOV being introduced to WarZone for console with the integration of Cold War?

  • SethDoesTech

    I’m getting Cold War next week just in time for season 1, and it’s my birthday next week

  • Mariwana Grillz
    Mariwana Grillz

    Raid...hijack...slums...WE NEED EM

  • Pure Luck
    Pure Luck

    when we are they gonna fix the reticles on scopes...

  • Hyrum Newby
    Hyrum Newby

    7:34 you finally used an adjective other than "spicy." Love your vids man

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    They have a WZ for cold war to ?

  • Lg skating
    Lg skating

    The nuke town Christmas map is kinda like crash Christmas from mw1 or 2 forgot remastered

  • James Ballard
    James Ballard

    Plz tell me the gun class u were using plzzzzzzzz

  • Dral_ Solus
    Dral_ Solus

    It would be good to get new maps instead of nuketown for the 100th time

  • DesiWalle

    What are you CW settings? My pc runs fine on wz but not as great on CW

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez

    Hands down the best best call of duty channel out there , thanks whosimmortal and happy holidays brotha. !!

    • WhosImmortal

      Same to you!

  • Jm Blox
    Jm Blox

    really wish I had the game smh.

  • No Limit
    No Limit

    I’m Geeked So Ready!

  • HardcoreAmericanUSA

    Where the fuck did combined arms go?! Why the fuck would I want to play small teams on massive maps?! Fucking seriously?!

    • HardcoreAmericanUSA

      @WhosImmortal I literally just saw that and came back to change my comment lol. I gotta say props to you man for the insanely quick response! You got a sub!

    • WhosImmortal

      its in quick play

  • The_Craftsman02

    They better not 'dump' MW 2019 for Cold War

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Remember this comment when its all said and done.....CW will be a better game overall than MW 2019.

  • Can Berk AKBAŞ
    Can Berk AKBAŞ

    warzone ranked system ??

  • Diego 9800
    Diego 9800

    Let’s go Alcatraz coming back👌🏼

  • Ian Wyatt
    Ian Wyatt

    “Alcatraz island from BLACKOUT” come on man..

    • WhosImmortal

      That's what the map is. Obviously it's not originally from blackout lol

  • Just Bananurz
    Just Bananurz

    I feel like Cold War should DEFINITELY have firing range at least!

  • RetroGames 68
    RetroGames 68

    We just can’t get rid of MW man

  • jeff taco
    jeff taco

    We need cyber attack!!!!!!!

  • Chipms217

    This is going to be my first cod game, (i’ve played some Warzone) can someone like describe or link a video on how to learn to play

    • Chipms217

      @WhosImmortal oh cool, thank you

    • WhosImmortal

      I've got a lot of tips vids on the channel already :D

  • Devin Luna
    Devin Luna

    That was one hell of a spicy meatball if I do say so myself 2:30

  • Espix Ace
    Espix Ace

    Mans using da Malino Op

  • Sub you with notifications
    Sub you with notifications

    keep it up fantastic job

    • WhosImmortal


  • 6 rift
    6 rift

    Great video also what’s your Milano setup?

  • Kixgツ

    For the people that have cold war are lucky to have all this i enter the giveway btw

  • EastboundWand44

    Treyarch still gonna ignore the fact that cold war is literally shutting off consoles

  • michael vang
    michael vang

    The Battle Pass better be discounted for MW since most of the content is for CW 😤

  • Max Bandrowski
    Max Bandrowski

    Are the warzone stats gonna refresh?

    • WhosImmortal

      if I had to guess, probably not

  • Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey

    Is warzone the game mode coming to cold war the game or is it just staying on modern warfair ???? I would preffur it to stay on modern wairfare as they are both diffrent games i would jus be happy if they kept it so they just transfur the guns from cold war to warzone

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    Hey immortal, it should be said that Alcatraz was originally mob of the dead in bo2, which is cod’s best version of Alcatraz

  • Jack Le Roux
    Jack Le Roux

    Does anybody know if warzone will have two mp5s or any other weapons that exist in cw and wz

    • Jack Le Roux
      Jack Le Roux

      @WhosImmortal Thanks 👍👍

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, there will be a handful of double weapons

  • BergenCountysFinest201

    I’m getting anxiety thinking about how much memory and download time that season one update will take

  • Kilo Gaming
    Kilo Gaming

    Zac’s gonna drop Hey Hi How ya doin merch. Source: Trust me bro he said cool things are gonna happen with it early next year

    • WhosImmortal


  • Wakey

    Nice video man😎

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks 🔥

  • Dacookiegod

    Is there going to be free multiplayer?

    • WhosImmortal

      no idea

  • Mateo Amaya
    Mateo Amaya

    immortal want to play i don’t have a teammates

  • Ivan Smith
    Ivan Smith

    Back in the day raid was the best had good memorys on that map if it's making a return on cold war I don't care what everyone says cold was is Gunna great

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola

    Imma still play zombies

  • Dexerd

    Another 500gb update coming soon

  • Jay Isue
    Jay Isue

    So warzone on cold war isn’t working at this moment? Mine keeps telling me it’s not found in quite the game every time i try clicking war zone

    • WhosImmortal

      Warzone wont be on cold war until the 10th

  • Yo. JBB
    Yo. JBB

    If raid comes to Cold War, I don’t see why other maps can come back to Cold War to !

    • WhosImmortal

      Oh I'm sure there will be plenty of other remakes too

  • Nick Spence
    Nick Spence

    Love all the new maps, but WE NEED MORE GUNS

  • Gabriel Mendoza
    Gabriel Mendoza

    I want the an 94 to come back even though this game takes place between bo1 and bo2 , it would be dope if it came back and it to be as good as it was in bo2 not how it was in bo3 or bo4 or MW

  • Derek Angius
    Derek Angius

    So xbox gets nothing again lol

    • WhosImmortal

      xbox is getting all the content except for the one exclusive starter pack?

  • Ahren Giles
    Ahren Giles

    You are right it's pronounced grow-za (Groza)

  • Abdullah Bin Hossain
    Abdullah Bin Hossain

    There was this warzone store issue where there was a sale on bundles for 6 or 7 days but didn’t last a day. Could you say something about that? Btw Awesome videos, Im a regular viewer 😎

    • WhosImmortal

      nothing really to say about it tbh

  • eric vedder
    eric vedder

    This game ruined the black ops series for is hot garbage

  • Aaron Castillo
    Aaron Castillo

    Yooo what is your Milano load out!?

    • WhosImmortal

      honestly I've got no idea, i was still leveling it in this vid

  • Crxptrxp ;
    Crxptrxp ;

    Wait, the Season Pass doesn't bring ANYTHING for the MP? Damn.

    • WhosImmortal

      it does for cold war MP, but not MW

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    How do I pay warzone on cold war? I've been trying to play it to try it out but it says it can't find game or app on my ps5?

    • WhosImmortal

      it's not available yet

  • Hector Robles
    Hector Robles

    They need to fix the bug where the option to make your own custom emblem is invisible and unusable.

  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    MW wasn't realistic either you know. So Cold War can't bring any new "unrealisticness" level, really. If you think about it, almost none of the weapons in MW were accurately portrayed, plus we had ravens, burning zombie dogs, anime camo, tracers that behave like fireworks, or a gun that turns parts of your body into pure gold. It's not Fortnite cartoon level, but it's still wery cartoony.

  • Dade Pritchett
    Dade Pritchett

    Tracer rounds have been a thing for literal generations...

    • Dade Pritchett
      Dade Pritchett

      @Joseph G.1.1 yeah, at that point, that's about 50 years, or 2 generations

    • Joseph G.1.1
      Joseph G.1.1

      I think it was the 30s or something when they were invented but idek

  • Joseph Wilcox
    Joseph Wilcox

    Hanger 18 from bo1 would be cool

    • WhosImmortal

      one of the most underrated maps!

  • Buck Tudrussle
    Buck Tudrussle

    Dude, if they theme the anime packs on the 80's anime aesthetic, that would actually be appealing.

    • Camperkiller619

      So you want android quality skins lol

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin


  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    Someone told me "High Jack" would be making a return at some point but "Raid" will suffice for now

  • Chaise Webber - CDHS
    Chaise Webber - CDHS

    I'm hoping they bring back sticks and stones. That mode was awesome!

  • Supreme The legend
    Supreme The legend

    What about animated camos .. will they be coming too

    • WhosImmortal

      most likely

  • NotStar

    I hope they will keep putting MW stuff in Warzone. I think, it would be stupid not to.

  • STONKS wave
    STONKS wave

    Some of this sht will be purchasable with prestige keys 😍, it has to be the case

  • Showtime Jason
    Showtime Jason

    So no battle royale in cold war?

    • WhosImmortal

      Warzone is the BR

  • R Cooper
    R Cooper


  • White-_-LegendzZ -
    White-_-LegendzZ -

    By any chance u know the date of season 1

  • Jan Rudnik
    Jan Rudnik

    Are people seriously playing this game? Lmao mw still far superior in almost any way it’s a shame

  • Striker sla
    Striker sla


  • Opixl. Gaming
    Opixl. Gaming

    WHat was the gun you were using?

    • Opixl. Gaming
      Opixl. Gaming

      @WhosImmortal I am planning to join cold war so im really into all these things you are a great ytuber keep it up 😁👍

    • WhosImmortal

      milano :)

  • Mauser and Bretta
    Mauser and Bretta

    I'm getting cold war in 3 weeks lg

  • Ben Baker
    Ben Baker

    We want black ops 1 map too

  • Edwin Santiago
    Edwin Santiago

    Does anyone else think Flak jacket is a little too strong like really really strong? I've shot people with point-blank shots with RPGs and grenade launcher shots and they would walk through it like the terminator. Also, 6 perks is dumb af.

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah its a bit too strong imo

  • Moises Rodas
    Moises Rodas

    Desert Eagle pistol and Saw Off shotgun baby !

  • Dave

    It’s funny all these “big content” updates are basically what they shoulda put in the game at launch... but now it’s acceptable for companies to put out garbage incomplete games and bait people into season content making them think they’re getting great content

  • Extra

    I haven’t had fun since bo3 battle pass system is easily better but I miss that feeling getting a gun or exclusive camo from a supply drop. I want wagers back as well and it would be nice having community custom games and maybe even a bonus play list. To me this doesn’t feel like a black ops game.

  • Jxyrxss


    • Jxyrxss

      @WhosImmortal ur literally CNN for cod but way better ❤️🖤❤️

    • WhosImmortal


  • BIG J
    BIG J

    When is season 1 coming out ?

    • BIG J
      BIG J

      @WhosImmortal Thanks for replying so fast dude love the update vids keep it up ! 👍🏻

    • WhosImmortal

      December 10th

  • russian_ potato_
    russian_ potato_

    I just hope we get some Spetsnaz operators and realistic uniforms for all operators. Thats it for me.

    • Joseph G.1.1
      Joseph G.1.1

      Agreed milsim best

  • Tae Javvuuu
    Tae Javvuuu

    Heard activision going around taking down channels and stuff glad you ain’t show nothing leaked but either way thx for the news bro:ps clown

  • codnetzroller

    I really dont care about cold war, only warzone

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      We need a vsat in this game

  • UnknownPlaysYT

    Your one of my fav you tubers bro keep up the 🔥 content!

  • Affliction

    our games dont have anti-cheat, lets release some tracer packs. clown company.

    • WhosImmortal

      i dont see how those correlate tbh lol

  • Jonny 12x9
    Jonny 12x9

    I hope there will be a map taking place in Vietnam

  • FlyGuyDJ

    If they really bring back old bo2 maps im never getting off the game..

    • The XRoyalProX
      The XRoyalProX

      I mean yea cool raid but we need another map

  • Nick Kuciver
    Nick Kuciver

    Raid??? To bad I cant quick scope...

  • Tharuka Nisal
    Tharuka Nisal

    I don't know why but it's seems strange to me being new cod player, that why people prefer old map copy and paste rather than having a new map.? 😦

    • Tharuka Nisal
      Tharuka Nisal

      @WhosImmortal I guess they just like Small scale maps since these old maps are very small + also noticed people don't really care about details of the maps they just want easy kills.

    • WhosImmortal

      seems like most of the new maps theyve added in people just complain about unfortunately

  • Big Zaddy
    Big Zaddy

    So still nothing on full auto pistol? Dang... waiting on a full auto pistol. Like I hope they bring in the CZ75. I’d be happy with kap40

  • Anthony Castro
    Anthony Castro

    Just hoping for the best nuketown 247 and zombies is all to do besides campaign thats really fun

  • Mmmm Windex
    Mmmm Windex

    When is season 1 coming?

    • Mmmm Windex
      Mmmm Windex

      @WhosImmortal 8 more days left then:) i cant wait!

    • WhosImmortal

      dec 10th :)

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