Black Ops Cold War: TOP 5 CLASS SETUPS After The 1.06 Update! (Cold War Best Setups)
Here are the Best Class Setups to use in Black Ops Cold War After the 1.06 Update!
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In this video, we're breaking down the new Best Class Setups to use in Black Ops Cold War after the recent 1.06 Update! The 1.06 Patch in Cod Black Ops Cold War ended up adding in a ton of weapon tuning, and thus, a lot of weapons that were previously really good, or not so great, are now far better than before. This video showcases the 5 best Class Setups and best weapons to be using in Cod Cold War right now!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Thanks for taking the time to check out the video

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      AsianAssassin 50

      Thank you eveybody talking about that old stuff needed this update for my son. Appreciate the expedited material my dude.

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      Xander Crews

      You’re the man! Went up against an “immortal” last night I’m guessing it wasn’t you since he sucked ass

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      its my birthday today and thanksgiving so 😌

    • Jujubear

      Happy Thanksgiving. Tip, I would change assassin to tracker so it kinda helps in a way.

    • S. Edlund
      S. Edlund

      Grip attachments looks so sloppy mounted. Just "glued" to the barrelgrip. Lazy devs? On PS5 it would look better..

  • Kek Alla
    Kek Alla

    Bro how are your lobbies sooooo easy :(

    • Kek Alla
      Kek Alla

      @WhosImmortal then how are you so good😂

    • WhosImmortal

      they're not.

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    Tom Moxey

    Thanks for the video mate, great stuff!

  • jude

    Thanks bro mega helpful

    • WhosImmortal

      Happy to help

  • Doctor Dragon
    Doctor Dragon

    just saying if you use the wild card that allows all attachment categories to be equipped at once then the people who use it will know what to equip.

  • Gerard Minor
    Gerard Minor

    Im really getting tired of the whole nerf everything in the game hammer it ruins it when you leave for a week and come back and there is nerfs all over the place I'm really tired of all my fps games getting done like that developers spend way to much time doing that and not enough on their bs connection problems that they blame on the consumer and not fix it nomatter what system your on

  • Mix BTW
    Mix BTW

    Thanks mate

  • Iannini

    Kilo, Grau the best!!!

  • Closed on Sundays
    Closed on Sundays

    This vid is useles if unplay hardcore because if u even hit someone with a nerf dart it will kill

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    Its Advics

    New sub man. Love the video

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    Just started playing Cold War on the ps5. Love the video. Gonna try this when I next get on. New sub here bro 🦊👊🏼

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    mariano hernandez

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    The stoner is still the best

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  • Jason Price
    Jason Price

    The optics being mounted on the handle of the M16 is so ugly i won't use it just for spite.

  • Most Wanted
    Most Wanted

    Cold war sucks

  • whirly whirly
    whirly whirly

    When I put my sweatpants on, I use the stoner. Thank god nobody puts it into any top lists ;)

    • WhosImmortal

      soon ;)

  • Tory Pittman
    Tory Pittman

    You got a like and a sub from me my guy!! I appreciate the info

    • Tory Pittman
      Tory Pittman

      @WhosImmortal NO problem bro and thank you

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    Amir Ag

    Thanks dude , awesome classes btw 🙏🏻❤️

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    I’m probably going to use this idea and do it for hardcore. I feel like that vid will do really well. Thanks for your Content! KEEP GRIDING🙌

  • Kazoodarling

    I actually just play against bots cause I can’t afford ps plus lol

  • Mattii

    and XM4?🤔🤔

  • Chris Pilkington
    Chris Pilkington

    Kinda difficult to level up guns when everyone is sweating their buttcheeks off ... like god damn

  • Andy

    what game mode is that u were playing on with the ak74u

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    Quentin Martin


  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    You should definitely try out gunfighter and get those 8 attachments

  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    But trust me just put on the 22% fire rate barrel you don’t need the other one

  • mc.chicken man
    mc.chicken man

    I didn’t feel the aug nerf at all that’s my main on search all day long

    • ToKeZ

      ur one of those kids 🙄

  • Scout

    ak-47 attachments are spetsnaz grip, no stock, vdv 50 rnd fast mag, 18.2” vdv reinforced and gru elastic wrap.

    • Scout

      @Abe G 😏

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      Abe G

      bro that pfp😏

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      @Kobe Mejia I think it’s because he made the comment 1 weak later

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      Kobe Mejia

      LMAO he liked every comment but skipped this one cause it makes people not watch the whole vid😂

  • I'm Nike
    I'm Nike

    Am I the only one that makes class sets ups by map?

  • Dan Tanton
    Dan Tanton

    The RPD is damn right nasty! Easily a top tier weapon! Recommend trying it out people!

  • DJFaNaTiiC

    One thing I really like about Cold War is that with the right attachments, every gun can be competitive

    • Sean !
      Sean !

      except the KSP

  • Amethyst Shogun
    Amethyst Shogun

    Bruh can i ask how the people you play are absolute dog ass in this video and i get matched up with wannabe optic players

    • WhosImmortal

      Because you're seeing the portions only where I get kills out of 3-4 hours of recording. Everyone's playing sweats in this game bud, not just you lmao

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  • disturbed one
    disturbed one

    We better be getting the freakin ppsh....

  • Josh Strosnider
    Josh Strosnider

    Zac what's your thoughts on the xm4 ?

    • Josh Strosnider
      Josh Strosnider

      @WhosImmortal what's your reomnded set up for it ? Grate vid by the way ment to say erlyer I also love the ak 74

    • WhosImmortal

      Decent AR but not the best

  • LJProductions

    I use the rpd because it's good

    • LJProductions

      I'm so good at my hip fire

    • LJProductions

      The rpd lmg

  • Blaine Hermreck
    Blaine Hermreck

    What is the best dot sight

    • WhosImmortal

      hawksmoor imo

  • noscope513e

    that ak setup is kinda bad

    • WhosImmortal

      it's literally a reverse recoil AK bud

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    Shanu Arora

    I subbed man road to 650k

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  • The Best Username
    The Best Username

    Does anyone know why i dont get hitmarkers even though i shoot at opponent its not a thing that happens all the time but every match

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    Stoner shreds

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    Who else is here because they raged quit and said f**k it I’m going to UZload

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  • Tuavo guxxi
    Tuavo guxxi

    The qbz with the 50 round drum is super spicccy with 3 c's...

  • Evan Ware
    Evan Ware

    Brooo the dmr14 is being slept on

  • Babs Babick
    Babs Babick

    On my mp5 I prefer Muzzle: angecy supreeser Barrle:reinforced heavy :underbarle front grip Maggizene:40 round speed mag Stock:no stock

  • Bless Vibez
    Bless Vibez

    This guy trying to hit 650,000 subscribers while I’m grinding to 50 😂😂😂 I hope to get my channel like urs someday 🚫🧢🙏🙏🙏

  • MCZ Suzumebaschi
    MCZ Suzumebaschi

    I think krig 6 should have been in your ranking this weapon is honestly as powerful as the ak

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez

    Dude your videos are awesome ! Totally coming to you for more class recommendations on Cold War ! Stay frosty !

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks Jacob!

  • Vincent Sanchez
    Vincent Sanchez

    I like the Aug rifle.

  • Dark_arrow_ 21
    Dark_arrow_ 21

    Damn that ak setup slaps harder than...listen I don't freaking know

  • Eddie Nunez
    Eddie Nunez

    I can't screenshot the classes anymore. Wish there was a way to get all the attachments on one screen to make it easier

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah I'm not a fan of the class layout in this game

  • SlizaButt

    There’s a Milano class setup that shreds

  • M sisymek
    M sisymek

    Just so you guys know. You wil win any frickin gunfight if you play the game with your right mouse button glued to your finger.

  • tom brennan
    tom brennan

    The ak-47 I thought held its own at launch but after the update holy Christ 🤯

  • Gary Cain
    Gary Cain

    Do you never use a suppreser

    • WhosImmortal

      not worth it right now due to their cons

  • Steven Cullen
    Steven Cullen

    No krig 6??

  • TyZilla

    instead of no stock on ak use compensator or kgb eliminator muzzles

  • Jay TS
    Jay TS


  • El Fahado
    El Fahado

    What about type 63?

  • Dylan Plays R6
    Dylan Plays R6

    These loadout: Spicy Meat Ball All recoils and damage range upgrade xm4: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Nicholas Sorto
    Nicholas Sorto

    I Went 76-14 with the AK setup, it shreds

  • Jxicyツ FN
    Jxicyツ FN

    I fucking suck at this game

  • Brian wood
    Brian wood

    Krig 6?

  • J1

    I use ak74u it’s goat

  • Legacy Barber Studio LLC
    Legacy Barber Studio LLC

    Shit has terrible graphics

  • kanival42

    M60 is severely underrated. Dog shit recoil and a pain in the ass to level because of the shit attachments at first, but my god it shreds once fully leveled and have the best attachments

  • FuriousPrism337

    People say that you read the comments so can you still level up your weapon with modern warfare?

    • FuriousPrism337

      @WhosImmortal i meant it like can you level up your warzone weapon while playing mw mp because it was possible

    • WhosImmortal

      only in warzone, not in MW MP

  • Kaden Turner
    Kaden Turner

    Right ab everything else but xm4 better than 47u sub, xm4 is insane.

  • Trillwillthagoat

    I rock with the milano heavy it shreds anybody else use it?

  • Dexerd

    Yo immortal what are you fav gfuel flavors, looking for recommendations and gonna use you discount code

    • Dexerd

      @WhosImmortal Thanks!!

    • WhosImmortal

      Hype Sauce, Starfruit, and watermleon!

  • TheDeadlyDAD-

    Thank you! I GREATLY appreciate your "best loadout" videos. >> Was wondering if (in the future) you would show a static image showing the entire loadout, Instead of showing ea attachment seperately as you add attachments. >> This would enable your viewers to take "1" screenshot of ea loadout, for reference when setting up a loadout in our game. Thank you again.

  • Dexerd

    Noti Gang🔥🔥

  • Tim Bouten
    Tim Bouten

    Please show the attachments for each gun in a different way, so that we can make screenshots of them.

    • WhosImmortal

      There really isn't another way to show them in this game unforunately

  • Farid Hanashi
    Farid Hanashi

    Appreciate you

  • bud lee
    bud lee

    Heres a test ....Last COD I played was Black ops 2....Had a 0.98 KD...Just bought cold war amd have shakey shot...Which gun do you recommend?

  • Joey

    Yo I got ur gfuel cup awesome design dude !!

    • WhosImmortal

      Awesome thank you!

  • hAZzard YT
    hAZzard YT

    Why do youtuber get into the noobest fucking matches ever bro im in lobby who are playing like it fucking xgames 😑

  • death bringer 887
    death bringer 887

    Is anyone else having a weird glitch where some of the AK47 challenges reset

  • Ragnarok Rainbow
    Ragnarok Rainbow

    Is it just me or on hard-core nuketown is everybody that I’m being lobby up with really trying to be like number one I take a knife and the uzi into that game with the lawbreaker park I mean do I am looking at it and I’m just asking a question anyone can read this, and think I’m talking shit I’m not what I’m just curious about is why do I get like 26 kills and only seven days with a knife and everyone else in hardcard only takes a few bullets from submachinegun and other stuff like does everyone get crab walkers in the corner campers cause like I just run over there and fuck you up

    • Ragnarok Rainbow
      Ragnarok Rainbow

      Typo 7 deaths

  • 40ozSuicide

    90% of the time I don't even get my loadout. 😂

  • alexz9325

    What is the best gallo sa12 setup?

  • AlexTypeBeat

    The ak was my fav in bo1 so glad its good in cold war

  • francisco morales
    francisco morales

    650k? Bruh keep killing it and I wouldn't be surprised if you go passed that mile stone. I'm not gonna sit here and front that I've been here since day one but I've been here since the drop of mw/warzone and began to watch your work. You can always count on a like from me and a share to my buddies who I game with. Sending out nothing but good vibes your way brother. Let's get you to a milli!!!

    • francisco morales
      francisco morales

      @WhosImmortal it takes no effort to be kind and show support to one another. This world could use more of that. Take care brother. See ya on the next one. 👊🤘✌

    • WhosImmortal

      Seriously appreciate the kind words dude

  • Chris

    Wb the ksp?

  • Survival Spidey
    Survival Spidey

    Im addicted to the Tomahawk in 172 matches iv obtained 901 Tomahawk kills

  • Godistim

    Thanks for the video I wasn’t sure about the ak74-u but since u like it it must be good

  • Conner Buettner
    Conner Buettner

    how come you don’t rock the task force on the ak47


    Day 5 of telling immortal his daily uploads are appreciated:

  • Andrew Griffin
    Andrew Griffin

    you sleeping on the QBZ and the stoner


    So u don’t mess with the godly bullfrog

  • Escobar Rich
    Escobar Rich

    They need to bring back the g11

  • MrSkelator

    No the burst rifles aka m16/aug are #1 in the game. They’re ridiculously OP.

  • KillerSenpai

    I honestly like your MW vids better. You showcase the weapon more, this you speed things up too fast. I still liked the video anyways.

  • Titus Baity
    Titus Baity

    I don't know why people don't subscribe I mean it doesn't hurt anyone

  • Lunatic1337

    I feel like the 74u should sound different just didn’t seem to fit IMO

  • Michael Dearth
    Michael Dearth

    Anyone else finding road to dark matter slow and arduous?

    • WhosImmortal

      it's definitely not the most friendly grind

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