Here’s everything CONFIRMED For Season 6 Of Modern Warfare and WARZONE, including Map Changes, Weapons, & MORE!
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Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch Responds To SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING, Future Tuning REVEALED, & MORE! -
Modern Warfare: RANKING The TOP 5 BEST CLASS SETUPS! (Best Weapons) -

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0:00 Black Ops Cold War Newest Easter Egg
3:25 Season 6 Info
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that’s currently confirmed for Modern Warfare Season 6 and WARZONE Season 6! Season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WARZONE is going live next week and this week we got some brand new confirmations for what content to expect next season. Via a new Season 6 Trailer yesterday, we ended up getting some new information on the Warzone Map Changes, where those will be taking place, some of the Season 6 DLC Weapons, and the Season 6 Operators as well! COD MW and Cod Warzone are gonna have a ton of new content to check out next season and we should learn even more throughout the week!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Season 6 is nearly here! Here's what we know is coming next season according to Infinity Ward & Call of Duty!

    • gball321

      But flash lights for hard to see spots could be ok but would suck as a spot

    • gball321

      They did say night mode will be coming at some point

    • VincentRoy Oshea
      VincentRoy Oshea

      The comment is at 69 likes right now no one like it anymore

    • Fluffierscarf 34
      Fluffierscarf 34

      There water in 7:00

    • Dont Even Tripp
      Dont Even Tripp

      @Tanmay 333 damn literally no on gives a fuh 😐

  • david sackrowitz
    david sackrowitz

    Is Fara the internet reward or is she going to be in tier 100

    • WhosImmortal

      tier 0

  • evior wolf kissed
    evior wolf kissed

    I'm so excited for season 6

  • Zodii

    Not buying the season 6 BP, Will just wait for cold war

  • angel


  • Qetiy _
    Qetiy _

    Anyone’s double x3 xp thing not showing up on modern warfare ?

    • WhosImmortal

      It hasnt started yet. It goes live around 10-11 am pst

  • Mike Banks
    Mike Banks

    We need the AA12 and a full auto glock19 i miss full auto pistols

  • Trippzzz242

    Bruh I be waited 6 seasons and still no SOAP

  • Young _T_ Stunna
    Young _T_ Stunna

    Or may be the subway going to have no lights and the map dosen't change how everyone is expecting it 2

  • Bob_ohms2low

    Screw 600,000 dude. You deserve to have well over a million. Keep doing what your doing!

  • SinxShadow595 X9
    SinxShadow595 X9

    I don't know if anybody's noticed it but at the end when Captain Price starts talkin he starts talkin to staff sergeant Griggs and I'm thinking is he going to be putting here as well as a secret operator

  • 2HiGh

    Farah kinda cute

  • Jason Querubin
    Jason Querubin

    Another game delete

  • Zachary Lash
    Zachary Lash


  • The 8th Outer God
    The 8th Outer God

    The mystery person is probably the guy from black ops 3/4 store

  • Cash money
    Cash money

    How do you get shadow tracers on every gun?

  • E

    Oh shit... R700?!!?!

  • Cixaq

    cant wait for another 5TB update

  • jordan l
    jordan l

    Flashlight on shotgun maybe we will get a night time mode

  • Tech 313
    Tech 313

    The campers just nuttted knowing the stations opening up

  • Christopher Carmona
    Christopher Carmona

    Hey can you tell me what your kilo/mp5 and brown/mp5 loadout

  • betsay gulles
    betsay gulles

    Wait Up.. Is Griggs gonna be a operator or no? Well i heard his voice and captain price said Griggs

  • Ryan Gardiner
    Ryan Gardiner

    I want flashlights on guns but don’t do like light damage or blind or stun people it would be cool for at night maps and dark parts of a map or like smoke or something

  • SkYz32


    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • Stewy Bros
    Stewy Bros

    You’re so underrated u deserve more subs

  • Jacob Pinnock
    Jacob Pinnock

    Did no one else notice the r700 had no scope on it?

  • yousaf Khan
    yousaf Khan

    Immortal I love your vids and I am doing good thanks for asking every video lol

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T

    Imagine having your tiger as a charm in game. Also having a "Hey, Hi, How ya doin'" as a sticker. That'd be sick. Maybe an Immortal MP5 blueprint.

  • Jamarius Goodwin
    Jamarius Goodwin

    Leettttts goooooo 😃

  • INDE Legend
    INDE Legend

    I laughed too hard about Batman

  • Cesar Sanchez
    Cesar Sanchez

    Keep up the great work I was here since u played bo3

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate it man!

  • Qetiy _
    Qetiy _

    Does anyone know of there is a times 3 xp soon on I need to get 18 more tiers for teir 100

    • Qetiy _
      Qetiy _

      Hell yea gonna get there quick ✌️

    • WhosImmortal

      coming friday

  • Rorya01 ok
    Rorya01 ok

    Zork? That's a really old game. Playable on black ops 1 if you use the terminal. Or just find a website to play it

  • Epic

    Immortal don’t get me wrong dude I love your videos I never stop watching you and will never stop I love your gameplay and you’re the first person I go to for my CoD news I’m but I feel like the players in your lobby’s are more botty than they should be? We won’t hate you for being honest but do you reverse boost? 😳

    • Epic

      WhosImmortal Kk cheers bro I love the videos and keep them up ❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      stats are public. 3kd and and over 240 wins don't get you bots lol. Notice you're only watching gameplay parts where I get kills on a night where I probably played for like 4 hours and recorded two games. Tune into the streams and you'll see how SBMM ruins our lobbies literally every game lol

  • the_real_wrighty

    Activision doing the campers deed here.

  • Eva Tiger
    Eva Tiger

    If you listen closely you can hear price say griggs

  • Eva Tiger
    Eva Tiger

    Can't wait for griggs

  • sALTY cHIP gUY
    sALTY cHIP gUY

    It’s possible flashlights will be an attachment for the “Warzone at night” mode so it’s easier to see.

  • iise7sn HD
    iise7sn HD

    Alex wife is back

  • Cloud

    Dam rip to my ps4 storage😔

  • Lanicorec Gaming is fun
    Lanicorec Gaming is fun

    quary has no station atm jet

  • harmon duncan
    harmon duncan

    No new multiplayer maps?

    • harmon duncan
      harmon duncan

      @WhosImmortal I really hope they bring back Village from MW3.

    • WhosImmortal

      there will be, but we have no word on them yet

  • Mario Keiber
    Mario Keiber

    What really grinds my gear is that there are so many good skins on "the good team" and on the other team I couldn't care less about them

  • Regulator_21 21
    Regulator_21 21

    I think they shoul add an item that goes on the same place as the mask, maybe night vision

  • BlowOff YaBag
    BlowOff YaBag

    hopefully season 6 has better weapon blueprints & skins. Was pretty disappointed with this season had every season prior to this one

  • Chuck Time
    Chuck Time

    Where is soap 😩😭

  • The XRoyalProX
    The XRoyalProX

    Can’t wait to see the new maps that we get, I hope we get some iconic maps

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates

    Any news on multi maps?

  • SPEARS117

    I wont be playing season 6 if they dont nerf shotguns and the kar98k

  • Ryan Herbert
    Ryan Herbert

    No one talking about how it looks like the second doors are opening up in the bunkers?!?!

  • callisto_leon

    Seeing the AK in the trailer I hope they buff it at some point along with all the other wieldier weapons (Scar, Oden, FR5.56, MK2, EBR-14, etc) because oh man...people talk about balance being acceptable (or better than before and it is in some ways) but these guns can without a doubt be adjusted to work competitively in Warzone. On another note, when are they gonna have separate patch notes for long as it's directly tied to the MW it will be in a poor state of balance. Additionally, when are they going to diversify the ground floor and nerf the Origin 12 in terms of recoil? INB4 some chucklefucks just say hurr durr just don't engage anyone closely like no shit that helps but even if you do that at some point someone is going to closely engage you unless you are holding the high ground and/or you're camping the entrance via elevator/zipline with/without explosives. I remember all the people complaining about snakeshot but it's funny this isn't treated the same sure they don't have the range problem that snakeshot did but they're just as faceroll (minimum recoil, relatively tight spread, and fast ads speed with a much greater magazine capacity.)

  • _FunnyTomr34 _
    _FunnyTomr34 _

    What is ur bruen class cos it looks rly good?

  • Shinxbi FX
    Shinxbi FX

    Me: enters the subway *CaMpErs: oh ho are you approaching me?*

  • marc forgues
    marc forgues

    If the metro is all they add to season 6 I’m done with warzone. Adding features that should have been in the game from season 1-2 if not from launch.

  • Mikael Dalgas-Hansen
    Mikael Dalgas-Hansen

    That AK looks new to me...

  • Mr B
    Mr B


  • AlphaAsFuark!

    Where my BF3/4 ass-valve homies at?

  • Doc Ninja
    Doc Ninja

    Nothing about new maps

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    the AK farah has in this trailer is not the revoloution variant, seems like its a new one for the BP as it has different metal finish and white grip, white sight and a white 5.78mm(?) mag the revoloution varient has a regular wood grip, a cloth wrapped black mag and a black metal finish

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher


  • Armordude91122Cute

    I wonder what fake name would they give the AS VAL and R700? The BR IMR? WN800?

  • Theo Nba
    Theo Nba

    I heard season 6 is gonna be the last season and I think that’s a terrible idea honestly black ops Cold War doesn’t look to promising I feel like this year everyone is gonna be going back to modern warfare

  • axelraealka gt
    axelraealka gt

    "Nikolai we're need an another lift"

  • TheGamerLeo

    Idk I never realised but espresso got the cold war stuff and he has like half the subs

  • White-_-LegendzZ -
    White-_-LegendzZ -

    I think the flash light might be used for zombie or night time warzone

  • Lewis Keller
    Lewis Keller

    Flashlights would be handy for a Warzone night mode. They’d also give your position away from pretty far away though.

  • Vocaz

    He tries to get 600k subs and I am here with just 100subs

  • tikkop towenaar
    tikkop towenaar

    I want nikolai sooooooooo bad dude I can't wait


    Is the Easter egg for zombies??? For the new cold war???

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    sad that ronin never got another skin. couldve gotten a awesome modern tactical samurai skin

  • Melvin Salvador
    Melvin Salvador

    They should make a campaign classic bundle for season six. Maybe like two bundles or something. Like a campaign classic bundle I and campaign classic II with the campaign operator skins for Alex and Farrah, with like 2 weapon charms and quips, maybe even a finishing move for each in one bundle, And for the 2nd bundle maybe Gaz and Price with the skins from Picadilly, with quips, charms and maybe finishing moves.

  • Alexander Bushell
    Alexander Bushell

    Did no one notice that the as val has a pso-4 scope on it? That’s dope

  • Zachary Mathis
    Zachary Mathis

    So no dlc maps for season 6 just a warzone update🤔

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez

    Please help I’m trying to get into COD on Xbox and it won’t let me in and keeps saying Unable to connect to online services.

  • Hyp3rX gaming
    Hyp3rX gaming

    nikolai looks very badass to me

  • Mental Rock
    Mental Rock

    One of the new snipers is going to be the M24 SWS sniper.

  • RK Cronus55
    RK Cronus55

    Where's soap

  • Ewshi

    When is season six release date

    • WhosImmortal

      the 29th

  • Red BullDog Vapor
    Red BullDog Vapor

    I sure wish Treyarch IW & Activision would just continue with this game as its been the best CoD game Since MW3/BO....the black ops series is kinda dull I mean come on Its Black Ops 5 and they pretty much screwed up on BO2,3&4 an TBH those 3 plus Infinite Warfare and Ghosts well....they fuking suxked but This cod game has been the best in a long time if only Treyarch Infinityward and Activision did Cod Games more like Ubisoft and R6 Siege where they continue to improve and keep the game fresh give CoD Fans years rather than seasons....R6 Siege is on its 5th year and 3 season, if all three companies did what Ubisoft is doing with R6 all of the CoD games including Black Ops 5 would be 5 or 10x more funner and competitive....its just sad that they are stopping at Year 1 Season 6 and never going to do really anything kinda like what they did with the last 7 cod games but hang'em on the shelf and forget them and that what's going to happen with MW 2019(which is basically happening now) and then it's gonna happen to Black Ops 5

  • Pablo Hoffmaster
    Pablo Hoffmaster

    Light attachments = night mode Warzone 😀🤔🧐

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Please for the love of gawd, give us NVG WZ

  • Dragon Reviews
    Dragon Reviews

    Hey hi how ya doin will never end and I'm so glad

  • lasserchris

    Season 6 looks like The Division 1 Underground dlc.

  • Nikolai

    I'm glad we are getting Nikolai as operator!

  • Saiga

    Maybe everyone will get the light attachment by default but, you can toggle it while underground.

    • WhosImmortal


  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Make Zombies free for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁 I'm pretty sure , there will be a zombies Event in warzone Damn , the hype is real and strong 😁😁😁😁

  • Aaron J Tucker
    Aaron J Tucker

    I wish they would put the sniper from the campaign in a bundle 😕

  • vass montango
    vass montango

    Bruuu come oonnnn I hope they put soap as a operator mid season 6 like they did morte mid season 5


    5:53 does the canal look filled? Or am I tripping

  • John Malins
    John Malins

    You hated my comment ounce ;)

  • Elote Man
    Elote Man


  • Trust None
    Trust None

    I think flashlight is coming back for the new dlc shotgun

  • Toxiczone

    Me seeing 666 comments. Ah!! I gotta change that

  • Dhruv Seth
    Dhruv Seth


  • Alberto DeLeon
    Alberto DeLeon

    The night mode was leaked a couple of times and flash lights would be perfect for that mode

  • AntiViruz42

    Can my dude Immortal get a damn crate please.

  • Chevy Chase89
    Chevy Chase89

    I want a night mode in warzone

  • Lucas

    Farah in this cutscene triggers my uncanny valley she looks so baddd

  • Redux G
    Redux G

    We need SOAP for Season 7 or Season 8 if there will be any of those seasons :( I have a feeling that there would be alot more players staying with Modern Warfare who knows.....

    • WhosImmortal

      looking unlikely at the moment

  • Yeti886

    I assume if there are flashlights it will play some part in the rumored warzone night mode. Maybe it will blind you if your wearing nvgs it already happens in one of the campaign missions and there are already flash lights in the first mission.

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