Modern Warfare: All MAJOR Changes In Today’s MINI-UPDATE!
Here’s everything that changed in the New MINI-UPDATE in Modern Warfare & WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down all the changes that just came to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE via the new MINI UPDATE! Modern Warfare got another new update today in the form of a smaller game settings change and it brought a handful of new things to the game including new game modes in multiplayer, the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in the store, a playlist refresh in WARZONE, and even more. Plus we also got the final Games of Summer Event update adding in the last trials course to complete. So COD MW and Warzone both have the Games of Summer tasks available until September 7th and you can earn some exclusive blueprints and other rewards from that!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Another Tuesday, another Update, another night of Tacos. That's just how it goes. Thanks for tuning in!

    • Rolie Gonzalez
      Rolie Gonzalez

      Are they adding zombies I heard they were gonna do that soon

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      asher ninal

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    Kam Sandhu

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    • Kam Sandhu
      Kam Sandhu

      @WhosImmortal you have the advantages of a computer. Because technically you're on pc but use a controller. So you get all the extra settings that pc players benefit from but some benefits of controller like aim assist as well

    • WhosImmortal

      @Kam Sandhu Im just more comfortable on controller, but I think you have higher potential with KB+M

    • Kam Sandhu
      Kam Sandhu

      @WhosImmortal do you reckon playing controller on pc like you gives a big advantage compared to controller on console. Because of fov, shaders, advanced graphics settings etc..

    • WhosImmortal

      @Kam Sandhu No idea honestly lol

    • Kam Sandhu
      Kam Sandhu

      @WhosImmortal if it's always been broke, is it actually broke? Or is it just normal.

  • JR - 08HL 839691 Ross Drive PS
    JR - 08HL 839691 Ross Drive PS

    But you all ways get me through it ❤️

  • JR - 08HL 839691 Ross Drive PS
    JR - 08HL 839691 Ross Drive PS

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      JR - 08HL 839691 Ross Drive PS

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  • Hakan Ugur
    Hakan Ugur

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      Samurai GabeV5

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      Samurai GabeV5

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    Incorrect loot lol, I got 44K cash in 5 minutes of looting

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    Stephen Wysong

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    Can some1 please tell me what time the cod games of summer will end on September 7th my internet is out and waiting on tech to come out please let me know only gotta do 1 more trial

  • Hugo GTZ
    Hugo GTZ

    When will multiplayer come out for free weekends

  • ClaspingMedal84

    Kawaii Cat is a trash bundle. Yet everyone was hyped for it smh

  • SgtYouis

    Dang I didn't even notice you posted, it was like a minute after your last vid

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  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    Is it just me or have we been getting alot of Ghost throwbacks lately?

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    Pete & Pete

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    Garrett Bennicas

    Why the hell would anyone what that Cat skin?

  • whospoppin that what its called
    whospoppin that what its called

    Whosimmortal whats your username on ps4 it wont let me play cod so could we play fortnite

  • Zachary Lash
    Zachary Lash

    Anyone else experiencing failing trophy systems lately?

  • Hellwolvzzz

    Search and rescue, brings back old memories.

  • Justin He
    Justin He

    0:31 grau is so fucking ass literally idk why people use it

  • Chris

    Talon and Wyatt operator challenges were not tracking they fixed it.

  • iain forrester
    iain forrester

    I’m late but I’m sure u can forgive me and if u do can I get first

    • WhosImmortal

  • M Duggy
    M Duggy

    Still waiting for ghillie suit ghost in the “beyond the pale” bundle

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    Champion Waseem

    Wow please give me skin ☹️

  • Ahmed Ayman
    Ahmed Ayman

    Bring back warzobe rumble❤❤. Like if you want rumble to come back.

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis Kristensen

    Another great video! Thanks for always pushing the info! Are you rocking the Grau in warzone again?

    • WhosImmortal

      here and there :)

  • LongshotS259

    Anyone else having trouble with the 5 kill streaks Wyatt challenge?

  • Haddon Donaghue
    Haddon Donaghue

    Do you still enjoy the Grau as well Immortal? I don’t see many other controller players rocking it anymore. Good to see haha

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah its still decent :)

  • MuddersGoneWild

    Got all 5 Gold Medals on the Summer Games, got the new Bruen Blueprint by beating the Tournament and got all my rifles, pistols, shotguns and lmgs to Demascus. Season 5 feelin' accomplished 😎

  • LT FaMiLYy
    LT FaMiLYy

    Should have done bare bones ground war.

  • Dshizznit916

    How have they not fixed the heartbeat monitor glitch?

  • GamingSpider 115
    GamingSpider 115

    7:10 what about players can’t connect to Plunder. Having issue trying to connect and work on crappy Officer Rank challenge

  • Axe Baxe
    Axe Baxe

    Talon skin challenge 3 is also still bugged. ALSO the season 4 second week intel mission (first coin mission at storage) is also bugged! I have reported this bug so many times, but they never made a "ticket" to fix this issue

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable

    Only if I wasn’t poor

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    Porter Flinn

    Just commenting to get the number of comments past 666 😅 Hey. Hi. How ya doin?

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    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Meow Mara

  • Aedelion Aeraldes
    Aedelion Aeraldes

    You guys think they gonna release a season 6? I got 1000 cod points burning a hole in my pocket lol

  • Interviolet

    Lol I got the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle it's fun and goes well with the colourful weapon blueprints and calling cards I've had ^-X

  • Alexandru Falaus
    Alexandru Falaus


    • WhosImmortal

      sup :)

  • Jacob Maynard
    Jacob Maynard

    If anyone can help me with the tournament that would be amazing🙂My controller won't charge so I'm on mouse and keyboard and I'm not as good.


    Anyone else get all 5 gold medals and not get the grau?

  • Shourya Singh
    Shourya Singh

    Other COD UZloadrs: Another broken gun Immortal: Hey, hi, how ya doing

  • Risqie kahzii
    Risqie kahzii

    How long do bundles stay in the shop???


    Bruh do u play with subs,I want u to help me on tournament trios on Saturday 7pm aest 300 doll price pool, that's a lot of money for me please I've always been ur biggest supporter hope u help me I just have one team I rely on u plse plse plse Yours truly Biggest fan Nihil




      U can text me on dicord Nihilgamer26

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    Thx have a nice day men

    • WhosImmortal

      You too

  • Arjun Sawant
    Arjun Sawant

    What gun should i put with my mp5?

  • Dr.FireDragon

    can you make a video on best warzone classes

    • Dr.FireDragon

      @WhosImmortal ok

    • WhosImmortal

      just did one a few days ago :)

  • Fake_Siege

    I've been waiting for the Kawaii Cat bundle for a really, really long time. Happy it's finally here

  • chomp devil
    chomp devil

    I am gonna do again what’s never been done before. WhoIsImmortal hey, hi, how are you doing?

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  • OMERTA-9

    Mini update 🤯🤯 bruh my shit is literally 96.084 Gb

  • Zballman

    I love your content bro Activision is Trippin to not give you a code

  • Ariel Zelada
    Ariel Zelada

    All I need is a couple of ground based kill streaks with the RPG and Strela and I'll have damascus!! 😎

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    Can they please put mini royale back 🥺

  • _BLUU_

    Am I the only one that wants a new skin bundle for Alex?

  • D515

    You guys having a long time connecting in warzone? My internet is just fine

  • alpham777

    I got to hand it to IW they kept me hooked for a whole year bugs aside It's been a blast. Gunsmith it particular since I'm a RL gun nut it's been a lot of fun building my dream rifles even if they are not the most effective.

  • Droutsy

    What’s that grou class your using in your warzone gameplay?

  • Quentin

    Always awesome videos man! You da best!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate it!

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    There is a new gun for the Contraband Contract. Its a green kar98

    • WhosImmortal

      indeed there is!

  • Rixturax Athest Xygaz Lephisto
    Rixturax Athest Xygaz Lephisto

    I hate the pistol gun challenges it where you have to kill enemies crouch .______. Is easy for other guns (not shotgun) because you can just make a slide kill that counts as crouch kill.

  • Lawrence Wood
    Lawrence Wood

    Search and rescue is actually not tags. It’s hold square for example to revive teammates . Takes about 6 seconds. Which if they died in an open lane were a sniper is waiting Well good luck 😂😂😂

  • ChuteU2

    I completed Damascus on all weapons, got obsidian on mp5, bizon and rpg, also did the challenge for dragon’s breath on the R90, time to enjoy playing without having to get camo for this or that 🤜💥

  • Leigh Winter
    Leigh Winter

    Just been on warzone quads and there was a juggernaut drop is this a secret twist theyve added in

  • Usman

    The only update needed is to catch and ban all the cheaters ruining the game

  • Catch_u_reloadn

    Does anybody else feel like the Kali sticks and the kadachi swords have been nerfed?

  • Catch_u_reloadn

    Does anybody else feel like the Kali sticks and the kadachi swords have been nerfed?

  • Artemis XO
    Artemis XO

    huh, the dragons breath challenge worked for me. i think that ak glitch basically confirms that the mp5 change was intended

  • Ethanwinter96

    Thanks for the video Zac, always helps watching your content!

  • enocloke24

    You should actually show the new skins and guns, just a thought. Like in preview mode

  • asher ninal
    asher ninal

    this guy should be on 1m subs.. lets go ! my squad subs with this guy :) dont worry mate.. haha

  • carlos saenz
    carlos saenz

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but I finished the games of summer with all gold and I still don’t get my Grau blueprint

  • Samuel Montoya
    Samuel Montoya

    Did the snake shots get a SLIGHT buff?

  • Romario 007
    Romario 007

    Sensitivity ?

    • Romario 007
      Romario 007

      Dynamic ? Standard ? Linear ?

    • WhosImmortal

      8-7 :)

  • HS King T3RROR
    HS King T3RROR

    Hey immortal do.u know if their new ban sweep is going to include strikepack controller mods or no? I feel like SO many ppl are abusing them lately

    • HS King T3RROR
      HS King T3RROR

      @WhosImmortal yeah it's getting ridiculous

    • WhosImmortal

      they dont specify ban criteria

  • Yezzy

    What’s immortals mp5 class?

  • Luke Tabone
    Luke Tabone

    We need a code immortal! Hope you get it soon


    Are they ever gona fix the heart beat sensor bug ? (Fist heart beat use of the match causes a 4 second freeze).


    Yo Zach my bad I haven't been here to give you your crown, by the way the king 👑. Damn I wish I could get the mara pack it's so cool. Greats vids as always.

  • Rob Clements
    Rob Clements

    If anyone should have a code it is you brother! You give the BEST updates handsdown, straight to the point as it should be.

    • WhosImmortal

      hopefully soon!

  • Kangadreww

    I got the r90 ammo in a game?

  • harry pattinson
    harry pattinson

    Wish I could play this without constant packet loss lag


    Shoot the Ship is the best thing that's happened to Modern warfare

  • Q5Grafx

    what do you mean next season the game ends in 4 weeks

  • MonsTee

    4:51 youre a good man . thank you

  • Henry Vargas
    Henry Vargas

    If they want me to buy Mara skins she better be in lingerie

  • Taylor Crank
    Taylor Crank

    If your reading this Zach, your the best you tuber and most underrated youtuber, you should be at 1 mil by now

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks man

  • Sean Matthias
    Sean Matthias

    What about Dev Error 6068???

  • John Saunders
    John Saunders

    Double xp on my birthday thanks cod

  • connor martin
    connor martin

    Why were gulag weapons not changed? I’m so sick of this lottery BS with shotguns

    • WhosImmortal

      I think it happens on Wednesdays

  • Ryan Stanberry
    Ryan Stanberry

    i just wanted drop zone

  • TenAfter7

    Did anyone else lose interest after getting damascus...? Obsidian is too much of a grind and not even that great looking... im bored and don't even have motivation to finish levling for season 5

  • White._.Phosphorus

    I got the galil and Kar 98 obsidian, are you proud of me? 😁

    • WhosImmortal

      nice :D

  • Jelco Vuijk
    Jelco Vuijk

    Am I the only one that can’t pick up the intel under the airport in warzone?

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet

    One of the worst weekly playlist updates

  • Cali 96
    Cali 96

    Anyone rockin' damascus rocks yet?