Here's the TOP 5 BEST LOADOUTS to use in Call of Duty WARZONE right now!
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In this video, we're breaking down the TOP 5 BEST LOADOUTS to use in Call of Duty WARZONE! We've seen a lot of really good weapons and loadouts come and go in COD WARZONE so far this year, but now in Season 6 the meta has really grown and expanded a ton, meaning the top 5 loadouts aren't necessarily what we've seen all year so far. This video includes the Best Warzone Loadouts and Best Setups for weapons like the Kilo 141, the M4A1, the Mp7, & more!
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  • WhosImmortal

    What's your current go to loadout in Warzone? Thanks for tuning in!

    • Brandey Coleman
      Brandey Coleman

      Spr and m13

    • skylar jensen
      skylar jensen

      M13 hdr

    • Adam Kovalov
      Adam Kovalov

      Definetly CR56 and MP5

    • Elmehnex

      @Huzaiffa Junejo wtf is r700

    • Noah Bünger
      Noah Bünger

      How does he have six atatchments

  • I Duco
    I Duco

    so warzone have zombie mode?

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    PKM with 200 ammo is the best because you never have to reload which makes the difference in a lot of battles!

  • Sohaan Ramnarain
    Sohaan Ramnarain

    Thank you so much

  • Papi Pali
    Papi Pali

    Thanks.Really awsome :)

  • Arda Torgut
    Arda Torgut

    also try AX-50 with m13. search up the best attachments on yt and you’ll find what i used

  • SageVibezz Z
    SageVibezz Z

    So I tried ak47 it op

  • Nícolas Marques Faria
    Nícolas Marques Faria

    where's the ram-7? deslike

  • Luke 078
    Luke 078

    M13 squad where ya at

  • Victor Patrascu
    Victor Patrascu

    Immortal: nah I have Damascus. Me: I barely have golden knife

  • rey7gamer

    Lets all be honest here.... Monolithic is the best with almost every gun in warzone.



  • Dzvid FN
    Dzvid FN

    My Top 5 Loadouts! 5. Ram-7 4.MP5 3. M4 2. CR-56 AMAX 1. R9 Shotgun 1. Kilo 141

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch

    Do u hate M13? many people do and it pisses me off but they dont know its a beam

  • Sonny Koufax
    Sonny Koufax

    Is it STIP-pled or STY-pled? I think stippled

    • WhosImmortal

      Stih-pulled :)

  • Bryan Ho
    Bryan Ho

    I feel like the ram7 and m4 should have been in the first and second place range


    In my opinion for the M4 the M16 grenadier barrel is better

  • Mikaylan Kunnie
    Mikaylan Kunnie

    Imma start using mp7 kar98

  • Grayson Fane
    Grayson Fane

    M13 and Spr or Grau and Mp7

  • slushee

    What was the gun Loadout used in the clip at the start

  • Blitz the First
    Blitz the First

    The #1 class slaps


    Wow no.1 is my loudout lol. Mate it makes a great smg too.

  • TWG Oak
    TWG Oak

    Yo idk what the Kar or car it a sniper or Marksman rifle?

    • WhosImmortal

      marksman rifle :)

  • Baseballbrady5

    What Camo is that

  • Ryder Allen
    Ryder Allen

    I like the Grau with the VLK, monolithic, FSS Blackjack stock, FSS Nexus barrel, and the commando foregrip. I will also use an mp5 or a kilo along with it. Imma try out that kilo and mp5 loadout tho.

  • Yannick Simard
    Yannick Simard

    Your video or goood as f***

  • Botond Kertesz
    Botond Kertesz

    I think the fal of the mp7 is the best loadout with heartbeat sensor and for a secondary deagle

  • Joey Price
    Joey Price

    I exclusively use the kilo and mp5

  • G money
    G money

    Bro just go to pluder and get 3 melees kills with the kilo 10 times and u get a amex way better than kilo👍

  • Sm1th _TheMyth
    Sm1th _TheMyth

    Kilo fan since day 1 of modern warfare. So happy to see it get the number 1 spot in one of your videos.

  • Thee 8thWonder
    Thee 8thWonder

    My m4 has half of those available attachments. I can’t change the grip tape or magazine size. It’s maxed out as well so idk

  • Stay chill Maťo
    Stay chill Maťo

    Hi iam new in warzone and I wanted to know how to get that blueprint what he have 5:07

    • dottooxd

      Damascus camo, you need to unlock EVERY camo for EVERY weapon

  • Shelby Howell
    Shelby Howell

    I use a kilo with 100 rounds and it goes crazy. You can literally wipe a whole trio with one clip

  • Caleb Reid
    Caleb Reid

    I love this channel. I have been played the game much in awhile, jyst realizing the grau got patched. I was wondeing why it was so off.

  • Not FLIXX
    Not FLIXX

    Try the cr56 amax and with these attachments Compensator Zodiac barrel Commando grip Rubberised grip or stippled And 45 round mags 👍👍🔥🔥

  • DanForces24

    How can i level up the weapons fast?

  • banana lover
    banana lover

    I use the famas in this and a shot gun or a burst pistol and a shoty

  • Eros Lopez
    Eros Lopez

    I got a dub with that m4a1

  • Crypt_maaz Ali
    Crypt_maaz Ali

    M13 with AX_50

  • Among Comrades
    Among Comrades

    “ after you master the recoil”, it basically goes only up and barely kickes to the left

  • Omar Shah
    Omar Shah

    Bro you seriously don’t need the ground you don’t prefer the ground do you so bad everyone knows the grout is such a good girl just because you’re new doesn’t mean it’s bad how dumb are you I can just go to building coil and some damage taken away and that’s it it’s not like I got all the chapters in order to record taken away bro I want some stupid nowadays😒😒😡😡😡

  • Rayyan Rahman
    Rayyan Rahman

    Haven’t played war zone for a long time so am behind the meta ty this helped

  • James Howlett
    James Howlett

    tnx! nice info!

  • Caleb Reid
    Caleb Reid

    I love it, my girlfriend and friend are about to have this game again. I can't wait to play, I am getting ready. I love you being this down to earth.

    • Josh Storie
      Josh Storie

      Sounds like a gay love crush

  • Jalen Dukes
    Jalen Dukes

    I have to say this men I love your videos you been helping me out a lotttttt 😁 thxs bro love ya 💕

  • Hector Reyes
    Hector Reyes

    Subscribed and turned on notification. Love me !!!

    • WhosImmortal

  • Mwade 12
    Mwade 12

    Once again the monolithic suppressor 😂 Also just subbed

  • The King
    The King

    I use your kilo loadout but just different secondary, it will decrease your movement speed but tbh m13 with the short barrel is automatic at cqc

  • g1gg13s

    I go ram 7 and mp5

  • Bryant Huesca
    Bryant Huesca

    Me over here with low level guns


    Dude thank you so much I’m gonna sub.


      Your welcome

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!

  • Kenyatta Legrand
    Kenyatta Legrand

    Has the kilo got nerfed yet

  • Royal Perona
    Royal Perona

    For the mp7 take off the mag size and use no stock, it adds to mobility and makes you faster and more deaply The m4 switching the mag to the 10 round makes it faster kdr but you have to watch your shots to make sure you get your hits.

  • H C
    H C

    4:53 when you need to hit 1500 words on your essay

    • Victor Mancera
      Victor Mancera

      Hahah lmaooooo

  • Ivan The Russian
    Ivan The Russian

    I'm currently running with the as val and spr 208

  • Mom’s Spaghetti
    Mom’s Spaghetti

    Why didnt he mention the M13. That gun is a straight laser and it shoots fast.

  • Russell White
    Russell White

    I like to find a half decent smg, assult or lmg at the start then get my sniper loadout, clap and spray... clap and spray and always run amped. Then get your secondary (i like mp5, mp7, m4 or kilo, depending on the situation). I use your m4 loadout but with the tac laser and...gasp... no stippy grippy.

  • Christian murrieta
    Christian murrieta

    What is the other weapon that you have with the pkm

  • Armando Alvarado
    Armando Alvarado

    What blueprint is the red shotgun

  • Armando Alvarado
    Armando Alvarado

    What is the optic called for the blue dot 🔵

  • Osvaldo Parra
    Osvaldo Parra

    X max is better

  • Arusharko Bhattacharya
    Arusharko Bhattacharya

    It looks like you have recoil mods cause it doesent bounce around at all and I'm pretty sure you can't do that even if you have perfect recoil control

    • Arusharko Bhattacharya
      Arusharko Bhattacharya

      At least that's what it seems like to me

    • Arusharko Bhattacharya
      Arusharko Bhattacharya

      No what I'm saying is that the amax when you put a scope on it it will bounce around whether or not you can control it

    • WhosImmortal

      my dude, there's this whole thing called "predictive recoil." I made an entire video about it and it's literally the easiest system to learn lol

  • Omgitsolivia191

    I’m kinda new but how do you make your secondary weapon a rifle

    • WhosImmortal

      overkill :)

  • Brayden Legendre
    Brayden Legendre

    Dude no joke I’ve litterly never saw better graphics for war zone in my life

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi

    Bruh I can’t sub :(

  • Chris Woo
    Chris Woo

    I get outgunned when I'm using the AMAX even if I'm aiming for upper chest/head. I've been outgunned by AN-94s while I was using AMAX. Not sure what's up with that gun.

  • José Ortiz
    José Ortiz

    Jajajaaj, Si, tienes toda la razón, son las armas mas utilizadas por la comunidad, al igual que yo, Saludos!! "/

  • Phil S.
    Phil S.

    For the Amax, change the reticle in the VLK optic to T-Pose. I don’t know why, but the recoil is so much easier to control.

  • Daryoush Nekooi
    Daryoush Nekooi

    Fantastic video man! GG really informative and concise at the same time ;)

  • Ian Moore
    Ian Moore

    All i want is a 75r drum for the AMAX

  • yeet mann
    yeet mann

    Good job on 600k I just subbed love to vid

    • WhosImmortal

  • DrUndertaker

    ISO and NV FAL, if you have a fast trigger finger can shoot very fast and damage added.

  • Cric D
    Cric D

    Thanks for the video very informative only starting off so it helps a lot lol .. liked and subbed 👍

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for the sub!

  • RedIceTea

    Are we gonna just ignore how he just run into 2 proximity mine near a loot box lololololol

  • Tosun Bey
    Tosun Bey

    just getting in warzone on pc my 16gb ram comes today im so exited 8gb ram is imposible to game on

  • Eraser Traceur
    Eraser Traceur

    Yeah but giving up ghost for an extra weapon isn't worth it. I just pick up a sub machine gun after ghost loadout drop comes down. Comes with an RPG for haters.

  • JayGoCrazy

    I’m stealing yo loadouts 😂🖐

  • シK_freezy2シ

    Can you run gi mini reflex with the kilo?

  • KoKaxQ

    GG bro

  • Roman Rizzo
    Roman Rizzo

    The Finn is underrated

  • Idk_Joey

    What do you think about the as Val smg?

    • Idk_Joey

      @WhosImmortal that’s what I was thinking cause I did not know if I should use that instead of the mp5

    • WhosImmortal

      its solid, but the fact that it shares AR ammo is a drawback

  • Inzimam Islam
    Inzimam Islam

    Spr better than kar

  • Sunammi I
    Sunammi I

    So this video got viral

  • Klyde L
    Klyde L

    I’m getting my first gfuel eny tips

    • WhosImmortal

      Hype sauce, watermelon and starfruit are all bangers!

  • TypicalGamer69

    im new in season 4 used kilo and a deagle but now i use a grau (with the monolithic suppresor ofcourse) and a mp7

  • Günni Pipette
    Günni Pipette

    whats about the spr?

  • Mugbone22

    Gotta say m13 is very underrated. Probably better than any other assault rifle. Accurate and hits hard. I can a always tell when I'm being hit by it. Screen shakes so much.

  • Dead Gunner
    Dead Gunner

    Love the mp7 skin man

  • Flure


  • Totally Tech Tips
    Totally Tech Tips

    cant wait to see what the cold war integration has in store

  • AquaWing

    For the kar loadout can we replace that for the SP R?

  • Cyborg 86
    Cyborg 86

    The loadouts are great but that falling air snipe was nasty 3:04 i use Kilo and Ax50 with similar set up and it works.

  • Deaven Snyder
    Deaven Snyder

    Just found you. Great video. You helped me

    • WhosImmortal

      Glad I could help!

  • Marshall Christus
    Marshall Christus

    Use a rear grip not a laser on pkm I’ve been using that load out for almost forever and it’s wayyyyy better.


    Jus realized i wasnt subbed im disapointed im myself😔


      @WhosImmortal I did

    • WhosImmortal

      we should fix that ;)

  • SomeDude Unknown
    SomeDude Unknown


  • Ummata Yadetta
    Ummata Yadetta

    He has the same skin on almost every gun :/

    • Faizan Syed
      Faizan Syed

      He uses the Damascus skin which is the skin you get for all guns if you get the gold skin for all guns. And you get the gold skin by getting all the grindable camos on a gun

  • JᎾνᎥᏓᏓΞφи

    i would switch the R9-0 with the MP5 but thats just me

  • SweZz F1sh39
    SweZz F1sh39

    i run Ram-7 and Kar98K

  • Dante Tumolo
    Dante Tumolo

    I use amax mp5 and kilo mp5

  • A

    Is corvus better than the m16 barrel?

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