Modern Warfare: The 11 RAREST ITEMS You Can Have! (SEASON 6)
Here's the RAREST ITEMS you can own in Season 6 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down the RAREST ITEMS you can own here in Season 6 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE! Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE are well into Season 6 and as always with each new season, there's multiple new RARE ITEMS to unlock for your account. This includes new Rare blueprint, new rare rewards, in game items, & more! All these items are available in COD MW and COD WARZONE, meaning all players can access them and unlock them to have available moving forward!

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  • WhosImmortal

    How many of these items do you guys currently have? Thanks for tuning in!

    • bogdan done
      bogdan done

      i have the firebrand blueprint

    • Memes69

      @VARIANT 1 i got bay of pigs

    • iTz_Slink8037

      Firebrand: Check Nikolai: Well, I still need to buy the Season Pass :( 155 Blueprint: I'm 155 but I still need to complete it idk lol Bay of Pigs: Check Mako vehicle skin: Check That's it

    • shdussi boss
      shdussi boss

      The combat pack is in the franchise store

    • Rush The Dog
      Rush The Dog

      1 the Bay of pigs blueprint

  • fellthekiller gaming
    fellthekiller gaming

    For bay of pigs I never found woods and still got it

  • Gamers RISING
    Gamers RISING

    I dont know how but i got the firebrand for or something???

  • AbaddonDaVinci

    Well dang. I didn’t get the Red Death skin. The other stuff, yes. Apparently I got Jailbird instead?

  • Leila Quirke
    Leila Quirke

    is it just me or when he says "hey hi" he sounds like deadpool

  • Erik and Toby
    Erik and Toby

    Lmao I remember I was playing with my friends and we got foresight then we got our loud out and camped at final circle then we just killed everyone and won I know it’s a dick move but it is what it is

  • Juliano Bondan
    Juliano Bondan

    You just have to get there and find the gun on the table to get it permanently?

  • Billy Gil Music
    Billy Gil Music

    dude you are amazing! I was wondering the other day about all of those free blueprints and how to get them before season 6 ends in about 2 weeks. tysm 🙌

  • Daniel Talash
    Daniel Talash

    If you want to get the s6 combat pack you have to go to the franchise store section of the store and you will find it in the bottom

  • nina deaton
    nina deaton

    I did bay of pigs 5 times didnt fail once and didn't get another blueprint

  • Doritos nacho cheese
    Doritos nacho cheese

    i got the foresight today and wow

  • Cree Smith
    Cree Smith

    I picked up the firebrand and the tac rover skin after watching this!

  • Baby Patrick
    Baby Patrick

    What foreskinsight

  • Stormmv

    i have firebrand and idek how i got it lol i just have it ;-;

  • DRiP REX
    DRiP REX

    I just got 106 kills on shipment

  • Cascade Flogs
    Cascade Flogs

    NGL I thought the thumb nail tablet said foreskin

  • AreoNova

    You forgot to add the pawn takes pawn ak

    • AreoNova

      @WhosImmortal well if u ever make another one of these videos u could add that

    • AreoNova

      @WhosImmortal oh

    • WhosImmortal

      wasnt out when I made the vid :)

  • Commander Ungarr
    Commander Ungarr

    contraband blueprints?

  • Laraine O'Donovan
    Laraine O'Donovan

    I found foresight and specialist both in red access card bunkers ??

  • Thanks for checking in I’m still a Piece of garbage
    Thanks for checking in I’m still a Piece of garbage

    I got two red cards I one chest I was hyped I went to vault 11 and 3 I had the best loot

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    The firebrand looks like a nerf gun

  • Brotherbunks

    The specialist bonus is also in the standard bunkers I've gotten it almost everytime I open one up

  • Cough It Up
    Cough It Up

    They need a permanent UAV perk.

  • HUGE Conag Gaming
    HUGE Conag Gaming


  • Call of duty 90909 The second
    Call of duty 90909 The second

    I had online school on the day of the Cold War event I skipped it just to play it

  • I Suream
    I Suream

    I found specialists bonus in prison buker once

  • Childish

    I mean I found the foresight thing twice so I’m just to good

  • TH30M3GAW33B _
    TH30M3GAW33B _

    I found foresight in plunder and I was so mad

  • fried _potato13
    fried _potato13


  • Dharmil Mehta
    Dharmil Mehta

    is firebrand blueprint easter egg still available?

  • sam henkel
    sam henkel

    I’m on xbox and I have the red death pack

  • RETRO 1X
    RETRO 1X

    If red death is what I think it is you could buy it awhile ago on every platform because I have it and I play on pc

  • Jacob

    update you can get the specilest bonus from a bunker very rare chance but you can

  • Island boy Production
    Island boy Production

    I found the foresight but it didn’t allow me to pick it up

  • iTz_Slink8037

    Well, i didn't knew that you could get a f'ng Minigun on the Gulag but yeah, it also made me think about a funny situation: Imagine being a gulag prisoner and then (just fighting for your freedom is strange) the guard come and give you a Minigun to fight against another guy with another Minigun lol

  • Bradley Sublett
    Bradley Sublett

    Im proud of my bay of pigs blueprint, im glad i got it

  • Adam O'Hare
    Adam O'Hare

    God, the Bunker and Train Blueprints are so hard to get..

  • Deli Plays
    Deli Plays

    It’s annoying that PS4 users are always favorited and get their own items it is not fair

    • Deli Plays
      Deli Plays

      @Squid Cena get a gay station? I’m good

  • RBGmike

    I have the fire brand but the recoil is bad on it. Other than that it’s a great weapon

  • Dan D
    Dan D

    "Hey Hi How ya doing?" I have tried to enter the pawntakespawn rover skin codes, on the said site. It says it is "not found" any resolution to this?

    • Not The Imposter
      Not The Imposter

      It should be

  • Die Kommunistische Kiwi
    Die Kommunistische Kiwi

    wait i have the rodion red death skin and I'm only on xbox, I bought it in season 5

  • Bigbot232

    I literaly have the red death skin from the 1400 cod point pack

  • Xx_-gamerkid-_xX

    Can u put a website link an pin the comment @WhosImmortal

  • Macgyver 82
    Macgyver 82

    @Immortal u dont get the Red death rodion in the combat pack in season six you have to buy it the charakter is an other one

  • Macgyver 82
    Macgyver 82

    Why did i dont get the 155 rank AUG variant i was on level 155

    • Matias Cortes
      Matias Cortes

      Like rank 155 this season or last season

  • jxst1ce xoxo
    jxst1ce xoxo

    Bruh are you joking i bought rodion's red death with real bucks and IW decided to make it free for PS4?

  • Master Virus Gaming
    Master Virus Gaming

    I am 155 and I don't get the super clutch ???????

    • Master Virus Gaming
      Master Virus Gaming


  • Voidzer

    Ive found the specialist perk in red keycard bunkers

  • Alexander Bushell
    Alexander Bushell

    I have made a conscious decision to not go for the emblem this season. I’ve gotten season 3, 4 & 5 but this one is just ugly

  • Alan Balicki
    Alan Balicki

    Yesterday I found a loadout marker in a bunker near the lake beside military base. Great stuff.

  • Blauwal YT
    Blauwal YT

    What about the War machine?

  • leatherface296

    I got mud drauber and firebrand bruen

  • Undying 117
    Undying 117

    Can anyone send me the link to pawntakespawn ?

  • IGGV

    I got a specialist bonus from one of the red card bunkers.

  • Logan Hayes
    Logan Hayes

    I attempted to get the "Bay of pigs" variant but all the trolls that camped the locations made it impossible and then the time limit was not long enough and ended up screwing me for it.

  • Quentin Fleming
    Quentin Fleming

    You can find juggernaut, foresight, specialist bonus, etc in red access bunkers its just rare

  • Connor Tatz
    Connor Tatz

    I’ve done the subway Easter egg with my friends several times. Took us hours to get it the first time and another hour or two to get used to it, but now that’s our go to if the circle is right and we get it about 70% of the time. Unless you enjoy the Bruen and don’t have a blueprint for it it’s not worth the time it takes to get it down

  • Peter Yeo
    Peter Yeo

    I found foresight and it led me to a 14 kill dub.

  • meehoy meenoy
    meehoy meenoy

    Found foresight in a bunker without knowing it existed. It was a pleasant surprise.

  • PolyPython

    That Red Death PS+ pack isnt out yet but it looks like it’ll be dropping on the 21st of October because that’s when the current PS+ pack leaves HYPE

  • Filip Perry
    Filip Perry

    Why are my officer tabs pink and not orange?

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    I got that for skin one in a bunker in plunder but It was plunder I could not even pick it up

  • TonyTheTyrant

    I got that foresight in freaking plunder They need to fix that crap along with getting a loadout drop in plunder too

  • Yogendra Singh
    Yogendra Singh

    I got a red access card, is it rare?

    • Yogendra Singh
      Yogendra Singh

      I have the screenshot on my ps4

    • Yogendra Singh
      Yogendra Singh

      I think it said red intel access card

  • iClxdzz

    The red death skin is already apart of the darkness falls bundle tho

  • juicy gamer
    juicy gamer

    I found that foresight but couldnt pick it up

  • Prod By VD
    Prod By VD

    hey can we have a link for the pawn takes pawn website

  • Ren Cardenas
    Ren Cardenas

    What about the "Bat out of hell" contraband?

  • Barak Bar-David
    Barak Bar-David

    5:42 is that real?????

    • WhosImmortal


  • Barak Bar-David
    Barak Bar-David

    I got the circle thing

  • BEPIS Boi
    BEPIS Boi

    Dude i got the notification that i got it, and it even showed me it, got it because of rank 155 from season 5, and didnt get the blueprint because of a bug

    • WhosImmortal


  • YardieSean

    I’ve found the foresight killstreak before

  • D e D
    D e D

    The only one I got is bay of pigs And I don’t even got enough money to pre-order the next game

  • Shawn Pratt
    Shawn Pratt

    cant get the pawntakespawn to work

  • Tim Couch
    Tim Couch

    You forgot the( bat out of hell ) Ran across it last night in war zone and it literally is a batt out of hell it's a sweet ass weapon

  • Niall Moriarty
    Niall Moriarty

    I got a ultra uav 3 in 1

  • REN 006
    REN 006

    15k to go come on!

  • Leosteel1

    the pawn takes pawn site ain't workin fam , when I submit it says not found

  • Super Vegeta
    Super Vegeta


  • KoolKid Al
    KoolKid Al

    Can you give me the pawn takes pawn pink please

  • Y_P_One

    You know what we should all do, lets go get some coffie! Jk, ofcourse, i LOVE you channle my dude, keep it up. I wish you'll have 1,000,000,000 subs!!!

  • Reece Boudreaux
    Reece Boudreaux

    I got the firebrand bruen blueprint without doing the challenge

  • Sin

    I have found the Forsight. We killed an enemy team and one of the guys had it on them. We still didn’t win because my friends wouldn’t push up when we needed to.

  • king Carolus Rex
    king Carolus Rex

    I love your vids but please stop being cringey

    • king Carolus Rex
      king Carolus Rex

      @WhosImmortal your a pretty cool guy the intro tho

    • king Carolus Rex
      king Carolus Rex

      @WhosImmortal i don't mean to offend m8

    • WhosImmortal

      sorry, it's only human natural

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day 😇🥰⛪🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏿🙏🙏🏻🙏🏾

  • M. Armand
    M. Armand

    I found "Foresight" in a plunder game with the red key card in the bunker on the top right of the map

    • Sbarro Ball
      Sbarro Ball

      Thank you

  • Ivico

    took 5 days to do all officer rank missions in this season... GG

  • NoLife5220 OnXbox
    NoLife5220 OnXbox

    Guys I was going to check something in war zone and I ended up playing a 20min game while I was in class 😭😭

  • Sam C
    Sam C

    Found the foresight circle peek in the bunker near prison. Just as we were heading out we all got lasered from prison and died so couldn't use it to our advantage! 🤣

  • iccug_isaac

    where tf y’all find that bruen

  • M. Assad
    M. Assad

    How about the new contraband item?

  • Dave H
    Dave H

    Bunker 6 for foresight, found it in there every time

  • Quentin Frassin
    Quentin Frassin

    How do I get the pawntakespawn vehicle skin? I'm just wondering.

  • James Just
    James Just

    I’m loving the new Ghost skin with the Murdock M4

  • Vix_YT

    I need help with the Bruan ;((

  • REDD Romeo
    REDD Romeo

    what is your personal favorite operator skin on warzone? it can be any lol mine definitely the shadow company 3 for the allegiance mil-sim or the trooper skin for raines

  • Aflac _ducky
    Aflac _ducky

    But y not a link in 5:48

  • Jack Wozniak
    Jack Wozniak

    I paid for the rodion red death bundle and you're telling me I could of got it free on ps4.....

  • Andres Calderon
    Andres Calderon

    Bunker with key near prison as well will have the specialist bonus

  • Star swe4ty
    Star swe4ty

    I’ve found something called the durable gas mask