Here's EVERYTHING we learned from the BLACK OPS COLD WAR Multiplayer reveal!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we just learned from the BLACK OPS COLD WAR MULTIPLAYER REVEAL! today Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay was revealed and we learned a ton of new info from it. Not only do we get to see some of the Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Weapons, Streaks, Maps, Vehicles, & more, but we also learned more info about what to expect for COD BOCW Multiplayer throughout the year as well!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Black Ops Cold War MULTIPLAYER has *finally* been revealed! What are you guys thinking about it so far?

    • can we get 1k sub with my trash vid xf E
      can we get 1k sub with my trash vid xf E

      low grhapic


      @George agreed bro

    • Average Boi12
      Average Boi12

      Amazing I got to see Noahj play it

    • L0rdOfWolves

      RiptideGaming06 they react like the marksman rifles like in MW much more snappy and quicker ads times

    • richie mac
      richie mac

      Will there be a classic prestige mode return?

  • Nasty

    These are all ground war maps Miami is the only 6v6 map they showed

  • Marcus Gildore
    Marcus Gildore

    question: do we still need to download warzone in bocw even we already downloaded warzone in mw?

  • Nathan Herbert
    Nathan Herbert

    Since callofduty wants to merge warzone and coldwar, do you think mw camos will transfer to CW or CW camos transfer to warzone? Would be interesting!

    • WhosImmortal

      talking about this in today's first video ;)

  • Carlos Saldana
    Carlos Saldana

    No drop shots, ok. How about jump shots and bunny hop shots?

    • WhosImmortal

      will probably be a thing

  • Cdj Thg
    Cdj Thg

    I just don’t want them to add operators that look stupid with special gadgets that’s what kills these games for me.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Looks like a slight improvement to COD MOBILE

  • Timb3r Wolf
    Timb3r Wolf

    def gonna b a slower gamplay than mw19 but still looks good

  • Indomitus

    I’m not saying MW2019 is complicated (it’s not) but BOCW looks more simplified but has the same amount of flashiness. I’m hyped and I’ll gonna grind the fuck out of this game either way. Hopefully Zombies is awesome. Multiplayer looks decent and I’m pretty sure the Campaign will be great.

  • analog samurai
    analog samurai

    if it dont have viable noob tubes and a danger close style perk im not buying it. recent years noobtubes been nerfed too much

  • Ian Cueva
    Ian Cueva

    I just want a ranked playlist, Nuke Town, & Firing Range. I know summit is confirmed to be back but I f*cking hate that map 😂


    are they going to share the Camo waepons and all that between MW and Cold War?

    • WhosImmortal

      talking about this today ;)

  • scottray91

    Have you ever tried the narcon series? There another pro controller I love mine chunk of change but definitely worth it. Love your content too :)

  • Awesome Guy35
    Awesome Guy35

    I bought it and I cant play it yet.why cant I play??

  • Aman Malkani
    Aman Malkani

    Hey Immortal, do you plan on covering zombies info? I know it's not really your thing, your mainly on the multiplayer side, but I think it would cool if you talked about zombies stuff.

    • WhosImmortal

      not sure yet tbh


    This game is dumb AF. Never been using mount all too much but its a good system

  • Pigielok 832
    Pigielok 832

    Man I got lots of question about warzone now, would the gun play change to match cold war now? Would I still be able to use operators and weapons from MW within the cod cold war warzone? Would the dynamic of cold war weapons change to match MW or would it be the other way around. Jeez so much mystery

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    My only question is if i can use all my guns from previous game. That would mean i have two mp5s and ak47s. Hows this gonna work.

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    I am super hyped 😁😁😁😁😁😁. The game looks absolutely stunning , this will be a damn successful game. I am hyped af!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work TREYARCH!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • An Entitled Brat
    An Entitled Brat

    I fucking hate the gunsmith shit. Fucking annoying.

  • Darth Riley26
    Darth Riley26

    Life bar sucks

  • dre91x l
    dre91x l

    I cant wait it looks soo more slow gameplay and spawn mw2019

  • BabyyCarrot

    Will search and destroy be on Cold War

    • WhosImmortal


  • Enoch Jefferson
    Enoch Jefferson


  • Cody Lutes
    Cody Lutes

    I loved mounting in warzone, but hated it for camo challenges. It was great with the Galil since it has so much recoil at range.

  • OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
    OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

    I ordered my second scuf at the beginning of August. It says its estimated to ship in 4 days. But its still processing... i got the prestige for my xbox but since bocw im switching over to the ps4 mainly cause I'm gonna get the ps5. So I ordered an impact with digital triggers and bumpers. I cant wait for it to show up and I get into bocw on the 8th of October

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    I am absolutely stoked for Cold War! All new ways to camp!!!😂🤣

  • Whiskers 762
    Whiskers 762

    Not gonna mention your throwing lethal and tac wit your gun still up

  • Zach Chard
    Zach Chard

    I hope they don’t have c4 in thi.. 😶

  • Dylan deluxo
    Dylan deluxo

    love you man

  • Kane Kapak
    Kane Kapak

    I wonder if theres gonna be prestiges I hope so

    • WhosImmortal


  • S4FTY H4Z4RD
    S4FTY H4Z4RD

    Thx for advertising displates I bought 2 of them and they get a lot of compliments

    • WhosImmortal

      Nice man!

  • Squirrely

    School sucks I missed the reveal, day 34 of saying Yee Yee

  • Chris ViBeZ
    Chris ViBeZ

    excited and curious how nukes are gonna look

    • WhosImmortal

      likely wont be a physical nuke this year, treyarch games usually only have medals

  • Jamushu

    I'ma prolly attend the Cold War Party late. There's some things that I do kinda like; • Sniping looks really good • I always love seeing Scorestreaks • Wildcards are back *(Yes thank you.)* • And I love the Minimap and what's being done about Footsteps. That's about it. I don't really like the look of anything else especially how the Game looks, how the Gun sounds, and the Movement. They also gave no meaningful insight into how this transition for Warzone is gonna work and that scares me. Especially when most of the mechanics in MW aren't moving to CW. Overall I don't see myself going back to 1982 unless I see something that floors me this week.

  • E1evenChar1ie

    Happy that mounting is gone, those challenges in MW made me feel so campy, hated them

    • WhosImmortal


  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter

    What’s with all the fucking vehicles is this battlefield now

  • Zanes Dad
    Zanes Dad

    Looks bad imo, looks like another year of MW and I’m alright with that

  • QT

    Game looks absolutely horrible. MASSIVE step back in all aspects l. Modern Warfare will have more players than this game during 2020 guaranteed.

    • WhosImmortal

      @QT wouldnt make that assumption based off of alpha gameplay ;)

    • QT

      @WhosImmortal Won't matter imo. Game just won't hit the same level of success.

    • WhosImmortal

      Modern Warfare wont be getting content updates like this game will

  • MUS. K
    MUS. K

    The lighting and graphics were improved but the devs just decided to copy paste COD Mobile’s animations into the game. I HOPE IT IS JUST BECAUSE ITS AN ALPHA!!!

  • Tyler Makofsky
    Tyler Makofsky

    So I can still use the guns and camos from mw in warzone?

    • WhosImmortal

      i believe so

  • Dominic Howell
    Dominic Howell

    Games going to be sick


    I'm giving this a miss and sticking with Modern Warfare 👍


      @WhosImmortal I'm not against the game in general I'd just rather The Modern Warfare Call of Duty's better 👍

    • WhosImmortal

      wouldnt make a final decision just off an alpha ;)

  • Stediemobin

    I just want console FPS games to have a FOV option like pc 😂

    • WhosImmortal


  • The Supa Soka
    The Supa Soka

    I hope i’m tripping and that isn’t hit scan, otherwise I might have to stay with MW.

    • The Supa Soka
      The Supa Soka

      WhosImmortal ok good. I was gonna be disappointed if it was

    • WhosImmortal

      Its not hit scan

  • haroon miah
    haroon miah

    Vehicles in mp is fkin dumb

  • Argenis Perez
    Argenis Perez

    I just hope they bring back Firing range

  • perry theplatypuss
    perry theplatypuss

    Please let their be executions

  • Moaaz A.
    Moaaz A.

    Guns look like they're straight from a mobile game and movement mechanics look janky like sprint to fire and tossing nades and overall

  • Dylan Clarke
    Dylan Clarke

    Looks amazing. Cannot wait. Only thing I'm disappointed in is the gun sounds. Hopefully the sort that out! Otherwise I'm super excited.

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones

    You are the best of helping me learn more in the games

    • WhosImmortal

  • MW Streams
    MW Streams

    I'm grounded from my playstation until December, so i'm not excited for bo cold war reveal but at least the ps5 will be out when I have my playstation back. Thank you for the how ya doin, always gets me.

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Oooooh spicy. Not sold on the movement. Looks a touch stiff compared to MW but guess I won’t know for sure until I play it right. Does look pretty gnarly though. Pumped about the 80’s vibe and soundtrack 😏🌶

  • HBC ryke
    HBC ryke

    Zack you should try the scar for a gameplay, the thing is INSANE

  • hamood XP
    hamood XP

    The game is amazing but it's so expensive 😔😔

  • ShadowHawk92

    Can we please either nerf or get rid of the riot shield...

  • TheSlasher Boy
    TheSlasher Boy

    Any tips on how to get gold on launcher s the fastest and easiest way? Anyone help

  • Gucci Honcho
    Gucci Honcho

    300 gb guaranteed

  • Jake Neal
    Jake Neal

    Is it just me or does this look like a battlefield game with the veichles and everything

  • bini 28
    bini 28

    Bruh it’s legit using the Bo4 game engine 💀

  • Cama04

    I hope there is gunfight blueprints, its my favorite mode

  • IziLife

    Seriously im not sure ... mouvement look strange but its a alpha .... thx again men have a nice day!! I hope having some news about warzone next season and next game warzone soon . Sorry for my english its not my first language

  • Paul wrx Hupp
    Paul wrx Hupp


  • Jared Doyle
    Jared Doyle

    just buy pc

  • [Viper] Ghost 141
    [Viper] Ghost 141

    Immortal your the best youtuber ever

    • WhosImmortal


  • Reysiah

    Looks Awesome!!! 👍🏼🤟🏼

  • Watauva13

    Immortal,do you know of the game modes that are coming? And is Cyber Attack coming back?

  • Elias 07
    Elias 07

    I want the game so much but i cant afford it

  • Kasra

    How will warzone work, since black ops cold war has different mechanics?

  • Jackson Card
    Jackson Card

    Wawaweewa!! Its epic! Its a spicy meatball, with a mix of the seriousness of Modern Warfare and some of the playfulness of Treyarch, still maintaining that epic Call of Duty feel.

  • Apex 223
    Apex 223

    Are you using a gaming router like the XR 500 or an R2?

  • Johnathan Noel
    Johnathan Noel

    Who again get deja vu of ww 2

  • Willie MacDonald
    Willie MacDonald

    A bit disappointing for me personally, I liked the way modern warfare did it, the only reason I joined cod was because of its different take

    • Skept

      LJ no no I love the game but I feel it doesn’t exactly mean longer Ttk means less skill

    • LJ

      Fahim Ahmed Subjectively. For me, MW19 is the most fun I’ve had with CoD since MW2.

    • Fahim Ahmed
      Fahim Ahmed

      Gameplay-wise, it's objectively dogshit (even though I like playing it alot). No incentive to play the objective. However, it did extremely well in terms of visuals. Cold War seems to be vice-versa.

    • LJ

      Skept Longer TTK, zero recoil on guns, dead silence, simplistic map design. It’s just spray and pray. The new MW actually makes you think about your movement and location. It’s not for everyone, for sure.

    • Skept

      LJ how is it less skill don’t get me wrong I love MW but you die in two seconds and it’s campers galore

  • Let’s be Real
    Let’s be Real

    Me In war zone rocking with mp5 with other mp5

  • fbsk

    7:00 EAD drop shooters! HAHAH

  • TonyANBUu

    My question is will all the modernwarfare operator skins transfer to cold war game or at least some of them? Because i saw the operator list in the new game and it did not look that good they put woods in MW so i think they can put a few of our operator skins from MW in to Cold war

    • TonyANBUu

      WhosImmortal thanks for the reply that’s good news man because i have loads

    • WhosImmortal

      ATVI has said operators will transfer to Warzone

  • Steven Banfield
    Steven Banfield

    Another great video buddy. Do you know if Scuff will be producing a controller for the PS5?

    • Steven Banfield
      Steven Banfield

      Well, this is something I’ll have to keep my eyes open for and invest in. Thanks for replying man. Totally didn’t expect it. Keep up the good work man. Stay safe.

    • WhosImmortal

      They will be :)

  • Let’s be Real
    Let’s be Real

    If I pre order CW and canceled it. Would I still get wood operator?

  • Rory Ward
    Rory Ward

    anyone know anything about gunfight and if it will be in cold war?

  • WoWDontu

    It looks so bad that this will be the first CoD I don’t buy. I’ve never seen such recycled ideas. My hype meter never moved off zero at any point during this reveal which has never happened before. It’s disappointing to say the least. I loved the franchise, but it looks like they knew they couldn’t top MW, but had to produce “something” to sell. 2/10. At least Halo will be releasing next year Edit: I keep seeing people saying it looks sick, hype. What’s sick about it? What is the exciting? Other than it’s another CoD?

  • R C
    R C

    I came back to COD due to COD-MW but as it looks now my COD days will end again. It doesn't look good to me. I know it's an Alpha but it ships in like 8 weeks.

  • pot syrup
    pot syrup

    I took like 8 shits in the last hour

  • David Blott
    David Blott

    Is anyone concerned with the lack of maps or just me, apart from that it looks great

  • Ewan Smith
    Ewan Smith

    Honestly this looks more like battlefield than call of duty

    • Epsilon Xero
      Epsilon Xero

      I think it looks like a hybrid and, ngl, I'm kinda here for it.

  • Celio Cardoso
    Celio Cardoso

    MP looking sick!! And gunsmith is coming back

  • F

    The graphics are bland

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Not gonna lie i'm disapointed . Gameplay and animation looks old and disgusting . I'm waiting to see when it's release what's gonna be and how warzone gona transfer to it .

  • Billy Silva
    Billy Silva

    It's looking like call of duty is starting to morph into battlefield

  • F

    I hope gunfight (2v2) is back

  • Caleb Lakin
    Caleb Lakin

    dood hat looks cool

  • Ⱬeʀo

    0:22 nice tattoo but what is it


    I just wish the game looked better

  • Arctic

    I was watching jack frags play this game,the game looks quite good for an alpha,l. Very different to modern warfare tho,no mounting ,tac sprint etc. The gun play is also completely changed (to a more black ops style ,minimal recoil and that sort of stuff,) there are also quitw the few vehicles present in regular multiplayer ,the gunsmith resembles modern warfares one but with some twists but overall it seems to be quite promising Its gonna be a big boi transition tho

  • ELM o
    ELM o

    Cold war battle pass

  • Rick Carr
    Rick Carr

    I hope Ronald Reagan is a playable character in zombies

  • will bongiorno
    will bongiorno

    i liked that little zombies teaser

  • Knight

    I also take it you don’t know any information of the final gun camo once all guns are gold?

    • Knight

      WhosImmortal fair enough just ready to get grinding

    • WhosImmortal

      no one does as of now, gold isnt even confirmed

  • TheLostWarrior

    Damn (excuse my language) but I really wish I could've bought Cold War

  • Dawg the dog
    Dawg the dog

    it's in alpha stop complaining about the graphics guys

  • Zelene

    Looks bad compared to MW tbh.