Black Ops Cold War: 17 Things EVERY PLAYER NEEDS To Know!
Here's the MAJOR Things every player needs to know for Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything you need to know about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! Black Ops Cold War is finally here and today we're going over the Major changes and updates Treyarch is implementing with the launch of the game, alongside some initial tips and tricks to get yo started off on the right foot. Of course, we'll be going over plenty of Cold War Tips and Tricks over the next few weeks, but today we've got some beginners tips for everyone as they jump on to Cod Black Ops Cold War!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The Cold War Launch brings a ton of new content and updates! Thanks for watching :D

    • King-cyber


    • JxRx1

      Constant controller disconnect glitch on PS4

    • Josh Connolly
      Josh Connolly

      Such a bullshit statement multiplayer wise its like the beta with 2 more maps and 20 primary guns total like 4 of them that werent in beta😭

    • SGT Suleski Gaming
      SGT Suleski Gaming

      Huge issue with controller getting turned off usually at weapons load out screen..the huge part is that can’t turn it back on it gets locked out and have to hard reset the console! I see videos talking about it but no good answers to this issue that has plagued the game sense the beta...please make a video on how to fix the issue or avoid triggering it somehow

    • David Yearby
      David Yearby

      You are a great youtuber

  • OMFG Legxtz
    OMFG Legxtz

    This guy is white morgan freeman

  • KingSkully

    How do I see the extended info about weapons?

  • killer deal
    killer deal

    Ayo u killed me in the first clip let's gooooooo

  • Viorel Nicolae Strimturean
    Viorel Nicolae Strimturean

    Super dumb question (i know) but where can i see the stats from 1:42 on PC?! :( I know they were in the beta (on PS4) but I SWEAR that I can't find them on PC...

    • WhosImmortal

      glad you figured it out haha

    • Viorel Nicolae Strimturean
      Viorel Nicolae Strimturean

      OMG I found them NVM, I'm dumb.

  • Jessica James
    Jessica James

    'recoil patterns' this guy has never played tarkov or rust

  • RoySamuel Excellent
    RoySamuel Excellent

    For me the decade long debate of Infinityward vs Treyarch is over, Infinityward is superior to Treyarch its clear as day to me. Cold War is a good game but its like CW is 2019's game and MW is 2020, it just looks and feels superior to CW I will play em both though 👍

  • Sage Wiseler
    Sage Wiseler

    PLAY ZOMBIES TO LEVEL GUNS FAST. I got twelve levels in one 20 round game

  • Chowd 4000
    Chowd 4000

    This game seems really unfinished

  • VX Can'tPlay
    VX Can'tPlay

    Why does the intro feel like a voice over

  • Nikola D.
    Nikola D.

    Play mp5 and be a god at this game x17 never made a faster refund in my life

  • ybn staccs
    ybn staccs

    i grinded out the beta just to get drenched in every game at level 4 😪

  • Mitza_bong

    They may have increased aks recoil but I have nun and I’m almost at gold: :)

  • Stediemobin

    Need some good load outs to use feel like I get 1 shotted

  • Frank Brown
    Frank Brown

    Bro I'm dead 😂😂😂😂 "the grandma from the life alert commercial"

  • s0SiLenT _
    s0SiLenT _

    Alot Better then MW was already . The Sniping feels soo nice , the maps are nice too except for the one with that ship

  • ScopeKing1994

    This game is intolerable

  • Melvin The Rooster
    Melvin The Rooster

    I’m in love with the look of shooting and knowing the damage and accurate recoil. It’s just more smooth killing people now

  • OB

    Can’t seem to get on with this game, always out gunned even when I have shot first. Everyone uses the MP5 because no gun can compete with it. Feels awful

  • 4qvon

    We need the class setup video next bro

  • NoTolkerrr Vevo
    NoTolkerrr Vevo

    Anyone else plays the cold war and the control disconnect it has happen in the campaign and sometimes in multiplayer

  • clutch bro
    clutch bro

    How does the scorestreak system work??

    • Bryan lozoya
      Bryan lozoya

      U get points for obj and kills, any of the larger score streaks are basically only possible with kill streaks though, and they basically work by multiplying your kill score (which is 50) by your streak, so your 20th kill with give you 1000 points to your streak and your 21th 1050, and so on.

  • Silk UK
    Silk UK

    Killed the ADS time and the Aiming Speed upgrades in the gunsmith already for snipers then.

  • Matthew Langley
    Matthew Langley

    Just me or does the game feel slow? Can mount which sucks.

  • Stomping Peak
    Stomping Peak

    Basic knowledge is everyone will camp because they have no balls. Literally everyone is camping soo hard its funny

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    Aye GG yesterday man played you and espresso in garrison on cold war friday!

    • WhosImmortal

      GG bro!

  • Austin Sharpe
    Austin Sharpe

    Is there something in my settings I’m doing wrong man. I’m on pc and normally I can hear game chat while I’m in a party and now I can’t? Any ideas bro it would help a lot. I love hearing people rage and stuff lol

    • Bryan lozoya
      Bryan lozoya

      If your on pc, just make sure you have the correct audio output for game chat and hold windows key + g and also check the audio settings in that menu

  • chavers justin
    chavers justin

    The bow should be a special weapon big swing and a miss

  • Stallz


  • KARDYAtv

    cold war is shit ! refund

  • foxxrider250r

    Can anyone tell me if Cold War is like downloading a whole new game , like another 200gb or does it just install along side/with modern warfare? Asking because I only have a 500gb SSD. Thanks

    • Will_ iam
      Will_ iam

      @foxxrider250r ok got it

    • foxxrider250r

      @Will_ iam well I have a 500gb ssd on my laptop and that's it haha. MW is Installed and it says I have 55% free space. I'm planning on getting another SSD but if could just wait and not spend the money I would be happy with that too lol. But to be running optimal I should prolly install them both on a separate 1tb ssd

    • Will_ iam
      Will_ iam

      @foxxrider250r yeah if you don’t have space in your ssd maybe move some games to your other drive

    • foxxrider250r

      @Will_ iam oh okay that's not that big really compared to MW

    • Will_ iam
      Will_ iam

      It’s like downloading a whole new game but I think it’s 86 gb not 200

  • jesse smith
    jesse smith

    Your def grinding you deserve a couple mill subs EASY. Your not a super try hard you’re content is for everyone and not just little babies, keep doing your thing brodie!!


    Is you still going to make warzone content

    • WhosImmortal

      of course :)

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    tried the combat bow. Useless I'd rather have a crossbow

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    who else's game crashes on multiplayer? it seems to do it virtually every time.

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    my biggest beef with this cod is the movement and graphics feel like 5 steps back from MW19

    • Charles Szasz
      Charles Szasz

      @Mr. Unknown that is a retarded comment

    • Nick G
      Nick G

      @Mr. Unknown why do you have anger issues?

    • Nick G
      Nick G

      @Samuel G what are you talking about?

    • American Trail Rider
      American Trail Rider

      @Nathan Moore it's easier to spot those people.

    • Masquinongy

      @Nathan Moore Just wait. It will soon come, just as it did with Modern Warfare.

  • Captain Goose
    Captain Goose

    AK gang where yall at

  • Zyruss Villarreal
    Zyruss Villarreal

    If we don't get a ronald Reagan operator this game going be a 3/5.

  • Angel Valderrama
    Angel Valderrama

    Did anyone enjoy heist from black ops 4? I kinda wished the brought it back

  • xCylo

    You still gonna make vids on mw?

    • xCylo

      @WhosImmortal are you gonna do a vid on the mastery camos in CW

    • WhosImmortal

      If and when it gets updates, yes!

  • jacob lamarche
    jacob lamarche

    This is the video I needed


    Ahh man another cod what never get good pricing because it's on 😒


    We have controller disconnect issue in cold War 2nd mission

  • Mirzu42

    Any tips for unlocking the zombie camos on snipers? Especially the pack a punch one. That seems really fricking hard to do because even pack a punch stage 2 snipers dont kill zombies all the time to the head. I don’t know what was in the minds of the developers who thought that its fair to have the same amount of kills on snipers and AR’s.

    • Bryan lozoya
      Bryan lozoya

      Weapon rarity matters a lot now for reference, a green knife triple pack punch did 8k dmg a slice and a gold knife triple pack punch does 64k dmg

    • Bryan lozoya
      Bryan lozoya

      Check the rarity of the gun anything red green or blue becomes useless especially for snipers after round 25-30ish

  • Dxrkxned

    hey i downloaded the campaign but its still locked, i uninstalled it and installed it again its not working. any help?

  • Ray the console pleb
    Ray the console pleb

    My aim assist is completely broken... I get super strong assist when enemies are behind walls. As soon as they are visible it turns off and its impossible to land shots..


    Thanks for the info 👍🏻 hate this game with a passion tho 🙃

  • Noah Noori
    Noah Noori

    Does the graphics remind anyone else of cod mobile

  • infinity

    r u still gonna play warzone?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, but for now Cold War is what im focused on :)

  • Ghoulz

    You guys should also know how shitty the snipers are and how slow they are

  • Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666
    Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666

    This looks so shit

  • Israel Alvarado
    Israel Alvarado

    yo where is the battle pass??

    • WhosImmortal

      coming on December 10th

  • Ethan Jonah Jorge
    Ethan Jonah Jorge

    I’m excited for this cod ngl

  • Angelo Giorffino
    Angelo Giorffino

    Worst cod in history! Shitty graphics shitty movement and shitty zombies

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher


  • Lachlan mason
    Lachlan mason

    I just want the spetznaz skin from the multiplier cutscene 😂

  • Misty

    I think I’m just gonna stick to modern warfare until Activision make the next cod

  • Matt Sephton
    Matt Sephton

    I’m still in 2 minds, do I buy it or don’t I, is the SBMM still the same as it was in the alpha?????

  • joaquin rodriguez
    joaquin rodriguez

    I can't play until the 5:00 because go to in school

  • Dark_arrow_ 21
    Dark_arrow_ 21

    You know I'm gonna say it.... GREAT VID BUT WHERE'S THE SETUP'S

  • Thomas Faraone
    Thomas Faraone

    Whoever reads this, I hope you are having a great day! Also: I tried to open my settings while searching for a match and it shut my Xbox off lol

  • Jxyrxss

    Ya I have 10 FPS wit a i9 9900k n 3070 so def not playing this game.... so wack

  • Z1N53R PoTG's
    Z1N53R PoTG's

    Nice being able to see enemies isn't it? They fixed all the major issues. I'm happy with it so far


    Hey Immortal, I came to ask if you need PS plus to play Cold War

  • SethDaGoat

    They still haven’t fixed my WiFi since the hurricanes, and I preordered it for what😩

  • Adam Hornby
    Adam Hornby

    I woke up and instantly looked for the WhosImmortal video update for Cold War, and he did not disappoint.....never does.

    • WhosImmortal

      ayee :)

  • Josep Tower
    Josep Tower

    Can you pls pls make a video of the dm grind like you did in mw with the damascus Thank you

  • Higinio Jimenez
    Higinio Jimenez

    I unfortunately can't buy the game this time around but I'm still gonna show some love on your vids

  • Samuel Holmwood
    Samuel Holmwood

    Bro Cold War looks sooo sick thanks who’s immortal for all the info you literally one of the best cod channels huge love from South Africa 🇿🇦 ❤️🔥

  • Joe T
    Joe T

    Will watch it in 6 months time when I hopefully can afford the game. Fucking 2020 Covid year sucks.

  • John wick
    John wick

    How many updates GB this cold war will be ?

  • sarwan mohabir
    sarwan mohabir

    The aim assist on Cold War on consoles is still kinda iffy. I do not know how to explain it

  • Joshua Contreras
    Joshua Contreras

    Bro I'm confused are gonna get Battle Royal Eventually?

    • Joshua Contreras
      Joshua Contreras

      @WhosImmortal Hell yeah bro thanks a lot looking forward for more updates and videos 💪🏽 Goof vibes bro your awesome!!! Thanks for all the great content mate

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, on december 10th

  • DavidPlayz_YT

    Is there going to be a free to play mode?

  • Ryland McClelland
    Ryland McClelland

    They’re breaking my knife more then sprint speed was fine. Better have fixed it’s hit reg.


      They should’ve added more than one animation too, it’s slower than smg running speed, it doesn’t make sense

  • Austin Bowler
    Austin Bowler

    Will we still be getting class setup videos?

    • WhosImmortal

      oh yeah!

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    I think Cold war ain't THAT cool when it comes to the feel of the game...

    • American Trail Rider
      American Trail Rider

      @Stephen Urso same, I'm enjoying it quite a bit

    • Star Lord
      Star Lord

      @Stephen Urso a joke bro, c'mon Ok sorry

    • Stephen Urso
      Stephen Urso

      @Star Lord I find it strange you would call someone terrible because they don't feel the same way as you about a video game!

    • Star Lord
      Star Lord

      @Stephen Urso no no bro Just that I find it. Strange.

    • Stephen Urso
      Stephen Urso

      @Star Lord lol does my opinion hurt your feelings??

  • DesertXGhost

    how do u make the colors so vibrant or saturated?

    • DesertXGhost

      @WhosImmortal oh ok thank you, I if u know how to do similar thing with nvidia GeForce experience I will be very thankful

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit :)

  • TacoThieves

    I didn’t receive my “confrontation weapons” pack that I should’ve got since I pre-ordered. Does anyone know how to redeem it?

    • TacoThieves

      @_Kirixk _ thanks, but I just had to re-log into the game. Guess I should’ve done that before I asked the community about it... haha

    • _Kirixk _
      _Kirixk _

      it shouldve automatically given it to you...

  • Mustafa Kaunain
    Mustafa Kaunain

    11 hours late. Sorry for any inconvenience I caused by coming late. :)

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris

    No cyber attack :(


    Hey hi how ya doing still still still love it

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart

    Who else out here slangs a like on every one of these videos? We are the 1% rise up comrades

    • WhosImmortal

  • Gabriel Hargrave
    Gabriel Hargrave

    If u reply to my comment I’ll sub with notis

  • vigs

    I don't have cold war since I can't go to the nearby gamestop 😔 If only I could

  • Y

    Multiplayer is trash

  • Henry Vargas
    Henry Vargas

    Yeah I don’t know how I feel About this game . Sounds are not as nice and crisp as modern warfare . Weapons pretty much have zero recoil . I don’t know Day 1 will see this weekend

  • Nick Gaschler
    Nick Gaschler

    you gotta make a loadout video for mp and zombies soon

  • Sinister

    Imortal looks as how I pictured him when I first heard his voice, like the smithplays combined with someone with out a jawline.

  • Reggie West
    Reggie West

    Hey hi how ya doin wanna buy me this game and a PS5?

  • Eskimo Blood
    Eskimo Blood

    It looks so boring

  • Mayhem

    Will you make loadout videos on cold War

    • WhosImmortal


  • Cosmic Perspective
    Cosmic Perspective

    Omg I can't wait to play modern warfare when I get home from work.

  • The MrMoney Playz
    The MrMoney Playz

    Ur my #1 content

    • The MrMoney Playz
      The MrMoney Playz


    • WhosImmortal

  • Adam Seward
    Adam Seward

    I can’t believe how far backwards they went with this game. I feel like I’m playing call of duty with golden eye graphics.

    • Mr. Unknown
      Mr. Unknown

      Bruh wym ita cod mobile with console graphics 🤣🤣


      This feels like a PS3 game lmao

    • Austin Sharpe
      Austin Sharpe

      You must be on PS4 ? On pc it’s hella nice

  • DK Automotive
    DK Automotive

    How do you unlock science camo? I can’t figure it out

  • Na'im Mukarker
    Na'im Mukarker

    does the MP feels more fun than MW? tbh im waiting for your opinion on that before i buy the game

    • WhosImmortal

      It's very different, more fun i'm not sure, thats pretty subjective, but im enjoying it :)

  • Rick Melaet
    Rick Melaet

    2:20 I hate when That happens to me...need MORE Bullets

  • TheForgotten One
    TheForgotten One

    i need help my data didn’t seem to transfer over from the beta i have to start all of my guns from scratch😩😭

  • Hank Voight
    Hank Voight

    I can honestly say that I’m excited to be able to want to watch your content again. Nothing against you, but I hated MW so much that I couldn’t even watch it

    • WhosImmortal

      all good bro, welcome back :)