Black Ops Cold War: 12 BIG MISTAKES You Need To AVOID Making!
Here's some BIG MISTAKES you need to AVOID in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down some of the BIG MISTAKES you need to AVOID in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! With Black ops Cold war, we've got an entirely new gameplay system to learn that is pretty different from Modern Warfare and Warzone, meaning in Cold War, there's a lot of mistakes you could be making that could easily be fixed. So here we've got a handful of Tips and Tricks you help you improve in Cod Cold War!
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  • WhosImmortal

    What's your go to weapon for Cold War so far? That aug feeling kinda nice imo 👀 Thanks for watching!

    • erik Rodriguez
      erik Rodriguez

      Ak , QBZ ,M16

    • lilDoobie82

      The Krig 6

    • Christophe Béliveau
      Christophe Béliveau

      @Datboysus krig with a microflex led sight

    • Ryan Jacobson
      Ryan Jacobson

      @Spooky Purple ya that gun is fire , but it got nerfed and now its trash like literally trash vertical and horizontal recoil so high u cant even hit a shot

    • leekslounge


  • JustSlap

    Biggest mistake that i feel like everybody does, play with the best guns in the game, it is so stupid that every lobby i've been in, theres everyone running mp5, m16 or aug, it is so stupid.

  • V2music

    I swear anytime garrison or satellite pops up I’m leaving that game

    • WhosImmortal

      for the most part, true lol

  • Tristan Lederer
    Tristan Lederer

    WhosImmortal: turn on crossplay Me: you have sinned

  • JGottiKS79 YouTube
    JGottiKS79 YouTube

    Are the Whos Immortal shakers already sold out???

    • JGottiKS79 YouTube
      JGottiKS79 YouTube

      @WhosImmortal terrible :-( wanted one of those back when we were pushing for the contest... let us know when they get them back

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah, they sold out in 8 days somehow!

  • Nick Garate
    Nick Garate

    The biggest mistake people made was buying this incomplete game.

  • billy20069

    Mistake #1: Buying this game.

  • Yorcen

    Isn’t the FOV mainly related to the screen size? With my regular size and 1080p tv I hardly recognize enemies even in standard FOV which is 80. With 100 FOV I can’t notice anything. For more than 80 FOV you need to have huge screen imho.

  • Mike Forbes
    Mike Forbes

    Game is Trash!! Period.

  • Forrest Wilms
    Forrest Wilms

    Yeah I’ll change my streaks in the 10 second pre-game lobby! Lol

  • Paul.K.Dragon

    Actually I rather prefer crossplay turned off if you're on console and you go up against PC players you don't stand the chance they have the reactions of a cheetah

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    Why did it take cod, so long to add fov? Apex has had it for so long now🤔 but I love how you can custom the colours of names and mini map icons, got a purplr and a green SO noticeable!

  • gogo


    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • haribonph

    The FOV is debatable for me.

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers

    Im prob gona get cold war for zombies footstaps animations sounds and graphics are weirs

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers

    Im getting next gen and staying on 4k 60. The graohics and gameplay

  • Aryan van der Louw
    Aryan van der Louw

    What people need to stop doing, is they see someone die and several people just walk into the kill zone one after the other.

  • Kevin Leigh
    Kevin Leigh

    There is no special movement in this game 😂

  • Ryan Feeheley
    Ryan Feeheley

    Lol yeah keep crossplay on so PC assholes can hack the game and fuck it up for the rest of us non PC players

    • WhosImmortal

      @Ryan Feeheley I truly don't know how you can't see the facts im putting out there. You think someone who is cheating is gonna be in a low tier skill bracket? There's a reason that all big streamers and pros constantly run into hackers in warzone my dude.

    • Ryan Feeheley
      Ryan Feeheley

      @WhosImmortal so you can statistically prove that hackers are “predominantly” in a higher “SBMM bracket” or are you just going off of an assumption that you came up with? And no that’s also incorrect with the 50KD’s just because you have a aimbot hack or wall hack doesn’t mean you still can’t be killed lmao. Hacker. #1 was in a S&D match on Cartel the guy went 19-4 with a sniper rifle and hacker #2 was in combined arms 88-2 with a sniper rifle that guy was more obvious than the guy in the S&D match. So don’t sit there and tell me that hackers are always in a “higher bracket”.

    • Ryan Feeheley
      Ryan Feeheley

      @WhosImmortal my guy i have ran into 2 hackers so far and I really could careless what your SBMM bracket is that is completely irrelevant lmao. PC players fucked MW up for everyone else especially in WZ

    • WhosImmortal

      not irrelevant at all. Hackers are predominately in the highest skill bracket because they're getting 50KDs every game lol

    • WhosImmortal

      Have almost 2 days playtime already and havent seen 1 hacker in the highest SBMM bracket there is lol.

  • Royce 8050
    Royce 8050

    Me before getting cold war: alright people need to calm down the weapon leveling can't be that bad Me after getting cold war: I'd like to formally retract my previous statement

  • F. Rose
    F. Rose

    Good video

  • Comrade Drei
    Comrade Drei

    First mistake: buying the game.

  • Thebigem 123
    Thebigem 123

    13. Buying the Game

  • Digital Dirt
    Digital Dirt

    I know your a beast player but jesus christ this gameplay completely showcases just how insane and op current aim assist it.

    • Digital Dirt
      Digital Dirt

      @WhosImmortal yea, I can agree, aim assist is either 1) locking straight onto targets or 2) actively preventing it. Though I'm curious to see if any controller players agree that, WHEN WORKING, aim assist is currently too aggressive? MW had crossplay balanced almost perfect but this seems a bit one sided imo.

    • WhosImmortal

      Aim assist in this game is actually the most broken and ineffective it's ever been lol

  • Your Moms Chest Hair
    Your Moms Chest Hair

    #1 trying to play faster than a snail

  • Allen The Skywalker
    Allen The Skywalker

    Not gon lie the way they constructed the maps made gunship type streaks less of a factor and like that

  • Officer Oinker
    Officer Oinker

    Mistake #1 playing this instead of Modern Warfare

  • Philippe Marchand
    Philippe Marchand

    Dropshoting is op with the good attachments. Just dont do it if you dont have it.

  • NoLoot4You

    Turn crossplay on? No way dude, there are tons of cheaters on pc =/ Nah, I'll stay on console in terms of Call of Duty.

    • WhosImmortal

      I play on PC exclusively, have a ton of time played, and havent seen 1 cheater lol.

  • Jack

    Until Activision invest in an anti-cheat, cross play will remain off.

  • WhiteMageDende

    They treat me like im a pro cod gamer just bc im prestige. Ive been put on the shittiest teams back to back to back. Im 11 games in and havent won a single one

  • Wannabe Racecar Driver
    Wannabe Racecar Driver

    This game would be fun if it wouldn't turn off my xbox lol

  • Cobretti Anderson
    Cobretti Anderson

    Who else wastes ammo

  • Jason Reitz
    Jason Reitz

    Do you know what flashlights do? I see that you're using one on your M16 (I use a laser) and I was wondering what it does specifically.

  • Unknown963 _.-
    Unknown963 _.-

    How is ur game so bright and colourful I can't see shit

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit

  • JoeSkiee1

    First mistake is buying it.

  • Bradley Sublett
    Bradley Sublett

    Ive said it to some of my friends...if you HAVE to look at a minimap to do good in cod...then you arent as good as you think you are, like legit, its a crutch

    • WhosImmortal

      Not at all, it's a means of information. If you know how to read it quickly, it's incredibly useful

  • Andy Barlow
    Andy Barlow

    Admittedly I havent played BOCW yet, but the player movement in every video I've seen doesnt look as fluid as it was in MW. The texture differences in realism in MW vs arcade in BOCW are quite unappealing IMO, too.

    • WhosImmortal

      definitely doesnt feel as smooth

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado

    Tell me why I just bought the freedom pack and I cannot even use the camoes

  • Mikerich 94
    Mikerich 94

    Wish you could expand the minimap to a square like in MW

    • WhosImmortal


  • kolton ruvalcaba
    kolton ruvalcaba

    I run 80 for FOV . I feel everything in this game is small compared to mw. Especially sight on guns seem so far away and bulky

  • Chris Burrows
    Chris Burrows

    Too many hackers on pc so a lot of us don't want to play against if pc players would play fair and not cheat then maybe people would play cross play, but like in warzone they just have to cheat to win or have a good kd, its one of the big reasons why cod gets so stale too many campers and cheaters trying to get a high kd instead of playing fair and proper to really see the real kd but that is how so many crappy players play and makes me laugh they spend all this money to camp and cheat 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • AFKMH23

    They need to cut the shit with shotgun damage cause I’m blasting people and they ain’t dying I don’t give a fuck if it’s a game if I shoot you in the chest you fucking die end of story

  • X_ Rudy
    X_ Rudy

    If that m16 dosent get nerfed imma sue activision

  • Swaos

    Snipers need a MASSIVE buff

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    More obj, more kills, less deaths, yet I still end 3rd place score wise in my team. Just because I didn't go on some mad kill streak I guess? Dumb as fuck.

  • R32 Skyline GTR 1993 Nissan
    R32 Skyline GTR 1993 Nissan

    Hey absolutely love the fact that you always grind your yt and from the looks of it you enjoy it anyways have a good. Day night or evening

  • Jack777

    Bro I’m so much worse at Cold War than I was on MW and I don’t know why

    • Elder Scrolls, Modding Tech
      Elder Scrolls, Modding Tech

      Because the game isn't as catered to noobs

  • Charles Dec
    Charles Dec

    Fov is best they did for consoles, i helped me all. I set my at 120

  • lu7ky

    Props for play the dang obj! You forgot however the most important mistake, buying the game now before all the major bugs are fixed. I lost the campaign progress 2nd day in, but there are glaring multiplayer* and zombies* issues that don't seem they will be fixed soon.

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins

    As a returning player,I’m glad I watched this😅

  • Adam Brkich
    Adam Brkich

    Make getting score for score streaks easier

  • Adam Brkich
    Adam Brkich

    Nerf snipers nerf mp5 nerf m16a2 buff xm4 nerf grenades and stuns

  • trapple Gawd
    trapple Gawd

    This game is so bad I shit you not,that I went back to ps3 and have been playing mw2,bo1,bfbc1 and have been having so much fun

  • Squads Laughing
    Squads Laughing

    Changing my FOV past 80 makes me sick and gives me headaches

  • Bvda

    If console gets FOV why doesn't PC get aim bot I mean aim assist

    • WhosImmortal

      You clearly dont know how aim assist works if you think its like aim bot lol. and probably because PC has the entire range of motion with an arm and wrist, controller gets about 4 centimeters of range.

  • T REV
    T REV

    Biggest mistake is buying Cold War for mp

  • Henry77

    First mistake; buying this game


    imagine playing core

  • Ridzz__ og
    Ridzz__ og

    Chopper gunner is brocken on the open maps as few as there are.

  • Killa Jay
    Killa Jay

    8:01 I don't worry about the console/pc performance differences as much as I worry about the hackers that over ran the last cod title because the devs refuse to put in ant-icheat

  • Tu Madre
    Tu Madre

    Too many damn campers in this game people can’t have fun in this game anymore too many try harder also

  • Stijn Loeckx
    Stijn Loeckx

    is it only me or is this a fully borken game ? server laggs, lobby bugs, cant join friends on other platforms properly, mp5 is a fully automatic sniperrifle, ..

  • Mischowski1337

    first mistake to avoid is to buy this game

  • IBeatAirbody

    No 1 buying the game

  • dialingdust

    to me sniping has never been harder for hard scoping.

  • Anonymous

    Cool video! What platform are you playing on?

    • WhosImmortal

      PC :)

  • Aldelberto Cordova
    Aldelberto Cordova

    No. 1 Buying the game.

  • Wheathinzz

    Do a tips and tricks video for hardcore players

  • Jessica Rivera
    Jessica Rivera

    Thank you😍

  • Khorian Reese
    Khorian Reese

    Activision ID: iDIRTMcGIRT-

  • Billy M
    Billy M

    I'm having a time getting my scope up and shooting. I always feel like I'm a second too slow. Any tips on that. And thanks for the other tips!

  • Kid Chill
    Kid Chill

    I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about how bright this game is. I had to turn brightness down a lot just to see enemy players

  • Ghastly Ghost19
    Ghastly Ghost19

    I need to get me one of those shaker cups! So cool!

  • Who's Who
    Who's Who

    Crossplay ALWAYS turned OFF. We've learned our lesson with all the PC hackers in Warzone. As long as they won't have a closed, dedicated OS on PC (aka: anything but Windows), never again will I enable crossplay in PvP. I prefer a 1000 cronus zen users with recoil control than 1 PC user with esp/wallhack and aimbot...

  • Who's Who
    Who's Who

    Scorestreaks should be part of the loadouts system instead of being separate. Each loadout with a different scorestreaks selection...

  • Dylan O Leary
    Dylan O Leary

    Great vid I love your content I’m gonna check out that shaker definitely I love your videos

  • NikolaiTheGamer

    This morning I went to get on Cold War and it said I have to re buy the game?

  • Snowtrooper

    My favorite weapon is the type 63


    Careful changing FOV. If you are not using a pro console, or next gen/pc this can result in a very messy experience.

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams

    I drop shot with rpd and hip fire and go high positive. The hipfire is the best its ever been

  • iiTz Krai
    iiTz Krai

    Forgot the most important mistake ppl make with Cold War. Purchasing it.

  • Kirk Hale
    Kirk Hale

    Biggest mistake is playing this game

  • This is Sparta
    This is Sparta

    MW was far better than this trash can game. We all took it for granted.

    • Khalil Rivera
      Khalil Rivera

      Noo jajaja worse maps in mw but yeah i get why you say it still i like both and i will grind them

  • K Taeyeon
    K Taeyeon

    First step to doing well in COD: Aim

    • K Taeyeon
      K Taeyeon

      @The Emotional Seriously story of my life when playing this game right now lol hard relate.

    • The Emotional
      The Emotional

      My aim is horrible. I miss so many kills cause I’m aiming a little to the side of their head or at their torso and they get the headshot

  • E_CXI

    Always enjoy your videos. Great content and presentation! Will agree, the cross play comment is controversial. It would seem many PC players agree that it is fine to keep it on. Played first two days with it on (on console) and now two days with it off and dramatically improved results by having it off. Leaving me to believe that many of the opponents that were defeating me were playing on PC. Just my observation.

  • salty rage
    salty rage

    My fov is 115

  • Grant "Funky" Frabe
    Grant "Funky" Frabe

    8:32 "Its over Anakin, I have the high ground"

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin

    I returned mine. It's garbage after beating zombies

  • Daniel Castellanos
    Daniel Castellanos

    Mistake #1 - buying Cold War

  • This is Salty Jay
    This is Salty Jay

    i watched this whole video and forgot what the point of it was lool.

  • This is Salty Jay
    This is Salty Jay

    this is probably a really stupid thing to say but you missed an opportunity to recommend 115 as fov lol

  • Dicipal

    I just can’t adjust to this game holy shit I’m pretty good at mw and coming to this game I just feel like a whole ass bot

  • Cosmic Perspective
    Cosmic Perspective

    If someone wants to drop shot they should be able to. Differences in how people play makes games great. Weak.

  • xmanz 39
    xmanz 39

    Dropshotting getting nerfed is like a dream come true thank god

  • ZeusHtx ll
    ZeusHtx ll

    Black ops 1 is way better than this peace of crap

  • Jannik Hartmann
    Jannik Hartmann

    Anyone else gets performance problems with a fov around 100 on ps4?

  • Đạo Vũ
    Đạo Vũ

    Biggest mistake: Buy this game!😑😑😑

  • D1G1TA1 F34R
    D1G1TA1 F34R

    The first mistake was buying this shitty game

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    I'm pretty good but I'm way worst with the sniper now help me please