Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward REVEALS The NEXT UPDATE, NEW Black Ops Cold War TEASER, & MORE!
Infinity Ward just revealed the New Update for Modern Warfare & WARZONE, plus we got a brand new teaser for Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the NEW UPDATE for Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE that Infinity Ward Just revealed, alongside the latest Black Ops Cold War teaser! Infinity Ward just previewed the newest update coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WARZONE, that’ll be adding in the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle, some new modes, and a new event as well. But COD MW isn’t the only game getting the attention this week as Black Ops Cold War just got a new teaser involving the Zork game Easter Egg from the original Black Ops Game that adds in some interesting clues to the Black Ops Cold War Storyline!
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  • WhosImmortal

    New week, new updates, and apparently new teasers too! Here's what we know is going on this week in Call of Duty! Thanks for watching :D

    • Edward Carrington-Roberts
      Edward Carrington-Roberts

      Erm late gang wishing he were early

    • Vicente Alves
      Vicente Alves

      and you cant really proceed from zork 1 to zork 2 yet :P

    • Vicente Alves
      Vicente Alves

      Hey @WhosImmortal about that zork game in pawntakespawn, if you finnish the game you will get an achievement and a link that takes you to another pawntakespawn page and there you will find a note that reads as follows: "It's pitch black. Just like the operations that happen in secret everyday. In every corner of the world, forces compete and collude - The line blurred between enemy and ally. Good job on making it out of the dungeon alive. More to come."

    • IIIMoTeC

      Hey how are you doing? When they will fix woods pack i pre ordered it im blizzard and still did not get it please help if you know anything.

    • CampySays

      Ready to lose

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    kraftwerk 9966

    beautiful Deep

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    Damn, thats some great content

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    This can’t be real, cmon

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      what lol

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    Good work

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    Thomas Hellecke

    Love you and your work:)

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    I cannot believe that i didn’t get a shout out in the video. Smh my head. You’ve changed Zac

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      WhosImmortal it’s ok. I’ll learn to forgive you

    • WhosImmortal

      im sorry dad

  • Zombie Slayer
    Zombie Slayer

    Does anyone know if ERROR 5761 is going to get fix or does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Marcus Gildore
    Marcus Gildore

    this guys is like the best all around player, no cap, he can play stealth, aggressive, smart, at any time

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    Don't worry me and my friend got you he introduced me to your Channel so when you get your code we will support you Are An Almighty and immortal

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    Unbearable Xabi Cat

    Shoot the ship should always be there, i have grinding to do and it takes me 10 times longer when there is no shoot the ship :)

  • The Casual Gamer
    The Casual Gamer

    How do they not have new maps for warzone? Not even time of day or weather effects..... I stopped playing months ago, that map is so outdated.

  • Digital Death
    Digital Death

    The "games of summer" was underwhelming, not interesting, or even fun to play. ALways with pretty trash "rewards" that are usually guns we can make ourselves...

  • Eyy Tony
    Eyy Tony

    60 round mag got too big of a recoil nerf if you’re smart you’ll use the 100 round because it’s just as good as the bruen has ever been

  • Im BajaBlast
    Im BajaBlast

    i’m not doing good, not good:/

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    Use code MFAM to support a creator.

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    Hey hi how yah doing?? Do you have a code?? I want to support your channel again by buying mara kawaii cat bundle

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      not as of now, but maybe in the future :)

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores

    This update isn’t working on my ps4. Anyone else experiencing these issues.

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    Wow 2x ep on my birthday

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    David Tharp

    Will shit only trash today in the store!!!! Where the fuck is the ghost bundle!!!!

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    y know i would grind my finn if i didnt already have gold on it soooo

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    Mason Your boy

    They gave Alia a code even when he hasn’t uploaded one call of duty modern warfare video

  • Dakuma

    yo i see you have played with noisy butters in one of your past videos, can you do not only call of duty news but gameplay as well? Hope its not too much work but I would really apprieciate it?

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    Temirlan Seytzhapar

    poor immortal without a code bruh(((

  • Nathan Zink
    Nathan Zink

    29 Achievements total. Also, if the thief steals your treasures, you will get them back when you kill him later in the game.

  • Sebastian Ortiz
    Sebastian Ortiz

    Where the bundle at

    • Sebastian Ortiz
      Sebastian Ortiz

      Oh ok thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      The shop doesnt update til 10-11 am PST

  • Sebastian Ortiz
    Sebastian Ortiz

    Um where’s the Bundle

  • Andrew Tiedt
    Andrew Tiedt

    Search and rescueeeeeee!!!! Cod ghosts

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    Do now when the will realse the new ghost skin??

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  • MooreGravy

    That Groundwar Reinforce mode is lame. Extremely slow. Kingslayer is pretty fun though. But just like in Warzone everyone is running LMGs, VLK3 sites, or LMGs with the VLK3 site.

  • M Gee
    M Gee

    I personally won't enter any codes until i can enter IMMORTAL. Thats the only creator code that's worth the time. Whatever i lose by doing this will be worth it cause I'll have my full integrity by being loyal to the best. Long live to IMMORTAL ( well i know he is IMMORTAL so he will live forever but still.. you get my point) keep working hard on what you do caus your fans recognize you as one of the best.

  • Indomitus

    I love fast paced gameplay but Kingslayer is way too chaotic and annoying especially when Solo Queueing

  • Drakesden

    CW makes me want another Black game.

  • Snake King
    Snake King

    Search and rescue is back from Mw3 💪💪💪

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    RIOT Jamon

    That moment when you get the noti 😃

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    TheSickOne 808

    This dude sounds like Jeffrey Starr

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    Vergil AJ12

    Still waiting on the dreadwood ghost skin

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    Joao Gomes

    Someone knows the video then he show the intel from season 5?

  • Ebyn Wiley
    Ebyn Wiley

    Can’t wait for the super anime tracer pack hopefully it comes with playlist update today

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    Great content always here for hey, hi, how you doing? Hope you get that support a creator code well deserved

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    Ulrich Жаминон

    Does someone know which rifle assault he's using and attachments please? Great content BTW!

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    Spider Man

    Hey Hi, how ya doin? Has to be in Operator Quips

  • Weston Rigsby
    Weston Rigsby

    The day you don’t say “hey hi how ya doin?” Is the day I know you’ve become a lizard person

  • William Gubi
    William Gubi

    Subway system might be 100% confirmed. Go search call of duty league 2020 season Championship weekend day 2 on UZload. Then scroll to 4:04:12 in the video. Here you will see a videoclip of stadium. However in the left side, where the tents toward lumber is, you will see a new white building. This is officially posted by call of duty, and this building is not in the game yet !!

  • valleysofneptune

    My game updated yesterday and was absolutely awful, it kept starting a new game into a game that is nearly finished , then saying we were 1st place with no kills or money!!! Terrible. Roll on COD 2020

  • ThrashMouth 420
    ThrashMouth 420

    When’s Gillis suit ghost coming out 😭😭😭

  • Daniel Ornelas Jr.
    Daniel Ornelas Jr.

    Wish there was some way to actually inspect the rewards. Didn't even know that it was a Bruen in the Gunfight rewards. Definitely going for that one-looks sick.

  • Christoph Buch
    Christoph Buch

    Du you see the new clip on pawntakespawn. Com?

  • Slatz

    No one wants shoot the ship halve the lobbys just leave and its always shoot house. GIVE US SHIPMENT 24/7 AND SHOOTHOUSE 24/7.

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    Are we getting ghost ghillie suit

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    kingslayer suuuuuucccks

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    Jay Syliboy

    I’m not sure how support a created works? Can someone tell me.

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    Adrian Felix

    Thanks again for the updates my dude! God bless!

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    Necora —-

    What does he mean address? My email or my actual address? Because I got five achievements and never got any kind of option of that

  • Arren Mancilla
    Arren Mancilla

    This a title update or a actually update?

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    Is the morte bundle out yet?

  • Guy Prieto
    Guy Prieto

    Dude gold on the parkour is gotta be impossible

  • itsNXCK

    I was so close, I got 27 achievements and I heard the most as of right now is 29! I was so confident I had the most! Lmao


    Is the blue dot really that good?

    • WhosImmortal

      I like it :)

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    Hey... Hi.. ...

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    I have a question 🤔 Is the shoot house free for all ?

  • The XRoyalProX
    The XRoyalProX

    I hope we get more multiplayer maps

  • Elisha Hockett
    Elisha Hockett

    So, uh, I luckily got a code for Cold War. Great, right? But, um, I'm not sure when or how to use it. Any ideas?

  • Tony Woodyard
    Tony Woodyard

    When u go the the computer the clock on the top left changes each time you go to in it's counting up mine was 1206 last I checked just something I didn't know if u knew

  • andrew evolution
    andrew evolution

    Hey man , we need the M200 Intervention for the next season

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick R.
    Patrick R.

    Warzone is "going dark" (night mode) sometime soon. Edit: You'll need the operators that have night vision goggles.

  • touchdowns of epicness
    touchdowns of epicness

    anyone want to help with the gunfight tournament

  • FrankTheTank

    When’s the new ghost pack coming out

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    Ben Tranter

    I just can’t get into the new gunfight maps. The classics are just unbeatable. .


    Need a code for immortal

  • Arky

    Me and my boy win the tournament after a 4 hour grind

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    Dheeraj Kallimar

    Dam i miss warzone rumble. I didn't expect I'd be saying that tho 😂

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    If I used code: Immortal everytime I bought something in the COD store you wouldnt have to make videos anymore man.

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    Tyler Kamps

    Code Butters is available, at least until Immortal gets his code.

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    Duner Gaming

    Damn you have made alot of progress since the first vid i saw on you so congrats

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      Duner Gaming

      Is your twitch the same as you yt if not can you tell me

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    Love ur Infos 🌚❤️💫

  • Kareem C
    Kareem C

    Made it to the final of the tournament. Lost the first two rounds and my partner who had been with me since the first match just quit. And I can’t bring myself to do it again

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    You deserve a code, you have done them a great favour .

    • WhosImmortal

      hopefully soon!

  • Meaty

    I got the Bruen varient and it looks so good with damascus

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  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez

    Did Activision fix the wyatt's final skin bug ? Tons of people have are having the same issue. If anyone has an advice please let me know.

  • Alaoui

    I don't care abt anything else, MARA CAT EARS LETS GOO

  • Sin Achilles
    Sin Achilles

    King slayer is the only game mode where I don't care about SBMM at all it's a fun game mode

  • That1 Guy
    That1 Guy

    The bruen skin is like the season 4 fennec silver fox skin.

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    These Black ops fools better not turn this shit upside down and cartoon again. Fuck BLACKOUT

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