Black Ops Cold War: BEST WAYS To RANK UP FAST! (Quick Weapon Levels & XP)
Here's the best ways to Rank Up Fast and earn more XP and Weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the best ways to RANK UP Fast and earn more XP and WEAPON XP in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War! Today we've got some new tips and tricks to earn more XP and rank up faster in Cod Black Ops Cold War and some tips regarding how to earn more Weapon XP so you can level up your weapons quicker too. XP and Weapon XP is COD BOCW is definitely a slow grind this year, but doing a few specific things in game can certainly help you level up faster when it comes down to it!
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  • WhosImmortal

    What level are you guys currently at in Cold War? Thanks for tuning in :D

    • Yadriel Omar Roque Fonseca - Silver the Fox 19
      Yadriel Omar Roque Fonseca - Silver the Fox 19


    • chucho mdz
      chucho mdz

      Prestige 1

    • NightHealer 8284
      NightHealer 8284


    • Corrupt Diablo
      Corrupt Diablo

      @edqwedqw _ aight

    • edqwedqw _
      edqwedqw _

      @Corrupt Diablo just wait till Black Friday or something 😃

  • Abel LUVツ
    Abel LUVツ

    anyone tryna play? I got ps4

  • Rasmus Rönkkö
    Rasmus Rönkkö

    Nerf mp5 shit is literally op

  • Mo

    Aka.. git gud

  • Xavier Garcia
    Xavier Garcia

    You can’t be human...your to good

  • master patty
    master patty

    sbmm is ruining this game

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah its rough this year

  • CallMe Swag
    CallMe Swag

    What if going on high streaks ends up taking my kd down

  • Kaustic410 - MIND OF M3
    Kaustic410 - MIND OF M3

    Just a tip .. Tostino Pizza rolls in Walmart have double weapon XP .. Doritos and Mountain Dew is only For your XP ..

  • Alvin Kendrick
    Alvin Kendrick

    Such for me, I hardly ever get high kill streaks

  • domi

    So the killstreak increase the weapon exp?

  • Enrique Salinas
    Enrique Salinas

    Or just play hardcore

  • Bvnshee

    I’m just excited for when all the mp5ers who bitched to have snipers nerfed to oblivion have to actually use snipers, try getting dark matter with 20 bloodthirsties on the m83😂😂😂

    • Li Jb
      Li Jb


  • Scott

    I just find wrapping leveling is slow as. Rank level i found was fast by doing zombies...

  • Rodney Beach
    Rodney Beach

    If you snipe and feel my pain with the ads speed please like this 😢

    • Rodney Beach
      Rodney Beach

      @Dark liberator dragon I’ve only been sniping since MW3 ngl but I’m doing everything I can it’s so hard they’re is no damage range in this game and the ADS is so slow I feel like uninstalling

    • Dark liberator dragon
      Dark liberator dragon

      I’ve been sniping since mw2 and they really need to do something about snipers. It’s been infuriating trying to snipe in this game. I don’t like how treyarch are handling the ads speed at all, to slow and I’ll get killed before I can fully aim in (close and EVEN long range) not to mention Sbmm makes me sweat every lobby and combine that with trying to snipe = not a fun time.

  • Old Man Damez
    Old Man Damez

    lucky if I can hit a 5 streak

  • Joshua Annetts
    Joshua Annetts

    Quickest way to level up guns is zombies. Make whatever gun you wanna level your starter, and just strictly use that. I personally get two or three ranks each game

  • Levi Murry
    Levi Murry

    I honestly thought I was just bad at the game because I wasn't leveling up. I'm glad it's not just me 😂

  • CalTheGod 20
    CalTheGod 20

    Milano or krig??

  • Logan S
    Logan S

    I found a huge bug for weapon, getting around 3 weapon levels per match when I get 15-20 kills with the weapon. Don’t want to say the bug though, don’t want it to get patched

    • Logan S
      Logan S

      @Roclips didn’t take long for me to figure it out. Already have maxed out snipers and smgs. Good luck

    • Roclips

      Why mention it if ur not gonna say it

    • Roclips

      So ur just gonna do us like that

  • Paco Klein
    Paco Klein

    go play zombies solo and its crazy how fast you rank up and level your guns.

  • Extranosense

    Immortal stop flexing on me with the raytracing 😭

  • Crzy phenix
    Crzy phenix

    I took me one prestige to get one gun maxed level

  • bigdaddylew215

    Scrap map Miami or get rid of some of the buildings and BS, make it smaller or allow more players. Any other ideas to improve Miami or just trash it?

    • Colin Terrell
      Colin Terrell

      trash it

  • ItsAP

    Getting close to prestige 3 🤭

  • Santino King
    Santino King

    Fireteam dirty bomb is good for leveling up weapons

  • You

    Just play zombies, either online or private match w friends, still counts, I leveled up my knife so I can get the camos for zombies done, and in 1 day I leveled myself up from 20-37, and my knife from 1-21, it might take some time, but as long as you use the knife from round 10-15, pap it, then the rest of the game the knife will remain a one shot, and you don't have to have it out, you can run a spas on the side and just melee when people get too close, and if you want to level something else up, just play until you get to level 50, you will unlock the "Melee" skill in the skills section, unlock all 3 tiers, and you can use whatever weapon you want, whenever you melee, it'll be a bowie knife melee instead of a gun-butt. Worked out for me a lot more than MP, only played for a few hours per day and already 41 today, and yes, solo still works, you can still level up everything. Once you click on private match in the zombies tab, it'll say that progression rewards will still be available and you can still level up yourself + weapons.

  • BadKarma.-

    No ground war is wack, 6v6 maps are cheeks and combined isnt much better. Ground was fantastic for chilling and quick leveling

  • mcmoofy8

    People who use mp5 are not good

  • momo9719

    One of the worst videos i've ever seen... "play the objective to rank up fast"... What are you ? A moron ? You just got a dislike

    • momo9719

      Wow I get really harsh before going to sleep. It's just that this game and the previous one are made for noobs, and videos like that are made because of that. It's a shame

    • WhosImmortal

      You clearly don’t know how the XP system works in this game. And you call me a moron lol

  • Colin Painter
    Colin Painter

    why has the homie not been on my feed

  • Hunter Erickson
    Hunter Erickson

    M16 gang wya?

  • Jack D
    Jack D

    Hardcore dom, 5 hrs in and I went from lvl 10 to lvl 44

  • Anthony Dale
    Anthony Dale

    I want the hi ya doing gfuel flavor

    • WhosImmortal

      maybe one day!!

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    what about zombies for weapon xp?

    • Natsu Dragneel
      Natsu Dragneel

      @WhosImmortal for the shotguns it seemed fast at least for the first 6 to 8 rounds I got the Hauer 77 to level 7 and a half in one game up 2 round 7 then I started using other stuff but it seems to be to the up pretty fast because because of the amount of kills can get

    • WhosImmortal

      it's slower, but doable

  • Ross Guinan
    Ross Guinan

    anyone else think they should change the leveling and make it faster cause i spent the whole weekend level up my mp5 and it’s not gold yet

  • Quasi Hemdem
    Quasi Hemdem

    Exclusive to PS4 users is the ability to obtain a 25% Weapon XP boost when playing with parties. This also counts while playing with crossplay parties, but will only apply to PlayStation players. You'll see an “XP Boost active” icon in the pre-game lobby when it is active

  • Muffinz

    So when I was young I played Xbox everyday because zombies was crazy fun and When it started sucking I stopped. Now i can’t stop playing it lol this is gonna be a great year

  • VC

    Why is no talking about how trash the snipers are?

    • Ian Garcia
      Ian Garcia

      just watch any of jevs videos lol

    • RxchDonutz TV
      RxchDonutz TV

      Faze Jev is always talking about it

    • VC

      @ThePlaystationCriminal ur prob mistaking it for the mp5 with how op it is💀💀💀💀

    • ThePlaystationCriminal

      bro what? i get 1 shotted everytime i see that glare

    • angelena lloyd
      angelena lloyd

      Facts! The hit-markers are annoying

  • Alex Barnard
    Alex Barnard

    "BEST WAYS TO RANK UP FAST" play the game

  • Gooby

    Basically just play the game

  • William Owen1123
    William Owen1123

    Tbh I just use the weapon I want to lvl up in zombies cuz they cross over in to multiplayer and vise versa

  • Gabriel Rios
    Gabriel Rios

    I have a question when you levels up weapons in the beta do they stay at the level of the beta or you got to level up again

  • Your biggest Fan
    Your biggest Fan

    Getting triggered by this whole Doritos xp thing. I think only in North America do they get that. Everywhere else don’t get Doritos and stuff with xp codes.

  • Jestin J
    Jestin J

    43.. mp5 is busted 😣

  • Angelo

    Prestige lvl 5. Getting far in zombies and getting kills levels you up a lot.

    • Angelo

      @Roclips yep ever since I prestiged . It says I’m 30lvls higher then I am. Just another problem with the game outta many lmao

    • Roclips

      @Angelo does ur after action report give u a higher lvl than u actually have? Game finishes and it keeps displaying like the lvl 6-7 or higher thing but then in lobby it states im lvl 2

    • Roclips

      @Angelo oooooo was abt to say wtf

    • Angelo

      @Roclips just me. Lmao I’m not prestige 5. I was lvl 5 at the time

    • Roclips

      How many people on ur account fam

  • Mr. UwU
    Mr. UwU

    Me who is sitting here with a diamond knife already, I have no life

    • Bloodlust Paradox
      Bloodlust Paradox

      Lol but that shit is easy to get. Well a little annoying but it's just 2 weapons

  • TheAceRace

    Respond if you can, but how could you level up one weapon very quick in zombies

  • Pallas Shaizy
    Pallas Shaizy

    Zombies has good weapon xp

  • Brendan Campbell
    Brendan Campbell

    weapons take so long to level up. I've been playing with the Pelington trying to get it all the way to gold, but it is taking way longer than I think it should. After 3 days of gameplay I have it at level 37. I am rank 36 i believe.

    • Pietro Stefano
      Pietro Stefano

      i have it at rank 39 with 7hours of gameplay

  • Marponsa

    Imo the best current way to get weapon levels is playing fireteam dirty bomb Ignore the objective And just go for kills

  • Justinperry248

    Honestly zombies levels you up and your gun that you use if you stick to one gun pretty fast ive gotten the hauer 77 almost leveled all the way up already

  • Another Review
    Another Review

    Does this include zombies?

  • Lucas Hinterleiter
    Lucas Hinterleiter

    Im just doing this so I can level my weapons in zombies same with my perks

  • Maricelia Flores
    Maricelia Flores

    Are you going to do more warzone content🥺🥺

    • WhosImmortal


  • Adam

    I think zombies is the best way to rank up fast. If you're decent to

  • Harem King
    Harem King

    I'm tryna level up my pelington and its Soo hard

  • ImJustSomeGuy

    How to level up weapons fast- "Be good at the game"

  • AJM 45_45
    AJM 45_45

    How do you do the 2xp


    Zombies is also a good way to level guns that are normally difficult: like knife. Plus easy XP: carry the launcher with you as a secondary and shoot down Planes/one shot streaks

  • Andru McCann
    Andru McCann

    I’m already prestige 1 lol I only play zombies

    • WhosImmortal


  • Bruh CouncilOfficial
    Bruh CouncilOfficial

    But isnt playstation getting 2xp for weapons and levels

  • Robert Donald
    Robert Donald

    Don’t make sense prestige level no one see my prestige and level bro

  • shu sakamaki
    shu sakamaki

    All i got to say is they need to at least buff ads speed for snipers i mean the pellington is over 500 milliseconds by that time these mp5 sweats have u and another guy dead

  • AidenB.

    I found that dirty bomb is pretty good for leveling up guns

  • jordon williams
    jordon williams

    I feel like every new video makes me a tiny bit better at understanding the game and how to become efficient I appreciate your hard work so I dont have to and I'm happy you got your shaker cup when I get funds I'm definitely gunna get one. Best of luck buddy keep up all the hard work it's very appreciated

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate the kind words dude!

  • Slohn

    Bro its fucking painfully slow

  • RareEarthMetal

    Yo Immortal, have you seen the launchers kill challenges? Dark matter is gonna be insanely difficult because of that

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah theyre brutal

  • Mad 1
    Mad 1

    32 and still pony

  • Mad 1
    Mad 1

    Good if you like spawn killing loads of skill

  • Mad 1
    Mad 1

    Sorry but 3 days in and this game awful ☹️ its like its taken a step back , game play graphics very slow etc are rubbish and its not exciting like a free game u get off the store BASIC

  • A M
    A M

    If you get on the Cod companion app u get a free 30min double weapon xp card

  • Mavalanche2005 GG
    Mavalanche2005 GG

    What gun was he using

    • WhosImmortal


  • sabogsibadong

    i play on zombies. for me i find it the fastest way to gain more xp

  • cb productionz
    cb productionz

    1MIL BEFORE 2021

  • Sinister One
    Sinister One

    Recruiting for crossplay competitive ladder on game battles. If your interested please let me know your discord so we can chat more! Just trying to get another 2 good players on board.

  • Leonardo Fregoso
    Leonardo Fregoso

    Shit i wanted to grind so badly but my parents wanted to go on a trip and i cant let them down and now i am here just watching videos of cold war

  • Dragonforce2496

    A really fast way I found out of leveling up your weapons quick is playing zombies. They carry over in multiplayer and it’s so much more fun

  • darienjjackson250

    The best way and only way to level up fast is to play a lot!!!!

  • Storky RL
    Storky RL

    Are you still going to upload mw stuff or no

    • WhosImmortal

      when it gets updates, yes

  • Cody Gould
    Cody Gould


  • Cody Gould
    Cody Gould

    What's with the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War version update 1.05

  • john McLain
    john McLain

    Its annoying that you cant see your weapon when you are picking your loadout

  • Tj Tension600LT
    Tj Tension600LT

    Can you plz post more games with loadouts like other UZloadrs such as Swagg and K3 that would be so cool I also watch you streams by the way which are great

  • Tj Tension600LT
    Tj Tension600LT

    I am level 35

    • a

      x2 xp codes A9LMSRHH64 LZ9VAPMJB9

  • RH Jorgsohn
    RH Jorgsohn

    Hating BOCW. Total regretful purchase.

  • Nerfpoolchamp Dylan
    Nerfpoolchamp Dylan

    The assault pack only works once for me. If you die you can’t pick it up or use it again

  • Robert whitehouse
    Robert whitehouse

    Up to 47 so far, finished boot camp mastery and just need to finish trips and merci's for killer. Xm4 maxed aswell, just finishing last few camos on that.

  • Ludan

    U using the mp5 makes me sad, such treason...

  • XboxJacob88

    Can you join your friends game but on the enemy team

  • PeenTip

    Raise your hand if aim assist is wack in this game 🙋

  • Akila Alnasser
    Akila Alnasser

    I think they should add the M16 from black ops 1 or maybe They could a “carrier” iron sight to the M4A1in mw

    • Deathmare

      The m16 is in Cold War

  • nero Cane
    nero Cane

    3:09 best name

  • AceCat

    zombies good for weapon xp?

    • WhosImmortal

      not really, it's very slow

  • Wyatt May
    Wyatt May

    Zombies also gives rank xp and weapon xp. Highly recommend starting there for a new gun so yoy aren’t facing up against someone with a fully attached gun.

    • NUFFsaidnasser

      I was about to say the same thing

  • Cashew

    Immortal I’ve been up for 48 hours on drugs playing zombies and I’m rank 52

    • Cashew

      This isn’t a joke I don’t know what’s real or what isn’t

  • Flaxaz

    do xp codes work in zombies too?

  • Corvette Stingray
    Corvette Stingray

    Taking enemy weapon for example AK with attachments and using it will improve my own AK progress ?

    • Ninja



    Hardcore in this game ain’t nun like modern warfare 😤 the maps trash too

  • Eagle

    And Spar

  • jangofettjr 123
    jangofettjr 123

    As of rn I’m level 23 and my most used weapon is the m16 and the first launcher