Modern Warfare: EVERYTHING We Know About SEASON 7! (New & Missing LEAKS!)
Here's everything we currently know about SEASON 7 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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Modern Warfare: The HUGE MID-SEASON UPDATE, New Modes REVEALED, & MORE! (SEASON 6) -

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In this video, we're breaking down everything we currently know about SEASON 7 of Modern Warfare and WARZONE! Call of Duty Modern Warfare SEASON 7 and WARZONE Season 7 has been rumored for a while now, but with the launch of Season 6, we found out even more info as to what could be the next season in COD MW and COD WARZONE! Call Of Duty Warzone will be transferring to Black Ops Cold War when it releases, but it’s also possible we see a new Season go live in Warzone and Cod Modern Warfare after Cold War releases as we still have multiple leaks missing, including new operators, new maps, & more!

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  • WhosImmortal

    If Season 7 ends up being real, things could get really interesting when it comes to content! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Yeeterson peeterson
      Yeeterson peeterson

      My friend wont give me battle pass cuz he says season 7 wont exist from the info in this video, Thanks dude very cool.

    • Jeevan Sahagun
      Jeevan Sahagun

      @WhosImmortal,is mw will be in ps5?bcuz mw was meant for next gen console than bocw,mw feels so outdated to me bcuz it only support in ps4 not ps5.I know ps5 has backward compatibility but all i want is the main game would be in ps5 not ps4 backward compatible.

    • Garret Lemaster
      Garret Lemaster

      So will war zone end or just modernwarfare?

    • Brian Vega
      Brian Vega

      My thoughts are there is going to be 10 seasons, because there is no Prestige, and most of call of duty has 10 prestige’s

    • Nadav Zaidman's Workshop
      Nadav Zaidman's Workshop

      well, I've got enough cod points for the season 6 battle pass, and I'm warzone only player, and before I've bought the pass, the game actually said to me that if I buy the s6 pass and finish all the levels there, I'll have enough cod points for season 7 battle pass as well... so............ I guess its kinda confirming it

  • Sam Nicholson
    Sam Nicholson

    Warzone isn't just exclusive to modern warfare. The modern warfare content will likely stop but since cold war will be integrated into warzone..the warzone content won't stop. The next season of warzone will likely be just cold war themed. I don't know what they will do exactly between the 24th and the 10th of December though. Perhaps a very short season with a battle pass or likely no season or battle pass at all till the 10th. I only care about warzone...not modern warfare. I may get cold war but won't care about cold war either until I actually get it. I just want a new season and battle pass for warzone right now. Warzone makes them too much $$ for them to just shelf it and they already have the cold war operators in it so...there will obviously be more warzone content coming. I'm more of a fan of the treyarch cod games than the infinity ward cod games anyway.

  • KeenSZN

    It will be season 7

  • Chris De La Torre
    Chris De La Torre

    If you can answer my question I will like and follow you're youtube All the tracker pack red,blue,green, purple, and all the other guns everyone payment Can you bring to cold war? You understand right all the guNs and everything you paid for can you bring to cold war ? I'm confused 🤔 5 people say yes other 7 say no 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😑😐😐😕

  • The ace Gamers
    The ace Gamers

    Soap Died in mw3 dumbass

    • Iced coffee
      Iced coffee

      dude. it's a reboot. he ain't a dumbass. Everything is different from mw3 to mw2019

    • WhosImmortal

      doesn't matter, this isn't the same universe as the original trilogy. Thanks for calling me a dumbass though :)

  • E p
    E p

    Cold War is azz

  • Bar bar
    Bar bar

    Cold war is the same old Mw hands down best shooter for the guns

  • Brody

    “They don’t put new content in other games” yet WWII had an update like 5 months ago.

  • FBI

    What is that mp7 class? I've been experimenting and searching for an mp7 class since my old class attachments got nerfed.

  • Doctor che3ze
    Doctor che3ze

    Before they end mw they should remaster every map from the Og mw trilogy

  • Monica Tomasini
    Monica Tomasini

    I dont think modern warfare/warzone will ever end I dont think it's really a story game it's a pvp game and usually people dont just end pvp games when a new one comes out and cold war isnt even in the cod mw series

  • Monica Tomasini
    Monica Tomasini

    I hope season 7 will have a ghost skin in the battle pass he is my favorite character( I havent watched the whole video)

  • Simon James Kenway
    Simon James Kenway

    Why people think season 6 is the last one?

  • Atanasije Sucov
    Atanasije Sucov

    For the next season, make better skins for operators, and also for weapons. Let there be some skin for m4a1 to be won via battlepass

  • Nabeel Ghouri
    Nabeel Ghouri

    Is it worth buying modern warfare right now? I played it last year and after playing cold war, I realize MW feels more realistic!

    • Nabeel Ghouri
      Nabeel Ghouri

      @WhosImmortal makes sense man! It's a gamble then yes?

    • WhosImmortal

      It'll be updated consistently for a few more weeks, but there's no telling how much it'll be focused on after Cold War launches

  • Legend 111
    Legend 111

    Soon I'm getting the season 6 battlepass

  • german m
    german m

    Cold war is terrible...In my opinion, modern warfare gameplay is way better. I tried their beta and it needs a lot of work before I jump ship or not stop playing call of duty anymore. I hope they keep going with modern warfare.

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    Imagine a Farah bundle in season 7 lol

  • KY Bass fishing
    KY Bass fishing

    They should make it to where you cant buy tiers so you can show your dedication to the game and not have OP weapons on the first day of new seasons

  • KingLuey

    Add general Shepard and add team killing and you got a deal

  • YouTubeName • 87 years ago
    YouTubeName • 87 years ago

    With Warzone being a menu in Cold War I'm sure season 7 will be a thing.

    • NoLimit Skiff
      NoLimit Skiff

      How u post this in 1933

  • Panthers Fan
    Panthers Fan

    why can’t COD just create a game that lasts 2-3 years so that they can improve the next COD and change it up as opposed to the same game being released each year and feels like the same game from 10 years ago... I don’t get the COD community, everyone wanted changes and innovation to COD and we finally got a slightly different feeling game with Modern Warfare 2019 but then like half of the community just ended up bitching that the game was too different lmao, the game was far from perfect but its hands down the best COD thats came out since MW2, BOCW is a HUGE step backwards for COD, it feels like BO2 from the 360/PS3 days, gameplay feels too arcadey and cartoony, game feels recycled and not refined...

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    we saw new content 2 years into WWII

  • Promeatheus 988
    Promeatheus 988

    Im kinda hoping for some Vietnam type things like outfits or an Colt M16 with the triangular handguard

  • Robert Preciado
    Robert Preciado

    I just want terminal wtfff

  • Jared W
    Jared W

    I love how you couldn’t hit the sniper from far away with your sniper but you could with the MP7 with iron sights lmao 😂

  • Jay Wilson
    Jay Wilson

    Season 7 is music to my ears!! I dont want this masterpiece of a game die

  • KNG Crisp
    KNG Crisp

    If there’s a season 7, I’m sticking with modern warfare since Cold War is shit

  • Jules Escouboué
    Jules Escouboué

    I preordered Cold War but mostly for campaign and zombies and MW is still so good so I guess I’m gonna have to wait a little before playing Cold War and instead play season 7

  • Ghost

    Modern warfare will still be making the Cold War warzone I believe

  • Josiah G.
    Josiah G.

    I think there will be a season 7, Heres why; Warzone launched very early in the year, After all its popularity I highly doubt the developers would just ditch Warzone. My idea is that they’ll link the story farther from MW (2019) and place it closer to BOCW and Warzone. They’ll probably launch it with BOCW, Warzone is still a very promising game which could produce alot of profits for Activision. As for the Warzone Season 7 Screen from the Season 6 battlepass; We’ll just need to wait for the mid season update and see.

  • Fanaticalplel

    So is sledgehammer never making a cod again or did they just take a break this year?

  • A slav who likes beets
    A slav who likes beets

    Soap is overrated in my humble opinion

  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. RedDemon83 CODMW
    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. RedDemon83 CODMW

    Wasn't ersic stance previewed in the teaser for season 4?

  • Matthew Arthur
    Matthew Arthur

    I’m a stick with Modern Warfare. The Black Opps didn’t impress me

    • N Ô R T H
      N Ô R T H

      I played it for a while, it feels like many corners were taken

  • Bruno Coutinho
    Bruno Coutinho

    Am i the only one who thinks they sould stick with ModernWarfare/Warzone for a few years?

  • LuiJr64

    Well cod just said is the last season for mw will be season 6

    • WhosImmortal

      no they didnt

  • its_yaboi

    I thought season 6 was gonna be the last one ....

  • Jayden Paulino
    Jayden Paulino

    If they don’t bring terminal back imma freak out

  • Unbid Muffin
    Unbid Muffin

    You said 4 operators Farah, Nikolai, what's the 3rd one?

    • Unbid Muffin
      Unbid Muffin

      WhosImmortal oh thank you mate

    • WhosImmortal

      griggs or whoever is on the promo image

  • edits

    I just wanted to know if we are going to still be able to playwright others when Cold War is out?

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    I think cold wars season starts properly in December as they wanna big up next generation consoles. And ps5 comes end November. Near the end so it would make more sense. Or season 7. Is a cross over season on both games like it will give us all the left over content on MW and bring new guns for cold war maps and so on. So its more of a warzone season not a game season.

  • Sarbeshver Singh
    Sarbeshver Singh

    I think they should keep adding seasons to mw but the content inside will not be relevant to the story which will continue in cold war.

  • Reflex Ksero
    Reflex Ksero

    Proof of season 7, I dont have battle pass so it says in the store rn "if you buy the battle pass you will have enough cod points to buy the season 7 battle pass for free!"

  • Hfortachón Lucas Berlón
    Hfortachón Lucas Berlón

    I hope Soap MacTavish appears

  • Mohammed Haque
    Mohammed Haque

    Season 7 will be soap if we have a season 7, tbh I just can’t wait for mw2019 sequel if it does happen🤞🏽

  • Naresh Sookraj
    Naresh Sookraj

    I am 100% in favor of them supporting Modern Warfare and Cold War at the same time It's literally the best thing ever you have a choice of a Cold War Call of Duty game or a modern warfare Call of Duty game each of them going to have new content is just awesome to me I hope they do that

  • DivyaVinay Samant
    DivyaVinay Samant

    I never got to play warzone but computer requirements when sent it to upgrade it was too costly so we did not do it I hope warzone still continue s

  • Vehviläinen Lundqvist
    Vehviläinen Lundqvist

    well season 7 should be legit i mean they are still giving out CPs in season 6

  • Jeevan Sahagun
    Jeevan Sahagun

    Season 7 would might be a chance to leap in a next gen console bcuz modern warfare feels so next gen than bocw even though bocw is in ps5 but the gameplay feels so much bo3 mixture of modern warfare.

  • TrollMonkey

    Think it's because they realize Cold War is probably going to be a relative flop so they know a lot of people will still be playing Modern Warfare 2019.

  • Daes B
    Daes B

    I think season 7 will be a transition season. A mix of BOTH MW2019 & BLOPS CW content to be unlocked, maybe the cutscene starts with Soap coming across a message from one of the old CW operators or something, & a story flash back? Then Season 8 will be just BLOS CW content. OR MAYBE I’m just trippin lol 😂


    where is hardir?

  • A M
    A M

    Not buying Black Ops. I have no desire to play a game that looks and plays like a fps from 2011.

  • Hector Trillas
    Hector Trillas

    Bro season 6 just came out 😂

    • Erick Seville
      Erick Seville

      We're still hyped brotha

  • DarkKing2k

    What do you know about the free mp weekend?

  • Comrade Productions
    Comrade Productions

    Sorry to glizzy your gobler but I don’t think s7 will be real

  • Miguelon88888

    Great content bro, do you have a code to support you in the store already?

    • Miguelon88888

      @WhosImmortal Hopefully they will soon man. Just keep us posted. I don't buy a lot stuff but if I do I want to support great content creators.

    • WhosImmortal

      unfortunately I do not as of right now

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    bad news i might have covid

  • Abdalhade Budr
    Abdalhade Budr

    i know your real goal is 1mil per 2021

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    Yo Hey Hi How Ya Doin

    • WhosImmortal

      yoooo :D

  • pradume

    why no season7 i purchsed mw on season 6 ...codm has 10 season

  • Z

    What about that one girl with the two hair buns? Shes been in many calling cards in past seasons but hasnt released...

  • シShady

    What I’m thinking is the next pass will be in modern warfare but also in Cold War. Linked between the games, and the pass contains content for warzone and Cold War. The warzone content can be used in multiplayer in this game

  • the original Synnykal 22
    the original Synnykal 22

    Yo, Zac! Imma go for the endzone on this one lmmfao and one day I may ask you to hit that "subscibe" button, until then, thanks for the fantastic intel, see you in Verdansk 🤟 #the_original_synnykal22

  • Frank

    anyone know if there is going to be a playlist update today?

    • WhosImmortal

      should be happening in about 15 minutes :)

  • Robert Paul
    Robert Paul

    A just want to no how warzone going to change a think they should leave warzone the way it is because cold war plays different to mw so basically warzone is changing its controls witch I think is going to be shit

  • GamePlayer

    Season 6 barely started and we already have season 7 leaks lol

  • AliF TheSoToKaKu
    AliF TheSoToKaKu

    I hate cold war

  • Yuri

    What graphics u Play?

  • Mike Ramirez
    Mike Ramirez

    When the alpha for this game came out i was real excited for all the possibilities this game had it looked good the guns were cool here we are season 6 and this is almost as disappointing as bo4 was for me the game looks good and all but it plays like shit i’ve never died to ridiculous shit in a cod more and bo4 had strobe shotguns. I cant wait for this new black ops i had fun playing the alpha this game is gonna get deleted pretty quick

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T

    Honestly after playing Cold war if I was to find out MW would have updates for another year I'd cancel my pre order

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez

    I wish we got more mw 2007 maps

  • Jackisback

    Season 6 just launched wtf

  • Alexandre Due.
    Alexandre Due.

    Soap, terminal and Dome plzz 🙏🏻

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    My main concern is if S7 is real then infinity ward shouldn’t end S6 because Treyarch and Infinity Ward are two different developers. One runs the modern warfare series , while as the other runs the Black Ops series because COD black ops 4 battle pass is still there they haven’t updated its next season . So I’m curious of this’ll play out

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    Black ops cold war in its current state (alpha I mean) is just cartoonishly pathetic compared to extreme detailing of MW, so it's kinda natural for a crazy number in COD fanbase to still stick with MW. If post cold war content in MW is real, I might not really even play cold war! The things mah homie mentioned in the video was like 2 or 3 seasone man! What do u ppl think?

  • Turtle Mufin
    Turtle Mufin

    This game is gonna be wayyy better black ops cold war i hope they keep updating MW

  • Garrett Bennicas
    Garrett Bennicas

    There would be zero reasons to code the title of the seasons like that.

  • Leo Amaral
    Leo Amaral

    Hopefully warzone stays with the same engine. Weapons are finally in some way balanced. Hopefully Cold War doesn't ruin Warzone.

    • Leo Amaral
      Leo Amaral

      @Blackhawkpp it's so garbage that it has millions of downloads and millions online simultaneously

    • KNG Crisp
      KNG Crisp

      Blackhawkpp you’re just shit

  • Brian Dewar
    Brian Dewar

    I think, Season 7 will happen. It will just be Season 1 in cold war. If you think about it, all the weapons in cold war will need ported across to same engine for Warzone. They could simply add the same battlepass, as you wont get the base weapons, just the blueprints. So you will get the odd operator skin and blueprints you can use in warzone, and it will take no effort to add them into modern warfare at same time.

  • Nick Simpson
    Nick Simpson

    Sticking to MW there’s no tactical sprint in Cold War..

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    One possibility is that they will release Soap as an operator in Season 7 to help keep interest in MW alongside CW.

  • Arc Aliscad
    Arc Aliscad

    Yeyyy new video new like😍😍

  • Caleb Shelton
    Caleb Shelton

    If I delete MW when Cold War comes out and download the new game, will all my MW skins and blueprints be tied to my CoD account and available for me to use in Warzone tied to the Cold War game? I assume it is the same Warzone game, just in a different game launcher.

  • Roswiper


  • Onli Eena Belize
    Onli Eena Belize

    50% discount? so we have half of wat we need for season 7? or we have all for season 7? im confused.

  • Darin Smith
    Darin Smith

    We got a fucking hellhound but they cant add animated camos lmaooo

  • K1ng G1izzy
    K1ng G1izzy

    yo October 20th never knew it all that u just said can come out on October 20th

  • fsantora

    I hope MW continues. I have 0 interest in Cold war.

  • Lon3_wolfe

    Its kind of upsetting that we are in season 6 and we are still playing the same map in warzone. You would think another warzone map or a drastic change to the map happen (nuke going off and destroying the buildings a bit, leaving everything in ruins or corroded)

  • trexbrode x
    trexbrode x

    It would be a shame if they dont update this game

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    I think there might be season 7 there's a lot of skins they haven't add as yet

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan

    Soap is a big part of call of duty. They won't introduce him like that. They'll probably wait until the next MW game continuing the story, then have him in the campaign and THEN introduce him as an operator

  • TikTik Boom
    TikTik Boom

    I hope they do t give up on MW it’s been the only good one in ages plus I don’t like black ops, has always felt more clunky n sluggish and the alpha so far dosnt feel any different. Hopefully they do a build up to next modern warfare with seasons etc.

  • Brenton

    Looks like the level 3 armor from COD Mobile

  • Henry Kamradt
    Henry Kamradt

    were probably gonna get tranzit in the haunting update

  • William Fordham
    William Fordham

    I want this to go to season 10, keep your cold war bull, im staying on MW.

  • The Don Vape Mafia Inc
    The Don Vape Mafia Inc

    What's sucks for me is all the stuff I bought that will just be "mine" until this game goes dead. I loved the COD and it has been great kinda sad to think it's going to go dead soon.

  • Tom Carpenter
    Tom Carpenter

    Hope they don’t ruin Warzone with Cold War