Black Ops Cold War: 9 MAJOR TIPS To Instantly IMPROVE! (Tips & Tricks)
Here's 9 PRO TIPS to Instantly Improve in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down 9 PRO Tips that can INSTANTLY IMPROVE your gameplay in Call of duty Black Ops Cold War! These are some of the Best Black Ops cold War Tips and tricks to improve as a player right from day 1. Cod Black Ops Cold War (COD BOCW) is definitely a very different Call of Duty compared to Modern Warfare or WARZONE, and thus it takes some time getting used to, but with these Tips, you should be able to get a nice edge over your opponents right away!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Cold war Launch ✔️ GFUEL Shaker Cup Launch ✔️ Seems like a good day to me! Thanks for watching!

    • Nuno Mendonca
      Nuno Mendonca

      How are you getting that circle above other players? On your gameplay it seems to show even when you're not aiming at them and when their names and health bars aren't even being displayed yet.

    • andre cabral
      andre cabral

      Hey on the zombies there’s a glitch on your tentacles skills it shows in error In another one to some of my friends in me our Xbox is turn off on the middle of a game do you know why that happens is it because of the software

    • Torched nail
      Torched nail

      I want that shaker cup

    • Brian Greenfield
      Brian Greenfield

      With the sniper nerfs im getting stomped trying to grind dimond 🤣

    • Wil

      Can't wait to receive my Immortal shaker cup 🤘

  • Dylan Hitsman
    Dylan Hitsman

    People don't slide during sniper fights and its funny

  • justin harris
    justin harris

    I had a 1 kd in bo1,2 1.2 in mw2,mw2019, and 3. I have a .65 right now in this cod I cannot improve no matter what I do.


    Tip1 slide didn’t slide once in the video

  • Mustafa Kaunain
    Mustafa Kaunain


    • Mustafa Kaunain
      Mustafa Kaunain

      @WhosImmortal heisenberg lead me to this 1 week old video.😂

    • WhosImmortal

      hi :D

  • Richard O Connell
    Richard O Connell

    With the current spawns rn the game is unplayable and these spawns just ruin the maps too

  • L W
    L W

    They desperately need new maps. There isn’t a single map that is good or even average to be honest.

  • JDCPA80

    I love the game. People actually move around. Hope new maps will come soon. 8 maps is underwhelming

  • The Schwifty Man
    The Schwifty Man

    Objectively speaking, the game is bad and unfinished. I kinda like it.

  • Paul K.
    Paul K.

    Stop bothering me with Cold War bullshit gameplay. I'm following you cuz of Warzone and Modern Warfare

    • WhosImmortal

      Cool. I'm a Call of duty Channel. Cold War is a call of duty game. I'm posting it.

  • Ivan De Haro
    Ivan De Haro

    Just me or the m16 is OP

  • Diarmuid Okane
    Diarmuid Okane

    whats your loadout ?

  • dephsea

    how does he have a Dorito charm? .-.

  • Opfere

    The movement in this game feels so unnecessary.

  • Jimmy Ciaston
    Jimmy Ciaston

    Gonna catch a lot of heat for this, but enjoying this more then MW..

  • Rosela Hernandez
    Rosela Hernandez

    Hi if you see this say hi btw I love your videos

    • Rosela Hernandez
      Rosela Hernandez

      Hey hi how you doin

    • WhosImmortal

  • KingMK

    SBMM is ruining this game

  • Sean Crocker
    Sean Crocker

    I love the game . I just hope they fix the spawning it's horrible

    • Jacob Poullath
      Jacob Poullath


    • Mattmann119


    • Michael Moreno
      Michael Moreno

      Yes bro. Wtf.

  • carlos andino
    carlos andino

    I need a immortal deluxe kit

  • Adrian Radu Buium
    Adrian Radu Buium

    Cold war sucks bro.. :(

  • Deuce Bagley
    Deuce Bagley

    I feel like either the really bad or the really good people come to this video

  • Sam Wadman
    Sam Wadman

    What’s the attachments on that m16?

  • Zorb Atex
    Zorb Atex

    Does leaving a game affect your kd?

    • WhosImmortal

      depends on how you did that game

  • WolfgangYDG

    They need to fix crossplay party invites. Thats the only issue I've been having. Oh and fuck the mp5 lol

  • Thad Cooper
    Thad Cooper

    Thank you Zach I'll try those tips

  • superkiller215

    All I need is help to get stable aiming my aim is going down the toilet in this game

  • Trusty Vault 13 Canteen
    Trusty Vault 13 Canteen

    I think that sliding isn't a good idea for attacking. People who try to slide often times miss me and when they end their silde they are essentially standing still, making them an easy target. Jumping is mich better

  • Ben Leeper
    Ben Leeper

    I wish these youtubers would grow a pair and admit Cold War is shit.

  • Ian Vivares
    Ian Vivares

    Is there bullet drop in multiplayer? I've tried sniping in the game and when I had my crosshairs on an idle enemies head, I got a hit marker

  • marlon mohninger
    marlon mohninger

    I found the footsteps easy to hear but very hard to distinguish which direction they are coming from unlike modern warfare.

  • Thad Cooper
    Thad Cooper

    Another black ops fail it's not even on the same spectrum as MW 2019 wasted money again

    • Thad Cooper
      Thad Cooper

      @Kiessence Williams I'm just not a fan of BO I figured I would give it a try again just can't get into it and not a fan of treyarchs work .

    • Kiessence Williams
      Kiessence Williams

      sucks to suck

  • Jacques D
    Jacques D

    Modern Warfare is so much better its not even funny

  • TPS_ Lace
    TPS_ Lace

    Imma be honest this game trash asf if I wanted to die to someone camping at a window every 5 seconds. I would go play siege

    • TPS_ Lace
      TPS_ Lace


    • TPS_ Lace
      TPS_ Lace

      The zombie slap tho

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith

    Can’t wait to get the ugly dark matter

  • war freak
    war freak

    Is anybody else just as disappointed in this game as I am? I had high hopes but to me it feels...well bad. I am more of a fan of old school cod and while this is a bit faster paced than mw...I dont know its just missing something

  • WeWhoGame

    Are you using a colour filter in the video or have you really for the colours popping like that in game? Looks so clean

    • WeWhoGame

      @WhosImmortal AHH fair play thought so it looked really good pal you've defo got an eye for colour correction ✊

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit

  • Da Ve
    Da Ve

    I love that the movement changed. Warzone just felt so slow and stiff when it comes to movement, especially cause I am used to Apex Legends movement

    • Da Ve
      Da Ve

      @ODIN XRK I said it FELT slow and stiff, cause I am used to Apex. But it also kind of is, like what movement options do you have in Warzone? Strafe, Crouch, Prone The infinite Sprint and the slide make the movement in Cold War much more versatile and make it feel "faster" I mean its okay if you have different opinion. I enjoyed Warzone, but the movement always kind of bugged me

    • ODIN XRK
      ODIN XRK

      @Da Ve u legit called warzone movement slow and stiff tho??????

    • Da Ve
      Da Ve

      @ODIN XRK love when people only read half the comment

    • ODIN XRK
      ODIN XRK

      If u think warzone movement was stiff and this is smooth u don’t know what you are doing in Warzone LOL

  • M P
    M P

    Rip to everyone trying to get the Cigma 2 gold :(

    • WhosImmortal

      its brutal lol

  • K-sean S
    K-sean S

    It just me or are more people disappointed with the game play?🤔

  • SyNc Viision
    SyNc Viision

    What game mode is the best for leveling up ur gun?

    • SyNc Viision
      SyNc Viision

      @WhosImmortal oh shit the god himself replied

    • WhosImmortal

      I'd say dom or hardpoint

  • Jarrod Michalec
    Jarrod Michalec


  • Jazz De Robles
    Jazz De Robles

    Can't wait for more of immortals content on cold war

    • WhosImmortal

  • M D
    M D

    Biggest problem is the STUN SPAM. It’s actually insane. Every life I get stunned 5-6 times. It’s ridiculous

    • M D
      M D

      @Avert Burden yeah I just unlocked it and it’s amazing

    • Avert Burden
      Avert Burden

      Well you can actually use Tac Mask in this game, so it is much more counterable in this game versus how it was in MW. Battle Hardened was a thing, but the difference it made was only by a second, but that was still a very weak perk and very strong stuns and flashes, as those last a good 5 seconds on their own. 1 second less doesn’t make that much of a difference in cod as that is still very long. Tac Mask in this game reduces the effects plus at most whenever you get flashed or stunned, you just go three the little hand animation, but after that, you are pretty much good. Whenever you get flashed or stunned in MW, i’m usually not surprised when I am killed by some melee weapon like Kali sticks or something.


    Hey hi how ya doing ❤️

  • andre cabral
    andre cabral

    I just ordered your cup with a bunch of flavors sweet

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks bro!!

  • 3POODS

    Anyone having the “partially installed” problem on PC? Help....

    • Antibiotics

      Perhaps try pausing the download and restarting battlenet

  • Matt

    Can we get a best weapons video pls

  • Theilleststylez

    Is anybody else experiencing a lag in cut scenes ?

  • max tyson
    max tyson

    Started getting into this Channel during quarantine when the boys and I were playing MW our first cod all together since bo3, let me tell you it’s my fav cod channel on UZload and I look forward to another crazy year ! Good luck!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate ya bro!!

  • RoutineHarpy525

    Bruh how are the enemies on your enemy team so freaking bad. I get a negative k/d and the enemies are still about 10 times better than me.

  • business raccoon
    business raccoon

    The game feels unfinished and just like MW the mp5 is op do they not know how to keep things balanced

  • 614Supercool

    I still haven't played a game where I wasn't Invisible, but holding out hope for at least one by Christmas.

  • The Martini
    The Martini

    "Navidia" 😭😭

  • Mp5 User
    Mp5 User

    Thank you very much Immortal!

    • WhosImmortal

      You're welcome!

  • C Squared
    C Squared

    keeps telling me song / track title whenever background music starts please help cannot see in settings anywhere...I dont need to see the song name someone help I havent gotten help for a whole day haha nobody knows

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    The most annoying is the camos they are worst than mw haha and unlocking the operators too xxx

  • Marc Garcia
    Marc Garcia

    Movement is like in skates.. no weight

  • TonyANBUu

    Anyone have trouble with leaderboards on ps4-ps5 it crashes and keeps saying unranked

  • RK800

    are you still going to be making warzone videos? I have not been watching you ever since cold war launched

    • RK800

      @WhosImmortal thanks man! I thought that you were done with warzone. I'm not buying cold war :)

    • WhosImmortal

      plenty, but while Cold War is fresh and new I wanna make sure we're pumping out content for that

  • Ernest Van Tent
    Ernest Van Tent

    Same shit in a different package. Fools.

  • Tech Nine
    Tech Nine

    Nice video bro very helpful🔥

  • Toxic N Thic
    Toxic N Thic

    Everyone’s saying there’s less camping I’m trying to figure out what lobby’s there getting cause in my lobby the whole game is laying on the floor or sitting in windows 💀💀

    • Kurt Johnson
      Kurt Johnson

      Stop complaining, it's called strategy. Figure yours out+

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith

      @Previous Current yeah I’d probably have to agree with you there bud. And I find people even harder to see in this game than modern warfare so when someone is hiding it’s almost impossible to see them

    • Previous Current
      Previous Current

      @Dylan Smith what I'm saying is in my lobbies CW is more campy than mw2019

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith

      @Previous Current that’s what I just said mate.

    • Previous Current
      Previous Current

      @Dylan Smith have to disagree, from my anecdotal experience my lobbies in mw were more active, in CW general everyone play like a bitch, noone challenges you aggressively anymore

  • A LEE
    A LEE

    Just throw names u would win lol

  • Craig C
    Craig C

    Hey man absolutely love your channel. I played about 6 matches of cold war and requested a refund through Microsoft. The game is so bad (compared to MW) but I will still watch all warzone vids! Keep up the good work.

    • GroundKiLLa

      @Bobby Capone fair enough bro i feel like most of the people who say this game is bad and that didnt play too much of the old cods because cold war plays really like bo1,mw2 and mw3 etc and I feel like most of the people bashing it are kinda new to cod maybe they started on the new mw or black ops 4 or summin

    • Bobby Capone
      Bobby Capone

      @GroundKiLLa not really I played a bit of bo1, Mw2, MW and now cold war that's pretty much it

    • GroundKiLLa

      @Bobby Capone this cod plays how old school cod did I guess maybe you didnt bang out the old cods?

    • Bobby Capone
      Bobby Capone

      @GroundKiLLa it's just so different i can't play it either tbh and I'm not trash at cod but this one apperently so.....

    • GroundKiLLa

      The games bad or you're bad at the game?

  • Riley Frazier
    Riley Frazier

    Ordering the cup and I don't even drink gfeul lmao

  • Ballistic GamerMan
    Ballistic GamerMan

    Honestly I played the open beta and honestly within my first 30 min I destroyed everyone!

  • Mayhem

    Will specialist camos transfer to cold War warzone?

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado

    Rip modern warfare

  • Poggboi

    Who else thinks the m16 reload is garbage

  • A Spoon
    A Spoon

    I'm not gunna lie this game is much more fun than modern warfare

    • EndA breakfast
      EndA breakfast

      @A Spoon Cold War is just very disappointing

    • EndA breakfast
      EndA breakfast

      @A Spoon yes it is

    • A Spoon
      A Spoon

      @EndA breakfast thats your opinion I guess

    • EndA breakfast
      EndA breakfast

      @A Spoon mw is a much better cod

    • EndA breakfast
      EndA breakfast

      @A Spoon I am being honest

  • ChuteU2

    Thx for the video, getting ready to play 🤜💥

  • Dylan Gronow
    Dylan Gronow

    Anyone know how to get the Doritos charm

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W

    Sliding is key ? I guess buy a scuf is key in this game. Geting jumped shoot every time


      Sad it's not just YOU anymore that brings the skill,it's 3rd party shit with the controllers,the sound whoring headphones...

  • Sceno_

    N-vidia not nuh-vidia

  • Annebelle Bosch
    Annebelle Bosch

    I am experiencing this weird bug where the kill tracking is out of wack. My stats now say I have over 32 million kills with the Pellington and 29,000 days of playtime (I played for 2 hours last night and didn't even use this weapon...). So in like 2 hours of play, I am now level 51 in the officer ranks. But the annoying thing is that all of my multiplayer challenges have now been "completed" which I usually liked to grind, but now I can't. Does anyone else have this too or know if it will get fixed?

  • John Jose
    John Jose

    It’s pronounced N-vidia

  • AlphaAsFuark!

    Activision Treyarch knocked it pit of the park with blowing some of the speculation out on this game. This channel is no exclusion. Much love

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams

    It’s hard to get nukes whenever everytime u play it’s basically a league play lobby full of sweats hard to maintain a 3kd

    • Sean Crocker
      Sean Crocker

      So true . Especially if you play search

  • Horvàthh Csongor
    Horvàthh Csongor

    This game doesnt worth a shit , already hate it cuz the sbmm

  • nathanintobago

    Has anyone else got into the locked gate in the home base some fun old school Easter eggs in there

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E

    Modern warfare spoiled us man... it’s just not the same

  • UrbanChamp

    Guess who got a new shaker ordered.....this guy

    • WhosImmortal

      my man!!

  • Vaibhav Madan
    Vaibhav Madan

    i wish i colud play this game my pc cant handle it

  • Nedas Paul
    Nedas Paul

    Are you liking cold war honestly?

    • Nedas Paul
      Nedas Paul

      @WhosImmortal its actually growing on me, at first i was a bit skeptical

    • WhosImmortal

      for the most part yeah actually

  • it's8oclock

    Im very sad about the Missing b Hops:(

  • ricky Trick
    ricky Trick

    Nice vid as per, tbh I'm struggling a bit with cold war, every pub game feels like a GB, it's a bit disheartening, maybe I need to be patient and break through the sbmm and take my place with the bots, suppose my elite bo4 league play days are gone 😔

  • Meeks 9
    Meeks 9

    This game sucks massive dick. Worst COD in history by far

  • aizen sama
    aizen sama

    Do you think BOCW will be better on ps5?

  • Rarest Form
    Rarest Form

    An honest question here: Why do all CoD streamers and content makers only play core? The style bleeds out for the rest of us who mostly play HC because the "tips and tricks" are so goofy at times if you were to translate them to Hard Core mode. I'm assuming it's because they want to reach the biggest audience? The captions and thumbnails though are cringe at times because they are so sensational and over promising. Nothing but love though.

    • Erik Laguatan
      Erik Laguatan

      It's mainly because Core is the main mode. Which is why UZloadr's and streamers play and stream it. Also for the competitive scene, (CDL) the pros are playing Core, not HC.

  • E PJ
    E PJ

    something seems off with cold war ...

  • Mazyad

    My top tip is use the MP5 in every game.

  • Markus geb. vor 2000
    Markus geb. vor 2000

    Gave it a try. Gunyplay is ok-ish. But I think movement is a huge step backwards 😒

  • Vitaliy Shershun
    Vitaliy Shershun

    Having mixed feelins abot BO Cold War. Gun audio is super inferior compared to MW, player visibility is bad, especially at lognger ranges, camos look like kids toys with minimum effort put into them. and SBMM is too strong. Feels like I'm stomping newbs in 1 match, and then getting thrashed in the mext 5.

  • wobo

    just finished the campaign lol, cant wait to play it another 8 times just to understand whats going on

  • hello there
    hello there

    Man these helped for camos thanks!

  • Xingkai

    tip 1: use mp5 tip 2: use m16 Then you will be good.

  • Lenny

    Yo where that Cold War loadout video 👀


    the only tip you need not all this bullshit is: use the mp5

  • Jessy Parra
    Jessy Parra

    Just got my immortal shaker cup 😎😎 using the immortal code at Gfuel

    • WhosImmortal


  • AdonaldTrumpler

    Can you do a ranking or a Top 10 for each weapon w/ optimal attachments?