The FUTURE of WARZONE… (New Map, Cold War Reveal, & MORE!)
Here’s the latest Pawn Takes Pawn Easter Egg & what we know about the Future of COD WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the latest Pawn Takes Pawn easter egg and teaser for Black Ops Cold War, alongside the FUTURE of Call of Duty WARZONE and what we can expect for the hottest mode in Call of Duty right now! We know that COD WARZONE is going to be apart of Black Ops Cold War, however we don’t know much about how it’s going to be approached, when we’ll be an official Cold War WARZONE reveal, how the New Map is going to be implemented, and much more. We currently only have a few confirmations on WARZONE moving forward, but we may be getting some big reveals later on this week!
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  • WhosImmortal

    New Reveals, new mysteries, and plenty of questions regarding Cold War and WARZONE! What do you guys think is gonna happen? Thanks for tuning in!

    • HENESYdj

      Congrats on 600k subs, dude ! Here's to reaching 1 million

    • Hoàng Nguyễn Huy
      Hoàng Nguyễn Huy

      Add subtitles pls

    • R K
      R K

      Thank you, at least someone else realizes that multiplayer has gotten the shaft ever since WarZone was released. It’s really aggravating.

    • bcmonke

      We going to have to essentially reload in to the other game to switch maps similar to playing cold war through the warzone launcher. Sounds clunky.


      Will be waiting for m16

  • Jens Hemmerlein
    Jens Hemmerlein


  • Alexxxer

    We need a new map ASAP


    new map march 2021


    i just want them to do something with the gameplay or skill based match i have 200 matches and 1 win i just cant counter campers and mabye becouse i love solos idk

  • Brandon McGrew
    Brandon McGrew

    I wish IW and treyarch would stay separate and IW would focus on updating this game, some people like me might still like modern warfares multiplayer and war zone enough to still play it. Looks like this is the last season of content and they said they’ll continue regular updates but I wish they’d still release more content separately and let treyarch do their own take on war zone while you can still use your stuff from MW doesn’t mean they should just abandon it.

  • Sefin

    I dont get how they plan to merge warzone. MW and CW are completely different games. MW is leaned more towards tactical game and CW went full retards arcade way. Its speed is riddiculous. Since my friends want to play only Warzone it would be a bit dissapointing as we would most likely quit playing. Tried beta and it felt like a complete garbage game compared to MW.

  • Brandon Randall
    Brandon Randall

    Congrats on six hundred k

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • edward

    Tbh I’m still probably going to play more modern warfare than cold war 🤷‍♂️.

  • ĐuCành

    Will I be able to play Warzone with my mates from MW? They will move onto BOCW


    Would've been cool if they bought Ice Cube's son in to be Bowman's son

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan

    600K done, 13 days ahead of assumed date, lesgoo

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    Chris Chris

    Is this double weapon double xp weekend ??? Anyone know ? 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

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      Chris Chris

      Thanks HOW YOU DOING !!!

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, should start today :)

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    i want Warzone in Cold War

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    JSPVR x Snuffly Clips

    Congrats on 600k bro!!!!!

  • Last Name
    Last Name

    Releases new map SSD :- My time has come

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    TheOne 2124

    Wtf is the ad I got on this video

  • Jaequan Beats
    Jaequan Beats

    Congrats on 600k

    • WhosImmortal

  • Jesus Villa
    Jesus Villa

    Still no custom/private WARZONE 😭😭🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Official Shoxz
    Official Shoxz

    600001 subscriber😎

  • Erik Nordman
    Erik Nordman

    A warzone in a cold war environment is very concerning for me, I feel like making warzone with the Cold War engine could be activisions greatest screw up ever by a long shot

  • marcus p
    marcus p

    What's your best loadout setup for that yandere gun? Such a sweat gun and very accurate.

  • Jérémy Côté
    Jérémy Côté

    Yeah 600k men continue your job your the best!!!!!!

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    Congrats on 600k bro

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    Clutch Petalta

    I just love you beaming kids with that kilo!!!Congrats on 600k!!!!

  • Dmitrij Mickevic
    Dmitrij Mickevic

    Hey, for some info alcatraz is already out :D its only for call of duty mobile) and for pc we will get Urzikstan :D but don't know when cous post with cod cold war roadmap was deleted :D

    • WhosImmortal

      Urzikstan won't be a warzone map, and mobile files wouldn't bein Modern Warfare.

  • Carter Rutherford
    Carter Rutherford

    ayy you hit 600k! Love the content man

  • CasualtieZ

    Dope vid bro.. exactly what I was looking for

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    kiyon555kjm sonic555kjm

    Imagine captin price meets cold war price

  • AJ

    Congrats for the 600.000

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    Sylvester Broich

    It says 600k...

  • Lollipop Karnage
    Lollipop Karnage

    No cap, anyone who prefers mw 2019 is a little bitch who likes to mount up in a corner. Can't wait for cold war and REAL cod not this mw bs. Only good thing that came out of this shit call of duty is warzone

  • joshua kidd
    joshua kidd

    Zak, do you play with subscribers???

  • Luke Heidenreich
    Luke Heidenreich

    Immortal: (reaches 600k subscribers) "We did it Mr. Stark"

  • Drago Dragon'sEye
    Drago Dragon'sEye

    Alcatraz is actually currently on call of duty mobile with Adler for it's anniversary

  • hgearyV07

    600k congrats whosimmortal

  • KeepEmToasty

    Ayeeee he reached 600k

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  • Obi Don Jacoby
    Obi Don Jacoby

    Verdansk but cold war timeline would be shite. It legit sounds like what they've done the last few seasons a few new Pois but overall the same old map. Which sounds like big no go and I doubt it'll happen. It'll be a new map from the ground up or have bits of the dirty bomb maps in it hopefully.

  • SpiderPro_1

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    • hammy 30153
      hammy 30153

      Love your class setups man they get me 10+ kills a game

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    I feel like I'm the only one who skips over your annoying AF intro

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  • Heyho Brando
    Heyho Brando

    Maybe they will do two different version of war zone (no proof but a idea) Like how the zombie mode is it’s own mode there could be ColdWarzone where it’s using Cold War like things in a war zone map, and keep the MW would be the Classic Warzone that’s what I think

  • Japneet Virk
    Japneet Virk

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  • Gen_X_Reaper13

    Alcatraz is and was a garbage map. What a disappointment

  • The Postal Cadet
    The Postal Cadet

    The question nobody seems to be asking: Will Warzone be available to play on PS5 at Launch?

  • Ryan Weller
    Ryan Weller


  • Ryan Weller
    Ryan Weller

    Congrats on 600k

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      Ryan Weller

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    The Revival Fellowship Czech

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  • Pharaoh El Capo
    Pharaoh El Capo

    It’s definitely time for a new map also hope they change the gameplay mechanics, gunplay add medkits and loot bags/ inventory system like a real br

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  • LJ

    Different strokes for different folks, but I just can't get into the "old" CoD feel of Cold War. Modern Warfare finally brought a fresh look and feel to CoD. I'll pick up Cold War for the campaign and zombies, but I'll be mostly sticking with MW/Warzone until MW2 releases in 2021 (fingers crossed). JUST A THOUGHT: What if Alcatraz is being reused as a Fireteam map?

  • Aditya Krishnatreya
    Aditya Krishnatreya

    And what about the cp points we have will it be transfer also

  • Tyler Chauvin
    Tyler Chauvin

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    Private matches in WARZONE 👍

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    That’s because the multiplayer sucks.

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  • pablo mayfield
    pablo mayfield

    Cold war sucks.

  • Pew Pew
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    Cold war warzone gonna suck with its shitty gameplay

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    I love your videos mate! Btw i'm from South of Brazil

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      Awesome! Thank you!

  • X͓̽_X͓̽ 1͓̽0͓̽
    X͓̽_X͓̽ 1͓̽0͓̽

    Note: Alcatraz was put in call of duty mobile

  • Toumiat Malak
    Toumiat Malak

    But bro,if They leave warzone as we know it it will be better right

  • Dizzy Wells
    Dizzy Wells

    So basically warzone is doing the same thing as cod mobile

  • Bathtub Boy
    Bathtub Boy

    Too bad I finally got bored of warzone and barely play it now

  • Xavier Wendt
    Xavier Wendt

    congrats on 600k

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  • Cyber Wolf
    Cyber Wolf

    Where the hell is the Warzone Intel at? It's been two weeks..

    • Cyber Wolf
      Cyber Wolf

      @WhosImmortal Maybe tomorrow? Also thanks for noticing my comment :D

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah I'm wondering that myself

  • Brandon Darracott
    Brandon Darracott

    Maybe Alcatraz is the new gulag

  • Alpha Badger
    Alpha Badger

    So in cold warzone we keep our m4 and mp5 blueprints that we have. But what about the coldwar mp5 and m4 that handle drastically different? As well as the ak47/74u from warzone is 1 gun but blackops has then in different categories all together. How is this all gonna work?

  • Pete S
    Pete S

    No one cares about Cold War multiplayer. We just want Warzone content. It’s by far the most popular game mode. Both MW & CW developers need to prioritise Warzone and BR game modes. Holding off in the hope people buy £60 game to make the share holders happy. This isn’t the future of online gaming


    I think warzone will be available day one because of the fact that it’s transferring over. Them supporting warzone was definitely by design so we don’t have to wait 4-5 months every year for a new experience.

  • Sergio Leyva
    Sergio Leyva

    What you said about cold warzone is exactly what I was thinking theyre gonna let the game we paid for have the spotlight before a free to play mode dominates .... from a business stand point it makes sense

  • Juken The Bold
    Juken The Bold

    This is such a bad take. 😂 There is no "Cold war warzone" Warzone will just be accessed from the cold war menu. Warzone will stay warzone, just with a new map. It's staying on the same engine.

  • Mano

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  • Hoàng Nguyễn Huy
    Hoàng Nguyễn Huy

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  • Ken DDY
    Ken DDY

    What URL was it when he said "bulckhead"? I want to put in them codes.

  • EndA breakfast
    EndA breakfast

    It would be nice to be able to play as your mw operators in zombies

  • Aarya Bachhav
    Aarya Bachhav

    So we need to buy cold war for cold warzone???

  • D3miGxd Pxp3
    D3miGxd Pxp3

    They need to keep the same game engine,Cause the Bo CW engine ain't cutting the check

  • Yorkshire tea
    Yorkshire tea

    Day 7 of saying hey hi how ya doing to immortal

  • Devin Luna
    Devin Luna

    Shaquille Oatmeal

  • Eddie Peters Jr
    Eddie Peters Jr

    Since Cold War introduced the FOV Slider on console do you think that's something that will be added or implemented into War Zone? Im reallllyyy hoping so. Love your vids bro just subbed!

    • WhosImmortal

      I'd assume so tbh, and thanks for subbing!

  • Blitz_ProtoKrill

    Theyr gonna remove weapons basicly

  • Iron Maniac Fitness
    Iron Maniac Fitness

    So all the characters I bought are not going to transfer to multiplayer or warzone for cold war ?

  • Connor James Thompson
    Connor James Thompson

    My wishes here for the future of Modern Warfare 2019, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War: 1. Remove SBMM in BOCW 2. Soap has to be in Season 7 of MW 2019, also bring back Shoothouse & Shipment 24/7 3. Even if BOCW drops on November 13th, Modern Warfare still better be staying alive until Season 7 ends the entire game's life cycle 4. BOCW sometimes should adapt to Modern Warfare's engine so that people don't need to judge it as a downgrade version of the game 5. Hope that everything that Warzone has will remain at the side of MW, but with the maps remake a little bit to match the Black Ops Cold War style atmosphere

  • Chris Saunders
    Chris Saunders

    Love youre vids , very informative and helpful...BUT dude I cant watch Tracer packs any more they suck really hard !!