Here's the MAJOR news we just got regarding Prestige mode in WARZONE, Modern Warfare, & Cold War, alongside the other big Cold War reveals!
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In this video, we're breaking down the MAJOR announcements Call of Duty just revealed about the upcoming Prestige Mode for Call of Duty WARZONE, Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, the Cold War Roadmap featuring the return of Nuketown and even more features, and more! Today COD revealed some major news regarding the Cold War WARZONE integration set for December 10th alongside Season 1 of Cold War, and they debuted some new info about Prestige Mode, weapon transfers, and more content syncs between COD WARZONE, COD MW, and Black Ops Cold War!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Completely out of the blue, we got a MASSIVE blog detailing the future of Warzone and even some big news for Cold War content! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez

      *IF* Season 1 is *SUPPORTED* Through MW & Up : *WILL BE* The Most Played Game YET

    • CPU

      What are the graphics gonna be like for warzone? Like Treyarch or activision?

    • Jared Gilliland
      Jared Gilliland

      How am I going to have enough room on my PS4 until all games are synced up. Will I have to delete everything but these two games?


      Hey bro hope you still do mw or warzone content and not just cold war I'm not a fan of cold war ,mw is number 1 to me

    • VERM

      So does this mean Cold War weapons will be able to have the demascus camo

  • Michael J. Hout
    Michael J. Hout

    I don’t think most people realize Verdansk is probably pronounced Ver-DINSK with a hard I like Gdańsk in Poland

  • kick4gaming can
    kick4gaming can

    imortal pls respond i esk you allot about do you know about rank leage marches?like black ops 4 like compantitive matches?

    • kick4gaming can
      kick4gaming can

      @WhosImmortal there are some video by other youtubers end say there is a ranked system with compative ranked play.same ranked system like black ops 4 i cant wait to see video today about this fake or real ranked leage play

    • kick4gaming can
      kick4gaming can

      @WhosImmortal fast respond there are some video can you check if its true ?ranked leage play

    • WhosImmortal

      nothing's been said as of now

  • Awe47

    Congrats on getting your own gfuel flavor and shaker

  • saavin brar
    saavin brar

    Sooo warzone will not end and go to cold war??

    • WhosImmortal


  • preston vaughn
    preston vaughn

    This is gonna de so cool I love call of duty

  • Slim Shadow
    Slim Shadow

    If warzone is supposed to be connected why didnt Cold War use the same game mechanics as Modern Warfare? Looking at just the 2 games being Call of Duty it feels like Cold War is a step backwards from Modern Warfare

  • Callsign Chaos
    Callsign Chaos

    I love the integration between the series’. It’s just like cod mobile in that sense.

  • Powerfull Tom
    Powerfull Tom

    We've had alcatraz on mobile for awhile now

  • Breaking Eagles
    Breaking Eagles

    Do x2 tokens carry over to Cold War?

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    In case the sweats in CW become to much you can try new sweats in WZ or MW with your XP progression following you is pretty cool.

  • ZG 11
    ZG 11

    Will all the blueprints that you buy be in Cold War or will you have to start with base guns

  • CorndogCrusader


  • DSM Keoni
    DSM Keoni

    Does anyone know if WARZONE will have FIELD OF VIEW SLIDERS when it crosses over to COLDWAR? Since WARZONE is gonna stick to MODERN WARFARE ENGINE....

    • DSM Keoni
      DSM Keoni

      @WhosImmortal thanks. My friend and I was thinking about that the other day

    • WhosImmortal

      we dont know yet

  • Brandon Salinas
    Brandon Salinas

    Wait so I can use cold of war weapons in mw?

  • SmokeysOTS

    Wow another fucking nuketown map

  • Sebastian Villasenor
    Sebastian Villasenor

    So when Season 1 of Cold War launches, our levels and XP will go back to Level 1 like when we first started playing, but we get to keep our stuff, weapons, and everything else we unlocked.

  • Vidcar Gonzalez
    Vidcar Gonzalez

    Prestige mode just seems like more work for people that don’t have time to play. I barely get to finish the battle pass. Lol

  • Lets Play - Gaming Highlights
    Lets Play - Gaming Highlights

    If you read this may the God protect You from campers

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    Are warzone stats going to be reset?

  • bigSMASH80 Allday
    bigSMASH80 Allday

    Black ops cold war is only going to be good for playing zombies. Nothing else past that

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    *IF* Season 1 is *SUPPORTED* Through MW & Up : *WILL BE* The Most Played Game YET

  • VTR Racing
    VTR Racing

    Will this only be on the next gen consoles?

    • WhosImmortal

      it's on current gen and next gen

  • Sagar Gandhi
    Sagar Gandhi

    Good content but great gameplay

  • Xavier Banks
    Xavier Banks

    Rip king von

  • ilya p
    ilya p

    hi bro what headset do you use ?

    • ilya p
      ilya p

      @WhosImmortal thanx !

    • WhosImmortal

      dt 990 pros

  • Edwin Bradway
    Edwin Bradway

    I'm interested by the Groza on the roadmap, hopefully it's the stupid firerate I desire

  • Lil_determination

    I saw the title and i clicked as fast as i could

  • bacalhau seco
    bacalhau seco

    I want a big fat like to my comentary

  • Manuel M
    Manuel M

    Get ready for 1 million gigs of download!

  • Austen Davis
    Austen Davis

    I've missed prestige.


    Hey hi how ya doing....forever classic

  • DarksideWolf61

    Finally they confirmed that prestige is coming back. I was waiting that confirmation for long time

  • Deliri0us -
    Deliri0us -

    So wait. When cold war comes out, will all my warzone stats, like kills and wins ect, cross over to the new battle royal?

    • WhosImmortal

      there won't be a "new battle royale" at all, it's still just Warzone :)

  • Chandler Cornell
    Chandler Cornell

    just saw the roadmap and holy..... thc for the like

  • ScowlingSet5 YT
    ScowlingSet5 YT

    So my mw skins will go to black ops

  • David _Mx
    David _Mx

    wait so damascus is going to be in cold war?

    • WhosImmortal

      to warzone, yes, to cold war multiplayer, no

  • 12Daniel34

    So glad they're keeping MW relevant!

    • Garbage Guardian
      Garbage Guardian

      I hope it stays more relevant than cold war Infinity ward really killed it with this one!

  • Recording Online
    Recording Online

    Is therr any news that i missed about your kills and deaths ? Will those be reset as well by default or will you have a option to reset stats. Anyone feel free to share your thoughts or update me please and thanks

  • user name 1220
    user name 1220

    Will our stats and wins transfer to warzone?

  • FoggyTM


  • CurSed OnE
    CurSed OnE

    Fingers crossed on less grindy camo challenges for Cold War. This 800 kills with the weapon, kills while mounted and the outrageous number for obsidian (15 kills in a match 125 times) crap needs to gtfo

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    nobody: absolutely nobody: Prestige masters: you challenging me

  • Charles Milburn
    Charles Milburn

    Does Immortal have a creator code in MW?

  • Dolo

    Immortal = 🐐

  • Grendel Gundam
    Grendel Gundam

    I hope digital guns don't get banned soon

  • Xander Devilla
    Xander Devilla

    Wait do we have to but Cold War in order to get warzone?

  • WatchUrKillCamNL 043
    WatchUrKillCamNL 043

    So if i' right were gonna play annother year in verdansk?

  • Ryfec

    Will leaderboards reset? Any info about that?

  • psycho007 APEX
    psycho007 APEX

    Will the attachments the for the weapons be specific to the game it's from or would I be able to attach something from a warzone weapon to a coldwar weapon? And would the ak from warzone be the same from coldwar or would there be two completely different akz with different animations, properties and looks? jusathought 🤔

  • Eric Rang
    Eric Rang

    can’t wait to continue getting fucked up by the SP 😅

  • psycho007 APEX
    psycho007 APEX

    I just hope the sbmm is fixed cuz coldwar had a big issue with this

  • tom hoff
    tom hoff

    I’m super bummed that black ops won’t have its own warzone

  • dame da ne dame yo dame na no yo
    dame da ne dame yo dame na no yo

    Now here is something I'm kinda confused about , So if black ops cold war and modern warfare share the same battle pass that means the dlc weapons are also in the battle (which we can also level up by playing mw multiplayer) so does that mean that can we use those dlc weapons in mw multiplayer as well?

    • WhosImmortal

      no, any cold war weapons are exclusive to warzone and multiplayer

  • Time2ballup

    What's so cool about the Prestige system? Have not played any of the BO MPs or Blackout.

  • BigMac 69
    BigMac 69


    • BigMac 69
      BigMac 69

      @WhosImmortal no problem brother

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks dude!

  • The Jworks
    The Jworks

    Wake up guys don't buy this game it's been over 13 years and they're still giving us the same bullshit multiplayer can't believe they are keeping war zone how lazy and pathetic pass

  • FrankieTheAylien

    Cod finna make me lose this NNN

  • ChuteU2

    Very Very spicy 🤜💥

  • Dave Maximus
    Dave Maximus

    If you look in your records on mw it has a Minnie royal. We must be getting a Minnie royal then??

  • defect2889

    thanks for the update

  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    OTs-14 Groza? Oh, I need that, give it to me NOW! Who doesn't want a gun with a 2-letter name in Russian (ОЦ) and a 3-letter name in English (OTs), lol.

  • OneWay Chris
    OneWay Chris

    Omfg you guys are dumb not all cods warzone

  • Sand Box
    Sand Box

    I'm broke I cant buy the battle pass dam it


    My cold war is doing some type of update rn.

  • John

    GREAT INFO. I'm not planning on getting Cold War but glad some of the progression is shared. cool stuff.

  • Cihangir Karatas
    Cihangir Karatas

    can i still use my cod points of MW on Cold War ?

    • Mustafa._

      Yes you can

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Will Operator Skins Transfer? And Vise Versa?

    • WhosImmortal

      to warzone yes

  • Talisman21

    Alcatraz will just be the code name.

  • Hans

    I genuinely wanna thank you for not being a clickbait loser

  • Rocco Carbone
    Rocco Carbone

    Imma bust due to the prestige

  • ray Crespin
    ray Crespin

    I have almost 3000 Cod Points in the current Call of Duty will these move with me to Cold War?

    • ray Crespin
      ray Crespin

      @WhosImmortal thanks for all of the info!

    • WhosImmortal

      they should :)


    Season 7 needs: better ground loot in warzone, ranked mode, remove sbmm and an anti cheat! Do it activision!

  • vageesh raizada
    vageesh raizada

    Will we have to buy bocw to use it's weapons in warzone or no?

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, warzone will remain FTP and have access to all content from both games

  • neelcool99

    Now I understand why black ops cold war put bocw on every gun in the alpha and beta because we're going to have every gun from both games

  • Tumama Esgay
    Tumama Esgay


  • Luka Kristicevic
    Luka Kristicevic

    Will we be able to use CW weapons in Warzone if we dont own CW ?

  • Ghostly

    The classified warzone experience has some writing on it. Without the blanks, it is: "is [???] [???] (re)lative to similar nerve (eff)ects. [ ] the effects are instanteneous [ ] [ ] symptoms occurs, [ ]ading to death: violent coughing, [ ] vomiting, [ ] [ ], from the eyes, scaling and [ ]. The [ ] necessary to synthesize and [ ] are: Sulfur, [ ] and Neodymium. ...Zombies???

    • Ghostly

      @WhosImmortal ye probably

    • WhosImmortal

      likely relating to the nova-4 gas which is on the warzone map :)

  • Adam Dzieran
    Adam Dzieran


  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    Fuck. I think i deserve a medal. I said this month or so ago and said this how we getting soap. And it will be season 7 on ,mondern warfare and a crossover.

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    So what im understanding is MW loadouts and perks Vs CW loadout and perks, but you can combine MW guns along with CW guns...? Man this will be very very interesting. This got me excited!!! I cannot wait until next week.

  • Florin

    Thanks for making the video short and straight to the point. So many youtubers would make this into a 15-20 min video. Very underappreciated!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for watching my dude!

  • Hashashinist

    Great video as usual. I am curious how they gonna balance weapons damage stats and recoil across three different COD games. Anyway I think Warzone it's gonna be a thing for many years to come, can't wait for the new battle royale map

  • Die Kommunistische Kiwi
    Die Kommunistische Kiwi

    honestly i hate prestige, it's just a useless feature

  • Klaas Pasterkamp
    Klaas Pasterkamp

    Before the video starts... Ladies and gentlemen hey hi how ya doing welcome back to the chanel.. it makes my day everytime.. you rock man.. love your videos

  • Eric Woelk
    Eric Woelk

    I don't think, as you said, that all levels will be reset to lv. 1 on Dec 10th. According to Treyarch, they will be reset and synchronised >>towards the current level achieved in cold war

  • Rick Van doorn
    Rick Van doorn

    Where is the 1440p 😭😂

  • Dylan Reynolds
    Dylan Reynolds

    We can use mw weapons in cw multiplayer?

    • Dylan Reynolds
      Dylan Reynolds

      @WhosImmortal o I thought that's what you said

    • WhosImmortal


  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    One thing i hope happens is the ability to use mw operators in black ops zombies

  • brandon wilson
    brandon wilson

    I agree we will probably get Alcatraz in December, but that leaked info you were talking about is about them adding it to the mobile, witch they already did.

    • WhosImmortal

      the mobile updates are completely separate my dude. Nothing in the MW has to do with mobile's content

  • Zain Mukadam
    Zain Mukadam

    Do the camos transfer to multiplayer too? Or just Warzone!

    • WhosImmortal

      just warzone

  • Ilker T
    Ilker T

    Time to get our hands dirty -frank woods

  • erik leif
    erik leif

    No soap

  • Reluxtions

    so my damascus camo will be in cold war like in the multiplayer or what did yu mean?

  • Blood999

    That’s a lot of spicy meatballs hmm rip my ssd

  • Kevin Redd
    Kevin Redd

    Will your KD on MW go to CW I really hope not

  • Sirocco the Dawnbreaker
    Sirocco the Dawnbreaker

    nice video Immortal! informative and straight to point. though do you think the update size will be massive? I'm on a 140 gig monthly quota :/

    • WhosImmortal

      Hopefully updates won't be as large as they were this year

  • jay cliff
    jay cliff

    Well you can download cold war right now!!!!! Don't know if you can play it but it's there.

  • YTStyla

    And what exactly is a Prestige mode?

  • Thots Mahogany
    Thots Mahogany

    Wait so my cod points will transfer into the new game , and my obsidian will aswell ?!?