Black Ops Cold War: The OVERPOWERED M16! (Best Class Setup) | Road To DARK MATTER
Here's the BEST CLASS SETUP to use for the M16 in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the BEST CLASS SETUP for the M16 In Black Ops Cold War and also unlocking the GOLD CAMO as well in the first episode of Road to Dark Matter! In Black Ops Cold War, the M16 is an absolute beats, so today we're going over the best setup for the M16 in multiplayer and completing the Gold Camo challenge to get 1 step closer to unlocking Diamond, and ultimately, dark matter! The M16 Class Setup today is easily the best one I've found in Black Ops CW so far and I'd highly recommend trying out this attachment setup!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The first class setup and road to dark matter episode is here! Trust me when I say, the M16 is a *spicy meatball!* Thanks for watching

    • Golden Domer
      Golden Domer

      Ik this is a few days late but I love this style of video. If you repeat this formula of a class setup within and road to DM in a series.. I'm ALL IN!

    • Mitchell Peoples
      Mitchell Peoples

      Please do it 1 weapon per vid with class setup

    • TooN

      Thing doing the LMGs and launchers ranking them max in zombies then flipping over to MP, putting a load of rounds into air based score streaks then 1 shotting them with launchers may have to suffice till the launchers get a buff? Maybe.... fkn grind i know but may be the way??

    • SN1P3R -
      SN1P3R -

      Thx for the hrt

    • DivingwithJoe 360
      DivingwithJoe 360

      U should do more gameplay That would be cash money

  • iceblock3

    Hmmm no handle to reduce ads time ?

  • spartanhunters2


  • spartanhunters2


  • Arnett Woods
    Arnett Woods

    The one that shoots 💣 how do I get it. Please tell me bro💯

  • Arnett Woods
    Arnett Woods

    Bro what gun is that your using I can't find it the 💣 gun


    Let’s see one gold gun each vid I think separating every vid for every gun is nice

  • Austin Trowbridge
    Austin Trowbridge

    I love when you duck I do the same thing all the time 😂

  • Lloyd Abraham
    Lloyd Abraham

    That tower in cartel was where I would(don’t hate for camping I had to cover my weakass team in domination) be in the beta with the type 63

  • macintosh3000

    I literally don’t understand what I’m doing wrong with the m16. I’m getting full bursts to the head on enemies and they don’t die. It’s taking me 3 bursts to kill someone normally. A 1 burst kill is a very rare occurrence for Me.

  • Corey B
    Corey B

    lmao this gun is a one shot kill meanwhile snipers take two shots. this and the aug are absolute jokes right now

  • Clyde Carli
    Clyde Carli

    Not the best.setup but pretty good

  • Mitch Ryan
    Mitch Ryan

    Why is everyone sleeping on the FFAR

    • Mitch Ryan
      Mitch Ryan

      @Floor it is exactly like it was in the original bops and I love that...thry have since nerfed it

    • Floor

      I think people picked up on it. Pros were saying it was the best a couple days ago.

  • Tommy s
    Tommy s

    The aug is easily the most underrated gun in the game💯

    • johnjohn0002

      Not underrated at all been playing all day n everyone using that or m16 both are broken

  • BadKarma.-

    Fk Dark matter, the Cigma couldn't kill a kitten let alone get multikills or 3kills without dying 😂 and dont get me started on lvling the damn thing

  • Jdpopo Plays
    Jdpopo Plays

    The format of the video is super nice. For someone that’s going through the same grind it’s nice to see the class and gameplay too.

  • Charles Spencer
    Charles Spencer

    Does Coldwar feel like a retrograde still? Additionally I still have repeated crashes with it feels like a beta from circa 2003

  • Ramen_Operator _
    Ramen_Operator _

    imo i think this cod is the worst. right next to infinite warfare

  • Anthony Trogu
    Anthony Trogu

    I think that with the few guns that are used in this game it would be cool to do weapons separately in the serious and a get a more in depth understanding of the weapon and its challenges

  • Count Kingpen
    Count Kingpen

    Honestly I like the mashup of setup and road to dark matter, adds some fun to the information but also just the gameplay tends to be great to watch.

  • stu dent
    stu dent

    The thumper is tough

  • Enrique Lerma
    Enrique Lerma

    How can i unlock the m16

  • George Sass
    George Sass

    Maybe show us what class setups you are using on the way leveling up. Sometimes it is tough to decide what garbage perks to use over others on the way up through the weapon levels.


    Should it not be able to one burst??? 😂 we need good burst guns they have a larger skill gap which makes them not op

  • Rell

    I only use tactical rifles even in halo dmr over br or Ar M16 Type 63 AuG i like those high skill guns

  • Michael Wennerlund
    Michael Wennerlund

    FFAR is an absolutely beast in BOCW. I suggest doing a video on it after leveling it up. Easily my best games with that thing-5+ KD on Cartel-kind of good


    Can you change the burst or no


      @WhosImmortal I think that is stupid have you tried the ak 74 u I’m out here beasting

    • WhosImmortal


  • Naysayers Anonymous
    Naysayers Anonymous

    Game sucks best set up is to to incinerate the game sweep up the ashes and throw it in the trash where it belongs. Ps looking forward to prestige coming to modern warfare.

  • Trev

    That idea is great! I like that idea of dropping a class with every gun as you go

  • Wolfgang Davis
    Wolfgang Davis

    I would say do a separate video for skin grind/ class setups, because with class setups I'd personally like to see some more variation with classes, like M16 class 1 does better than M16 class 2 on this gamemode/map, but class 2 does better than class 1 in this other gamemode/map. .. Or do it all in one. Explain the class various setups you used as you unlocked skins, because it can be hard to pick good attatchments when you don't have all of them and you're left wondering how to maximize your build with what you have, and then explain the one or two final setups that are the "go to" setups when you have all the attachments.

  • Skully The monkey
    Skully The monkey

    Anything you do is enjoyable I like the whole combination thing it means less content in total since it's one instead of 2 videos but a more diversity in one episode making it more enjoyable

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    Me getting an 11 kill streak 😆... immortal getting a 22 kill streak 😃... me 😐

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    I watch your vids every morning when I am getting ready for work. Excellent job mate!

    • WhosImmortal

      Glad to hear it!

  • Lachlan Tresham
    Lachlan Tresham

    How are you leveling the guns up sp quick?

  • Maximillian Harding
    Maximillian Harding

    I like this format for the road to DM

  • Señor D2
    Señor D2

    I dig that kyrie shirt

  • 7ChordsLater

    Combine the videos!

  • INotBrown

    Love the face camera and the gameplay, please continue!

  • Dark_arrow_ 21
    Dark_arrow_ 21

    What setup are you going to be doing next

  • Dillon Montiel
    Dillon Montiel

    Ur video came up in my feed and I'm so glad it did , finally a cod content creator who wants help his viewers with tips and tricks , with also asking our opinion on what we want to see.!!!!!👍😀👌❤

  • Skyler Montiel
    Skyler Montiel


  • Jerald Brethauer
    Jerald Brethauer

    more videos like this!

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez

    Can we use blueprints to camo grind?

  • Wacko Streams
    Wacko Streams

    Can you do a best load out list for Cold War?

  • Joshua Contreras
    Joshua Contreras

    Bro your such a beast💪🏽 Love your videos

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks josh!

  • Nioid

    When Your Not First But You Say your First Just because Youve Always wanted to but never will

  • Vatam 1789
    Vatam 1789

    Will you be playing some warzone after dark matter?

  • DMON P_U_R_A_B
    DMON P_U_R_A_B

    Easy way to get gold video ?

  • Bundog Milionare
    Bundog Milionare

    Cruise missile should only be one for such a cheap streak

  • Jack Rowman
    Jack Rowman


  • VolTaGe-Spawn Spence
    VolTaGe-Spawn Spence

    I just got gold on the M16 and I found the final 2 camos taking me an entire day

  • Brandon Kerr
    Brandon Kerr

    I would love more videos exactly like this. You should do this for every weapon on your road to Dark Matter.

  • Drew Togneri
    Drew Togneri

    Game looks like it should have come out in 2010. Such a massive downgrade in quality from MW.

    • Drew Togneri
      Drew Togneri

      @It’s Liam7 You're right I wasn't. I'd be 10 if I was and would be more focused on pokemon or whatever the kids nowadays play instead.

    • It’s Liam7
      It’s Liam7

      You weren’t even born in 2010 I bet

  • Kincade Nicholls
    Kincade Nicholls

    last years gold was better change my mind.

  • SGT Peppers
    SGT Peppers

    Great vid,I used the M16 before It was cool in the alpha

  • Josh Maag
    Josh Maag

    I finished the 3 kill streak camp for the launcher and haven’t used it since lmao

    • Josh Maag
      Josh Maag

      But I do have it leveled all the way up

  • Finn Franti
    Finn Franti

    I had to re-watch that Semtex stick in slo-mo lmao. That was sick!

  • lipz official
    lipz official

    Can we just agree that the master camos don't look good I know you UZloadrs are gonna be positive about your earner but come on this ain't the 1

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    I can’t wait for you to make the cod4 mp5 setup again it was my favorite from last year.

  • Jason Genova
    Jason Genova

    Lovely seeing your happy face for the first time! Also, nice Aeron you got there, that and the embody is literally the ultimate gamer chair

  • Jacob Dietz
    Jacob Dietz

    I got gold for the Magnum and It didn’t unlock

  • shelby glanville
    shelby glanville

    You guys playing this horrible game and then blogging about it only creates a greater avenue for these guys to put out more garbage. Infinity Ward for life. Treyarch eats bananas with their hands behind their back every fricking time

    • Julio Arevalo
      Julio Arevalo

      It’s a new game, it’s gonna be popular

  • Khairul Azri
    Khairul Azri

    should i buy cold war or wait december?

  • Jesse Martin
    Jesse Martin

    If the camp on the gun in the tumbnail is gold I really don’t know what to say it looks more like a yellow or orange than what I imagine gold to be

  • Shayne Scherer
    Shayne Scherer

    Can you do a quick vid on your graphics settings. I find ray tracing and DLSS both mess with this game. What's your experience with that?

  • Matt Klingle
    Matt Klingle

    I love that you show the setup and show the road to getting it so we get some insight on how to get better with the weapon at the same time. Keep it up! Haven't played COD since the beginning so it's a huge help

  • icwalk444

    One weapon per vid, with the loadout at the end

  • Tyler Cooke
    Tyler Cooke

    Please continue the series of road to Dark Matter because I really enjoy these videos! With one gun per video I really like that format! Keep up that grind!!

  • Damian Elbrid
    Damian Elbrid

    And yea man you should make a vid working on a gun but using best atachments for it

  • Damian Elbrid
    Damian Elbrid

    I luv how when they shoot you in game you crouch and in real life you move you head down wich is relatable bc if feel like You are actually getting shot...even in mw when a sniper is aiming at me i do the same..LOL

  • Ben Cain
    Ben Cain

    Please keep this type of format for the camo grind! Really like it

  • philip blundell
    philip blundell

    I enjoyed the video good way to show your class setup and how to get the camos

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    So Is this next gun I should level up Zac? X

  • Ice Cool
    Ice Cool

    You got the wrong barrel on, task force is way better.

  • Duaine Pilkington
    Duaine Pilkington

    Is black ops worth buying or is every weapon op or broken ?? Is it full of sweaty camping,, hacking ,, boosting freaks who can’t play the game without cheating

    • Julio Arevalo
      Julio Arevalo

      It’s cool, everyone weopon op in mw but these are like 100ms slower, there’s always gonna be campers and hackers will be in warzone

  • JediEdin

    na that mp5 is overpowered ones again.

  • Cameron Powell
    Cameron Powell

    Can you do a video for a beginner. I played modern warfare but I’m useless and have a crap k/D if you can help me out

  • Daniel Craciun
    Daniel Craciun

    5:55 , yo , I used to try and look around corners on my screen lookin all dumb ahahahah

  • Armaan ANSAR
    Armaan ANSAR

    R.I.P Monolithic suppressor

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    This video format was great

  • TheMightyBrick

    I think it's a good idea for the series, just do the popular guns first because those are the classes we really wanna see now.

  • TacoThieves

    I love watching him duck when he’s proning/dodging bullets in-game. I do the same thing

  • People who say didnt ask Are dead to me
    People who say didnt ask Are dead to me

    Ninja and ghost...wonder where I've heard that one before lol

  • Xena Frost
    Xena Frost

    I've found out that the ak is actually very good in this game, low recoil and good damage. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good ar :D

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia

    Does anyone have a issue with the 2x when I ADS I CANT SEE THE AIM BARS OR CROSSHAIRS IN THE OPTIC it’s like blurred out come and goes back and forth

    • Eli

      Yes bro same thing happens to me. apparently it’s a pretty rare glitch I know that there are other people having the same issue as you and I

  • RareEarthMetal

    I like the gameplay/commentary vids and I would LOVE to see a road to dark matter series to know my struggle with the cigma isn’t becuase I suck😭

  • Skyler Slack
    Skyler Slack

    So, are you trying to get this nerfed?

  • sniper tiger061
    sniper tiger061

    Hi man sorry that I'm late

    • WhosImmortal

      s'all good bro!

  • Hillary Serrano
    Hillary Serrano

    I like you getrinf a gun gold & then showing us the best set up for it.

  • Frozen Kpw
    Frozen Kpw

    Btw I really love the one weapon per video with a class setup. Love this style of vid

  • Frozen Kpw
    Frozen Kpw

    I loved the video mate. Can’t wait to try your class setup, also I loved the intro instead of just u speaking over some gameplay. Face came throughout ❤️ lovely

  • Weston Rigsby
    Weston Rigsby

    1 gun per video man. Get that grind going brother

  • Rambo Shakur
    Rambo Shakur

    Can you make it full auto?

  • Daniel Soden
    Daniel Soden

    i’d love to see both the road to dm ultra and setups

  • Weston Rigsby
    Weston Rigsby

    Has anyone else’s controller disconnected every now and then? Have to reset ps4 every time

  • Weston Rigsby
    Weston Rigsby

    The AK-74U slaps hard as hell.

  • Louay Salloum
    Louay Salloum

    Can you make a m16 with the 8 slots

  • Nembus 101
    Nembus 101

    bro i ran into a speed hacker today lol wtf

  • Nathan Herbert
    Nathan Herbert

    Every game I enter is either mp5s or m16s..... it's so toxic.

    • Antony Hillson
      Antony Hillson

      Get gud

  • Brayden Battle
    Brayden Battle

    I’m in love with this year’s gold camo