Here's everything that just changed in the first SEASON 6 UPDATE in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything that just changed in the first SEASON 6 UPDATE in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE! Today a new update just went live in Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE that added in some new content for Multiplayer and WARZONE, including new modes, a new operator bundle, a new tracer pack for the M4A1, & more! While this definitely was not as big as the original Season 6 update for COD MW and Warzone, this is the first of the In-Season content we’ve got for Season 6, starting off weekly update pattern of new S6 content!

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  • WhosImmortal

    The first week of Season 6 (and the Cold War Beta) is upon us! Also, how about the finish to that Warzone match 👀 Thanks for watching :D

    • gazergazer

      is the open beta free

    • Taha El batri
      Taha El batri

      I love you bro im your hotes fans

    • Classy Penguin
      Classy Penguin

      Don't you mean among us. Wink wink

    • David ONeal
      David ONeal

      Looking forward to the beta!!

    • Adam Khimji
      Adam Khimji

      NotTalkTo codm how about watch the video properly and you’ll get your answer.

  • Louis Sweeney
    Louis Sweeney

    Is there a way to get the operators that you missed out on

  • sentnerxs ‘
    sentnerxs ‘

    when’s the next update???

    • WhosImmortal

      tuesday :)

  • snake cobra123
    snake cobra123

    Can you do a video on the tombstone blueprint m4a1. There are some major bugs on that blueprint. Hits sometimes do not register. It will show on your screen you are hitting your enemy when you fire your weapon and after your enemy kill you it shows on their cam that they didn't take any damages. You cant add any ammunition on it. If you add the socom round or the 9m rounds. It will show the default 30 round mags and it will show the weapons do not have and mags in it at all.

  • Saif Ob
    Saif Ob

    Multiplayer badly needs a weapon balance overhaul

  • Jeffrey Duran
    Jeffrey Duran

    Anyone else having issues with Ray tracing on in heavily shadowed areas in multiplayer? I'm getting severe fps dips since the last's run perfectly before the last update...

  • Shepard Tone MMJ
    Shepard Tone MMJ

    Still an issue with MW! the operators not correctly holding the wepon forgrips. Noticed it with the M4, KILO, STRIKER, 725. Operator holds the gun Barrell so tilting the gun. Plays with OCD.

  • Andrew Bennett
    Andrew Bennett

    Any idea when we will be getting free multiplayer weekend in Warzone ?

    • WhosImmortal

      I talk about it in this vid ;)

  • thereal_shaqdinero TV
    thereal_shaqdinero TV

    Kregur ps4 skin glitch, it only displays the second default skin and not the others when selected

  • Jose T
    Jose T

    Warzone is the most shit game out right now. Everyone hacks and nobody gets banned. Why would I want to play a game that's so saturated with sad ass cheaters that can't play for shit?

  • Rexsus1

    I think the freelook patch will be huge because that's probably what's affecting cars. It does it in the parachute mode as well so that should make cars more viable again.

  • Joshua Deakin
    Joshua Deakin

    It’s when your real is this channel is only on 600k subs that you rethink your life decisions

  • Michael Inowlocki
    Michael Inowlocki

    0:20 he said doody😂

  • fireshotgun dude
    fireshotgun dude

    I'm fine with shoot the ship coming out with the AA-12 MID season update haha obsidian same day baby.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe

    How’re they gonna have a “throwback” playlist and not include shipment 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah I was also confused by this one lol

  • alex pence
    alex pence

    Here's the fix from my perspective. Make the 10 round mags something you have to manually reload each shot/reducing the mag size from 10 to 5/ make entire map wall bangs impossible but still can wallbang harder anything else. 3 solutions.

  • xero

    Did they fix the wall bang as Val?

  • Braiden Reid
    Braiden Reid

    I only have one launcher left for damascus. Gimme my fuckin shipment lol

  • Money Seth
    Money Seth

    They need to fix the servers Any game I run doesn’t matter what mode in the middle of the game will start lagging so bad I restarted my modem idk how many times even upgraded my internet and still seems bugged any other game i played runs fine no problems

  • Donny Gabriel
    Donny Gabriel


  • Jan Beton
    Jan Beton

    Who else agrees shotgun and pistols are greatest weapons in gulag and they should keep it that way

  • Apato King
    Apato King

    I think they broke it

  • Jesus Afanador Garcia
    Jesus Afanador Garcia

    I have a butterfly knife irl and I can’t wait for this

  • Nick

    When will it work on linux?

  • Nicky G
    Nicky G

    Hoping the new lobby music is a remix or direct copy of the bo2 lobby music 😂

  • Mark Joness
    Mark Joness

    They need to keep shipment 24/7

  • Blitz_ProtoKrill

    No Free Weekend?

  • Bram Feenstra
    Bram Feenstra

    Yo zac are u as hyped for cold war as i am ?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Smooth Agustino
    Smooth Agustino

    No one wants to play those modes we want shipment and shoot house 😩

  • Mitch Higgins
    Mitch Higgins

    Tried Faceoff last night cuz it said 3v3 and it's actually 2v2. Disappointing cuz I had to let my friends play alone


    im skipping classes lol

  • deborah k
    deborah k

    Just imagine if they added flamethrowers in warzone


    Why do UZloadrs hip fire looks so tight in shotguns

  • Leonardo Fregoso
    Leonardo Fregoso

    So no one is gonna talk about that epic W escaping from the gas?

  • X_X

    I was watching you ever sense you started UZload and my DREAM is to play warzone with you

  • Crazy Henry
    Crazy Henry

    So still no server fix 👍

  • Migo YahHerrr
    Migo YahHerrr

    The fact that they didn’t need the as Val🤦🏽

  • 540 Inc.
    540 Inc.

    Did they actually nerf the ASVAL? Because it still shoots through everything...

    • 540 Inc.
      540 Inc.

      @WhosImmortal well fudge. I've been using the 338 rounds thinking they're fixed.. I feel dirty now.. 😞😭

    • WhosImmortal

      its gonna be nerfed in the future

  • mlgrocket

    this new hardpoint mode is a dream come true for people who don't know what the word "objective" means, and of course, i always get these players, my current record for objective time for normal hardpoint, not even this new mode, is a little over 5 minutes, 5 times more than my entire team combined. also, you'd think shipment would be in the throwback playlist, but i'm willing to bet it not cause not only did we just get it for an entire month, people keep asking for it, stop asking for it, and maybe IW will put it in it's own playlist more often, as much as i would also like shipment to be in it's own playlist, it's not going to happen, so just play what we have and stop complaining


    shoot the ship .....shoot the ship......shoot the shipppppp!!!!

  • DaJxun

    im cracked w the new sniper 🔥

  • TaylorW

    M4 looks tight in that thumbnail

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    Yo Hey Hi How Ya Doin

  • Chilly Willy
    Chilly Willy

    Can you tell us ur graphics

  • James Vandiver
    James Vandiver

    This sounds like zen

  • BlastnCruise

    Fix the fucking lapua magazines, such a stupid fucking snuper

  • Mike Becker
    Mike Becker

    Remove the loot crate self-revives!

    • WhosImmortal


  • Adam Karwowski
    Adam Karwowski

    My game keep crushing before next multiplayer match. Any one getting dev error?

  • jimmy rose
    jimmy rose

    Better than ever sound still bugged since s1 and now we have music all the time XD NICE !!!!

  • Jo Got clout
    Jo Got clout

    What about wins n counting some of my wins still don’t count

  • Zachary Simmons
    Zachary Simmons

    When Quickplay goes away 😳

  • Julian Thomas
    Julian Thomas

    do you know when the multiplayer free weekend comes out

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • Brandon Acevedo
    Brandon Acevedo

    I hit max rank already and some of the officer challenges tracked and then they untracked themselves and won’t unlock anymore also the bale skin challenges won’t track as well

  • Ryan Sanko
    Ryan Sanko

    When you unlock Gaz in the battle pass this season his first operator challenge is bugged. It says “Get 3 wins in the Gulag.” No matter how many wins you get it doesn’t count. I hope they fix this cuz this skins are pretty cool.

  • HaVoC

    Crazy that still anyone playing this dogshit multiplayer 😂

  • Daniel Murad
    Daniel Murad

    Why i Just wanted my finn lmg with mu Free mp

  • guy peles
    guy peles

    Hey hi how you doing why no weapon changes updates? non?

  • PritchCenter Gaming
    PritchCenter Gaming

    How have they not mentioned the SPP VAL LMAOO? shit is so brokeeee. R700 i can deal with but the wallbang VAL is fucking bullshit


    No SP-R or AS VAL nerds FeelsBadMan

  • Alex Casiano
    Alex Casiano

    If you can could you make a video on fastest way to get blue dot

  • blp

    I dont give 2 shits about lobby music. Make sure the overall sound is on point, especially footsteps.

  • S B
    S B

    That operator skin is 😂😂😂

  • BGB83

    When the hell is mini royale going to be made a permanent fixture? It's been in the stats screen for well over a week.

  • D1RDY M
    D1RDY M

    Great content man thanks. "hyped about the lobby music"...pmsl 😂

  • iqbal Arya
    iqbal Arya

    and a little bit update i think that you can't open bunker 11 anymore

  • Horia Oprea
    Horia Oprea

    What about the server's disconnects ?

  • sarah hisyam
    sarah hisyam

    Hi,immortal please saw this I cannot connect to the online service every time there is a update....I try so many ways to make it stop but i always doesnt work so if there is a update i need to download the game again...Is it because my playstation or my cd? If you guys can help it means alot guys

  • Denis Koudy
    Denis Koudy

    Motu nui (pronounced I think Mata nui) is one of 3 islands of Easter islands and they all belong to Chille

  • Grant VXR
    Grant VXR

    So no mention of the broken hit scan sniper rounds or the val that can penentrate anything including nuns? Nice work IW

  • Tay Anderson
    Tay Anderson

    I played face off last night, every game was 2v2. Swear it says on Home Screen it’s 3v3?

  • JoshyLegend 123
    JoshyLegend 123

    Upload timeeeee

  • Danny Salgueiro
    Danny Salgueiro

    I subbed.

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Jordan Rin
    Jordan Rin

    Has anyone heard of any news of the ASVAL and SP208 getting fixed?? ASVAL shoots through walls and SP is hit scan from 500 meters and closer.

  • Fardin Rahman
    Fardin Rahman

    That Clutch Gameolay tho

  • Codza

    Always the 1 I come to for updates... My FAVORITE UZloadr

    • WhosImmortal

  • tyrannosauruslex

    you can turn off war music in the vehicle customizations menu

    • WhosImmortal


  • Mayhem

    Day 20 of saying immortal is awesome

  • streetie31

    No C4 fix 🤔


    Thanks for the vid 😁 as soon as BOCW is out MW is done for with me.. hope u get to a mil soon👌🏻

  • xpsscorpion

    My game is still crashing here and there

  • jesus vera
    jesus vera

    Are they gana nurf the val?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :)

  • R K
    R K

    Why no talk of all the glitches in Season 6? Like PS4 players constantly getting errors mid game and booted out of matches? How about getting stuck in the subway? Or taking players to gassed areas in WarZone instead of continuing on to a safe station like promised? There’s plenty more too as I’m sure that you know.

  • Deadly Doze
    Deadly Doze

    They should stop the free weekend. If people haven’t bought the game by now they don’t deserve to play multiplayer for free.

  • Thrurh Demon
    Thrurh Demon

    Def need the VAL and 208 nerfed

  • R.I.J.Brighton

    Can pc players play the beta for free?

  • Seth Strabel
    Seth Strabel

    I found a haloween Easter egg near stadium

    • Seth Strabel
      Seth Strabel

      Give me a shout if you wanna find it

    • Seth Strabel
      Seth Strabel

      Like a doll

    • Seth Strabel
      Seth Strabel

      There is a weird girl laughing

  • Peter Reedy
    Peter Reedy

    What's everyone's favorite tracer/scope

  • Jorge Ortega
    Jorge Ortega

    Thats some BULLSHIT at 2:38

  • J Boz
    J Boz

    I thought I was subbed...... I wasn't. Big oof. Sorry Immortal, hey hi I just subbed 👋

    • WhosImmortal

      appreciate ya dude!

  • Yusuf Redzovic
    Yusuf Redzovic

    Lol Nikolai about to wallbang of him the train 0:32

  • Hellwolvzzz

    Hey immortal I just started using some new attachments for the m4 and I think you should try them (for multiplayer) the attachments are, mono suppressor, tac lite Barrel, tac laser, commando Foregrip, and stippled grip tape. (If you don't want to I dont mind)

  • itsNXCK

    an 8 minute video Zack? whhaaAattt?! lol

  • Brigis14

    Finally finished Damascus even have obsidian on the grau. Didn't decide to commit til late but glad to be done with that grind

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Hey, Hi, How ya doin plus Taco Tuesday plus an update!?!?!?! Fuckin day made 🙌😍🔥

  • kylegraham987

    Can we get a tracer pack for literally ANY gun other than the M4?

  • Nate162 is my name
    Nate162 is my name

    I would like more night maps. Just a few is kinda lame. Night vacant. Night rust. Night shipment. Night....

  • Nate162 is my name
    Nate162 is my name

    Using the last 9% of my phone battery for this vid!

  • Devin Virk
    Devin Virk

    New playlist sounds 🔥

  • thats life
    thats life

    Does the anime mp7 have better iron sights then the basic build?

  • imanishay

    More updates on this game than in the history of all games combined. ITS ABOUT TIME WE WAS ABLE TO PLAY WITH CROSSPLAY TURNED OFF UNTILL THEN THIS GAME IS DOG SHIT