Modern Warfare: The First YEAR 2 UPDATE, MAJOR Weapon Tuning Coming To Cold War, & MORE!
Here's all the MAJOR Changes in the first YEAR 2 Update in Modern Warfare/WARZONE & what we know about the big tuning coming to Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MAJOR Changes in the First YEAR 2 UPDATE in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE, alongside the changes that were just announced for Black Ops Cold War! Today Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone got a new update that adds in some new modes and even a brand new DLC WEAPON, the Butterfly knife and Treyarch revealed some big plans for Weapon Tuning and other changes coming to Cod Cold War in the near future!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Modern Warfare and Warzone update ✔️ Cold War tuning incoming ✔️ Tacos for dinner because it's Tuesday ✔️ Thanks for watching!

    • Farah Ahmed Karim
      Farah Ahmed Karim

      Hey Hi How Ya Doin' Immortal! Nice Merch, buddy! Keep up the good work!!!

    • Giovanni Gold
      Giovanni Gold

      Nobody has been waiting for a butterfly knife blueprint...😒😒😒😒😒

    • WhosImmortal

      @Lord_OfThe_Sus nope

    • Tian Meyer
      Tian Meyer

      Love it

    • Lord_OfThe_Sus

      Do you have patch notes early?

  • FrankTheTank

    Cold War is trash

  • Farah Ahmed Karim
    Farah Ahmed Karim

    Good news: A new bundle for Iskra Bad news: Butterfly Knife isn't a new knife

  • R D
    R D

    Is your gameplay footage sped up at all?! It always seems like you are moving way faster than I ever can in Warzone...

    • R D
      R D

      @WhosImmortal Ahhhh, gotcha. That’s PC I’m guessing? I’m on PS4. Thanks for the reply!

    • WhosImmortal

      Nope, thats just what FOV does

  • Playthrough Experience
    Playthrough Experience

    Season 6 ends in 3 days only, i wonder what they gonnah add till december 10??? Or will they leave MW/WZ fans with nothing D:

  • Jesse Medina
    Jesse Medina

    Yeah how bout they fix the reticles so I can have a cross hair on a scope tired of runnng shottys in Cold War cuz there’s a reticle glitch in the game

  • Zach Lyons
    Zach Lyons

    When are they gonna update the warzone ground loot

  • Julián

    I hope they fix the fps drops and unstable gameplay after 1.29... Warzone runs like shit, 90-100 fps on Stadium and then drops to 50 in a shitty household they fucked it up bad.

  • Scotty Phik
    Scotty Phik

    Is it the way you edit the video or is it a hidden settings and in the game I’d like a better field of view

  • sniper tiger061
    sniper tiger061

    Hi man really sorry I'm late I was on camp

    • WhosImmortal

      all good dude!

  • Abdalhade Budr
    Abdalhade Budr

    soap is coming but has anyone said a word about roach

  • MatrixPlayz52

    No Double XP ;-;

    • Eric Lucio
      Eric Lucio

      Maybe tomorow at 1 PM EST not sure though.

  • SGN_DRAGO drago
    SGN_DRAGO drago

    I'm never gonna get a tracer pack for the uzi 😩

  • Kyndall Keys
    Kyndall Keys

    This score streak system is the worst score streak season in cod history. It benefits the campers and wants u to not play at all. You’ll either be on a streak and get killed then spawn and get killed by a streak again or u won’t be able to move at all. All cuz of someone who’s going 15-12. It makes no sense lmao

  • DotDotDot

    Why cant they add an fov slider into mw now


    I don't understand why people are saying that there is a huge meta. I have been using non meta weapons this whole time, and I have been doing fine.

  • Jack_Taylor2007

    Snipers 👏🏼 need 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 buff

  • Markmaydew maju ,onyx
    Markmaydew maju ,onyx

    ANOTHER COD trash game this is 1 person that wo the be playing this shit

  • kingjoekur

    Cold War looks so bad

    • Eric Lucio
      Eric Lucio

      Fr, but campaign is not bad

  • summers

    I hope people don't leave MW multiplayer man...

  • 40ozSuicide

    I need that green and gold Kilo. Reminds me of the Green Power Ranger from the 90s.

  • Krazy killar47
    Krazy killar47

    What happened in the warzone story? Were collecting all that intel and doing all those Easter eggs . We all were expecting some major live event that was going to change the map. Wasn't a nuke supposed to be launched from one of the bunkers ?

    • WhosImmortal

      Yup, should all be coming in the future at some point

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    I love how everyone complains about how slow leveling up guns are but are finished with a few of them already lol. At first I felt compelled to agree, however after playing more I realized how fast folks was leveling up anway. If its easy you complain how easy it was to get, if its longer you complain how harder it is to grind. You can please the COD community.

  • Haniff Fadzil
    Haniff Fadzil

    Don't you realize that they have change some of vehicle sound in warzone which is pretty bad for me...

  • xKnightOfNi

    Honestly the m16 wa a not nearly as bad as the god forsaken mp5, i cant tell you how many times i ended up just losing a 1v1 by a sliver against someone using the mp5 with my XM4 weapon of choice, even tho id shoot first and some times be at a fairly long range.

  • UrbanChamp

    Got my new shaker today idk how to post a pic tho lol

  • Mufasa

    Is that aug not just disgusting he is sitting here talking about the mp5 and two tapping ppl

  • Cleanshotz

    They need a camo in Cold War.. if you got Damascus on modern warfare u get a nice camo in Cold War :)

  • Michael Zaruma
    Michael Zaruma

    I stopped playing mw because there is no shipment or shoot house and I can’t grind for Damascus’s so imma stop playing mw until shipment and shoot house comes back

  • FoggyTM


    • FoggyTM

      @WhosImmortal how you doing

    • WhosImmortal


  • Salisbery


  • J A
    J A chat updates?..cause everyone sounds like garbage

  • M. Powell
    M. Powell

    I wish Mini Royale would stay. Love that so much more than trios

  • ChrazyPenguin

    BOCW MP5 is nerfed now. Range reduced by 33%

  • Pikachu Gaming
    Pikachu Gaming

    I am disappointed about the butterfly knife soo much I was waiting for it to come :(

  • itsraaawwrrr

    running air patrol works just fine for taking out score streaks especially if you an your party are all running air patrol takes out choppers and all that annoying stuff with ease... especially if your going for Dark Matter run a launcher also as your secondary or make a separate class set up with a launcher equipped score streaks gone an taken care of with ease... but yes I do agree it can be very very annoying.

  • So He
    So He

    Getting long shots are such a pain

  • Deadmiller1819

    Any knees on Zombies split screen, know your more Multi on this channel but you always seem to have the best helpful info. Offline split screen for zombies does not work at all and every heard online is miserable and way to glitchy/buggy to play on zombies

  • Fuel driver
    Fuel driver

    I got your gfuel shaker cup and I love it that and love the videos keep up the awesome work.

    • WhosImmortal

      Awesome! Thank you!

  • J

    Finally getting my immortal shaker Cup there was a bit of delay but it’s on its way. Hopefully it has a “hey hi how you doin” inside the box. I will do a MF backflip if it does! You need to get your own flavor too! I would rather buy an immortal “tigers blood” flavor. That should be your flavor

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    It isn’t even a good representation of a butterfly knife. The handle’s way too big, you get one basic ass open/close animation when you inspect, and your operator holds it upside down like it’s just a regular combat knife.

  • Lord Balord
    Lord Balord

    Gg bro maybe u can join in BALORD team... But maybe I don't know... I'll send u in pvt

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    I get it, they put it on the road map like it was its own thing... but how did you expect a knife to be different from..........the knife 🤣 Also, Cold War is trash. Have a nice day.

  • J

    I feel like you should split the videos or put chapters in. I love the content but I don’t intend playing COD:BO

  • Basically-God

    bitch i want the fix out now wtf

  • Jay Sohal
    Jay Sohal

    Idk why but in the campaign of the MW they have a couple weapons that aren’t in MP or Warzone. The ak12 is an example. Zac do you know why?

    • Jay Sohal
      Jay Sohal

      @WhosImmortal thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      Because in the gunsmith you can make a few of those weapons, the ak-12 for instance can be built from the ak-47 :)

  • Caelan Augustine
    Caelan Augustine

    Year 2 nice finally got Damascus camo

  • Daniel Chamoun
    Daniel Chamoun

    Nobody is talking about the clear graphical downgrade after 1.28

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    Anyone else feel like the butterfly knife was a dissopointment

  • ProdigiosumGaming

    Whats your load out for warzone

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown

    If they just took out SBMM and implemented the old streak system, this game would be fine.

  • kaden Random
    kaden Random

    Immortal, you are one of two youtubers i watch. I almost never watch youtube, but when i see your videos im like YES. Because i play cod almost whenever i can and you know what you are talking about. Thanks man and stay fresh and cool

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate it bro!

  • James

    IW literally just took a big dooky on all of us who were waiting for the Butterfly knife

  • CardsAtAnywhere

    The stickers on the amythist weapon pack are the dark aether crystals from zombies in cold war.

  • BlakeSTI93

    black ops cold war is dead on arrival so they should def keep updating MW

  • Mash Feeds
    Mash Feeds

    The snipers are also terrible.. the need a really big boost, not damage biased or something just my shots missing when i’m 100% accurate. Also they are way to fucking slow.

  • Jake

    Mentions the mp5 and m16 but say nothing bout the broken Aug that’s in his hands

  • Vanessa Smallman
    Vanessa Smallman

    I give up on Cold War can’t be doing with the grinding it’s just too much. Had enough of it x

  • Blood999

    2020 over yet.......great vid zac

  • Foreign Toenail
    Foreign Toenail

    Cold War is so bad it seems like they made it shit on purpose. First COD game I got a refund on ever.

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    Ei men

  • Mike Becker
    Mike Becker

    Sad we are going to get less and less Warzone content. From both the devs and the streamers.

  • Lunchbox Gamer
    Lunchbox Gamer

    they need to have shoot the ship be a permanent game mode

  • Zakery Sloan
    Zakery Sloan

    Yay let’s make all the guns garbage again bc of the whiners..... good God...

  • Bhavya Sharma
    Bhavya Sharma

    i got the cup!

    • WhosImmortal


  • Motyz asirt
    Motyz asirt

    Hey hi how you doing

    • Motyz asirt
      Motyz asirt

      Been using your classes all year long

  • silent TRG
    silent TRG

    Since they made the butterfly knife a blueprint and I don't have cw I'm going back to FORTNITE

  • 12njr

    Im just waiting for mw discount

  • shalev kalimi
    shalev kalimi

    When is the free multiplayer weekend coming

    • shalev kalimi
      shalev kalimi

      @WhosImmortal 😭

    • WhosImmortal

      not happening


    cod make up your mind for plunder its either quad or trios! keep it quad for fock sake

  • Keiran Rogers
    Keiran Rogers

    The r9 needs a nurf

  • Justin Dotson
    Justin Dotson

    Just Waiting For my shaker to get here !!!

  • Smithy

    I'm praying they buff the Cigma, otherwise I'll never get these rapid kills..

  • mikehauck 58
    mikehauck 58

    Sorry all ,Cold War is not MW and its not for me. I rather play 👻

  • MadFaZeSupporter XX
    MadFaZeSupporter XX

    Hopefully the worst snipers in the history of COD get buffs

  • YoungEkis

    Will be there a s7 in warzone??

  • Matt Cuthbert
    Matt Cuthbert

    I am personally staying on Modern warfare and am going for Damascus and when I saw that the Shoot The Ship playlist was out I was pretty bummed because I need to finish my Ars and they take a while on bug maps.

  • Erin

    oh that’s why the mw menu looked smol i thought something was up but it’s just because of cold war :/


    Do you know if they will maybe make the levelling a bit easier or has that not been touched yet?

  • Lordoflands

    Hey guys why I cannot view my finishing moves in bundles two updates ago I was able to but now we can’t

  • Peter Hartz
    Peter Hartz

    Pls don't mix Cold War and Mw im not interested in Cold War

  • Detective Cheeks
    Detective Cheeks

    I started playing zombies in Cold War. I’ve already gotten bored with Cold War multiplayer. You know when I got bored with modern warfare? September 2020. Not even a month later and I’m bored with Cold War.

  • JoshThaChosen1

    RIP cod i will be back when mw2 comes out

  • tikkop towenaar
    tikkop towenaar

    I am so pissed about the butterfly knife I'm a melee main ffs I needed this 😩😩

  • SavageDaD Gaming
    SavageDaD Gaming

    Once Warzone Changes to Cold War mechanics people are going to move on from mw

  • S C X R O
    S C X R O

    i wish we could buy eaxh thing separate in bundles in warzone/modern warfare

  • Chris Ravenci
    Chris Ravenci

    The new Iskra pack is a Dark Aether Zombie theme pack !!!

  • bujuwoody

    12v12 search and destroy is banging! It should be a full time option best game mode going.

  • GreaTMaX32

    Balisong... Batangas :D


    Trash playlist, trash season, this sucks right now....I guess it’s fuck everyone that don’t want Cold War....cyberpunk needs to come out already.

  • Christian Jacobsen
    Christian Jacobsen

    Hello. I have a question. Do you know what Activision are gonna do with the mp5 when they add the cold war weapons into mw

  • Mayhem

    Will you be grinding dark matter

    • WhosImmortal

      Yup, posted episode 1 of road to dark matter yesterday

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon

    Cold War looks so bad.

  • MachoJack

    Still haven’t got the Bloody Mess knife sad.

  • PONY

    I want a damn refund a just bought modern warfare without realizing black ops cold war was a thing

    • PRS1

      Well you bought the better game. Cold war is awful.

  • Gabriel Fear
    Gabriel Fear

    Im so hyped for nuke town

  • Samuel Daňo
    Samuel Daňo

    Comon activision give us that season 7 where Soap is going to make his entrance and saves Price and Ghost from Zakaihev

  • Criptyle TV
    Criptyle TV

    should probably mention the aug too as a broken weapon in cold war that shit is just as aids as the m16

  • asher ninal
    asher ninal

    Haha filipino balisong!!!!

  • Joshua Contreras
    Joshua Contreras

    As far as Cold war bro I'm doing better now I'm using the bullfrog and I'm beating it up now, I'm really glad they are nerfing the MP5 it's so annoying iget beamed from ridiculous ranges! But thanks again bro for a great video 💙