The END of Modern Warfare…
Here's what to expect for the End of Modern Warfare and my thoughts on the past year of Call of Duty!
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In this video, we're breaking down the END of Modern Warfare and what to expect as the initial support year for the game wraps up, alongside my general thoughts and opinions on the game between the Campaign, Multiplayer, Spec Ops, and COD WARZONE! Call of Duty Modern Warfare is about to be overtaken as the main cod by Black Ops Cold War in just a few days, so today we're going over the final bits of Content to expect for COD MW and Call of Duty warzone, including a new melee weapon, potentially a new season or mini event, and even more. Plus I give my final review of Cod modern Warfare and WARZONE as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The final days of Modern Warfare Year 1 are upon us. Honestly hope the game continues to get content frequently because I'd love to bounce back and forth between this and Cold War! Thanks for watching :D

    • James

      Cold war sucks. Why bounce back and forth


      @MuddersGoneWild they should end mw because we have Cold War now and eventually Mw2 reboot

    • Lucas

      Congrats bro 🔥

    • Giovanni Perottoni Pereira
      Giovanni Perottoni Pereira

      "end" lmao, warzone will be bigger still

    • Ethan Gaming
      Ethan Gaming

      It’s not over it gonna keep going on

  • Jasiah Burinda
    Jasiah Burinda

    Agreed on the campaign

  • Champ BiNg
    Champ BiNg

    I just want to say. You deserve every sub. I have been here sines bo4. You always had the best content. Have a great day everyone. Happy thanksgiving.

    • WhosImmortal

      Really appreciate it bro!

  • 「ZED」

    TTK is fine.

    • WhosImmortal

      you like not being able to react if you get shot in the side or back? okay then lol

  • 「ZED」

    I think they need to rethink and keep making content for MW and ditch Black Ops CW because Cold War is absolutely dog shit, not fun, the guns suck, the maps are ass. and the graphical design of the game is trash. CW has no connection to WZ also both games look and play completely differently. The gun play in Cold War sucks ass. The gun attachments suck ass, and what I mean by that is they have weird random stats, like a barrel that dose more damage to vehicles but it does not increase damage range or velocity, or change the caliber of the round. So where is this extra damage coming from. the silencers/suppressors should decrease vertical and horizontal recoil because they are reducing the velocity and damage range which means they are using subsonic rounds. Sub sonic rounds have less power which means lot less recoil.

  • Zyjuila

    There is no way in hell this is the end of MW they make lots and lots of money on this game way more then Cold War ever did..

  • WolfThorn Gamer
    WolfThorn Gamer

    This isn’t the end my friends this is only the beginning

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake

    Congrats I've been here since the beginning haven't played cod in years you helped alot! I'll see you soon on COLD WAR!

  • Bowman Drums
    Bowman Drums

    Black Ops is the best single player hands down. Modern Warfare 2019 doesn't even come close.

  • Big Martian
    Big Martian

    This game can continue 10 year. This is it.

  • Krakked Reticle
    Krakked Reticle

    It's not the end cause Warzone was "Free" to download. lol I'm sure people will still take advantage of downloading a free game. Give it awhile longer. It's just too soon to say the end.

  • Miguel Angel Jr
    Miguel Angel Jr

    I can't wait to start MW season 7 is coming

  • Slinky

    This game deserves another year of support. It has been the best feeling and cleanest CoD in years when it comes to the framework of the game. Year 2 should have focused on giving all the changes that the community has been begging for in MP pertaining to the mini map, dead silence, and ghost. A ranked playlist with visible SBMM level along with a casual playlist with no SBMM could carry this game for another year. Year 2 should have also given players a master prestige rank to work towards the rest of the year, really balance the weapons, and progressively add all the nostalgic maps from previous modern warfare games. Then add an Ultimate camo that blends Damascus and Obsidian together for those who unlock Damascus and Obsidian for every gun for those who truly want something worthwhile to grind because Obsidian felt pointless if you already had Damscus. While you're doing this add a new Warzone map and create more amazing community events like the Haunting of Verdansk. This would have given Treyarch another year to push out Cold War which almost everyone can agree feels rushed and unfinished at launch.

  • AnthonyLu123

    Coalition and Allegiance team didnt even hunt down Victor Zakhaev, hes still at large in each season. If MW reaches its final season, there should be a final showdown where players get a chance to kill Zakhaev and END the threat once in for all.

  • idea

    i stay on mw... cw is garbage

  • James Kenton
    James Kenton

    I have played a lot of CW now I can give my thoughts, its not better than mw2019, zombies is amazing.

  • TTv Prestonnwestonn
    TTv Prestonnwestonn

    Watch when Season 7 actually Drops lmao🤣 Warzone it’s gonna keep going with the seasons it’s way too popular everyone switched from fortnite to warzone

  • blittzzy __
    blittzzy __

    Im still gonna keep playing this game.Though it is sad to see the end of this era of the game I think it’ll still have a lot of players for years(hopefully).This was the cod that brought me back,I’d stopped playing after bo2.

  • Ilias Oulad
    Ilias Oulad

    So long mod rn warfare, sad to see one of my favorite games end

  • Hunter Lucas
    Hunter Lucas

    This game brought me back to call of duty because after BO2 i quit playing because i hated most of them after i hated the jet packs and the way the games looked. But this one was amazing and Cold War does look good too and i want a PS5 but idk if i’m going to get one i just don’t play enough anymore tbh and i wish i still did but i just don’t and i wish i could 😔

  • lx vxie
    lx vxie

    Man they should bring back the old skins from the old seasons that most people missed

  • GRandPie Gaming
    GRandPie Gaming

    more money call of duty

  • Rodney Manor
    Rodney Manor

    Tbh Cold War has some nice graphics and textures but really feels like a down step from 2019 MW. Movements look so robotic to me and even the narrator for multiplayer sounds like he’s slow. As an OG cod player modern warfare was a breath of life back into my love for cod. This felt like I was playing COD4 again. I got some of my OG boys together from the 2007 Xbox live days and we ran it. Right back into the good old days. Call of Duty outdid themselves with 2019 Modern Warfare and I’m hoping they can release another one in 2021. Even if they go back to releasing shi**y games like idk the last 5 call of duty’s, I can still die happy. To me, this was all us OG cod boys wanted. Was great to relive it, even if it was just for a year and even if we had to deal with more campers. (Oh and the new addition of hackers)

  • Desmond Chars
    Desmond Chars

    Best call duty ever! I mean come on, free maps? Guns?

  • Jan Reginald Alimurung
    Jan Reginald Alimurung

    I quit playing CoD when Battlefield 4 released. And when I came back to playing CoD MW/WZ, your channel was a big help to help adapting a little easier.

  • Jake Allman
    Jake Allman

    I really don’t understand why people are saying warzone is over when literally more people are still playing warzone including nickmercs and swagg two of the biggest call of duty content creators so ya modern warfare is going no where 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • WhosImmortal

      no one is saying warzone is over, modern warfare mutliplayer wont have mainstream updates anymore

  • Tyler

    glad to hear you think modern warfare will get more content / updates in my mind is a very different - and superior - product vs cold war i came back to cod because of the attention to detail, realism that they incorporated into this game cold war is too cartoony, too frantic, too repetitive. not to mention all the guns feel the same

  • michael anderson
    michael anderson

    Can you team up with me I’m warzone? I’m still yet to get a victory 😞

  • Kenny Carlson
    Kenny Carlson

    I loved the Doug Score reference!

    • WhosImmortal


  • LalleMan gaming
    LalleMan gaming


  • grrinc

    Blackops4:Trash Modern Warfare:Trash ColdWar:UberTrash Looks like I'm still playing the last REAL Call of Duty game for another year - WW2

  • PONY

    Nooooo i just bought the game 😥

  • Rudie Lopez
    Rudie Lopez

    People who hate this game aren’t good at this game. It’s the best Call of Duty ever by the numbers. The immersion was perfect. I bout BO: CW yesterday and I hated it. It’s terrible. The movements feel cheap and the game seems childish. Kills aren’t satisfying and they come way too easy. I’ll play it with friends, but other than that, I’m going on year 2 of MW. Just like I did with WW2.

  • ScopeKing1994

    The end? Cold War is trash....

  • Darrian Dorsey
    Darrian Dorsey

    This game I personally think is the best so far I met amazing people learned lots of things found a lot of good streamers and plenty of fun. I hope Cold War brings plenty more but it’s going to be hard to compete with modern warfare.

  • Matson Mist
    Matson Mist

    MW2 2021 I hope

  • Deagle2 YaDome
    Deagle2 YaDome

    You had 30k subs during bo4 but your videos were getting hundreds of views not hundreds of thousands. MW19 blew you up and you TOTALLY deserve it dude! You’re the man.

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks man

  • Deagle2 YaDome
    Deagle2 YaDome

    Anyone who complains about MW19 just please remember that the preceding game was literally the pay to win shitfest called black ops 4. Then we got a game with a gunsmith, free maps, free DLC weapons, free everything that isn’t cosmetic. MW19 is not only a groundbreaking COD game but it’s simply a groundbreaking GAME in general. CW is fun but it’s a mechanical and graphical step backwards. MW needs to live on as it is the better game.

    • FinalTitan 921
      FinalTitan 921

      @Deagle2 YaDome I agree.. Look man. I enjoyed MW 2019. I played that game practically all day every day. It was my main game, even got Damascus. But the Battle pass grind. How long it took just to get through one tier. Seems a bit flawed. That's all I was getting at. I was agreeing with you though, definitely did it way better than BO4. Have a great day man. Sorry for going off as well. And fyi I'm in my 20s. I have a life outside of COD, or at least try to. Lol

    • Deagle2 YaDome
      Deagle2 YaDome

      @FinalTitan 921 ok man let’s just stop fighting. i’m sorry. i hope u find a way to enjoy CW. have a good day man

    • FinalTitan 921
      FinalTitan 921

      @Deagle2 YaDome clearly you didn't buy BO4 dude. You can look up a video from 2 years ago to find proof that the tiers in the battle pass were indeed 100cp there plenty of youtubers showcasing that shit. But you're to f**king braindead to remember anything properly.

    • Deagle2 YaDome
      Deagle2 YaDome

      @FinalTitan 921 It’s called grind out the battle pass.

    • Deagle2 YaDome
      Deagle2 YaDome

      @FinalTitan 921 You’re clueless. They’re 150, in fact they’re still 150. You’re clearly like a 12 year old kid who’s first COD was MW and you bought BO4 after that

  • alireza barati
    alireza barati

    What happens to warzone???

  • Vietnam DarkGamer666
    Vietnam DarkGamer666

    Bruh , what about poor people ? Warzone never die bro , we are free to play player and only modern warfare gonna be overtaken but the warzone will never die

  • Louise Staniland
    Louise Staniland

    If cold war black ops is the best they have to offer this game is more alive than ever

  • Alex793

    MW was not the best CoD... But it was a great one!

  • PoNG_PowER

    Worst CoD for me! Warzone saved the game

  • JaCrispy219 R
    JaCrispy219 R

    I will probably play Cold War for a month and then come back to this game permanently


    i love how professional you are. the whole format is top tier. Thank you for your content. and looking forward to see cold war updates!

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate the kind words dude!

  • Julian Nowlin
    Julian Nowlin

    They hit the hammer on the nail with this cod Cold War seems cool for zombies but other than that I really don’t want to go back to older guns

  • onewheeljoeswanson

    They need to add shoothouse and shipment 24/7 playlists before they stop updating the game

  • Geo_104

    Most played cod in a long time. Loved grinding MP to level up guns for WZ 👌🏻.

  • Wicked Gamez
    Wicked Gamez

    Your name is Doug? 2 of my favorite channels have the same name lol u and the Nostalgia Critic!!!

  • Mep00pmipantz

    There will be big updates tho just not seasonal

  • Bruh What?
    Bruh What?

    DAMN. Time really does fly.

  • the murfree brood
    the murfree brood

    It's not gonna be end . Stop lying . Theres also leaks for mw2 next year .. cold war will be connected with mw in weapons and operators.. activation will never end a game which was bringing them allot of millions of dollars .. plus many didn't like the engine of cold war . So mw will still on the top . Plus they will chage the map of wz next year be ready chaps

  • Cyber Bogart
    Cyber Bogart

    I love how you started your video. Keep it up

    • WhosImmortal


  • andres barreto
    andres barreto

    All dlc free actually made me spend more in this game... Ohh the skinsss

  • NG

    A very sweaty view

  • Zombie Slayer
    Zombie Slayer

    Can someone please answer why it keeps showing on my screen sever disconnected? It was working on Monday and still isn’t fixed

  • Muhammad Nazriq
    Muhammad Nazriq

    multiplayer in modern warfare exists again or not

  • Daiko Duba
    Daiko Duba

    Whatever happens is good. I'm just happy and thankful for the release of wz. It was since bo2 since I played a cod game and it was, and still is, a good distraction from the daily shit in life Edit: thanks WhosImmortal for the ❤️ but mostly for all the great vids that helped me get back in the game!

  • Terry Fuzz
    Terry Fuzz

    Congrats buddy thx fir the content

  • Steve Rupert
    Steve Rupert

    None of this makes sense to me. It has been repeatedly shown that the Modern Warfare series is not only the most popular overall, it has sold the most copies and made the most money. Moreover, MW WarZone has had over 50 Million users and has earned over $1 Billion dollars! So the plan is to now move completely away from everything that has been so successful? None of that make sense. They should at least keep the current MW WarZone map--just like the game--for all of the people who don't like the dated feel of this new Black Ops game.

  • TetraVaal

    Cold War is such a massive piece of shit. I'll be livid if MW stops receiving operator bundles at the expense of solely Cold War for WZ content.

  • Chilli Pepper
    Chilli Pepper

    Everyone: *just bouces between cold war and mw* Me With 36 GB: help


    nooo this was my favroit one

  • JoeyIsGaming

    Who thought removing shipment 24 7 was a good idea lmao The base game is shit 😂

  • 9 17
    9 17

    Cold war is fun. I hope they keep adding to modern warfare. I love it more. And congrats on your journey bro. God bless you and yours. Seek Christ in these times. Much love immortal.

  • Milton Ferreira
    Milton Ferreira


  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart

    DAMN the glow up from 60k to 600k subscribers thats f'ing bonkers

  • JD Hickey
    JD Hickey

    Multi-player was more like an 8-9/10 bro, way better than all the other cods minus cod 4 and mw2

  • 10000dc

    Mwll comin next year. See yall then

  • squirdo

    Keep modern warfare alive please

    • squirdo

      If ur reading this spam everything u can to keep this game updated.... the servers need to be better!


    They've only gone and Removed Shoot House and Shoot The Ship the Arseholes 🤦‍♂️

  • sinister

    1 million next!

  • Chef Trotz
    Chef Trotz

    Cold war suck UZload won't say the truth because u need content

    • WhosImmortal

      or you know, maybe I can find things I like about the game and focus on those instead of just whining :)

  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez

    Bruh this guy really said Doug score like Dougdemuro


    Got cold war today immortal love the maps the beta and the weapons are balanced

  • Clay Mathews
    Clay Mathews

    Who’s not getting Cold War? F those “Playstation Advantages”

    • Clay Mathews
      Clay Mathews

      @T3TSU those kids are addicts. I play other games too. So i have no issue playing MW for another year

    • T3TSU

      Lol look on twitch and you'll realize a lot of those kids that were saying " I'm not buying Cold War" went out and bought Cold War. I'll just play both. MW's Core MP is better than CW at the moment

  • UrbanGorilla Gaming
    UrbanGorilla Gaming

    Multiplayer is trash nothin but camping pussies!

  • SoapReL_212

    lets gooo you won first match cause you are immortal

  • Pavo Udovičić
    Pavo Udovičić

    Whats your kar and mp7 setup attachments

  • Gibson Dunaway
    Gibson Dunaway

    Thank god

  • Andrew Castro
    Andrew Castro

    I always loved MW. One year of playing it has been a love/hate relationship but, mostly love. I honestly didn’t mind sbmm since it made me a better player. Although I think it could’ve been better w/o it. I’m not buying CW since it didn’t really convinced me. CW is ok but it’s not convincing as MW was including both alphas. I hope next year or in the future they bring MW 2.0. I’ll still keep playing MW for another year. I know this game will get more respect in the future like MW3 did years after that released. If anybody is still going to play MW feel free to add me on PS4. We can keep that game alive for another good year or so.

  • MadVillian89

    I absolutely hate how they gave up on spec ops, idk why they even put it into the game if they were never gonna do anything with it. BIG fail on their part 😐

  • Drew

    This game ended up becoming amazing!!

  • Steve Enczi
    Steve Enczi

    This game made me start pc gaming

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    1:57 That's called spamming, homie 😂

  • Elan Must
    Elan Must

    I hate when they are releasing game every year. I purchased lot of things in MW and right now it’s completely waste of money

  • zenmonkey070

    Well hopefully they won’t stop updating it, because bocw does not do it for me! Treyarch never has. Sad that such great game only has a 12 month life cycle and it’s got me through this COVID crisis! I will stay tuned but not for bocw. Just the ‘hey, how ya doing’ stay safe and keep them coming Zac.

  • TheLogicalCow

    Maybe I’m just tired but did he say “doug score” like the guy that does the car reviews?

    • WhosImmortal

      @TheLogicalCow big time!

    • TheLogicalCow

      @WhosImmortal I love that guy! I mean I can’t afford any of the cars he reviews but I love watching. You a car fan?

    • WhosImmortal


  • Galaxian21YT

    Do you think getting Damascus on every weapon worth it?

  • Sir Tragic
    Sir Tragic

    I like how you Lowkey Influenced all the small streamers to keep going, I like that man! You're an awesome creator keep it up man!

  • mateo

    Anyone else can’t change their operator because of the new update, I’m stuck with Iskra now 😕

  • Michael Shelnutt
    Michael Shelnutt

    I started with you in BO4. I like your edits, information and most of all you are up beat and CLEAN. So tired of all the profanity that so many choose to display.

  • Austyn Czysz
    Austyn Czysz


  • Joe Teller
    Joe Teller

    No matter the flaws in this game (which there are alot of lol) you cant deny that this game was here for us during quarantine when we needed it. Modern Warfare you will be fondly remembered

  • Albertus Nathan Widjaja
    Albertus Nathan Widjaja

    I subed to ur second channel

    • Albertus Nathan Widjaja
      Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      this is me getting (I think) 2 hearts happy eight years of YT


    2 minutes in and still no info? Leave all that stuff to the end

    • Milton Ferreira
      Milton Ferreira

      @PRIMO no

    • PRIMO


    • WhosImmortal

      no :)

  • Abel Martinez Calderon Jr
    Abel Martinez Calderon Jr

    so no season 7?

    • Abel Martinez Calderon Jr
      Abel Martinez Calderon Jr

      @WhosImmortal dang, cause i only have 1200 cp and there's a nice bale bundle on sale

    • WhosImmortal

      we have no idea yet

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    MW2019 brought back the hype for COD, so it was expected to have that same feel leading into CW. For alot its a downgrade, resulting in mixed feelings on the future of CW, and thats all cuz of MW and what he has brought us. I for one cannot wait to see what unfolds for CW and will be moving over too

  • Flea Bitten
    Flea Bitten

    So wheres the source to say anything about modern warfare coming to an end? because as far as I was aware there are two companies that develop cod games. modern warfare its Infinity wards baby and the black ops are Treyarch? Just because Treyarch is bringing another game out doesn't mean anything about the future of Infinity wards.

  • Edwin Flores
    Edwin Flores

    What is the class setup for the mp7?