Call Of Duty WARZONE: WIN MORE GAMES With These KEY TIPS! (WARZONE Tips & Tricks)
Here's some major things to focus on when trying to win more games in WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down the Major Keys you need to implement into your gameplay to try and Win more games in Call Of Duty WARZONE! Today's tips and tricks video for COD WARZONE aims to help you improve and ultimately win more games by focusing on gaining as much information as possible when engaging, including team numbers, positioning, possible rotations, and more! WARZONE can be won in a handful of ways, but today we're focusing on those easy wins to boost your win count!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Different style video today featuring a *ton* of luck, chaos, and spicy meatballs! Thanks for tuning in!

    • MR. MOON
      MR. MOON

      Can you pls give us your setting like sensitivity and dead zone

    • Logan Billingsley
      Logan Billingsley

      Hey just wondering man what skin is that and if you could tell me it I'd be so thankful and how to get it like I really like it

    • Kriszna

      How about loadout news? ;)

    • Orioncomplex

      U should do more breakdowns like mistakes and in hindsight type stuff

    • Gamer Dood
      Gamer Dood

      You talk so fast

  • Manny

    What kind of headphones are those?

    • WhosImmortal

      dt 990 pros :)

  • Ivan Estrada
    Ivan Estrada

    Bro can you play with me pls

  • Snekeatcheese


  • Snekeatcheese


  • HydroGamer


  • HydroGamer


  • HydroGamer

    I will save us from being 666 comments

  • HydroGamer


  • HydroGamer


  • HydroGamer


  • HydroGamer


  • Gaming kid
    Gaming kid

    Looking for pros to get me my 2nd win pls reply with ur name because I'm a bot and I play with sweats

  • Zizto -Animation
    Zizto -Animation

    I havent got a win in warzone pls help


    i think im just gonna keep having fun with the game and not get technical

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    downloading warzone to play with friends and I know it will suck cause its a br but doing it for the boys

  • Atoks Gaming
    Atoks Gaming

    Who can carty me

    • Nugget

      I can whats ur nickname

  • AkaDripzey YT
    AkaDripzey YT

    Step 1 get good

  • Tx N
    Tx N

    Thank you now I have 1200 wins

  • PixelPeopleWarrior

    I am really good but I just seem to pull off a victory. I can drop kills all day in one match and never win :/

  • Ghost Rider Catanza
    Ghost Rider Catanza

    Best tip

  • Cedric Nopre
    Cedric Nopre

    me:clicked bcs want to win in warzone first time

  • Jan Eleazar Jimenez
    Jan Eleazar Jimenez

    wish i could play like you bro! got 6th sense right there

  • candace hamer
    candace hamer

    these tips suprislingly helped

  • Red was not The Imposter
    Red was not The Imposter

    Want to win MORE games on Warzone, find out if your HOMIES use CHEATS/HACKS every game. They can carry you while you do nothing but run around and talk shit, t bag opponents, and get the BEST loot available. meanwhile your homies will be laying down 360-720 degree 1500 meter shotgun/pistol NO SCOPES, and you’ll get more wins GUARANTEED!

  • BlueStingray895

    Been playing since season 2 yet to get a win

    • BlueStingray895

      @good guy same

    • good guy
      good guy

      I started playing on season 5, best I've gotten is 3rd place so far.

  • Cypher Siojo
    Cypher Siojo

    Yo immortal how you doing?

    • WhosImmortal

      doing great :D

  • EpicPlaye

    The only problem is that us console players can’t see the whole gulag 6:00

  • ZanmXD

    Is this actualy your game so colorful or is it just video editor?

  • BattleDroid 42
    BattleDroid 42

    I just died to a juggernaut ffs

  • BattleDroid 42
    BattleDroid 42

    I just died to a juggernaut ffs

  • The Pumpkin
    The Pumpkin

    i’ve never won a game


    2:13 ewwww😂

  • Aidan Jokela
    Aidan Jokela

    What operator is that?

  • James Stables
    James Stables

    right, so you have money you win. got it

  • Jayden Hunt
    Jayden Hunt

    Who’s watching this after the new c4 nerf?😔

    • WhosImmortal

      big sad :(

  • Meatwad

    Not sure how I found this video, but glad I did. I love the great commentary that discusses why you made certain plays. Awesome video! Thanks!

    • WhosImmortal

      Much appreciated!

  • MrSarin

    Amazing video quality, however; you didn’t really talk about the main points in the intro you said you would cover (weapon load outs , tips) it was only commentating over your own match and saying what’s going on without giving straight tips. Still a great video man 👍🏼 just my thoughts

  • Rakim Dennard
    Rakim Dennard

    U should ping them to know which is which.

  • Aventus

    One tip I have is, if you can get a shot off someone, even if they're too far to kill them. Shoot them, even one bullet will do, no matter how much damage, that's one plate they need to use and waste.

  • AkaalGaming

    dude you talk way to fast :/

  • FaZe dusty
    FaZe dusty

    4:22 thats a tractor I think its a forklift.

  • Superlumer 88
    Superlumer 88

    Does anyone wanna squad up ?

  • Passdaboof

    Bruh I love downtown lol I can surprise people

  • hbmbc

    i love the different strategies that one can use to get the advantage... my team has finished in the top 10 quite a few times and once in a while the top 5.. and on the rare occasion number 2.. only finished 1st ONE time LOL. but there are a crap ton of other players that are better.. or is it a combination of luck? lol

  • Topic Gamer
    Topic Gamer

    It didn’t fucking help

  • Franklin H
    Franklin H

    *puts chest plates on with no vest*

  • Frank Dunn
    Frank Dunn

    Do u have a support a creator

    • Frank Dunn
      Frank Dunn

      @WhosImmortal ye thanks for answering my comments

    • WhosImmortal

      unfortunately not as of now. Hopefully in the future tho!

  • Delta 7.8 Andrej
    Delta 7.8 Andrej

    On the thumbnail Ghost do be: Hey King, You droped this

  • Frank Dunn
    Frank Dunn

    Do u like football/soccer

    • Frank Dunn
      Frank Dunn

      @WhosImmortal do u like any sports or just gaming

    • WhosImmortal

      not a huge fan tbh

  • mathatter91 •
    mathatter91 •

    How many prepubescent boys do you think believe they could survive an actual war because of COD?

  • Jose German Saavedra
    Jose German Saavedra

    What a crazy game! 😱 you had me nervous in the last circle when you kept moving behind the wall bro, the goal is not to move so enemies don’t see you 😂

  • NickZaGames

    Morning dad just gettin better at war zone!

  • JKGamerz


  • Matthew Carr
    Matthew Carr

    Omg I’ve played against Italian stallion before

  • J_tha_blaidd

    Bruh how is it I die instantly in one shot with a shotgun with buckshot halfway across the map but when bullets hit these youtuber a it’s like they are getting hit with a nerf gun? And how to they drop enemies without aiming half the time

  • wobo

    How did u make that thumbnail? Also great vid I've been getting slammed lol


    My controller wouldve slipped out of my hands dealing w this type of sweaty game lol. 3rd party city! Craziest comeback ever!

  • fps louis
    fps louis

    Well I am really good at getting kills but not good at getting dubs I have only been playing warzone for like 4 days

  • Kye Rogers
    Kye Rogers

    Have you got a vid on that class?

  • Rishi Vashi
    Rishi Vashi

    WhosImmortal once my setup is "finished" I will be :) I m excited to watch it

  • Simon Rheel
    Simon Rheel

    What are you even talking about bro... You got in a low ELO lobby, that's no 'key tip'. My God...

    • WhosImmortal

      low elo lmfaooooo I wish bud. Stats are public go look em up

  • Sevak Shahbazian
    Sevak Shahbazian

    Hello can anyone help me and my friend are lvl 155 and our kd is 1.6 and were not trash but we cant get a win

  • tomislav moslavac
    tomislav moslavac

    You good. I like your spirit. Heres a sub. Wish you all the victorys! Peace

  • Logan Alday
    Logan Alday

    I know that this is a LOOOOOONG shot but... do you think you could help me win a game of warzone? I would really appreciate it lol.

  • li yantong
    li yantong

    all i was able to take away is luckily.

  • jt

    Tips to play modern warfare dont play it its full of cheaters even the best of players kds are going rigbt down its a joke hopefully be able to turn cross play off on black ops cold war even the mouse and keyboatd is op leg alone all the aim bot wall hacking little scum bags who get paid millions for it special place in hell for them folk

  • Ben & Rosie
    Ben & Rosie

    For a minute there, I thought my UZload playback speed was on 1.5.

  • Skum

    I cant believe you guys died so many times. How would you cope if it was solos? Excellent video though. Really enjoyed it.

  • Skum

    He has a face

  • Skum

    He has a face

    • WhosImmortal

      i do!

  • Arjun Plays
    Arjun Plays

    Thanks for the daily dose of 'Hey,hi,how ya doing'

  • Argenis Perez
    Argenis Perez

    What’s your sniper of choice?

    • WhosImmortal


  • cirac 800
    cirac 800

    Every enemy in a youtuber's match: haha potato aim goes brr Me in a normal match: Gets 20 kills, gets killed from the back, wins gulag, 1 second later gets sniped and ends being the longest sniper shot in the history of warzone

  • Louis Elsworth
    Louis Elsworth

    What are those headphones you're wearing? Seen them a few times now... thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      dt 990 pros :)

  • M Basargin
    M Basargin

    Love it.


    It's always hard to play a game like this after playing games like Wolfenstein The New Order where things are so much more stealth based

  • Alex

    Honestly I think that the quarry and farmland zones are worse. Passing through port is so open (to get to farmland). However, downtown zones are also very vertical.

  • doctor me
    doctor me


  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    I really enjoyed the break down

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    "Little does he know I couldn't heal up" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mauricio Vega
    Mauricio Vega

    Your videos have such a positive vibe. Glad you will be covering cod 2020 :)

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Tom Matthews
    Tom Matthews

    Thanks to your videos I’ve taken my game from 2-3 kill average to about 10-11 kill average can’t thank you enough 🙏🏻👑

  • Budget Micro
    Budget Micro

    I have not won a single match of warzone wtf

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap


  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    If people like you stop dropping 20-30 bombs then MAYBE some people have a chance of winning lmao

  • The 5 inch punisher
    The 5 inch punisher

    I still don’t a have ONE win 😭

  • StrokedandBlownSRT

    Great vid Zac that was solid man

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks :D

  • Lachlan mason
    Lachlan mason

    Lol I'm not a bad player but for me to get a win I'll probably need someone to carry me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Great vid and gameplay. That game was insane for yall. Im glad you showed this video. Im not to sure about other pro/high level players but those who actually breakdown their gameplay for their viewers, giving explanations on how and why, can help the avg player in so many ways. I never thought to point out other skins to describe an enemy, but thats cause I dont care enough to learn them. Idk how you got around that Riot Shield with that LMG but GS. If it was me I would of felt like I was moving in water.

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Whoa...hella spicy ending. Nice commentary - nice change of pace to your usual content fella. GG

  • Martin Morgan-Jones
    Martin Morgan-Jones

    Great video Zac! Good to see the little things you think about that can make all the difference. Me and my team have been using the same operator skin for some time. Def keeps them guessing as to how many of us are there

  • Amal Krishna
    Amal Krishna

    Every person I run into has the new tier 100 roze skin and guess what they have, an origin or an r9-0. Ehmmm thank you streamers. Either way loved the content, and enjoyed the educational commentary.

  • H0ME W0RK
    H0ME W0RK

    Imagine being season 5 deep and not having a single victory in warzone

  • sloth xd
    sloth xd

    "I'm making my way downtown. Walking fast" FACES PASS AND I'M HOMEBOUND DUN DU DU DUDUN DURURURURURUN

    • AkaDripzey YT
      AkaDripzey YT

      @17weidt it wasn’t meant for someone to laugh it was them just saying it

    • 17weidt

      sloth xd no one laughed

    • WilD SenSei
      WilD SenSei

      Fucking shit joke

    • Le Potato
      Le Potato

      Ima a potato and ur a sloth

  • Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya
    Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya

    Thanks for the tips, hi from Mexico

  • Cannas Garden
    Cannas Garden

    Definitely do more stuff like this

  • Mora Mora
    Mora Mora

    Awesome gameplay video with tips and tricks ... hopefully you can do another one so we can take note ...

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez

    What is the best settings and graphics for console

  • Arctic

    Ah yes , the sacred texts