Call Of Duty WARZONE needs some MAJOR changes heading into Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the MAJOR changes that WARZONE needs heading into Black Ops Cold War! Call of Duty WARZONE is easily the most successful Call of Duty Experience to date, however, as we prepare for the first ever COD Crossover as COD WARZONE moves into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, there are a handful of things that need to be addressed. This includes the massive amount of Warzone hackers and cheaters, the Matchmaking, and some gameplay elements as well!

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  • WhosImmortal

    Today we're breaking down some of the big changes I'd like to see in Black Ops Cold War's WARZONE experience! Thanks for tuning in!

    • adee80

      Hey Immortal, the big thing I want is no more skill based matchmaking as well. I unfortunately only run into sweat lobbies, to the point where I haven’t even been able to get a win. Even if I’m slaying in a match

    • Iago Vitor Silveira
      Iago Vitor Silveira

      Hey nice video! Like right at the beginning. But what about the weapons balancing? I’d like to see some weapons on meta too. For instance, think about 7.62 guns, they need to add more bullet penetration to them. The FN Scar 17 need some serious buffs. I know those have nothing to do with the Cold War. However, I couldn’t help myself but express that, as the Scar and AK-47 are forgotten in Warzone. A hug from Brazil. Thanks for all the job done so far. PS: I have always watched your videos.

    • Jose Gonzalez
      Jose Gonzalez


    • [Viper] Ghost 141
      [Viper] Ghost 141

      Hi immortal your vids are great

    • Derek Slagell
      Derek Slagell

      8:01 made me laugh so hard. I honestly miss the black ops 2 days. I was in a quick scope squad and I had all my weapons diamond. Talk about pissing ppl off in S&D lol. I honestly love the cross play and war zone addition to the COD franchise. That being said it’s hard to find good squads like BO2. It’s almost as if ppl aren’t investing the time into finding good squad members that have matching play styles. (Or I just might suck since then). I don’t know either way GG.

  • CJ Wright
    CJ Wright

    The user reporting for cheaters is lazy by Activision. I spend at least 1 week per season “shadow banned” because salty little sweats get wrecked and can’t understand that they aren’t the best player in a lobby.

  • Marc Monson
    Marc Monson

    fix shitty hop/slide meta

  • Todd Hudson
    Todd Hudson

    I gotta say. You're probably the only youtuber i can stand listening to. Really enjoy your content. Keep em comin 👍🏼

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate that!


    The M680 or 725 can't 1 hit kill at point blank making them immediately useless compaired to the R90 and Origin

  • WuTang Chris
    WuTang Chris

    It never fails I be on point at every intro with “Hey, Hi, How Ya Doing?” Lmaooo are u from the south that’s how greet our elders or strangers in MS. I agreed with everything in this video since Season 5 started the hacking and cheating has only gotten worse, it’s so hard to play warzone now and actually enjoy it. Warzone is now broken it was broken anyway cause the meta weapons but even more so now.

  • Windmand DK
    Windmand DK

    They should stop adding OP floor loot but instead put them in epic crates. Damn its annoying to die by that Standart Origin everytime you land 2 seconds later than your enemy

  • Wilf Penfold
    Wilf Penfold

    Agreed on all points my G. Picking up loot, cheaters and sbmm particularly, but ghost being crutch sucks. There’s very little perk diversity. Thanks for another banger my donny!

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith

    Best weapon loudouts for warzone ?

    • WhosImmortal

      just made one a few days back :)

  • rainy78

    I still think the sound needs to be fixed! Im not hearing footsteps as good as I should. I hear mine very well, just not the enemies!

  • panchovillaxx7

    Bro,dead game already,it happens every year,Cold War coming out ,they already made their money,out with the old in with the new,they never fix/change anything for the better,they are in for the money not for our game experience.

  • Samuel Verniers
    Samuel Verniers

    If youve fallen and you cant get up 😂😂

  • Kevin Schmevin
    Kevin Schmevin

    PC = hackers Skill based matchmaking = sweaty lobbies

  • Cooter Captain
    Cooter Captain

    I’ve been saying since day one that ghost is too OP. The fact that there’s NO counter to someone using ghost is absurd. If you wanna make them completely invisible to the UAV and heartbeat monitor then at least give us the option to buy a pricy advanced UAV to see them. I can’t even trust the footstep audio in this game because they still can’t figure out the audio for that. Also shotguns need a nerf, I’m tired of getting killed by some child using the semi auto shotgun that shoots FIRE ROUNDS. Why would you put that in the game Activision?

  • Rishi kidambi
    Rishi kidambi

    Zac can you please make another video on how to get better like the one you made a few weeks ago, thanks

  • GamingSpider 115
    GamingSpider 115

    3:40 one website won’t stop the cheaters. They will keep cheating and use other companies, it’s gonna slow down cheaters by only 5%

  • Indomitus

    I love COD and I'm a pretty decent player but its definitely the most anti-good player Battle Royale out there, COD itself isn't built with competitive gameplay as it's priority and that's a shame because its a beautiful and smooth game aesthetically and mechanically but the competitive atmosphere just isn't really there because there is too much things players can abuse.

  • Ricardo Aldarondo
    Ricardo Aldarondo

    wait a minute modern warfare has cross progression and i can continue grinding my things from ps4 to pc?

    • Ricardo Aldarondo
      Ricardo Aldarondo

      WhosImmortal oh ok man you're the legend thanks for all your help keeping us updated with everything call of duty related you are the real goat bro keep it up and may you have millions and millions of subs later on

    • WhosImmortal

      you gotta have your blizzard account linked to whatever activision account you're using now

    • Ricardo Aldarondo
      Ricardo Aldarondo

      WhosImmortal thanks bro you're a legend keep the grind also when i download it on pc and i put my same email and stuff do i still have access to all of my stuff like camo challenges ranks levels and everything in multiplayer and warzone because i wanna make that change but i've read that some people have lost some things on their account when they do that change and i don't wanna loose anything

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :)

  • Sbeve _
    Sbeve _

    Honestly they should make a Cold War mode and a modern warfare mode for warzone so that all the guns and perks from each game doesn’t interfere with each other in the same game

  • Petrescu Lucian
    Petrescu Lucian

    Season five, still cheaters, hahaha. Cold war will be the same, its imposible to do something about it.

  • R K
    R K

    Dude, hackers are all over multiplayer also. It’s gotten so bad where I play so little that I probably won’t even finish the battle pass this season (and yes, I’ve finished every one so far and ranked out also). There’s almost no point.

  • Matt True
    Matt True

    “Best COD experience of all time” 😂😂

  • Arturo Fernandez Marco
    Arturo Fernandez Marco

    Bro the matchmaking is good like that. I play it once a week or month and I wouldn’t like to be matched against you. It makes no sense since I play casual with my frieds

  • RIOT Jamon
    RIOT Jamon

    Mp5 is too good

  • KiX

    pretty sure they arnt adding the new perks to warzone, just the new map, characters and weapons. would make much sense for anything else to be added

  • Zyler Chapman
    Zyler Chapman

    In regard to Warzone, it’s important to remember that Warzone is designed to be and will be a stand alone title. If the gameplay remains the same or is changed in any way, it does not necessarily have to match the current game it is in.

  • Approximately 92 Sobbing Horses
    Approximately 92 Sobbing Horses

    Oh my God, the meems

  • UrbanChamp

    @whosimmortal came accross a new hack. Up on the hills no buy station insight 1v4 my bud fin8shed 1 bout min later he gets killed n they still have all 4 alive somehow

  • Zach Dunlap
    Zach Dunlap

    To be honest I would like them to just keep seasons going I know they want people to buy the new cod but if you think about it if they just keep the battle pass going that's recurrent purchase so if the people who can't afford or simply don't want to play the new cod activision can still make money and I disagree with how you view ghost I like how ghost works it dose what it's suppose to do makes you more willing to check your corners when entering a building or room basically how you want it is that snipers and anyone trying to line up a shot gets fucked over so you can play more aggressive

    • Zach Dunlap
      Zach Dunlap

      @gdcmanitoba it's not even kids with add like I get the bulk of who there are trying to cater to is the casual playing hence why Sbmm I don't mind that as well because I get it my only issue with the glent is it should appre in the direction your looking not anyone looking at you I can't confirm it but I willing to bet if someone was behind you and looks down a, scope they would see the glent and,that's not how it should work playing aggressive is supposed to have some draw back to it much like playing long distance or tatcle but out of all,three play styles it seem the aggressive one complain the most and have the easiest time going about it you want to run around with a, SMG so you can destroy at close range good make your second wepon an ar and your pretty Golden on all the rangers your going to be engaging in so players start using ghost now whenever you enter that building you was going to take while you,and team was fighting you might have to deal with the guy who has ghost setting up his, ambush in there better check your corners balance the, couture balance to aggressive play is, ambushing and sniping the counter balance to sniping is area senile using cluster bomb or airstrike to keep them from moving into that area and tactle gameplay movement around the map to give yourself better position the counter balance to tactle gameplay is aggressive play either keep it's moving or getting in close to out hose them with bullets

    • gdcmanitoba

      Exactly. If they change it I will honestly never run a sniper, which is fine I guess but it just feels like you're wasting a whole type of weapon making them utterly useless. Sniping is already a joke with the whole glint system. But dev's will always cater to the ADD kids that get bored using strategy rather than just reflexes. Makes their egos too sore.

  • Kirk Brown
    Kirk Brown

    Ya’ll hate on cheaters because you play with full parties. Try playing quads or trios with randoms consistently, its 10x worse than any hacker lobby. Sbmm completely fucks the game for anyone playing with randoms. Its so fustrating for me, 10x more than losing to a hacker. Because you wont run into a hacker every game. But you do play with randoms every game. And you’re placed with people with 4 mics, lobby together everyday, and are sweating for kills. We need a ranked playlist in Cod CW unless I am 100% not buying.

  • Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya
    Romeo Daniel Loya Chagoya

    I am agree, specialy the hackers theme most to be under control, hi from Mexico

  • Zanes Dad
    Zanes Dad

    Cold War looks like dog shit, gonna miss you’re MW vids

    • WhosImmortal

      Wouldn't judge everything based on an alpha, a lot will change :) Also whenever MW gets update dill be covering it :)

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    How will the Wildcard to use 8 attachments instead of 5 work in WZ?

    • WhosImmortal

      We don't know if it'll be available in WZ

  • MidWest_PYRO

    I have to go through my clips but I got wiped by a guy with a full auto mk2 carbine.

  • Punisher

    It would be a HUGE improvement to warzone if they did this: Get rid of heartbeat sensors. Nerf throwing distance on C4. It should need to be placed within a meter or 2 of the operator not flung like a grenade. Nerf ghost to only be active while crouch walking / crawling. Up the cost of UAVs to 5000.

    • Kirk Brown
      Kirk Brown

      Punisher there a lot of things in this game stupider than a heartbeat sensor lol What heartbeat ever do to you.

    • Bruno Alberth Silva Barros
      Bruno Alberth Silva Barros

      @Punisher hahaha, get fucked then. Stop playing the game.

    • Punisher

      Nope. Remove heartbeat sensors. They're fucking stupid. Use your ears and eyes. If like 99% of players are using something there is probably a problem with it. Frankly I think only bad players use heartbeat sensors.

    • Kirk Brown
      Kirk Brown

      I agree with everything. Though I would make heartbeat sensors limited usage between 3-5 times/ match or /time, then it has to recharge.0

    • Bruno Alberth Silva Barros
      Bruno Alberth Silva Barros

      Just the nerf of ghost was necessary. There's no fucking need to remove heartbeat sensors, it's fucking warzone. Every battle royale has campers, it's simply expected.

  • Michael Gatchalian
    Michael Gatchalian

    They just need to fix the whole “shoot first die first” mechanic. In the gulag, ill beam someone with a good amount of upper body shots, and they’ll just flick and kill me. Even though i put like 5-7 rounds into their chest.

  • James

    I say get rid of heart beat sensors

  • Donnie Crews
    Donnie Crews

    anyone else only get put into warzone lobbys with 200 ping?

  • Andrew McKeown
    Andrew McKeown

    I disagree, I don’t even see the hackers as the biggest issue, I would rather get killed by a hacker than blown up by C4 one more time. Everyone dickrides it in this game and it’s not balanced at all to any of the other lethals. Need to remove the “quick detonation” and add a C4 indicator on the screen like grenades, hell throw in a beep when they arm it. It just is too fast and does far too much damage for how fast it is without having to do any animation to detonate it. Having EOD should protect you from two C4, but by the time you recognize the first throw it’s already detonated on you since 75% of the time it never makes contact with anything for you to hear the only sound it makes and just blows up in the air giving you no chance to avoid, them by the time you’ve been hit by that one and are starting to move the second one is already there. It’s stupid fast for a two hit kill explosive with EOD on.

  • S.TheAce

    @whosimmortal you know that 30% Is pemenently right?

    • S.TheAce

      @WhosImmortal 0.o soo i was lucky all this time

    • WhosImmortal

      It's active up to 10 days out of the month.

  • lipz official
    lipz official

    I dunno about you lot but im so so sick of the gas mask motion id rather that be changed than hackers it's so annoying

  • Vlad

    I agree on all points, bro! Another problem that streamers don't see that much is how randomly filled teams are disproportionately disadvantaged against friends who play in premade teams. For that I'd like to see a randomly filled lobby option where there are no premade teams.

  • Lachlan mason
    Lachlan mason

    This may be an unpopular opinion but I want the heartbeat sensors gone in warzone. I feel like you're forced to use one because everyone else is pretty much using them and I personally feel as though the heartbeat sensor kinda takes away from the suprise element as you're able to know where most players are. In my opinion, the heartbeat sensor should have stuck being a weapon attachment. Either way I think warzone is pretty good!

  • Julian Rivas-Nava
    Julian Rivas-Nava

    I think they need to take pistols out of loot crates and instead just change the pistol that you start off with every match.

  • ian marsteller
    ian marsteller

    It sucks for PC players, but I think one of the easiest things to do is allow the players to disable cross play. It is not a fix, but like he said, this COD has more players than ever. Shouldnt be hard to find a game.


    They should make the looting sort of like Pubg where u loot something like warzone but can just have an option to loot anything in the area

  • Cian Harrison
    Cian Harrison

    I hope they don't change ghost because I like ghost and its not overpowered

  • No Name
    No Name

    Hey everyone

    • WhosImmortal


  • Solid Oblivion
    Solid Oblivion

    Well i agree with you. Hackers should be banned as they are ruining the game. Btw nice vid brah:)

  • Jonathan Saukel
    Jonathan Saukel

    Wouldnt it be easy to use the data to ban cheaters? Headshot accuracy, accuracy over all fired rounds, insane ttk.

  • 3POODS

    That’s a hard issue to address and the logistics it would involve might accrue an immense amount of operational costs that the company could care less to appease. However, I feel your pain. As a gamer, I’ve invested not only time but some major dough into this game. Between skins and blueprints- I’ve made several purchases not because of anything else but I particularly enjoy a change in the dynamic of my own personal gameplay. Meaning, new skins or blueprint or both, makes my gaming experience feel better. Aside from that- the integration of both games with conflicting meta might prove problematic in the sense that the current Warzone template might be altered as the result. Keep posting- I’m loving it!

  • Digital Death
    Digital Death

    They are too busy milking the marketplace with microtransactions to fix any problems or make a new map. Gotta make those stickers and blueprints!! As for SBMM, it seems broken as hell. I suck at this game, but it sees fit to put me against these insanely above my skill level players...Played for about 2 months but I have to play with a guys with platinum camos that can iron sight beam me at 200 yards while on the kill cam I can't see the dot that is me on a 4k screen...I might get one kill a game in warzone but the person who killed me has more kills than my whole squad combined...

  • its.

    bruh they need to put social distancing between loot and nerf ghost

  • UrbanChamp

    Cheaters r so often it sucks, sbmm is terrible i dont play multi because of it 90% of games i join r already started with ppl rage quitting way more than ever b4. Yea i agree bout the loot. I love the way ghost works in black ops no campy bs but new blqck ops looks like a 10yr step back in graphics n mechanics altho i do like the mechanics from then

  • Robert Tammaro
    Robert Tammaro

    Warzone has been stale for a couple months

  • Snail Trail
    Snail Trail

    Done with this game, overran by hackers. Not fun anymore.

  • StopJerkingOff

    This might sound counter intuitive but remove pc from the cross play and just make it between consoles. Or leave it completely up to the player to choose specifically who u want to play against. Or they just need to find a way to ban the actual console/computer not just the CoD account that can easily be replaced in 5 minutes. Kinda like how Netflix can detect if u have tried to get a free trial before and won’t let u do it again even if u use a different credit card.

  • Jakob J
    Jakob J

    You can’t stop the hackers , it’s like telling the government to get rid of the dark web ... just get rid of pc completely or turn off cross play

  • NG Draft Central
    NG Draft Central

    i wish theyd just switch it to cold war and you get a good amount of guns/rewards unlocked based on the amount of guns/rewards u had previously. itd solve the multi-mp5 problem and i dont like that a bruen mk9 would be in a 1980s era game like that just doesnt fit well

  • ToxoTron

    Things that’ll fix MW: Better anti-cheat system Remove SBMM Fix laggy servers

  • medovk

    so they should make the game easier for the content creators and pros? the guys who make money from playing the game? instead of making the game easier for us, the regular guys that play casually and actually spend our money for the game and content? are you fucking insane? they should sweat their ass off.

    • WhosImmortal

      not the argument whatsoever lmao. I'm saying our connection shouldnt suffer because we're good at the game.

  • Žonatan Rivera
    Žonatan Rivera

    8:01 You guys are true gents. No thirst. No teabag. "Go ahead and finish your self rez but you know where you are, bud."

  • jimmy rose
    jimmy rose

    For all the bugs and cheater this game might be great but i guess they will never try to make anything about it

  • SteashEdits

    I wish their campaign team skipped that and instead worked on the battle royale to combine the best of both the current warzone and BO CW mechanics

  • Kai Allison
    Kai Allison

    Double upload I see you

  • Zeus

    I feel like EOD needs to be nerfed

  • Luke Brietzke
    Luke Brietzke

    I agree with all but the skill-based matchmaking. It makes sense to have players of equal skill play together. I'm a mid-tier player and I don't always wanna be on my "A Game" playing against top guys just like you don't wanna. I think it's just a downside to being so good, can't have it all. Why do you think contact sports have weight classes, it's the same thing. Just my opinion, enjoy your channel.

    • WhosImmortal

      hey man to each their own :)

  • EchoSixSix

    I hate cheaters too but I hate hearing people complaining about having to always be on their “a” game. It’s a battle royal it should never be casual. It’s supposed to be competitive all the time. If it’s casual for you then that means someone else is having a terrible time.

  • Paul Billington
    Paul Billington

    SBMM is a must for average players like me

  • Scott West
    Scott West

    Hackers and cheaters , they suck . Son and I playing last night , 4 duo games ran into 3 in the 4 games .just stupid

  • calle svahn
    calle svahn

    They need to fix the armor plating system, so it always adds a full plate. The system now is so retarded

  • [Viper] Ghost 141
    [Viper] Ghost 141

    Immortal you are doing a great job keep it up

  • Packer Gaming
    Packer Gaming

    I’m sorry but 2 minuets and 35 seconds in and he’s already wrong the biggest issue in cod right now is eod simple as that!

  • Stupid Humans
    Stupid Humans

    I’m a pretty avarege player and my highest kill game is 12, not sure about my k/d, around 7 wins, and I ran into 2 hackers in like 10 games today, one with blatant wallhack and aimbot and one with unlimited FUCKING UAVS

    • Stupid Humans
      Stupid Humans

      Boundless Mvp Hackers r an interesting breed

    • Boundless Mvp
      Boundless Mvp

      Why need unlimited uavs if they have Wall hack?

  • Johnny

    Think it's gonna be 2 separate games within warzone..idk how with different engines..but they said it was made from the beginning to work with cold war

    • WhosImmortal

      yeah im still very confused tbh

  • Lewis Brannigan
    Lewis Brannigan

    I think cold war takes over so not 2x ghost just cold war ghost :)

  • Ethanwinter96

    Yes yes and yes, brilliant video Zac, thanks as always

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks again!

  • LeBxwL

    they could make separate servers for the full game owners and free to play

  • Carboxylated

    You forgot the biggest one...WE NEED ANEW FU*&IN MAP!

  • moto gear
    moto gear

    pc slipt from consel

  • munk_munk_

    Anyone else notice loadout camping has become a huge issue this season? literally every loadout me and my teammates tried to go to this week has been camped.

  • Samiboy

    Wait, if I remember correctly Ghost used to work the same as Ghost in this game, and I do remember it being changed I think in BO1, then reverted back in MW3. and then changed again in BO2. It was always different between IW and Treyarch, where IW's Ghost protected you always, and Treyarch's only when you were on the move.

  • Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]
    Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]

    Just explode airport tower away plz


    I agree with SBMM, why should you play against someone like me who's a casual player and not the greatest of player's, you're a brilliant player and so you should be playing against other players like yourself.


      @WhosImmortal yes all the time, you still have a lot of fun playing why should it be at my expense you're a gifted player with great skills I watch and enjoy your game play you melt people and don't look to be struggling. SBMM is their for a reason as it will be in cold war.

    • WhosImmortal

      all the time though? Why does my connection and my ability to have fun have to suffer because I have better stats lol. no SBMM wouldnt mean good players are constantly pub stomping, theyd still play good players all the time lmao

  • GitGud

    I think the problem with ghost isn’t necessarily how powerful it is, but how weak the other perks are. In modern warfare two, when you choose cold blooded, it was strong no doubt but there were many other perks that were very useful, like stopping power or light weight. Ghost is too strong in this game because everything is too weak. Scaling it down to movement doesn’t change the fact that everyone uses it in multiplayer And that UAVs are basically useless

  • Kaleb Morton
    Kaleb Morton

    How did he get fancy bullets on all his guns

  • TonyANBUu

    What they should do is make a separate part of warzone like a pool or mode and only cheaters ( aimbotter, no clippers ect.. ) can join like say some cheaters have been caught instead of straight up ban lock multiplayer and lock all the other modes and let them play a ‘locked version of warzone’ where as only cheaters can play like gta online with bad sport lobbys give them a taste of there own medicine

  • TOden4

    Ugh another content creator complaining about SBMM.

    • WhosImmortal

      It's almost like we're the players who get punished lol

  • HS King T3RROR
    HS King T3RROR

    I'm REALLY curious how the 2 titles will be melded together. Doesn't seem possible but they seem to know what they plan to do. Can't wait!!!

  • *Avz

    gonna be honest with you, I dislike you not even sure why, but I agree with you in this changes 100%!

    • WhosImmortal


  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott

    I agree with them all.............honestly

  • Saberous

    You should have also listed PC optimization. I have a i9 9900K and a 2080 and in some games I can't more then 40 FPS.

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Sanitizer

    1 Weapon and perk balance 2 Don’t tell people when enemies are landing or have flairs for every single thing that we do. Unsuppressed guns shouldn’t show me miles away, should take hearing skills to find me not just popping up on a map and a easy ping. 3. Blackout strafing was fun and made gunfights feel like multiplayer. I remember mp40 strafe was so good. Gunfights felt really good. 4. Mounting needs to be gone. 5. Map needs to have way less buildings

  • Erik Ortega
    Erik Ortega

    Remove ninja and stopping power. Replace them with personal UAVS and the RC. Im really more Interested how they are going to balance gunsmith between both games. I say overkill gets 7 attachments. And secondary.

  • defect2889

    just mabe.. they will make some changes and listen to the players ..thanks for the vid

  • Julian Lang
    Julian Lang

    I like how you start by saying this is your favorite COD and BR ever, which I agree with! I had quit playing for a few years till Warzone came out. But I also agree there cld be some changes that wld def make it better!

  • vUNiTED

    Having HxD Editor open can get you banned nearly instantly but when people use aimbot, esp, etc they don’t get banned 😂

  • Teri Price
    Teri Price

    Loved this vid 3 things a lot that i agree with you 100% is SBMM,LOOTING,n GHOST they all need REPAIRS they should follow your fix Methods

  • the_souless_gamer next_door
    the_souless_gamer next_door

    I am in total agreement with you on everything exept i want to see the mp5 and grau crippled for the tomfuckery they have allowed

  • Aspxct

    Hey hi how ya doin GOT PLATUNIUM

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BTS "BE" Interview
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