Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch REVEALS The NEW ZOMBIES MODE!
Here's everything that Treyarch just REVEALED about the New ZOMBIES mode in Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything that was just revealed about BLACK OPS COLD WAR ZOMBIES! Today Treyarch revealed the new Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which features a new storyline, the Dark Aether, a new map, Die Maschine, aka Nacht Der Untoten, & more! COD BOCW ZOMBIES is a fresh take on the Zombies storyline that features a ton of new updates, upgrades, and improvements from the Previous Zombies modes in older Black Ops Games!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Black Ops Cold War Zombies has been officially revealed! What do you guys think of zombies this year? Thanks for tuning in!

    • Jason Playz!
      Jason Playz!

      You know, Due to the Models, and how they talk about WW2 Era expiments s, I think they were suppose to mash up Call of duty WWII Nazi Zombies, and Call of duty Black Ops: Cold War Zombies (Because some of the Zombie Models Resembles The Standard Zombies In WW2

    • Matthew Mccann
      Matthew Mccann

      I think custom load outs are a shit idea

    • David George
      David George

      I just hope the puzzles/easter eggs are optional and not a requirement to your progression through the map/getting perks/pack-a-punch. I miss when the game was about killing zombies.

    • squidget hemidget
      squidget hemidget

      As of now it looks fine but its gonna suck not being able to play as Nikolai

    • Tim

      Fuck yeah woooo

  • ReAl DuDe
    ReAl DuDe

    Sounds challenging but alot of crazy coming soon... Fun. Lol

  • Rolando Fernandez
    Rolando Fernandez

    I'm so excited for this!!

  • Neon Clouds
    Neon Clouds

    The woman from the zombies trailer is Samantha from the zombies multiverse

  • Wow

    Who having problems with call of duty modern warfare

  • DoctaTofen

    I can’t believe you used that same exact alpha omega footage from 2019 😂.

    • DoctaTofen


    • WhosImmortal

      I havent played zombies since then lol

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams


    • WhosImmortal

      you just said everything there is to know lol

  • laz ruiz
    laz ruiz

    They should have a storyline (campaign) mode. Where you can enjoy the experience and exploration of the zombie universe, just to add the spice on top.

  • Fire28

    Zombies 🤮. Imagine how much more cool weapons and story could go into Cold war. If they didn't waste time on zombies. #Makezombiesitsowngame

  • person person
    person person

    I bet there is going to be a campaign ending that ties in with zombies. If not I'm going to cry in my sleep.

  • Ayden Sullivan
    Ayden Sullivan

    1-YO THEY BRINGING BACK JUGG 2-I want bo3 gun customization because I just want to put “fuck you” on my gun 3-I don’t care what pac looks like just as long as it makes a return I’m happy 4-I’m glad this game is not bo5 cus bo4 is just sad

  • Supreme The legend
    Supreme The legend

    Wait so we are gonna be able to rank up our multiplayer weapons in zombies? If that’s the case I think that’s Awesome no more grinding for camos in multiplayer with sweats 💧

  • Wolf Of All Streets
    Wolf Of All Streets

    He didn’t mention NukeTown 🤔

  • Maki Best
    Maki Best

    I have a question will cod have a season pass?

  • Mr_ Nuke
    Mr_ Nuke

    If we can start with our own loadouts they better have pretty low stats so it doesn’t feel like your staring with a over powered weapon and so you can pack a punch more than once

  • l PoPPin 0ff l YT
    l PoPPin 0ff l YT

    There going to be a warzone game mode? If so they are mainly going to update that and hardly multiplayer and zombies

  • Mr. Media
    Mr. Media

    I like the load out system in zombies Cuz why would soldiers go in with just a pistol This is a different story within a universe we know so some things are bound to be different

  • Greg Renner
    Greg Renner

    WaW, BO1, and BO2 zombies were the only ones i ever played. Bo2 was pretty good and i cant shit on it for anything, but im an OG when it comes to zombies, and ill always love the first 2 games. I was playing WaW Der Rise every day before Black Ops 1 ever came out. It shocks me that most youtubers and streamers now (besides this guy!!!) Have never played anything before back ops 3.

  • Lil_determination

    The mystery woman is obviously SAMANTHA MAXIS

  • Dober R
    Dober R

    I’m a big fan of zombies

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia

    Make a new class setups for season 6

    • WhosImmortal

      coming tomorrow :)

    • Ivan Garcia
      Ivan Garcia


  • Dima Shch
    Dima Shch

    Please, can you recommend me a sniper rifle(exept kar98). And atachments for it. I wanted to become a sniper, when i wake 20 kills with HDR and VLK 3x. And which secondary weapon is beter for sniping?

  • Matt Sephton
    Matt Sephton

    I was in two minds on getting Cold War or not, but seeing this trailer I could possibly be persuaded, awesome video as always

  • BlueJay The Bird
    BlueJay The Bird

    I hope the zombies part of cold war is free cuz im broke

  • Yakumo Tatsuro
    Yakumo Tatsuro

    3:06 German for Night of the undead


    I'm bored af without Shoot the Ship!!!

  • Shmimoshmin

    Petition to bring back James C. Burns


    Zombies looks beautiful, Who's hype?

  • Miles Barrineau
    Miles Barrineau

    I used to play a lot of zombies, I know the bo2 and bo3 zombies maps like the back of my hand. I was excited for a potential story refresh, but now I am afraid this is gonna fall into the same group as bo4 for me, I played it when I was at friends places but otherwise never touched it.

  • Sean Mullen
    Sean Mullen

    So far it sounds better than black ops 4 but not better than black ops 1-3, but we will see. Id rather start with pistols, however I’ll be ok with it if there are more wonder weapons.

  • Taylor Crank
    Taylor Crank

    I’m so hyped, I love zombies, it’s the only reason why I started playing cod

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Hey, Hi, How ya doin? 🙌🙏💪 never gets old!

  • Narcotic Opium
    Narcotic Opium

    Only one word for this Game - TRASH

    • Jacob Fleming
      Jacob Fleming

      Are you talking about the zombies or mp

    • Narcotic Opium
      Narcotic Opium

      Just i try multi when was free beta. Nah. Strange. Ill never like BO. I expect a bit better then MW but is not in my opinion. Treyarch sux

    • Jacob Fleming
      Jacob Fleming

      Have you played it?

  • alan iglesias
    alan iglesias

    to the people that want to start with a pistol instead of a full loadout, just make a pistol and grenade class nerds.

  • Ryan The Rhino
    Ryan The Rhino

    I’m thinking since the teddy sitting on the box in zombies was Samantha in control what if the new bunny rabbit sitting on the box is young Eddie in control.

  • It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
    It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead

    I’m really excited for zombies this year they needed change 🙏🏽

  • Timothy Rhodes
    Timothy Rhodes

    ‘Die’ is pronounced Dee, German

  • roy

    graphics look like bo2😣

  • Jason Playz!
    Jason Playz!

    You know, I keep thinking that Call of duty Cold war was suppose to Continue Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies (due to the fact some of the models are Re made versions for he Standard Zombies in WW2

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    As long as high pitched children will be crying to be revived and the catwalk stays the best camping spot, I don’t think zombies will ever die

  • Preston Shields
    Preston Shields

    Well seeing as there are extractions in this zombies it’s 1% like ghosts “zombies”.

  • Eclipse

    I hope they bring back some of the old bo2 maps and re-design them into the game's look cuz bo2 has the best maps out of any cod game.

  • Mr. Aspect
    Mr. Aspect

    Well i guess the starting with loadouts makes sense from a realism point of view, like when u would start a game of zombies back in bo1 during the initial cutscene of ‘five’ u would have a ton of weapons but would still start of with a pistol

  • Ghost 345
    Ghost 345

    this will be cool if this will realese in MW and is dismemberment alowed in bo cold war, zombie, multiplayer?

  • Felix P
    Felix P

    My guess is if we start with our load out that probably means the beginning is crazy

  • gamer

    Omg!!! I'm so stoked for this zombies .. like killstreaks in zombies and the war gun. And yeah that weird gun that shoots out a weird blue thing that vaporizes zombies... literally mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯😲😲😲...

  • Heinrich Marais
    Heinrich Marais

    So they've turned Black Ops: Zombies into Modern Warfare: Co-Op. Might be cool might not be.

  • izahia Pena Jr
    izahia Pena Jr

    Do you think they will secretly release dead ops arcade?

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen

    Not gone lie I loved pistol as starting round weapon

  • Michael Morris Morris
    Michael Morris Morris

    YES!!! won't have to start with the crappy pistol anymore! A great idea

  • withLOveAlwayss

    Honestly not super stoked on how this looks like it's going to play out. I kind of wish they just would have went to the old school. Bo4 zombies was absolute Garbo. This seems better, but I still just longed for that nostalgia

  • Mihi Bennett
    Mihi Bennett

    They didn't talk about goblegum

  • Luke Heidenreich
    Luke Heidenreich


    • WhosImmortal

      heyoo :)

  • Konner Taylor
    Konner Taylor

    Mw clips before c4 got nerfed 😥

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob Ross

    I hope they do a open verdansk map for zombies similar to Tranzit. Including vehicles, buy stations, wall guns etc. I do still enjoy the smaller round based maps too tho but not a fan of starting with your load out. You should have to buy it still. I also hope they include multiple blueprints for each gun in the box and make the wall versions have no attachments

  • HoopleHeadUSA

    If you play or even just like COD Warzone and you aren’t subbed, you should seriously reevaluate your life choices

  • R B
    R B


    • WhosImmortal


  • Killee

    I hope mp characterd still have same amount of dialogue as other crews. And not soulless like ww2 zombies characters

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    First Of All , It is looking awesomeeeeeeeeeee Second of All , I can't wait for it Third of All , it will be free !!!!! Can't wait for November 12😁😁

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    Nuketown Zomboiiis! Noice! CW is looking like a helluva game! The only thing that "Start with loadout" says to me is "You're gonna fkin need it". Allllll the HYYYYYYYYPE!

  • Justin Kramer
    Justin Kramer

    Yessss! Im very excited after the reveal. How about you my dude? What about everyone else? ARE YOU HYPED LIKE MEEE! If you enjoy this comment let me know by dropping a like on it. 😉😁 Subscribe to my guy IMMORTAL!

  • TheMustacio Pig
    TheMustacio Pig

    Spooopy :3

  • Limcoln Strawn
    Limcoln Strawn

    Is there gonna be free mp weekend this weekend

    • Limcoln Strawn
      Limcoln Strawn

      Ok thanks so much for responding your such a good UZloadr keep doing what your doing man

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent announced anything yet

  • Chris ViBeZ
    Chris ViBeZ

    if we’re getting our own customized loadout then the zombies must be hard to kill

  • Eduardo Dimas Jr.
    Eduardo Dimas Jr.

    Remember when Zombies was just a simple survival mode where you just started with an m1911 and worked your way up? *Treyarch doesn't*

    • DoctaTofen

      But the weapon that you start with is gonna have a low rarity which makes it weak. Correct me if I’m wrong

    • Beren Nettles
      Beren Nettles

      Eduardo Dimas Jr. you are right, I think though hopefully it won’t be like spawning in with a broken weapon since they announced weapon rarities. Hopefully it’s a good system and it’s still fun yet challenging.

    • Eduardo Dimas Jr.
      Eduardo Dimas Jr.

      @Beren Nettles They literally said "No more starting with a pistol" in the reveal trailer. Being able to willingly choose to start with a pistol is not the same as everyone starting on the same, even playing field, and work your way up together or, what we like to call, *teamwork*

    • Beren Nettles
      Beren Nettles

      I’m pretty sure you’ll still be able to start with a pistol cause they’ve shown gameplay with people using the M1911. Remember the first teaser at the end of the multiplayer trailer? I’m hoping loadouts just means that when you wall buy guns (or get them from the box) they’ll be equipped with attachments you’ve selected. But I could be wrong

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis

    Trayarch if you see this please please take out loadout at least on round 1, killstreaks, and we dont want to be able to beat the game

  • OG Kingblaze
    OG Kingblaze

    Thats dope that i dont have to start with a booboo ass 🔫 so yeah

  • Y y chic cc
    Y y chic cc

    I have a feeling this mode is PlayStation exclusive....they have to give up something just like MW 2019 did

    • Y y chic cc
      Y y chic cc

      WhosImmortal GOOD 🙌🏾 what mode will be you think?

    • WhosImmortal

      zombies isn't exclusive

  • sharpshooter244

    I found a bush in warzone that u hear children laughing at now in season six

  • Devbro

    2:00 that's Samantha Maxis

  • Dying Hikari
    Dying Hikari

    I don't care if we start with just pistols or rifles at the beginning; *let zem come, and round 32 solo here i come.*

  • Felix White
    Felix White

    Will I be able to play split screen on this cod on the PS5?

  • Sylvester Broich
    Sylvester Broich

    I feel like the load outs will make it that people won’t buy new weapons

  • will bongiorno
    will bongiorno

    the two thing i personally hated that they said was that you dont have to start with the 1911 and that there is an exfil feature, kinda takes away the helplessness feeling that zombies gives,however i have yet to play it

  • Detective Wolf
    Detective Wolf

    id be happy if they made some maps or modes where you start with a pistol

  • Manuel Valera
    Manuel Valera

    Is pronounced "Dee Mascheeneh"

  • Dylan deluxo
    Dylan deluxo

    Scawy ghowst

  • James Allmon
    James Allmon

    Ngl the gameplay looked pretty boring, almost like one of those free mobile games. Killing the zombies just doesn’t look satisfying at all.

  • Angel Balbuena
    Angel Balbuena

    I love this reveal but I dont like the weapon rarities, starting tacticals and lethals, and starting weapons. I feel like all these equipment take away the sense of progression of zombies. Like round one you spawn with your m4 with grenades and your tacticals instead of bo1-3 where you work towards your preferred loadouts like earning the hells retriever

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1

    double upload kinda day..🔥

    • WhosImmortal


  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott

    I.AM.SO.EXITED lol

  • Trev 2games21
    Trev 2games21

    5:32 do y'all see the as val

  • Tyler DeHaan
    Tyler DeHaan

    They need to go back to bare bones zombies from WaW and BO1. Starting zombies with loadouts will completely ruin it for me.

    • Kai Williams
      Kai Williams

      They won't go back to barebones again just accept it for what it is man. And if you don't wanna do that, spawn in with th colt then??

  • Thorrero 25
    Thorrero 25

    Will There be a splitscreen mode for the zombie ? Because in MW, the survival mode is not splitscreen

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet

    As a zombies player since WaW, I fail to see any innovation here, there is only so many times one can play the same damn mode over and over again. An actual campaign would be a start that you can play with up to 4 others.

  • Bryne Creekmore
    Bryne Creekmore

    Hope this zombie mode isn’t as complicated as ww2 zombie play is.

  • No Name
    No Name

    I did "my math" 600k by October is ez

  • No Name
    No Name

    Feels bad to be late for the 2 videos but I was fixing and cleaning my ps3

  • ToxxSick Lemons
    ToxxSick Lemons

    Honestly I’m more excited about campaign & zombies at the moment. Multiplayer didn’t really catch my attention much. Hopefully beta changes my mind.


    I just want transit

  • Joshua Turrubiartes
    Joshua Turrubiartes

    I’m not gonna day I’m upset imma say I’m basically at peace with it yes the old zombies didn’t have a good send off but I’m going to just look at this as a new game mode it’s so different that if I wanted to relive the old games through this it would just be a disappointment

  • CB Productions
    CB Productions



    The mystery woman is Samantha 2:00

  • Jays Workshop
    Jays Workshop

    i hate the idea of starting with a load out. unless the zombies are more difficult at the beginning, I think it is going to take a lot of the fun out of progressing through the map and getting better weapons as you go.

  • The savage gummy Bear
    The savage gummy Bear

    This gives me vibes of like the r6 infection mode as well as ww2, co-op, and extinction


    I don’t really like the load out thing or the score streaks they shouldn’t have put them in zombies

  • OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
    OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

    The "mystery woman" is Samantha Maxis btw. I haven't played zombies since bo2... but im extremely hyped for cold war zombies... I cant wait to play it

  • Patrick N
    Patrick N

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to transfer cod mw from my Xbox one to the series x when I get it? Will I have to redownload and install it or is there a way to copy the file and transfer it via ssd/usb?

  • Hellwolvzzz

    I'm hyped cause the game comes out after my birthday.

  • Ben Weedon
    Ben Weedon

    It's not at new story it's set during the dark aether timeline and 15 years after the events of the bo4 zombies ending