Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward REVEALS The New HAUNTING OF VERDANSK UPDATE!
Here's everything that was just REVEALED about the brand new HAUNTING OF VERDANSK Event in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down everything that was just REVEALED about the brand new HAUNTING OF VERDANSK Event and Update in Call of duty Modern Warfare and WARZONE! The New Haunting Event, also known as the Haunting of Verdansk Event is set to go live tomorrow for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE and it’ll bring even more new Modes to COD WARZONE and COD MW, new bundles featuring Leatherface and Jigsaw, and even more! Today we got a new Trailer for the event and new info as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    It's officially SPOOOOOPY season! The Haunting event is kicking off tomorrow and it looks insane! Thanks for watching!

    • josh drapeau
      josh drapeau

      No nvg’s im butthurt

    • Jordan Weldon
      Jordan Weldon

      Yes go

    • Travis C
      Travis C

      @Alex Strydom Go login

    • Alex Strydom
      Alex Strydom

      Any idea when the new ghost skin will be available?

    • Travis C
      Travis C

      @Brusk moon I read 10AM PST

  • Fitmrcoolkid/sloth

    What game mode in warzone do I have to play to get the trick or treat rewards?

    • WhosImmortal

      any of them :)

  • JJ Kaname
    JJ Kaname

    I'm re downloading because of this. That jigsaw and leatherface skin looks sick.

  • Last Monsta
    Last Monsta

    Wow, great idea. But is it just warzone, seems like we are all being pushed to play warzone, not the multiplayer game we paid for.

  • Harrison 1
    Harrison 1

    The zombies say sam when they attack someone

  • josh drapeau
    josh drapeau

    Why is there no nvg’s such a missed opportunity

  • UpN SmOkE
    UpN SmOkE

    Is this dude the guy that does the "snes-drunk channal?

  • Gabriel Callier
    Gabriel Callier

    Can you do a Halloween loadout video

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas

    They really need to clean up the tracer effect on the lightning one because it nearly messes up your visibility. The lightning tracer goes off horizontally too and it blocks out your vision. Not to mention I'm tired of them giving us thesecawesime blueprints but as soon as you put certain camos on it, they look hideous. I grinded too much for Damascus to not use it, at least make it feel worth using on guns? Sometimes it looks like utter trash... I spent months grinding for this camo just for it to look unwanted on certain guns. Come on.

  • Gawi Audette
    Gawi Audette

    When is you next video. I want to see what bundle to buy

  • Bret Hallacy
    Bret Hallacy

    Anyone know how big the update is?

  • TonyANBUu

    I saw a guy with pumpkin head how u get that

  • Gawi Audette
    Gawi Audette

    What time ?

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst


    make a jak-12 class

  • Lil Toenail
    Lil Toenail

    Did they push back the update? Because it’s not here

    • WhosImmortal

      it comes out at 10 am pst

  • TipTex

    Ok cool... But when!!! When is it happening

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst

  • Mtg Csual
    Mtg Csual

    Hey bro! Ive been subscribed for a while now. Love ur vids. Can you help me out? Ive mistakenly purchased a bundle in the ingame store. Because of the square button "insta buy". I closed the game since. Its been 5 hrs so I wont use the bundle/weapon because I heard u can refund of u havent used it yet. Can you please help me put to refund this? Please brooo. I know you have contacts. Im a poor kid 🥺😁

  • Isaiah Edson
    Isaiah Edson

    Zach one question do you love noisy butters and if you do please tell me that your not simping

  • jeremiah p
    jeremiah p

    What time it the update being released

    • jeremiah p
      jeremiah p

      @WhosImmortal thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst

  • George Berg
    George Berg

    Why is it not out

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst is when it's live

  • Memes

    It's SPOOOPY Season

  • Jynx-on-hotelwfi

    I worked my butt off all week for chore money. I mean my butt off for this. I actually made 50$ two bye the leather face, and the jigsaw bundle😁😁😁😁

  • Santiago Campos
    Santiago Campos

    I've subbed this channel great hope you get to your goal man

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Faze Arda
    Faze Arda

    Ghost looks sick with the sytche on his back

  • Meme boys 101 Meme
    Meme boys 101 Meme

    It maybe 1pm

  • Christian Rodi
    Christian Rodi

    Is it out

  • Vague Kaos Productions
    Vague Kaos Productions

    Surprise surprise, you have to buy the skins lmao

  • Juandipuhe

    How does it feels to get a heart from immortal?

    • WhosImmortal

      like this

  • Power_GrAin 4887
    Power_GrAin 4887

    Yo immortal can u make a load out video soon for warzone

  • Monkey Boss
    Monkey Boss

    It's got music from Saw/Jigsaw laugh and Texas Chainsaw Massacre camera screech

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R

    Thermal hdr gonna hit different on the new map😂

  • Charles Riddle
    Charles Riddle

    You and this Timmyquicksc0p3s dude need to have a serious chat

  • JTarv

    When does the ghost skin drop??

  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez

    I want the pennywise skin lovel

  • Jackson Hunt
    Jackson Hunt

    Does no one care about the Butterfly Knife? They announced and then it doesn’t get anymore info, and no one else is asking.

  • Tyrese Davis
    Tyrese Davis

    Call me a pussy but if I get jump scared instead of a blueprint while playing I will turn the game off I don’t play with that stuff 😂💀

  • Brensdab Pyykkonen
    Brensdab Pyykkonen

    Anyone know what time this is going live? The anticipation is real

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst

  • label613

    This needs to drop. Like now

  • MrHorse

    Forget the realism I think this is awesome cause some places around the world are closing haunted houses and trick or treating so for those who can’t this year this is an amazing alternative

  • MRZ1234ify

    What about the butterfly knife

  • Alex Bruce
    Alex Bruce

    How much gig is the update

  • jack grosvenor
    jack grosvenor

    I cringe every time he says spoopy.

    • WhosImmortal


  • kick4gaming can
    kick4gaming can

    bro it look sick i hope they fix all the weapons damage this time mo more OP guns this night mode should stay so we 1 times you have day 1 time say end its randomly swtiching

  • NorthFace432

    If I may ask, can anyone please update on the leaks of Warzone Private match? Is it coming or is it just a leak that is now discontinued

  • Puja Gupta
    Puja Gupta


  • hussain Danyial
    hussain Danyial

    BBC of COD😍

  • TheVideofiend

    Representing that 61% right here , keep up the great work 👌🏾

  • Noah Worgan
    Noah Worgan

    Damm it’s kinda scary lmao 😂

  • Özler Çatal
    Özler Çatal

    well if Texas Chainsaw massacre bundle will be there forever like the Nikto's first bundle im definitely buying it sometime in winter

  • Dark Invo
    Dark Invo

    Gun fight tour for warzone?

  • Tadhg Hession
    Tadhg Hession

    Warzone is already a horror game, the file sizes, and meta!

  • Pew Pew
    Pew Pew

    What's the deadline of this haunting of verdansk event?

  • HK 124
    HK 124

    The depressing part about zombie Royale is that they completely copied the idea off of apex legends game mode called nightfall and this is came out 1-2 years ago around the same time as this one 🤨🤦🏾‍♂️☹️

  • OHD

    I am going to pee my pants

  • Peyton Gilliland
    Peyton Gilliland

    Almost forgot to comment but have to say again GIVE US THAT FOV SLIDER FOR CONSOLE PLEASE MAKE IT IS FAIR

  • Mr. Bator
    Mr. Bator

    And wassup whit this ghost skin?

  • Mayhem

    Day 33 of saying immortal is awesome

  • bingus

    Do you know when we are going to be getting the butterfly knife

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said

  • CipherWing

    Would love to play this event mode but unfortunately I tested positive for covid-19. Hope to recover safe n sound. Also keep up the amazing content!!

    • WhosImmortal

      Hope you're doing okay!

  • Sesto Alternative Evo
    Sesto Alternative Evo

    I want to play a game with jigsaw

  • varun Shersia
    varun Shersia

    Yea i m not turning up the voice

  • varun Shersia
    varun Shersia

    Its spooky

  • MakeOneDavid

    This is cool, but we need a real zombies collab. Imagine a map based on Texas Chainsaw or Saw? Hopefully, Treyarch decides to do something like that. Even another franchise would be dope, like Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th.

  • Creepercraft16

    Poor Rodion

  • 1st GenTruther
    1st GenTruther

    So when the heck is it dropping?! It’s 40 mins past midnight on the

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst


    Shipment 24/7 ??

  • Gabriel Fear
    Gabriel Fear

    Timmy quick scopes😂😂😂😂

  • bloopybloop1234 ya boi
    bloopybloop1234 ya boi

    So Is it going to be a playlist update or a title update?do yall know?

  • Mr QuickScope
    Mr QuickScope

    Most Elite units that threats and attacks other country VS ugly guy with mask

  • spooky crusader
    spooky crusader

    jugGOURDnautroyale a gourd.

  • Gabriel Fear
    Gabriel Fear

    Im so hyped for this event

  • Tyler Chauvin
    Tyler Chauvin

    So since its night time does that mean no sniper glint ??? 😎😎

  • Miguel Angel Ochoa
    Miguel Angel Ochoa

    One thing: good bye green lasers

  • wokon bruh
    wokon bruh

    Shoot the ship come back plzzzzzz I’m going physco cuz I can’t get no gold guns

  • Epsilon Xero
    Epsilon Xero

    Goin to and make a petition to get Timmy Quickscopes permabanned from COD. Hate that guy 😂

  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh

    Since we don't celebrate Halloween here im india, I'm glad i can have fun in verdansk. U know me 🙃🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Luke Brietzke
    Luke Brietzke

    Will it be out on Monday night?

    • WhosImmortal

      tomorrow at 10 am pst

  • John Bayer
    John Bayer

    When does it go live?

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst

  • R K
    R K

    It looks monumentally awesome, except for all of the people wearing NVGs but nobody using them. 🤪

  • Deformed albino Gaming cat
    Deformed albino Gaming cat

    “I’m just going to throw it out there” *I proceed to get a Durex sex tape/ game night ad* I don’t like that timing

  • Phantom4545 45
    Phantom4545 45

    The ghost reaper skin looks nice af

  • WBZ_King1018

    It's all fun and games till that update say 55gbs😂

  • T REV
    T REV

    Why is no one talking about the ghost lady and other quick clips probably being the jump scares that are suppose to happen

  • Seb

    Is mikie mike coming?

    • WhosImmortal

      don't believe so

  • Nicholas Davey
    Nicholas Davey

    so they spent their money of anti cheat of 3

  • sasquatch dude alex
    sasquatch dude alex

    We just gonna forgot thorn is no longer British lol

  • Alex Marquez
    Alex Marquez

    Wtf is spoopy?!

  • Prajay Pandiri
    Prajay Pandiri

    this man is insane he plays so good his guns look like they do more damage

  • The Mad Elf Channel
    The Mad Elf Channel

    thank you love all your content a lot of info every update

  • Carson Shaw
    Carson Shaw

    Do you speed up your vids or are you just insane at cod

    • Carson Shaw
      Carson Shaw

      @WhosImmortal your a god at this game keep up the great vids

    • WhosImmortal

      no speed boosts here

  • Jucee Lemon
    Jucee Lemon

    Man there was multiplayer

  • Shan Schilke
    Shan Schilke


  • Omuerta Genetix
    Omuerta Genetix

    I killed a zombie one time with nothing but a rolled up newspaper and pure determination and guts.

  • Miles Sommerdorf
    Miles Sommerdorf

    Have my money.

  • Josiah G.
    Josiah G.


    • WhosImmortal


  • I am Pure Luck
    I am Pure Luck

    Only 100GB!!!!😂 jjjjjjjk

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    "Do you want to play a game?" Yes but I'm out of memory space

  • Grab-A- Skillet
    Grab-A- Skillet

    I was really hoping for a Jason and Freddie skin

  • Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders


  • Joseph Madina
    Joseph Madina

    What time dose it go live?

    • WhosImmortal

      10 am pst