Modern Warfare: The FINAL Update, YEAR 2 Content, & More!
Here's what we currently know about the FINAL Update and the Year 2 content in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we currently know about the FINAL Update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the initial support year, the potential YEAR 2 Content for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty WARZONE, and some preload and launch details for Black Ops Cold War! We found out earlier this week that a new Title Update is coming to COD MW and COD WARZONE in the near future and we got a slight tease for some potential year 2 content as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    The end of Modern Warfare continues to get weirder and weirder by the week! Thanks for tuning in :D

    • Samsung Castellanos
      Samsung Castellanos

      @Zeth Navarro wait what

    • Zeth Navarro
      Zeth Navarro

      We have an update occurring right now

    • Samsung Castellanos
      Samsung Castellanos

      @Djo Anton Explain?

    • Djo Anton
      Djo Anton

      where are we going to get Loadouts if they remove multiplayer but not warzone ? did you think about that ? lol youre stupid

    • Djo Anton
      Djo Anton

      @WhosImmortal if they won't stop Warzone then they won't stop Modern Warfare multiplayer, it's the same game, are you serious ?

  • Abdalhade Budr
    Abdalhade Budr

    I would hope they make infected a permit playlist like mw3

  • average boi
    average boi

    Hopefully they will still patch op glitches

  • Detective Cheeks
    Detective Cheeks

    My only fear is that I won’t like Cold War as much as I liked modern warfare. I hate the footsteps in modern warfare and and camping. But it was a fun game. I played the beta for Cold War and it was okay but it was a beta so I’m hoping Cold War will be better on release.

  • Joe Gadberry
    Joe Gadberry

    This game needs to die already. Before you comment all triggered I get it you like to sit in buildings or youre a hacker I'm sure you like it

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      5k people would tend to disagree. So go fuck off.

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      Salty kid says the game needs to die.

  • Der Fish
    Der Fish

    HOLD ON final update for this year

  • Dubski Dreaad
    Dubski Dreaad

    33gig update live now

  • Austin McFry
    Austin McFry

    I kinda hope when they stop updating it they don’t get rid of the battle pass because I want to get Nik but I haven’t been playing modern warfare as much this season

  • Scary Salad
    Scary Salad

    2:24 Hey that's me!


      Lol cool

    • WhosImmortal


  • Muffin_Man153

    Why are they ending it, no battlepass next season?

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      Next season will be back to Season 0 I think

  • Freddie Mercury’s left nut
    Freddie Mercury’s left nut

    This Modern Warfare is in my top 5 games of all time

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    That means I have to get another pistols Dumas come on man I’m already tired of playing modern warfare dude ugh

  • Jezo2003

    Call of duty needs to get rid of cod points and let players unlock everything from challenges and levels!

  • V1CT0R Val4nt4
    V1CT0R Val4nt4

    Anybody knows when is the freacking butterfly knife coming? Or the post halloween update?

  • Hawkeye yt
    Hawkeye yt

    You’re the best youtuber I watch, you give info, Are funny, and wow a NICE play style. I don’t know how you can be so calm in some of the battles where u finish a Hole team on 4. I’m always stressed.

  • Spoder Mon
    Spoder Mon

    I don’t plan on getting Cold War anytime soon, and if I ever do, I probably won’t invest like I did in MW. Hopefully they just keep supporting this game for awhile. Because I’ve invested tons of time into this game

  • Cheezy_Entertainment

    Here's what we know aim bot users ahead...

  • Robert Ahle
    Robert Ahle

    I’m not getting it cause triarch uses an outdated engine. They are literally the bethnesda of IW. Using outdated trash.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    Your rounds look like laser beams...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm collective minds?

  • GOAT

    Can someone please tell me is warzone on modern warfare going to be different like the movement and stuff???? cause the engine on mw is solid in my opinion i dont wanna stop playing the game if it plays different

    • WhosImmortal

      it's staying on the MW engine

  • Hops And Lead
    Hops And Lead

    I hope they don't do another damn season........

  • Emma T
    Emma T

    Cold war is trash 🗑

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      Ok...I don't remember asking but thanks for your opinion?

  • Jonathan Spegal
    Jonathan Spegal

    I can’t play online, it says install suspended... I have everything downloaded I don’t understand

  • Gen_X_Reaper13

    That was cool to let ps players know when they can pre-load there game but completely forget Xbox amd PC. Good to know your all about giving out PS info on Cold War. If I wasnt watching I would have never known that Xbox can Pre-load Cold War tonight at 9 PST.

    • WhosImmortal

      I literally showed the info on screen my dude.

  • TaVrO5

    Ggs on shipment last night! We slayed

  • wolverine

    I'm sticking to Modern Warfare 2019 game and skipping Cold War, will wait for Modern Warfare 2 in 2021/22 :)

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      @wolverine you really like your own comment

    • wolverine

      @SlickCalf 985 Pretty sure Modern Warfare came out in 2007 too :p

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      Pretty sure that came out 11 years ago

  • DarkNightSniper _
    DarkNightSniper _

    Has anyone noticed some of the free Halloween gift packs were not added? I looked on UZload and found a couple like a werewolf pack and Frankenstein that were supposed to come out during the Halloween event... i noticed the werewolf charm during gunfight lobbys. I got a football charm in one of the free packs but nothing Halloween related. Lol

  • It’s Real
    It’s Real

    What if Cold War is the season 7 for modern warfare

  • Shihab Musa
    Shihab Musa

    Get him 700k now or u don’t actually like immortal

  • Axel Sherwood
    Axel Sherwood

    What’s wrong with the grau pumpkin punisher blueprint

  • RayRay781

    Hi :)

    • WhosImmortal

      hi :D

  • Elder Carias
    Elder Carias

    Any news on free weekend multyplayer?

    • Elder Carias
      Elder Carias

      Oh ok thanks anyways never thaught you would be the 1 to answer just subed because of that

    • WhosImmortal

      probably not happening

  • IkonicX Gav
    IkonicX Gav

    Like this so he can see best class setup for every weapon in call of duty modern warfare

  • soir

    Wouldn’t it make sense to keep the seasons going for since they are including Warzone in Cold War?

  • Brandon Ground
    Brandon Ground

    Can you tell them to fix the play of the game in the 10 v 10 Playlist? It's been bugged since the launch of the game

  • Amjad Namir
    Amjad Namir

    can someone help me please my little brother accidentally bought a boundle 💔 is there any way I can return it?

    • Amjad Namir
      Amjad Namir

      @SlickCalf 985 it is 😑💔 that's bad they should give us a refund sometimes

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      If the contents of your bundle aren't in your inventory, he didn't buy it. There are no refunds for on game items.

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985


  • BB Smoker
    BB Smoker

    What attachments are you running on the M4? That shit is wet

  • Cian Dela Vega
    Cian Dela Vega

    No free multiplayer week end?

    • WhosImmortal

      probably not

  • Jeremy McMillen
    Jeremy McMillen

    At this point I am hoping they at least give us a ton of operators that have been in files for a while would be quite lame if they didn't granted some of the operators I am thinking of have been in the files. So I don't think we will see them.

  • Sebastian Villasenor
    Sebastian Villasenor

    I was planning to check out Cold War but I was thinking I’ll stick to MW for a while and wait till Christmas or my birthday to get Cold War.

  • bananabooshoe

    Great video! My scuf broke and i needed a new one but code immortal got me covered!

    • WhosImmortal

      ayeeee :D

  • James Guisbert
    James Guisbert

    Shot the ship 24/7 is a must have playlist update for the end of support for this game


    NICE Video Bro

    • WhosImmortal


  • Drag0nAl3x 333
    Drag0nAl3x 333

    How did you get the thermal that was shown on the an 94 I think

  • Mikey Onetwofour
    Mikey Onetwofour

    Does anyone know if our cod points will transfer to cold war? I have like 2400 cp and if they transfer i would use them for the new battle pass but otherwise I’ll waste them in mw

  • Young Mafia
    Young Mafia

    Bro honestly this cod is good it’s just the players that make it bad prove me wrong

  • zeres

    No soap ... maybe soap ?


    I do hope that they add the new weapons to MW 2019 since they’re being built into Warzone and that’s the same engine. It would just need to be balanced for MW.

  • Kayden Wissanji
    Kayden Wissanji

    so does that mean this mw will end, end?

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo

    omfg. they are like forcing us into cold war by stopping the updates. NO ONE LIKES COLD WAR ITS TRASH!

  • Mr. Premium
    Mr. Premium

    Theres like chapter two

  • Danirex Hero
    Danirex Hero

    Gracias bro me encantó el video

  • João DeCarvalho
    João DeCarvalho

    The reallity is: nobody wants cod cold war and everybody is anxious about to not leave MW

  • Amjad Namir
    Amjad Namir

    wai so if I bought the PS5 i will not be able to use my MW CP that are in my PS4 in the PS5 CW ?

  • Jonathan Chinappen
    Jonathan Chinappen

    Congrats whosimmortal on reaching 600K subs 🔥 I like how you still interact with your followers in the comments ❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • Asta Da Gouki
    Asta Da Gouki

    Everyone that say they won't move over to CW will eventually. MWs engine is better, its gameplay is better...however CW potential is just as good and hype. Come March with the rumored new map to come will make you decide then. WZ will eventually switch engines to CW..

  • SparkioToCraxy

    No Update Means More Glitches

  • Tomáš Holubec
    Tomáš Holubec

    And what about free multiplayer weekend in this season???

    • WhosImmortal

      probably not happening


    Are we keeping out guns and blueprints going into Cold War ??

  • Chowd 4000
    Chowd 4000

    I got an ad for a unicorn girls toy before this vid started lololol

  • brillmongo

    I Will not buy cold war Always liked the MW games better 🙂

  • Todd Caudill
    Todd Caudill

    Will there be another double xp event before season 6 ends?

    • WhosImmortal

      they havent said anything as of now

  • J Richie
    J Richie

    Mw will not die, blops will die quickly

  • Tacitplays

    I really hope that there will be a season 7 for MW this year it is just such an awesome game cold war just didn't do it for me after all the hype that it had is was really disappointing to play the alpha and the beta Thanks Zac for all the updates I really love your content you're awesome dude Peace out

  • C H R I S
    C H R I S

    How do you transter cod points from black ops 4 to modern warfare ?

    • Milton Ferreira
      Milton Ferreira

      they should auto transfer

  • Brandon Uchiha
    Brandon Uchiha

    I'm still pretty salty that I joined the game at the end of its lifespan, I joined at the end of season 5 and and played all the way through season 6 and was still hoping they'd support mw.

    • Brandon Uchiha
      Brandon Uchiha

      @Milton Ferreira naw I already finished the battle pass, but well I guess I'd rather wait to make such a statement until all content is released.

    • Milton Ferreira
      Milton Ferreira

      Bro , you got lotta content and fun to be had

  • Nathan Heckelman
    Nathan Heckelman

    Hope there is a Season 7 in Modern Warfare because I'm skipping on Cold War, that game nearly gave me a seizure.

  • PiersDevil

    I really want a Soap Mactavish operator skin!

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Is it me or does this game feel new still? Honestly kinda sad to see it go):

  • Click

    I hope MW continues for another year cuz Cold War is not really the game I was waiting for .

    • Click

      @Rossi CrL What! You are so stupid . The game is literally shit and I'm just saying my opinion. That doesn't mean I hate Treyarch.

    • Rossi CrL
      Rossi CrL

      It’s because You Hate treyarch

  • OfficerMofiz

    What's the weapon the new operator holding? I can't get any resemblances to any weapons that are currently in the game. Anyone noticed that or is it just me?

  • Hoo Knew
    Hoo Knew

    let's grow together, COD gamers. hit me up & lets subscribe.

  • Super Vegeta
    Super Vegeta

    Here is the best question I have. Do you think in 3 months or a little while that Cold War will be free because I bought Modern Warfare and feel like I really got played out since it became free a week later. I definitely would never have paid $63 for campaign lol

    • Super Vegeta
      Super Vegeta

      Actually it’s not even funny. Erase that lol

  • Charith Marambe
    Charith Marambe

    multiplayer sbmm sucks

  • Serious779 Tha Gamer
    Serious779 Tha Gamer

    Modren warfare is broken yes people cheat bt the game it self cheats my ping was 30 the whole game get 5 kills top 5 placing and my ping goes to 100to200 lik wtf is wrong with this game we got 4th cuzz of that

  • Darkside Lol
    Darkside Lol

    Im on the max battlepass level and im too scared to spend cpd points bc of the next pass

  • Alec Moriarty
    Alec Moriarty

    They’ve already said that Cold War and the next CoD after Cold War are both getting integrated into Warzone so it’s a safe bet were getting at least one more year of seasons, if not 2 or even more. Warzone is arguably CoDs greatest achievement to date so they definitely aren’t going to abandon ship anytime soon. Good for me because I honestly hate cold war. I personally wouldn’t be mad at 1-2 more years of Warzone


    I would love to see them do a Christmas I mean they could drop snow over the entire map and offer some cool skins like the grinch, Jack Frost or Krampus. Could do a find so many Christmas gift for another gun. Have some evil elves instead of zombies 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️. It would be sweet lol

  • Tech 313
    Tech 313

    Bro are you hacking?

    • Tech 313
      Tech 313

      @WhosImmortal at least your honest 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      yes, and I post it online when I've been working for 8 years to build a reputable brand.

  • TheGamerLeo

    What gun is Griggs holding

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      Colt 553

  • Its Wolf
    Its Wolf

    Or maybe I'm wrong, I'm not sure

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      bout what?

  • Its Wolf
    Its Wolf

    But cod points will be along with each new platform, because no matter what, we all are playing on our same Activision accounts. And the cod points are linked to our accounts, not the platform we are on.

  • Johan Armstrong
    Johan Armstrong

    What optic is that on the an94? Is it s store blueprint?

  • Michael Sumner
    Michael Sumner

    I have gotten the new COD every year preorder since COD Ghost. This is the first year that not getting the new game at launch and very possibly not at all. I did not like the beta and feel like keeping on MW and WZ instead of jumping to CW.

  • ToddTrimz

    I just need to know will there be executions by going behind an enemy?

    • ToddTrimz

      @SlickCalf 985 luckily I've seen videos with 1 execution only so far. So they are in the game.

    • SlickCalf 985
      SlickCalf 985

      There will be, it's been confirmed. Questionably, they weren't present in the beta which worries me that they will be DLC.

  • DaKamAtak #
    DaKamAtak #

    Why no new intel? Anyone know. Maybe waiting for CW drop next week. Hopefully a ingame event again

    • DaKamAtak #
      DaKamAtak #

      @WhosImmortal i really hope so it was building up to the nuke/missile so it cant leave us hanging. Big fan from South Africa by the way keep up the good work. It was your catch phrase that got me😂😂

    • WhosImmortal

      no clue :/ hopefully we get some soon!

  • ReapingGhoul_Z 79
    ReapingGhoul_Z 79

    Hey zack What is that m4 mp7 setup? Looks pretty gud

  • Hklrzki

    if there are future seasons, i wish they're adding honey badger chambered already in .300 blackout rounds

  • Patty Salter
    Patty Salter

    WhoIsImmortal, what is the name of that sight at 0:16

  • Pink Qrow Productions
    Pink Qrow Productions

    wtf was that thermal?!?!?!? ive never seen that before!!! Someone pls pls pls tell me

  • meat eater
    meat eater


    • meat eater
      meat eater


  • a1

    Is it just me or does anyone else think its kinda crazy that warzones only been out since march? Feels like this game has been through so much in under one year just think how warzone will be like 1 year from now!

  • Yuri

    Day 4 asking if immortal can Play the RAM7 and p90

  • Talal Alnafia
    Talal Alnafia

    Update from last video My obsidian HDR is 85 out of 125 And I’m going insane

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder


  • YoungBeezy

    I think Infinitiward fucked up. Warzone isn’t even that old and they already putting out a new game. I wouldn’t have mind playing for a few more years with cool updates like the Halloween event.

  • Juanfernando Miranda
    Juanfernando Miranda

    What I think what happens with the new season is that there probably going to hold it until cold war

  • Lou-roc04

    Cold War ain’t my cup of tea, sticking with MW for another year

  • S Pi
    S Pi

    I got the Rytec when you needed 3 kills in 15 games. Buy July 1st I had 68 kills and it was still locked. Spoke w Activision support & it was escalated but never acted on. Contacted them 2 more times to no avail. Even sent them a snail mail request but no response. The Rytec grind has even been changed but can’t understand why they won’t unlock it.

  • jarn bradley
    jarn bradley

    kinda getting tired of buying the same shit every year. i loved MW and seeing them just throw it away turns me off of buying another COD game

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