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Today we're ranking EVERY WEAPON in Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we're RANKING EVERY WEAPON in Call of Duty WARZONE! Over the year, we've seen plenty of new Weapons added into COD WARZONE, we've seen weapons buffed, we've seen weapons nerfed, and now, as the end of the year approaches, we're ranking every single weapon in the game from worst to best to really see what the best Weapons in WARZONE and Modern Warfare really are!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. 59 weapons. 1 video. Thanks for tuning in :D

    • Devan_

      R9-0 is meta tho lol

    • Deathgripper KO
      Deathgripper KO

      The r90 should be higher it is better then mp5

    • All Tories Are Scum
      All Tories Are Scum

      will it work if I am alredi bald?

    • Branden VandenBerg
      Branden VandenBerg

      You must not watch youtuber TheseKnifesOnly he goes in with all the melee weapons and the riot shield kai stick combo it crazy good. Its a 2 hit weapons.

    • Jessie Majano
      Jessie Majano

      @Matt Zukowski mmmmmmmmmm

  • Stormz On 3DS
    Stormz On 3DS

    No one Akimbo pistols: hold my M19

  • Project_EZ

    joker strella pila 50gs

  • It's Nate •
    It's Nate •

    Never knew the ebr was better than the SPR I’ll try it out

  • thunderbeast Brayslays
    thunderbeast Brayslays

    I checked how many subs he has and he dint have a mil yet come on people let's get him there

  • Gerrard Ryan Films
    Gerrard Ryan Films

    Why is they rytec amr 41 place???? It's such a good sniper. It even has fire when you shoot it!!!

  • Gage Cowin
    Gage Cowin

    If anyone looking to run a few some time add me on activision SonOfODIN1328

  • Gage Cowin
    Gage Cowin

    Good list I disagree with a few of the rankings but the kilo an the amax are definitely the top dogs kilo I prefer because of the very easy to control recoil I can an have killed ppl at 250 to 300 mtrs with it...the amax has better damage at range and up close but when they are that far off I can't keep it on target unless I mount an fire bursts or single shots

  • Noah David
    Noah David

    Why the hell did u put the fr 5.56 over the scar? The scar is a medium to long range melt machine with the bipod forgrip

  • The Almighty Swanklord
    The Almighty Swanklord

    Mp7 should be #1. With the right attachments, its almost like u have a laser pointer, zapping the fuck out of anyone in sight. Its also an smg, so u can move around with it.

  • KiX BooM
    KiX BooM

    Wait sks and ebr above the kar...

  • Thebigem 123
    Thebigem 123

    Are we talking about Multiplayer or Warzone?

  • Talha The Shadow
    Talha The Shadow

    7:39 "fennec is necc to necc with ISO " 😂

  • Abhishek Tripathi
    Abhishek Tripathi

    Wtf Grau is way better than kilo

  • Music_Is_Life96

    Idk how somebody could put the ak47 in the top 15 let alone the top 30. Horrible recoil, the damage is actually not that great and its slow and somewhat heavy. Say what you want but I cant stand that assault rifle. But this is your opinion so everyone has their own tastes.

  • Tyler Oneil
    Tyler Oneil

    Bruh, this list is so wrong the as val is a top ten gun if you hit ur shot

  • Wish Larvie
    Wish Larvie

    Best content even if I’m not playing warzone

  • GasMeDaddy 2675
    GasMeDaddy 2675

    Bruh how can u rate the desert eagle so low when it's a 5 shot kill pistol in warzone with a decently fast fire-rate, I'd say it's one of the best pistols for close range

  • Tr4x

    TKO got mad

  • Spookyskeleton 9
    Spookyskeleton 9

    Ranking of every gun based off of how hard to get gold

  • Saki Dog
    Saki Dog

    Completely disagre about the kali sticks


    The riot shield should be first, it makes you inmortal, unless the enemy have a molotov :(

  • YoMomma LikeMe
    YoMomma LikeMe

    This feels more of a ranking weapons by class than ovr in the game bc no way is the famas better than the uzi,striker,and p90

    • YoMomma LikeMe
      YoMomma LikeMe

      @WhosImmortal and I didn't mean to disrespect you in any means your one of my favorite youtubers and I really love your content

    • YoMomma LikeMe
      YoMomma LikeMe

      @WhosImmortal yes sir I wasn't thinking logically

    • WhosImmortal

      its ranking based off those weapons if you were using it by itself

  • Andrej Man
    Andrej Man

    I dont think Kilo should be #1

  • Matthew Gillard
    Matthew Gillard

    You put the EBR above the Kar98...

  • Keyama-Mio Hoefer-Dunne
    Keyama-Mio Hoefer-Dunne

    I disagree with the ranking but still a good video

  • ICY 2 Legend27
    ICY 2 Legend27

    Ok the FAL and kilo and oden are probably bottom 20

  • ICY 2 Legend27
    ICY 2 Legend27

    Who tf would put a kar 98 over the AX-50 they both one shot headshot but if you get a body shot (which would be like 75% of your shots) AX is a 2-3 shot while kar is like 4-5


    Nobody Not a single person HOnEsTLy

  • No not don’t touch me there
    No not don’t touch me there

    Did he say big with 3 c’s

  • Perkaholic

    Val is my favorite weapon in any game real life everything always has been

  • Mwade 12
    Mwade 12

    Idk how u ranked all weapons in 12 mins

  • camello321

    Id put the riot shield arround top 20 Its way more useful than a lot of weapons you can find on the ground. Sure, you wont win a gunfight with a riot shield but itll help staying alive longer because its basically a free reposition token whenever you find one.

  • Jackson Little
    Jackson Little

    Why would he put the scar before the FR556 he should’ve put the scar after the FR556

  • Chickengod Bear
    Chickengod Bear

    Crossbow should be higher because you can get it to a one shot kill shield and health then it blows up to be them

  • William Bowling
    William Bowling

    Did he put the ebr higher than the kar98k

  • MaRiUs

    It is really bullshit you rank the R9 shotgun at 32th place, it should be first or at least second

    • WhosImmortal

      you gotta realize these ranks are based off using that weapon entirely by itself

  • Captain_ Knees
    Captain_ Knees

    you dont need a smg on the ram, use a sniper

  • Hugo Lambrechts
    Hugo Lambrechts

    How big will the update be for warzone wen coldwar drops

  • Liam Fawcett
    Liam Fawcett

    Immortal:mk2 is a hit marker machine Cracks armour in one shot 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Sebastian LaPlume
    Sebastian LaPlume

    Honestly I’ll take a scar over an Odin or an ak. Even with just thirty rounds you can drop four or five players which is far more than you’ll ever need before you can reload. It’s got about the same ttk as the ak but with less recoil and better handling so it just seems better to me.

  • Schlopsker.mp5

    It’s good to see some love for the PKM. It’s such an underrated gun.

  • Avery Radom
    Avery Radom

    What about the ak ? Did you say that, I might’ve just missed it

  • Jenifer Cullen
    Jenifer Cullen

    He was so wrong with everything. The jokr in the 50”s? Like what

    • Ersdfgfd

      JOKR meta time

    • WhosImmortal

      you're telling me a slow launcher is better than any actual weapon you can use at any range??

  • Pugface99

    Why tf are the sks and ebr so high

    • WhosImmortal

      ranks are based off individual weapons, so if you were just using 1 weapon, the ebr and sks offer a lower skill gap

  • Szakacs Attila
    Szakacs Attila

    AK-47 All day!

  • Benjamin Hamel
    Benjamin Hamel

    the vlk rogue is better than the kar98k?!?!?!?!

  • fluffy

    kar is at #1lol

  • Oof Ya
    Oof Ya

    Now this is epic

  • Cree Smith
    Cree Smith

    Ram should be above m13, m4 should be behind m13. Other than that I don't see a problem.

  • Tritan Master
    Tritan Master

    Sorry immortal. But for anyone thinking this is as titles reads. It’s not. It’s more of a biased long range ranking rather than an all inclusive list. If u were to ask many many people out there you’d find that they place the kalis, riot and rpg much much higher than the very lowest just because they are not good “ranged” weapons. To a more personal opinion I would say that any 3 would out rank the fennec or iso. But if looking for a ranking to say which gun is best to SOLO without secondary. Then this is the place. Edited: Very true.

    • WhosImmortal

      this is about the most versatile weapons if you were just using them individually, as mentioned in the vid :)

  • Gabriel Ravensss
    Gabriel Ravensss


  • T J
    T J

    ' i like ya cut g '

  • ꫝitꪶꫀr

    Wait what do you saying for the uzi 50 rounds isn’t enough wtf

  • ꫝitꪶꫀr

    Yo wtf the spr is way better than the kar in range damage and mobility

  • ꫝitꪶꫀr

    Aye I disagree the deagle is the best pistol

  • Reuben Haigler
    Reuben Haigler

    Btw the Amex out guns the kilo at all ranges

  • Conselho de Noob
    Conselho de Noob

    In dragunov i use all the attachments but in the optic i use a optic with 3.5 zoom and i use it like a sks for médium and kinda long ranges its kinda good

  • Aidan St. John
    Aidan St. John

    One question tho. Why is the scar and burst so high up?

    • WhosImmortal

      because the ranks are based off using just that weapon and that weapon alone. So an AR is gonna be wildly more versatile than something like a cqb based smg or a shotty

  • UmmGaryy

    Sleeping on a riot shield knife combo its almost op

  • angusxli

    ISO is better than R9-0?!?

    • angusxli

      @WhosImmortal OK just wondering, that makes more sense

    • WhosImmortal

      as a single weapon yes. If you were just using 1 weapon by itself, the iso would be the better choice

  • Animeアニメ Beat
    Animeアニメ Beat

    M4 takes 3nd place Me and M4: blinking white guy

  • Kool Keith32
    Kool Keith32

    My personal favorite is the ak. I always use weapons that are challenging! I've been liking the crossbow lately 😆

  • PainFromHell #gamersyndrom
    PainFromHell #gamersyndrom

    2 amax wtf he is lost

    • WhosImmortal

      where do you think it sits then?

  • NukeChay 47
    NukeChay 47

    Okay so the mg34 sa87 and the famas is better than the Origin 12 ok ok

    • NukeChay 47
      NukeChay 47

      @WhosImmortal ok fair and and you do a ranking all iron sights please

    • WhosImmortal

      If you were just using 1 weapon, any LMG or AR is far more versatile than a shotgun lol

    • NukeChay 47
      NukeChay 47


    • WhosImmortal

      as individual weapons yes.

  • Sir Broods
    Sir Broods

    i guess riot shield kali sticks isn't a good loadout lol 😒

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza

    My Warzone partner always uses a 30rd Scar Outguns anyone and only takes 5shots to kill At the end of the day I think it all just depends how good of a player you are and it’s best to learn how to use all weapons and find the one that’s best for you

  • Mario Czapa
    Mario Czapa

    Lol knife is one of the my most used weapons. I am rly good ninja

  • Kxng S4f3
    Kxng S4f3

    Sadly this list sucks. Good video tho

    • WhosImmortal

      keep in mind this is based off only using 1 weapon at a time. Changes the conversation entirely

  • Kxng S4f3
    Kxng S4f3

    Ebr and sks over hdr and ax50 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      If you were only using that 1 weapon, yes

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez

    Yeah bc the kar-98 and the spr is worse than the sks and the ebr. This list is honestly horrible imo

    • WhosImmortal

      you must not have listened to the "weapons are ranked based off their individual use" part. If you're only using 1 weapon, the lower skill gap of the sks and ebr are way more optimal

  • Fluff Puff
    Fluff Puff

    I hate kilo, worst gun in the game, it's useful in only one setup, i'd rather play with ak, scar or an 94

  • Jush Abercrombie
    Jush Abercrombie

    62k, btw the SA87 is goated now

  • Hadi 7860
    Hadi 7860

    I didn't know that the m19 was an smg to WHOSSIMORTAL

  • p o t s o u
    p o t s o u

    No way

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy

    I think the d’Eagles is underrated in warzone, I think it’s a really good weapon

  • ethanezr

    i love the m13 so much

  • Will Fish MW
    Will Fish MW

    Yea the uzi is better then the p-90 karr and hdr

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller

    Lmao that was such a great ladies and gentlemen hey hi how u doin

  • hotpanda 108
    hotpanda 108

    Says knife cant compete against these knives only

  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud

    If we ranked on pure consistency over the game’s life cycle, the M4 should be number 1. That being said, I agree with this list 100%

  • Sam Thoma
    Sam Thoma

    Usually spot on this channel, but some of the rankings here and really poor

    • WhosImmortal

      how so? These are based off the weapons if you were using them by themselves. I'd say it's pretty accurate give or take a few flip flops

  • Dark_arrow_ 21
    Dark_arrow_ 21

    Great vid but I wanted setups to

    • WhosImmortal

      you'll wanna peep the channel later today ;)

  • J world
    J world


  • Debbie Johnson
    Debbie Johnson

    I think I try 10 to 1

  • Rohan Shah
    Rohan Shah

    He should rank the guns on how well they do in the situation they're supposed to be used in

  • K4ID

    Haven't played in about 5 months looking to get back into things atm this helped alot since im not very up to date on the latest meta

  • ვაჟა მაღალაშვილი
    ვაჟა მაღალაშვილი

    Finally m13 is better than grau

  • Irfan Azam
    Irfan Azam

    HEAD to for hair loss! LOL

  • Väinö Pesonen
    Väinö Pesonen

    the jkor and pila are good for plumber cuz you can destroy the cash helis

  • Undetectableninja

    People underestimate what you can do with the melee weapons if you good enough

  • GSP

    Holger-26 is the most underrated gun in the game.

  • Devan DE
    Devan DE

    Any tips on warzone solos

  • Ishmael koomson
    Ishmael koomson

    How is the ax 50 better than the hdr

    • Ishmael koomson
      Ishmael koomson

      @WhosImmortal sure but the hdr doesnt really have bullet drop and is ez to play with and they’re is a small difference with ads. Oh well i love watching your vids love from Holland

    • WhosImmortal

      like I said in the video, they're basically even and the spots can be switched and it wouldn't make a difference


    i love these vids

    • WhosImmortal

      thanks :D

  • Laas Poelhekke
    Laas Poelhekke

    Did this guy just put the FAMAS 10 spots higher than the R9-0 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      If you're just using the famas or just using the r-90, yes. It's got far more versatility

  • Shane Maguire
    Shane Maguire

    why are the snipers so low down?

    • WhosImmortal

      the list is based off using those weapons by themselves, not as apart of a loadout, so naturally, a sniper would struggle competing against the vast majority of other weapons across the board

  • Albertus Nathan Widjaja
    Albertus Nathan Widjaja


    • WhosImmortal


  • Davide Valentini
    Davide Valentini

    how is the shield not better than the pistols... even just carrying it on the back offers great protection. it'd put it #43

  • Elias Jazvec
    Elias Jazvec

    I love you for ranking the Ak so high and the M13 over the Grau!