The Bunkers in Call of Duty WARZONE have a brand new Secret! Here's what it means for the upcoming Nuke Event!
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In this video, we're breaking down the new Tighten The Noose Intel Mission in Call of Duty WARZONE that reveals some brand new Secrets regarding the WARZONE Bunkers! For a while now we've been following the COD WARZONE storyline unfolding through the intel missions, but this week we learned a ton of new info thanks to the latest Season 6 update. This new intel actually reveals even more storyline info and provides some new information on the Secret Bunkers and how they'll tie into the upcoming Nuke Event!
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  • WhosImmortal

    This week's intel reveals a ton of info about the WARZONE Backstory and the Bunker's newest Secret! Spicy content all around, thanks for tuning in!

    • Kristijan Stipic
      Kristijan Stipic

      @tom white yeah i know that i mean a secend door in bunker 11

    • tom white
      tom white

      Has anyone done a video regarding the red key card bunkers, the doors at the back of them now accept a code too.

    • tom white
      tom white

      @Kristijan Stipic no, bunker 11 requires learning numbers in Russian and doing the whole phone sequence

    • Kristijan Stipic
      Kristijan Stipic

      but we dont have code fore bunker 11

    • [Viper] Ghost 141
      [Viper] Ghost 141

      Amazing vids immortal keep up the amazing stay safe and stay frosty

  • pittbullninja

    What is the benefit

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Letting you all know if you cheat you're the weakest sorriest excuse of a man. Bunch of bitchs

  • Blauwal YT
    Blauwal YT

    4:09 That are russian letters and they say Soviet not Cobet

  • TopDoom Slayer
    TopDoom Slayer

    Damnit. And I really liked Wyatt too...

  • Docs

    Why are my challenges different? When I walk up to the stump coin, I can’t grab it, but my mission shows a coin in tv station

  • isaiah escobar
    isaiah escobar

    I know you most likely won’t respond to this comment but it was my birthday two days ago, and I received $300. What gaming monitor do you recommend within that budget?

    • WhosImmortal

      I've really liked all the Asus monitors I've used :) (and Happy Late birthday!)

  • Tom Herbert
    Tom Herbert

    Got to respect your commitment to hyping this "event" for so long based on absolutely scant information.

    • WhosImmortal

      you realize this info is coming directly from the game right? Like the story itself is telling us this lmfao

  • Shrek

    7:29 rip

  • Patrick R.
    Patrick R.

    I would love to see a mode where top players like ScoPes, Sym, WhoisImmortal could start the match off as Most Wanted and the whole lobby tries to kill his squad, and teams can kill each other. Would be spicy af!!

  • Honza Balák
    Honza Balák

    I think that the word "COBET" on the piece of intell is actually "SOVIET" written in cyrillic. Becouse it makes a lot more sense than the latin version.

  • Felix Alicea
    Felix Alicea

    The nuke will happen, thus reforming the map for the cold war warzone map.

  • andrew evolution
    andrew evolution

    Hey man, bring more games to your channel, if COD CW flops? Think about this... just suggestions... im one thats not gone play CW

    • WhosImmortal

      This has been a cod channel for over 8 years and now and will be going into Cold War. If MW gets updates, I'll cover them tho :)

  • repads repads
    repads repads

    Out of all the operators i thought the traitors would be Grinch, mace and D-Day never thought it would be Wyatt or yegor since yegor is loyal to Nikolai and Wyatt is buds with otter

    • Tyler Chow
      Tyler Chow

      @REDD Romeo Mine was Azur, Otter, Mace, and Golem

    • REDD Romeo
      REDD Romeo

      Why d-day? Honestly I woulda thought it was mace, azur, maybe grinch and Krueger buh not d-day

  • Rager Gamer
    Rager Gamer

    I would have never thought that Wyatt has betrayed the armistice Why U gotta end up like this :(

  • KingLattice

    Hudson is probably redacted cause he died in BO2 so maybe Adler dies in BOCW

  • RhynoEst92

    Welp good thing I used otter, iskra, domino and mace 😂

  • Ayeitsgamerdude Gaming
    Ayeitsgamerdude Gaming

    I switched from PC to console (idk why) and the fov is unfair.

  • John Vellekamp
    John Vellekamp

    Hey Immortal, here is a pretty important question for you, or anyone in this comment section: Can I play the beta for free on Xbox this weekend without preordering the game? If so, how?

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, it's open to everyone starting at 10 am pst today

  • BasicallyKill

    Wish I could get some gfuel with your code but they don't ship to uk 😭

    • BasicallyKill

      @WhosImmortal it says the only ship us and canada

    • WhosImmortal

      they do :)

  • Lee Potts
    Lee Potts

    Still cant pick up the ghost coin in the swimming pool from week 2...

    • Barry Walsh
      Barry Walsh

      I'm stuck on week 4 the one on the wall

  • feitan

    how do you make your game look so saturated? is it in post? or did you mess with your colors to get it this way?

    • WhosImmortal

      I add color correction when I edit :)

    • John Vellekamp
      John Vellekamp

      Im pretty sure he edited the video to make it look like that.

  • Ihateicecream

    Oh wow this game is more in depth than straight up killing each other

  • Mortalis Ares
    Mortalis Ares

    You immortal is it true about the jigsaw bundle and leather face?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup, covered it earlier on in the week :)

  • Foxyoner 367
    Foxyoner 367

    Did your ps4 just stop working and i could not fix it I think I got hacket or maybe the new software update screwed something up

  • BruceJr Freeman
    BruceJr Freeman

    On a side note: Everyone who leaves when there are still teamates in the fight deserve to be raped by satan in the darkest depts of hell.

    • BruceJr Freeman
      BruceJr Freeman

      @John Vellekamp and their hands touch the wet food

    • John Vellekamp
      John Vellekamp

      I hope there sleeves fall down when their washing the dishes.

  • Primary Ammo
    Primary Ammo

    I really hope Infinity Ward keeps warzone on their engine and transfer everything from cold war over... After playing dirty bomb I have so many doubts about treyarch taking over Warzone.

  • Rutujeet Nayak
    Rutujeet Nayak

    eyo wassup sick vid my boi pls sub to him he wanna reach 700k how hard is it pls..........

  • Özler Çatal
    Özler Çatal


  • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
    Mashed Potatoes Gaming

    I'm confused, Zanes bio states that him and his brother reformed the Jackals to protect Africa from Al-Quatala, but now he's going agaisnt everything he stood for in the first place? This doesnt seem right

    • Tyler Chow
      Tyler Chow

      Same with Azur 😂

  • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
    Mashed Potatoes Gaming

    I feel hurt by Zanes betrayal. he was my boy... and he still is, guess I'm on Al-Quatala's team now

  • Mychael J
    Mychael J

    Have they fixed the other intel missions that have been bugged for a while now? There's still a few I can't even start

  • coolestcashew 69
    coolestcashew 69

    Could you open that bunker with that code without doing anything first?

  • Rorkimaru

    Traitor or not, Wyatt will always be my favourite 👌

  • Mayhem

    Day 30 of saying immortal is awesome

  • Abraham.____. valdez
    Abraham.____. valdez

    I don't get it what does zakiah have to do with Cold War if this was back in Modern Warfare was a couple years further

    • John Vellekamp
      John Vellekamp

      @Abraham.____. valdez Then Idk man.

    • Abraham.____. valdez
      Abraham.____. valdez

      @John Vellekamp no clearly you could see they're both father and son but this has nothing to do with cold war cuz in Black Ops Aegis you clearly see that it had to do with crachancho dragovich and Fidel Castro but besides that zikiav and his son were both originally and the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 & 4 Modern Warfare 2 and 3 where based on Makarov each generation of Call of Duty history has different story lines or the same

    • John Vellekamp
      John Vellekamp

      I think the cold war zakiav is the modern warfare zakiav's father or grandfather.

  • Cody Lutes
    Cody Lutes

    Not Zane & Wyatt!!!

    • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
      Mashed Potatoes Gaming

      Why'd they have to do this to my Zane

  • WilliePlayz

    Haven’t missed a vid in a month hard to miss the legendary, Hey hi how ya doin welcome back to the channel! I love how hard you work for the vids keep it up!!! And also I would like to see who would win in a 1v1 between you and my friend @immortal it would be SUPER close cause he is GOOD! I’m not goated but I’m decent

  • izahia Pena Jr
    izahia Pena Jr

    Do you think the calling cards with nuke explosions in cold war mean anything

  • william miller
    william miller

    I hope you don't get something for competing all of these because i legit can't finish them. It won't let me get the last one in the prison cell, it just doesn't register

  • Dheeraj Kallimar
    Dheeraj Kallimar

    Dam I'm still stuck in week 1 last mission so I can't go past it at all. Ain't there no fix?😭😂

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    Look I don't want to sound redundant but every time a br game goes to its next phase it essentially dies, and cold war isn't looking that good so big self reflection time for Activision !

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    I'm still stuck at the week 4 intel missions because everytime I go to pick the coin up, it doesn't register like wtf, I have tried it a million times but it doesn't work man ! Fml

    • Barry Walsh
      Barry Walsh

      Same here m8, pisses me off

  • Stoo Hue
    Stoo Hue

    Spicy 🌶🌶🌶

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Yay , BLACK OPS COLD WAR BETA IS IN THE HOUSE FOR FREE NOW ACCESSIBLE TO ALL PLAYERS. Nuke Verdansk , do something massive , gigantic , IW WE ARE LOVING IT!!!!!!

  • R K
    R K

    I’m gonna die laughing when everyone finally realizes that ARM 3-1 is Alex. It makes zero sense for it to be Woods for those of us that actually understand military call signs. ARM 3-1 is short Armistice 3-1; so why would Woods be using that from years before that Armistice was a thing? Or how would he have current information? Duh. 🤪

    • 0059 - Rizky Bambang Wiratmoko
      0059 - Rizky Bambang Wiratmoko

      It's definitely isn't woods, as i think woods on MW / WZ storyline aren't canon. But i don't think it's alex too. Alex codename is Echo 3-1 (yes they might reassign alex to ARM 3-1, but who knows)

  • Jacob Kerbo
    Jacob Kerbo

    Thank God shelter company drink a whole of it yet. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Amer Shahen
    Amer Shahen

    I always thought Zane was an honourable operator, forming the jackals as a private army to fight AQ. Azur wanted revenge for his family’s murder... Why would he allow himself to get paid off by the same people who funded those who murdered his family? Yegor wasn’t a surprise. However him walking off on interrogating the Butcher in story made almost made him look like he had redeeming qualities. Wyatt? I’m fucking speechless.

    • Batman DCEU
      Batman DCEU

      @Mashed Potatoes Gaming then again 2 million dollars is alot of money and as IW said that end of the day they're still people so they can be subjected to greed just like everyone else. Inkslasher said trust no one but the 141 it's starting to show

    • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
      Mashed Potatoes Gaming

      Yeah, this doesnt make any sense, Mace is literally a gun for hire in his bio, Velikan has nothing known about him, Kreuger is a murderer (actually I dont actually know his full story so dont want to assume), and Grinch (as hard as it is to say) is a much more suspicious operator than Zane. This all sounds like it was made last second... or just that their bios were lying. Still, I dont beleive that Zane would do this

  • Ghost Fan
    Ghost Fan

    One of my friends uses Wyatt as his operator and I showed him this video and he was destroyed. Luckily for me im more of a ghost guy

    • Evho Tou
      Evho Tou

      Ghost gang

    • Sina Borji
      Sina Borji

      I wish I had yegor, but I'm broke 😭

    • Sina Borji
      Sina Borji

      Username checks out

    • Matthew Vincent Pang
      Matthew Vincent Pang


  • Brady Plante
    Brady Plante

    I found the coin but I can't interact

  • B

    How are you not at 1 mil yet

    • WhosImmortal

      maybe one day! Thatd be the dream!

  • Midnitesilverrun

    I still haven’t found anyone that can help me do the bunkers

  • Darin Smith
    Darin Smith

    They're really combining both universes its gonna be so interesting to see how that turns out into Warzone and Zombies

  • Joshua Grahm
    Joshua Grahm

    Yegor has a uniform unlockable through spec ops modified mission he is on of makarov airport hit squad

  • Demon Outlaw Gaming
    Demon Outlaw Gaming

    Hey, Hi, How Ya Doin on a Friday night! There's nothing better 🤟🙏🙌

  • Supreme The legend
    Supreme The legend

    Hey immortal would you believe me if I told you people are hacking in Cold War beta ?

    • Supreme The legend
      Supreme The legend

      @WhosImmortal I seen a guy have wall mount

    • WhosImmortal

      oh I've seen it lol

  • Retro Fog
    Retro Fog


  • Shaney Boi
    Shaney Boi

    Who gives a crap, just change the map already! 😂

  • Rafał P.
    Rafał P.

    Cobet = Sovet

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    Can you complete theses intels and back out of the game? Or do u need to play out the whole game? Just wondering

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray

      @WhosImmortal ok awesome! Thank you! Keep up the awesome info👍👍

    • WhosImmortal

      I always back out right after ghost pops up :)

  • Below Average
    Below Average

    Bruh why has the only Aussie gotta be a traitor cmon now

  • R B
    R B


  • GamboIsTheName

    All I want to know is 1. Will there be a new map cuz I think it’s needed... 2. How is warzone translating to Cold War?

  • Zachary Vargas
    Zachary Vargas

    I hope yegor is just finessing Zakhaev and is not a traitor. They can’t steal my boy

    • Tyler Chow
      Tyler Chow

      @Joshua Grahm Azur also has an Al Qatala skin

    • Joshua Grahm
      Joshua Grahm

      He's part of the airport hit squad

    • Joshua Grahm
      Joshua Grahm

      There is a spec ops mission where you can get a uniform for yegor that is from makarov shooting up the airport

  • K.T. Cuffari
    K.T. Cuffari

    Really hope the changes to Warzone aren’t too drastic. Always preferred Infinity Ward COD to Treyarch COD and what I’ve seen of Cold War doesn’t really change that stance.

    • Miguelon88888

      Engine is still better than Treyarch

    • Aditya Pratap
      Aditya Pratap

      Shhhhh, treyarch fanboys incoming

  • Gabriel Valencia
    Gabriel Valencia

    Damn my boy Wyatt gotta betray us like that 😔

  • I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun
    I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun

    My main man Wyatt is a double agent 😔

  • All Tories Are Scum
    All Tories Are Scum

    I learn something new about Warzone and Verdansk every time I play!

  • Connor Basant
    Connor Basant

    Hey Hi How Ya Doing! :)

    • WhosImmortal


  • Sluggard Titan
    Sluggard Titan

    is cold war getting set back a year or is it just a rumour?

    • WhosImmortal

      definitely isn't lol

  • bobby mashbot9000
    bobby mashbot9000

    I"ll drop a like on spicy meatball for that gfuel code immortal

  • kurt schmidt
    kurt schmidt

    So dose that mean all bunkers will be opening for the time being

  • kidmods 5790
    kidmods 5790

    Dam rip Wyatt

  • SyntaxW

    Is t-bagging every inter necessary?

    • WhosImmortal

      yes. It's in the rules

  • Lmao

    Rip my boy yegor

  • Louis Sweeney
    Louis Sweeney

    When is the beta for Cold War going to be free

    • WhosImmortal


    • Louis Sweeney
      Louis Sweeney

      @WhosImmortal is it still free on PS4

    • WhosImmortal

      starting tomorrow :)

  • Chris Bartolozzi
    Chris Bartolozzi

    Would love to be able to finish other intel missions, still can't start hidden cargo and not having any luck getting into the stadium room

    • WhosImmortal

      oof :(

  • Nucks Sean
    Nucks Sean

    Just played. Cod beta. And almost puked at the step back.

    • Tylerfromtjstudios

      It’s terrible

  • Bubbachub 25
    Bubbachub 25

    My squad all play as those characters lmao

  • Sluggard Titan
    Sluggard Titan

    0:53 u were getting sniped :(

  • [Viper] Ghost 141
    [Viper] Ghost 141

    Wonderful vids immortal keep up the amazing work stay safe and stay frosty

  • Lucas Krasuski
    Lucas Krasuski

    No one cares about mw

    • WhosImmortal

      That's why its the most popular cod on this generation of consoles?

  • Jakey boi
    Jakey boi

    I love my boy yegor not really surprised. he's a mercenary after all.

    • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
      Mashed Potatoes Gaming

      @Joshua Grahm yeah but the original modern warfare 1-3 aren't canon in this universe so it's really just a skin for yegor. Besides that though he was always suspicious to me anyways

    • Joshua Grahm
      Joshua Grahm

      He also is one of the airport death squad with makarov and them

  • SnoOpDoGGfan100

    Best informative videos on warzone and cod right here boys, thanks for the updates duud

    • WhosImmortal

      Appreciate the kind words!

  • V1CT0R Val4nt4
    V1CT0R Val4nt4

    I see, you are using a pc you finaly recognise his superiority

    • WhosImmortal

      I've been on PC for like 7 months now my dude

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot


  • TTv MEEP Juice
    TTv MEEP Juice

    Mike oxlong

  • Will Hemphill
    Will Hemphill

    Suggestion: Try the QBZ in Cold War. THE THING IS A MONSTER. It puts out a lot of damage. Also the weapon feels really good.

    • Bubbachub 25
      Bubbachub 25

      It sucks

  • Kairee Lewis
    Kairee Lewis

    Just subscribe to the gang 💯😂❤️

  • mc11karma

    Am happy for the new bunker code lets go👊🙌❤

  • OBR F5
    OBR F5

    nooo, not Wyatt dude, he's the most wholesome operator.

  • Ncr Ranger
    Ncr Ranger

    I wonder how shadow company will fit in to all this.

    • Ncr Ranger
      Ncr Ranger

      Mashed Potatoes Gaming they're Guns for Hire, mercenaries, wouldn't that mean they'd turn if they get a higher price? Although if they do that their reputation might be lost and them being hired is less likely

    • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
      Mashed Potatoes Gaming

      They're just here to get shit done from the looks of it. Armastice had boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, but shadow company just doesnt care as long as they get the job done

  • BpPlayz Games
    BpPlayz Games

    Hey, Hi how ya doing. I’m doing great except I’m a huge bot and can’t get a win in warzone

    • WhosImmortal

      aye man just gotta stay on that grind!

  • impossiblegaming2


  • Francois Strydom
    Francois Strydom

    Do you need the full game to do this or will it also work on the free to play version?

    • WhosImmortal

      it works for everyone :)

  • Chase Cobb
    Chase Cobb

    Not hard to be the biggest map change when they have only made 1 really map change all year

  • Isaac Russell
    Isaac Russell

    Is the legend true that if I'm early I'll get a like from mah boy Immortal?

    • Isaac Russell
      Isaac Russell

      @WhosImmortal Hey Hi How You Doin? 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      tis true

  • mani amir
    mani amir

    love your videos

  • Wyatt McMaster
    Wyatt McMaster

    Yeah boi Wyatt rolling in da cash

  • Cyber Wolf
    Cyber Wolf

    I wonder how Otter is gonna react when he finds out about the dirty things of Wyatt.. I mean, Otter was the one that recommended him for the Warcom and I think the fingers will be pointed at Otter this time. Boy he'll be mad since Otter can be pretty much violent due to his youth.

    • Cyber Wolf
      Cyber Wolf

      @0059 - Rizky Bambang Wiratmoko Interesting speculation. I would assume possibly Raines might be a double agent. I mean the demon dogs are pretty much the group that gets matters on their own hand by showing a middle finger to the US military.

    • 0059 - Rizky Bambang Wiratmoko
      0059 - Rizky Bambang Wiratmoko

      @Cyber Wolf there's blue on blue attack on the airport, with 3 dots attacking 3 other dots right? I recheck every season trailer. And you know what? On season 2 trailer, there's wyatt, raines and mil-sim attacking other mil-sim (both mil-sim are dead tho). And wyatt look really similar to the photo at 5:14. Does that mean raines are double agent too?

    • Fifteen88

      My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

    • Cyber Wolf
      Cyber Wolf

      @boogyman354 most likely. That would be cool to see.

    • boogyman354

      @Cyber Wolf they will send some camera footage to JackFrags with the allegiance kidnapping double agents, like bashing them to metal doors and knocking them out.