Here's the BEST SETUP for EVERY weapon in Call of Duty WARZONE!
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Call Of Duty WARZONE: RANKING EVERY WEAPON In The Game! (All Weapons RANKED) -
Call Of Duty WARZONE: The SECRET SMG You NEED To Use! (WARZONE Best Loadouts) -
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In this video, we're breaking down the BEST SETUP for EVERY WEAPON in Call of Duty WARZONE! This goes over the best class setup for all applicable weapons in COD WARZONE and Modern Warfare, meaning we've got the best attachments for all Assault Rifles, LMGs, SMGs, Shotties, Pistols, Snipers, & more! This is easily the biggest "Best Loadouts" video I've done for WARZONE and COD MW as it features over 45 class setups for all the base and DLC weapons we've gotten throughout the year!
0:00 Intro & Pistols
2:33 Snipers
3:44 Marksman Rifles
5:19 LMGs
7:19 Shotguns
8:41 SMGs
10:47 Assault Rifles

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  • WhosImmortal

    This is it! The highly requested 'Best Setup for EVERY Weapon' video! Anyone got a monolithic suppressor count 😂 Thanks for watching! EDIT: Somehow made a mistake on the Grau setup, definitely use the 60 round mag instead of the void II grip. Sorry!


      37 Monolithic supressors Not included mp5 rytec amr fennec iso oden as val all the shotguns 357

    • Liliana Venegas
      Liliana Venegas

      My uncle said to use the 100 round mags but I vote 4 the 60 round mags

    • Liliana Venegas
      Liliana Venegas


    • Ian Allard
      Ian Allard

      “The gripled strip tape”

    • Liliana Venegas
      Liliana Venegas

      Wholsimortal is our best friend

  • Wanna be Scooter pro
    Wanna be Scooter pro

    Hi I like ur videos and monolithic suppressors

  • Hadi Shahzad
    Hadi Shahzad

    i liked the part where he said, "monolithic suppressor"

  • Crimson_ Bagz
    Crimson_ Bagz

    Why do people still play modern warfare plus it's too much space.

  • Gg

    I know you did not mention it but the bruan is insane it’s. Dot try it out 10. Round mage range forgrip any scop

  • Chaelen Kumar
    Chaelen Kumar


  • TyTy_BMX

    Gripped Stip tape Lmaooooo

  • Mystic Daddy Patty
    Mystic Daddy Patty

    For your fennec, you can loose your grip, control your recoil manually, and then run long barrel, and the Sabre suppressor for more range

  • Mystic Daddy Patty
    Mystic Daddy Patty

    For your 725, you can swap your sawed off barrel for no stock, so you can be better at a bit more range, while keeping some mobility

  • Eshan Naik
    Eshan Naik


  • Leo 0722
    Leo 0722

    Wheres the m4a1

  • Soviet Egg Dog
    Soviet Egg Dog

    Grippled stip-tape 9:07

  • George Curtis
    George Curtis

    A quick question immortal, would you recommend me to keep using the an-94 as it’s normally my go to gun or should I change it to something like the amax or the kilo?

    • George Curtis
      George Curtis

      Ok thanks for your advice, do you have a recommendations for different assault rifles to use?

    • WhosImmortal

      an-94 seems pretty underwhelming imo

  • Raiden Hayes
    Raiden Hayes

    Me and the boys were picking each other for Loadout yeah use the snippy krippy the boys WTF

  • Bob

    no burst for renetti???

  • Ali Ausam
    Ali Ausam

    Is it me or did anyone else here him say grippled stip tape?

  • Richárd Antal
    Richárd Antal

    If the mono suppressor is so massive on the uzi can u imagine a colossus suppressor on it?

  • Christopher Holden
    Christopher Holden

    Stipples grip tape not grippled stip tape haha

  • Bryce Eckhart
    Bryce Eckhart

    mono supressers and stippi grippie

  • saeed ajju
    saeed ajju

    Fun fact first comment hasn't even watched the full video

  • Beastmodehockeyohio hockeybud
    Beastmodehockeyohio hockeybud

    On the p90 you said grippled stip tape

  • Star wars Bricks
    Star wars Bricks

    thanks for not talking for 20 minutes about one attachment because other youtubers do that all the time and its annoying


    Question:do u ever get bored of saying monolithic suppressor

    • VIBEZ-_-ART

      @WhosImmortal woah I've never had someone with over 20 subs respond to a comment

    • WhosImmortal


  • Kieran Millar
    Kieran Millar

    I’m assuming this a list for mostly PC plays because while those set ups work, I wouldn’t say they are the best for some guns on console :3

    • Kieran Millar
      Kieran Millar

      Oh I know, I’m just saying there are a couple changes that can make a gun easier to handle on console. That doesn’t necessarily make the stats better, just makes it easier to use on a console. Like the kilo for example. Personally I think the ranger grip makes the gun easier to use over the commando and a few people agree is all 😅 this is just my opinion tho aha it’s not that deep :3

    • WhosImmortal

      Setups dont change depending on what platform your on

  • glockshooter32

    Sucks there is no glock 18

  • Platinum Marksman
    Platinum Marksman

    Every weapon has monolithic suppressor

  • Laith Rushdi
    Laith Rushdi

    The fact he has Damascus on every weapon is crazy

  • Ghost

    dont put 32.0 on the AX 50 use the singuard arms pro

  • KLOUDs

    He said grippeled stip tape 11:40

  • Kane Denton
    Kane Denton

    Haha "gripeld stiptape"

  • mrbobjr

    For the amax you said stipy gripy when it was not equiped

  • CashMunkee

    has anyone mentioned he said grippled stip tape a couple times 😂


    Noooo dude you need to get 69k first


      Wait lol 4 minutes ago 😂

  • Κώστας Κ.
    Κώστας Κ.

    Spr or kar98k??

    • Κώστας Κ.
      Κώστας Κ.

      But I saw everyone talking about these 2 marksmen

    • Κώστας Κ.
      Κώστας Κ.

      Except close range can I shoot with it from long range ? I’m a good hdr sniper

    • WhosImmortal


  • PDtoons

    Did you just say grippled stip tape?!?! 😂

  • Aly Khaled
    Aly Khaled

    grippled stip tape

  • Marko Novakovic
    Marko Novakovic

    Ah yes, i always go for the grippled stiptape on the P90 xD Edit: Try using the sonolithic mupressor, it's pretty good 👌🏻

  • S Norling
    S Norling

    hogler run 30 round mags makes it feel like an ar

  • Jared Barfoot
    Jared Barfoot

    this guy looks like me 😂😬 we long lost brothers bro

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    try .50 gs with akimbo

  • Diego Jose Dominguez Corrales
    Diego Jose Dominguez Corrales

    yo did a very good job in this video, appreciate

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks :D

  • GriM Visionz
    GriM Visionz

    hey can you make a vid going over all your settings and i wanted to know what colorblind settings do you have

  • UltraGhostRider

    i feel like this is not "The BEST SETUP" but just what you use. Cause a lot of these guns you described are not even niche they're practically unusable in warzone and i would take groundloot over it.

  • Nicrxmanzer

    what is the grippled stip tape

  • Mikaylan Kunnie
    Mikaylan Kunnie


  • Furqan Navid
    Furqan Navid

    5:15 your missing out if u dont use the norma mag

  • Mr.Iguigy

    What kind of minifridge do you have? I have been looking to get one and I don’t know what to get, it’s going on top of my desk for context

  • Bosktz

    Nice shirt

  • PoLaTucHa xD
    PoLaTucHa xD

    wow m8 why don't you use renetti with burst and akimbo?

    • PoLaTucHa xD
      PoLaTucHa xD

      @WhosImmortal ye i know but they are still good i think

    • WhosImmortal

      it got nerfed severely lol


    I was on my dads account lol


    Hi I made a new account so can I get back into the swing of things I used to be called Ian Forrester so maybe a reply

    • BLADE

      Ay I new I could count on you

    • WhosImmortal


  • Travis Qubbit
    Travis Qubbit

    No ram7

  • Cursed Engineer
    Cursed Engineer

    Stippy grippy

  • Blank


    • Blank

      you actually reply to every comment dang thats quite insane

    • WhosImmortal

      hi :D

  • Jair Solis
    Jair Solis

    Thanks Immortal for all that you man! You share all this info with us and you check on how your subs are doing. Thanks for all that you have done?

    • Jair Solis
      Jair Solis

      @WhosImmortal Sorry I didn't mean to put a question mark but thanks man

    • WhosImmortal

  • Lakshmi Appalanani
    Lakshmi Appalanani

    Excuse me what is that ram blueprint it looks sick! do u mind telling me

  • Tyson Brown
    Tyson Brown

    Nice vids man ima fan. Also try this pkm loadout it's good Ultralight stock 200 round mags Snatch grip Monolothic Supressor Grippled stip tape or optic

  • The value of entertainment
    The value of entertainment

    Bruh are u gonna buy Cold War?

  • Smythy Magoo
    Smythy Magoo

    Tell them to bring me my money 💰

  • TeaM X-RaY
    TeaM X-RaY

    Appreciate this one bro

  • amr jaber
    amr jaber

    5:10 in the spr there are mags that gives u range damge and stuff it makes the gun way more better

  • SEVN

    for pistols i prefer akimbo burst renetti with suppressor and extended mag

  • Contra Diem
    Contra Diem

    Amazing video man! Finally I got all loadouts together, thanks a lot!!🥳 Btw my fav Loadout it’s called “First Love” with Kar98 and mp7! 😎

  • Charlie Goddard
    Charlie Goddard

    Why wouldn’t you use mk3 burst and akimbo on the renetti its so OP

  • Alessandro Maiolani
    Alessandro Maiolani

    This video is sponsorized by monolithic suppressor

  • Bruce Whalen
    Bruce Whalen

    Dang I thought that I made stripy gripy😂

  • Haroon Rana
    Haroon Rana

    what about rpg and melee

    • Haroon Rana
      Haroon Rana

      @WhosImmortal lmao ik

    • WhosImmortal

      you cant put attachments on those lol

  • Ismael Barbosa
    Ismael Barbosa

    totally standard choices. I think in warzone there are better choices out of the box. For example. Scar has a unique attachment that improves a LOT of recoil control and that is not mentioned. There is also a class of AUG 5.56 that makes it viable (NO barrel, 5m laser, etc.) If we stick to the standard.... the game will end up boring. There should be a video with only better non-standard classes

  • Luiz H
    Luiz H

    I don't if more people do this but i put fully louded on my pistols so I can have full SMG ammo when I get one

  • bo bro07
    bo bro07

    when you just unlocked a new gun and you are level 6: flash hider merc foregrip heavy hitter

    • bo bro07
      bo bro07

      btw you're epic

  • Andrew LaVette
    Andrew LaVette

    The bruen class u have sucks all because of the barrel

  • auwest007

    Do a multiplayer version please

  • Zayll

    Merc Foregrip + Tac Laser seems like a nonbo...making the gun better for hipfire while simultaneously making it ADS better, seems like you should index one way or the other. Commando/Ranger + Tac Laser and Merc Foregrip + 5mw Laser makes your guns (particularly SMGs) best optimized for a particular job.

  • B W H
    B W H

    Will you do mp class setups?

  • Drew Salazar
    Drew Salazar

    Anyone else have a operator problem? Don’t matter who I pick always same operator in warzone.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Why the heavy barrel over the extended barrel for PKM?

  • Droutsy

    Hey Ik I’m kinda late to comment but for the scar run the: mono suppressor, forge tac 20.0 LB, Bipod, 30 round mags, and any sight that works best it’s actually really good when prone.

  • Reese McConnell
    Reese McConnell

    What are your thoughts on the subsonic integral suppressor?

    • WhosImmortal

      one of the worst attachments to run actually

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29

    If i had a dollar for evrtime somone uses the any other silencer in the game other than monolithic

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29

    Do you have any advice for how to level up guns quick for me it takes for ever even when i get like 20 kills a game with the gun and also have double xp

  • Abdullah Taamneh
    Abdullah Taamneh

    9:10 grippled stip tape 😂

  • God Man
    God Man

    There’s separate load outs for Warzone and MP I can’t believe it!!!! This is so much more useful now

  • Mike Walters
    Mike Walters

    For the Riot Shield you wanna use the Monolithic Suppressor, VLK 3.0 and the Stippled Grip Tape

  • ItsJustJC

    Bro u have Damascus on every gun like where did u get all of them

  • Mwade 12
    Mwade 12

    Can u please do optic ones

  • Yabro M
    Yabro M

    Can you just show list in begining can't saw guns

  • liyakath ali
    liyakath ali

    HY i am a new subscriber Luv ur content keep it up keep grinding it

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks for subbing!

  • Bhaumik Boro
    Bhaumik Boro

    Why doesnt immortal use 10 mm rounds on the mp5?

    • WhosImmortal

      not worth it in warzone

  • Bitter.biscuts

    When I do a bounty and he’s low I just say HEY, HI, HOW YA DOIN

  • Hazem Eldelebshany
    Hazem Eldelebshany

    I use an R9-0 with all of ur attachments and an M4A1 with all ur attachments except for VLK 3.0x optic instead of the stippled grip tape and I’m wondering wether I should change the commando foregrip to a ranger. What do you think?


    11:39 anybody else hear that😂 nice work on the vid btw

  • SupahAsian

    11:41 Grippled Stip tape. Lol

  • Collin Lyons
    Collin Lyons

    Why doesent he use foregrips tho...

  • PP _Dome
    PP _Dome

    Grippled Stip Tape...... lmfaooooo

  • Gabriel Fernandes
    Gabriel Fernandes

    How did u get to put Damascus on the monolithic and commando for the m4a1

  • Zulhod

    thanks for the setups, definitely needed new ar setups, if possible could someone tell me his settings. (my game looks bad lol, and i like how his game looks) please and thank you!

  • Bill M
    Bill M

    Can you do OP for this as well for MWF multi?

  • ICY

    This man said grippled stip tape

  • Marya Martínez
    Marya Martínez

    Take a shot every time this man says Monolithic Suppressor 🗿

  • Alex Infante
    Alex Infante

    Ok buddy one use cod gun data and 2 ur spr sucks it NEEDS Lapua