Here's all the new Haunting Of Verdansk Easter Eggs, Free Rewards, & More in Modern Warfare and WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the new HAUNTING OF VERDANSK Easter Eggs, the New FREE Halloween Event Rewards, the New Tracer Packs coming soon, & more! Modern Warfare and COD WARZONE just got a huge update in the Haunting of Verdansk Event and this brings a ton of new Easter Eggs to the game, a bunch of Free Rewards for COD MW Multiplayer and Call of Duty WARZONE, a new combat pack, and then some. We also got word on some upcoming Tracer Packs for COD modern Warfare and WARZONE as well!
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  • WhosImmortal

    Lots of Spoopy Easter Eggs with this event! What do you guys think of it so far?

    • Werewolf Hacker X
      Werewolf Hacker X

      Im scared of the ghost wandering around becuz it would jumpscare

    • Gideon Garcia
      Gideon Garcia

      Finished all 16 loots but didn't get the grau blueprint 😑😑😑

    • Granit Potanin
      Granit Potanin

      Downtown metro station has a massive jigsaw easter egg with jigsaw ghosts but also the "I want to play the game" you need to follow blood prints to the one of the computer rooms where you find jigsaw iconic phrases and the blood spills lead to some hammer but I couldn't do anything with it.

    • Psyko

      it's awesome, also hospital, seems to have a lot of paranormal activity

    • I h8 ads
      I h8 ads

  • G386 Plays
    G386 Plays

    The ghost train is at quarry too

  • TinyBearTim

    I did all the Halloween stuff but no bp why?

  • J.P. Marion
    J.P. Marion

    Hey Zack, any word on the glitch with the Pumpkin Punisher not unlocking for many of us who've completed all 16 chests?

    • WhosImmortal

      nothing yet

  • Julián

    Superstore crate was shit but made it on day one. Whosimmortal? You! Thx bro.

  • Nothing Disbelieving
    Nothing Disbelieving

    All I'm saying is an update where we can choose the tracers ourselves and released sidebar side with a pack that has the red blue green yellow purple and orange as individual choices AND a rainbow spectrum tracer would be perfect.


    Did all the task 16/16 still don't have the blueprint...😭😭what kind of bug is it

  • Dom

    I have them all done but it dosent say I have jt can you help out?

  • AnimEscape W/ JCutzDaGreat
    AnimEscape W/ JCutzDaGreat

    The ghost pop up on thermal too

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen

    Lol also I did only be no plunder lol

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen

    Deadpool here again to say the big of 16/16 items not rewarding pumpkin punisher is still around I haven’t gotten it even though I finished the 16/16

    • WhosImmortal

      hopefully the issue gets sorted soon :(

  • martin craft
    martin craft

    I got 3 jumpscares in a row 😅

  • Berz

    The worse thing in prison was the dementors they were flying everywhere- Prison Mike

    • WhosImmortal


  • Reece Mclaughlan
    Reece Mclaughlan

    Dude you forgot about the hands under the prison

  • Usama Khan
    Usama Khan

    There is also one in dam where there is blood flowing up towards the roof

  • Over Powered
    Over Powered

    I’ve found all of the 16 items in the map but I didn’t get the pumpkin punisher grau

  • ItchForSomeNicotine

    Zombies instead of gas would be nice!

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller

    I completed all 16 challenges and didn't get the grau blueprint

  • M5c Hulk
    M5c Hulk

    Sup immortal how ya doin

    • WhosImmortal

      doing great!!

  • GR1ME

    My challenges were finished but I never got the pumpkin punisher skin is there a bug?

  • Jack Wheeler
    Jack Wheeler

    Ghost Billy rides his tricycle in subway.

  • Super Chevy
    Super Chevy

    Man I looked all over the dam to find that watch last thing I need any ideas

  • Caitlin Boggs
    Caitlin Boggs

    This channel deserves way more subs! My favorite COD channel by far.

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate that!


    Am I the only one that finished the scavenger hunt but they didnt give me my blueprint its weird

  • Dragon’s Nest
    Dragon’s Nest

    I had to redownload warzone because ut was broken

  • Nightshade _435
    Nightshade _435

    If you go to the graveyard you just showed in your video there is a like buildings next to it and outside one of these buildings there is a little ghost girl that disappears and appears again

  • Craig Cobain
    Craig Cobain

    The first time seeing the girl in white in the hospital spooked me

  • Pain

    Do you have to go in order with the 16 tricks? I just want the gun and cleaver lol

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, you can do any order

  • Ambrose Jeffery
    Ambrose Jeffery

    In my opinion this is the best event cod has ever done


    Anyone know the location group tg station and lumberyard

  • Maria-anna Moumouri
    Maria-anna Moumouri

    And domination is damnation Kill confirmed is chills confirmed And gun game is my mom choose my costume...

  • Flock Mad
    Flock Mad

    one ghost looks like jar jar binks

  • liquidminds

    What about the Contraband-Missions that unlock weapon-skins? Have they always been in? just got one recently.

  • Leigh Winter
    Leigh Winter

    Ive complete all of the loot but havent got the blue print

  • Leosteel1

    there is a house in lumber yard where blood flows from the ground onto the roof as if it's an upside down world

  • Tyler Rusciano
    Tyler Rusciano

    So many hackers tho but it's fun

  • Skylar mcdeezy
    Skylar mcdeezy

    i think the whole playstation exclusive skins are kinda unfair. i aint dropping a couple hundred plus like around 15 bucks for psplus and the 60 to get the game on there, sony isnt consumer friendly :(

  • Suckygamer 1738
    Suckygamer 1738

    I cant do dam or military base

  • Christian Ferreira
    Christian Ferreira

    Hey, there are some news in pawntakespawn and CoD Mobile.

  • Adrian Ender
    Adrian Ender

    Where is your vid? We are waiting

  • Psytrux

    Been landing at Superstore for 3 hours trying to get the last loot I need and I keep dying before I can even get close to a cache. Too many people at Superstore right now, gunna wait til next week and try again.

  • Rogeezy Hendrixs
    Rogeezy Hendrixs

    Just want a reply and a like or 2

    • WhosImmortal

      hi :)

  • MatrixPlayz52

    I've gotten Jumpscared by caches so many times and I hate it. Its so unexpected...

  • Anthony Beise
    Anthony Beise

    I enjoyed the ghost train over by the lumber yard!

  • xXZsRobXx_

    If you go to prison down where the cells are you can hear zombies

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth

    Yo Hey Hi How Ya Doin ✌🏾

  • Mr YeeYee
    Mr YeeYee

    You forgot the Easter egg in farmland where there’s blood flowing from the roof and being sucked back up Into the roof

    • Haniff Fadzil
      Haniff Fadzil

      I cant any of these easter egg on my PC..wonder why? All graphic on high setting.

  • LJ

    I hope the nighttime mode stays after the Haunting event ends. They can get rid of the spooky stuff, but it would be great to have the option between day and night modes. Love playing at night.

  • Gary Heffernan
    Gary Heffernan

    Close to impossible to acquire the Superstore Treat. WAY to many sweaty people and not enough boxes with zero outside of Superstore.

  • Heisenberg

    Not sure which train station it is, but the one with, “Hello... I want to play a game,” writing on the walls as you go down to into the station, you can see Billy riding his bike on the waiting area near the end of the tunnel

  • Winston Moses
    Winston Moses

    I didn't even get the blueprint for collecting all the trick or treat

  • Polo Smith
    Polo Smith

    You can get it outside of the prison or on top of the prison I did

  • Rexsus1

    I got the bug on the happen event so when I completed it I didn't get the grau blueprint. Hopefully they make it right but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Reshon Godfrey
    Reshon Godfrey

    There is a little girl holding a doll inside studium. If u spot her she just rushes towards you. So headup

  • Milkman

    The lady running at me at the dam go me scared..... ain’t gonna lie 😂 Another good one is Billy shows up on his tricycle at the top of the metro station in downtown

  • Eduardo Escobar
    Eduardo Escobar


  • Juįce WRLD 999
    Juįce WRLD 999

    I did the challenges but my Grau isn't coming through

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    Haunting Of Verdansk is absolutely jaw-dropping and insane !!!!!!!!! Infinity Ward , i am simply speechless !!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Handley
    Jeffrey Handley


    • WhosImmortal


  • Tuavo guxxi
    Tuavo guxxi

    10k subs left yall!

    • WhosImmortal

      So close!

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    the zombies are insane i nearly won with only a pila and a m91 until i was stupid and used my m91 but should have whipped out my pila and i wouldve lived the circle was tiny tho but i became a zombie and got a victory

  • huskerpower-

    Anyone else having issues with day 2 of the event? I need the chest from military base but every crate has no confetti, no jump scares, and I've opened like 100 last night and still can't the the area chest to pop. Seemed weird, like the event stopped or something

  • WeShallC

    I’m never going to get the stupid Dam crate!

  • MVPG

    The gulag and prison has ghosts walking around in the cells with the sounds of screaming and jump scares without opening a box

  • Wolverinebomb 13
    Wolverinebomb 13

    The ghost train Easter egg might be a reference to Metro Exduos...

  • Flexx

    I was playing last night without headphones Neil ppl were sleeping. I had turn the volume down but when I opened a crate that thing was over 9000.

  • triangular BRIsm
    triangular BRIsm

    Did anyone else not get the grau blueprint when they looted all the treats?

  • SpiderPro_1

    You are almost at 600k subs!

  • Tyler Seelbinder
    Tyler Seelbinder


  • Mr_Pwabt Gaming
    Mr_Pwabt Gaming

    Not sure if people pointed this out. In multiplayer Kill Confirmed you drop skulls instead of dog tags and skulls show up on the mini map, in Domination maps they put Scarecrows to represent Dom areas.

  • Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese

    Superstore is so freakin hard

  • Shayne Adams
    Shayne Adams

    For the pumpkin grau I mixed the barrel and mags of the oophaga skin and it gave it a really cool look and made it alot better in game.

  • BHFZ Marcos C.
    BHFZ Marcos C.

    Hey bro, love the vids, I have completed and collected all 16 trick or treat items, but I didn't get the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint, am I missing something? Or is the game cheating me out of the blueprint, here is the link, check it out

  • FrontierGamesYT

    When you fly over prison in a helicopter the red flying things attack and destroy your helicopter

  • Chico ?
    Chico ?

    i wish i had a tracer thats soo cool

  • Manofgames117

    I did all the challenges but I didnt get the gun ....

  • JuiceInTheAttic

    Trying to drop dam for the watch is the worst

  • xl KARL
    xl KARL

    There is an old style ghost train in quarry, its pretty cool

  • thundergun100

    Leatherface has his own house in farmland with bloody limbs and you hear the chainsaw in the attic and a special scare there

    • thundergun100

      @WhosImmortal oops sorry

    • WhosImmortal

      we cover that in the video :)

  • Blauwal YT
    Blauwal YT

    I cant find the Dam haloween reward

  • Kswel

    I have a bug where I collect all the 16 rewards but I have not received the grau blueprint?

  • Loose Cannon
    Loose Cannon

    In the Netherlands we don't get the weapon after completing the 16 chest challenge 🤔🤔ive finished it And didnd get it what a anti climax

  • Olyphantastic

    I saw the Ghost train go through Quarry once. No train tracks there, which I guess made it scarier.

  • VADR x Master
    VADR x Master

    Another place besides the graveyard that is full of ghosts is the hospital and ever so often they will run at you.

  • Kory Young
    Kory Young

    It does count above prison btw.

  • Rynier G Schoeman
    Rynier G Schoeman

    i have 3 of the unlocks and can recall where i got them not once did I pick up a ground loot gun. Just as an FYI .

  • Russell Block
    Russell Block

    Whats the Name of the blueprint mp5 on Minute 3:16? Thx for help

  • MRZ1234ify

    I’m actually helping people find the creates so if anyone needs help hit me up I got a really good pair of headphones and I can tell where creates are at by sitting for two seconds and listening I’m actually helping a random guy get the creates items he had three he now has 10


    I think the dislikes in this vid, is becuz of the jumpscares lol

  • SMax 420
    SMax 420

    Only 10,000 more subs buddy. You’re killing the call of duty vids

    • WhosImmortal

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett

    guys what does the red access card do

  • OWND_ Blaze
    OWND_ Blaze

    Anyone else seen the ghost train at Quarry?

  • zraptorz12

    Hey Immortal any chance you know how to fix the bug with the not getting the Halloween Blueprint? I finished all the tasks, but I never got my Grau blue print. I've seen other players have the same issue. Any ideas would really help me out.

    • WhosImmortal

      Have to hit up Activision support on that one my dude

  • Kyle Spradling
    Kyle Spradling

    The juggernaut has a flaming pumpkin head 🎃

  • Lordkiller 7000
    Lordkiller 7000

    I was near quarry and I saw the ghost train

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar Gonzalez

    I did all the trick or treat missions but I wasn’t able to get the blueprint. Anyone else? Or anyone know why?

  • Tavion Criff
    Tavion Criff

    dis man kenn be a knews reporter

  • Mayhem

    Day 35 of saying immortal is awesome

  • sleppy_af

    I unlocked all the items but never got the Grau blueprint

  • Chappsredseal15

    I have gold cleaver but I'd love to see a Damascus or Obsidian cleaver