Call Of Duty WARZONE: TOP 5 UNDERRATED Loadouts In SEASON 6! (WARZONE Best Loadouts)
Here's the TOP 5 UNDERRATED Loadouts to use in Season 6 of Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we're breaking down the TOP 5 UNDERRATED Loadouts to use in Season 6 of Call of Duty WARZONE! Today we're going over the Best WARZONE Loadouts for Season 6 featuring the best weapons that are still really good, but they're not as popular as things like the Kilo, the Mp5, etc. Instead we're focusing on the Best Class setups for weapons like the M13, the AK-47, the Mp7, & more! These are the best loadouts to use in COD WARZONE if you wanna change things up from the normal meta!
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  • WhosImmortal

    If you're looking for some new setups to try for the Haunted Verdansk map or just for Warzone in general, I got ya covered! Thanks for watching!!

    • The IcePhoenix
      The IcePhoenix

      Now, the most OVERLOOKED loadout; FAL/JAK-12 FAL: Muzzle Brake, XRK Marksman Barrel, Tac Laser, Ranger Foregrip, Any optic. JAK-12: 20 round mag (32 if you want to make sure they are dead), J-2600 Torrent barrel, Marauder Muzzle, Stippled Grip Tape, 5 MW laser. The FAL can be used in all ranges, as the Semi-shots can down people in 2-6 shots, depending on what you hit. The JAK-12 is CQC insurance, in case you happen to be caught in a building, or a zombie happened to have tossed a gas grenade your way.

    • epictoasterwaffles

      Hi man love the videos something I would recommend is that you just show all attachments on screen rather than a moving shot as then people can see all at once I usually take screenshots of class setups. Just a suggestion!

    • Ghoul Syco
      Ghoul Syco

      Can you please check my latest video and tell me what you think?

    • Pasyjans Buc
      Pasyjans Buc

      Fun Fact. Do you know that the Solozero NWG optic reduces 10 % of recoil which is 3 % more than the vlk 3x optic .

    • Cameron Smith
      Cameron Smith

      YES BRO. Gave that m13 love. Yes sir

  • Ryan Jahromi
    Ryan Jahromi

    I drew the line at the AK, great video though. You should try the Uzi too, it MELTS.

  • moto man
    moto man

    what about the sks its so underrated you dident even talk about it😂 seriously try it out. and i recommend you start with the traveler blueprint if you do

  • Erblin Shala
    Erblin Shala

    Theyre not underrated its just that youtubers dont make vdieos about these guns 😂

  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera

    You should do a SCAR loadout.

  • D0nut ZA
    D0nut ZA

    Thanks man

  • Jack Havenor
    Jack Havenor

    I just know all the people that use the PKM keep their mouths shut so no else uses that beast correctly

  • Idk_Joey

    The kilo and model 680 is a good setup for the way I play you should try it

  • Lone Maus
    Lone Maus

    Lol kilo and mp7 I’ve never heard of those guns

  • metal354

    If you are talking about underrated, i'd say the mg34 and fal. Those guns are crazy

  • Ian V
    Ian V

    Fun fact: AK47 becomes an m13/m4 like laser beam after the first like 5 shots, try it

  • Vintage Narwhal
    Vintage Narwhal

    People lean more towards the mp5 my ass. Everyone uses the mp7 and know it’s monstrous.

  • Kenneth Kolton
    Kenneth Kolton

    I rarely subscribe to channels but you must give credit where it’s due , hope you hit your 600k goal. ✌️❤️

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks bro!

  • Levente Ács
    Levente Ács

    The holger has technically zero side to side bounce. Why the commando foregrip? You would do more with the ranger or if you want even better ads the XRK Axis stock. But its really fast with the tac and stippy combo even with the ranger foregrip so I dont see a reason.

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    If you want a good night mode gun use the m13 with blackout rounds and try to get ghost


    How do you get that orange camo in the thumbnail

    • J1_RACKZO

      @WhosImmortal can I still buy this pack ?

    • WhosImmortal

      it was apart of an endowment pack

  • demonix

    Stipple grip doesn't help

  • Shawn Bigger
    Shawn Bigger

    Great video! Wanted to mention the AK's dirty little secret in warzone. Instead of a 40 round mag making things slower, opt for the sleight of hand instead. Reason being, its reload speed is absolutely rediculous and you dont loose mobility. Worth a shot, let me know what you think.

  • XlinicsYT

    1:15 Were not gonna talk about how far mans threw that C4?

    • WhosImmortal

      really not that far of a throw tbh

  • Landofmagic 97
    Landofmagic 97

    I actually love the SA 87. The range is great and it hits hard.

  • seshgremlins

    With the ak47 and scar (and famas too), the damage range never drops off in Warzone so you don’t need to use the extended barrels

  • GROOT50564

    In that first build, Battle Hardened might be a good choice against the gas that the zombies throw.

  • Winfield Wounded Eye
    Winfield Wounded Eye

    I swear the Electric rounds on the AK-47 feels like the gun is buffed

  • dracoTV

    yea the aug and the ak47 is jus way to slept on😫😢

  • escotg GAMING
    escotg GAMING

    I was rocking kids with the 5.45 rounds on the AK in warzone

  • Jonathan Michael
    Jonathan Michael

    My go to wz setup is the mp5 with a RAM 7. For the zombie mode I just switched the VLK scope with the Thermal scope.

  • Immortal nugget
    Immortal nugget

    The m13 has been my favorite gun before it got its buff, probably because I used the honey badger setup (I was a huge ghosts fan and I know I'm basic but the honey badger was so much fun to use and one of my favorite guns) since season 3. That's when I started playing Modern Warzone, and its the only gun I got obsidian

  • Abdullah E
    Abdullah E

    too much as val slander here its better than the mp5 in the smg role

  • Tércio Plays
    Tércio Plays

    I main the holger and I'm proud of it

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    Hands down the ground loot uzi slays in zombie royal!!! Me and my friend played zombie royal and we were team wiping left and right. Who else agrees the uzi is a great weapon?


    Love it

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon

    AK advice: Horizontal recoil is the enemy so focus on reducing this by using attachments and gun control. 1.) muzzle brake + rpk barrel + commando / mono + rpk barrel + commando foregrip. You only lose 1m worth of dmg range so there is basically no con to it 2.) longshots: tap tap and then hold to fire. I find it bypasses the first HEAVY horizontal recoil of the gun and gets you to the more stable shots 3.) Best to use an optic since 40+ range is its prime range. VLK would be best but you can use whatever you like that allows you to beam from 40+

  • AlphaAsFuark!

    Anyone know if the FAMAS got a hidden buff? I’ve been using it a LOT lately and it absolutely rips in zombies

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon

    0:54 DAMN that dude took forever to kill lol took half a mag just to down

    • WhosImmortal

      yep, spawn protection

  • Ismael Elizondo
    Ismael Elizondo

    oh wow another video on the same loadouts

    • WhosImmortal

      havent touched on the aug or ak in a hot minute

  • Gam3r L3gend
    Gam3r L3gend

    Day 1 of saying: Hey hi how ya doing to my friends anytime I see them


    I recommend revisiting the AN94 it’s cracked if you are good enough 😏 love y’a try downloading cod mobile it’s tying into the story line with cold and mw

  • FrozenGallows

    Been running the Holger and the Jak 12. Call it my Holly Supershotty class. And been loving the absolute shit out of it! The holger is so satisfying along with the Jak 12

  • Elijah Csontos
    Elijah Csontos

    You gotta try the PKM its destroys players

    • Elijah Csontos
      Elijah Csontos

      @WhosImmortal alright now im excited haha big fan of yours keep doing what you do

    • WhosImmortal

      ooh you're gonna wanna catch today's video ;)

  • Blaster

    Use mouse n keyboard u will play better

    • WhosImmortal

      I play on both inputs already :)

  • Piz za
    Piz za

    Imma just add one Bruen mk9 - the old meta build Striker 45 - monolithic suppressor, 400 mm barrel, tac laser, 45 rd mag, either merc foregrip or gen II survivalist depending on play style

  • Billy Chaston
    Billy Chaston

    I litterly use the ak loudout in warzone minus the mono. Edit, I mean the thumbnail one

  • Alberto Lopez
    Alberto Lopez

    Said underrated, makes a Kilo class 🤣

    • WhosImmortal

      Also specified that that class was not underrated, but was meant for the night mode since I've been asked it about a hundred times :p

  • MVPlaymaker

    R9 dragons breath needs a nerf

  • Pablo Esparza
    Pablo Esparza

    Tbh using a corp on the Holger 26 is useless iron sight is good the corp just makes it look cooler(My opinion)

  • JCR Creations
    JCR Creations

    Yo why is everyone not using specialist in Warzone since you don’t get kill streaks??

  • G I Z M O
    G I Z M O

    It may put me at a disadvantage but I just use what I like and avoid the meta.


    The one am loadout in the thumbnail is litterly my loadout with the same variant for the skeleton stock and RPk barrel

  • Maan Majd
    Maan Majd

    3:45 becouse the M13 doesen't have damege It kills too slow

    • Maan Majd
      Maan Majd

      @WhosImmortal yes, you're right, but it more time than the other rifles to kill some one

    • WhosImmortal

      It has the best damage range out of all the Ar's my dude

  • D4 V3
    D4 V3

    At least I can use my epic ak that I've accidentally bought

  • Harrison Banda
    Harrison Banda

    Subbed, only cause you started with the KIlo lol

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett

    Try the AN 94

  • S.h Gamer
    S.h Gamer

    1:15 Look at c4.


    Florentino is a underrated variant, use APX5 sight, 19.8 prowler, tactical foregrip, 50 round mag and a close quarter stock!

    • A person
      A person

      The oden is better. It hits like a freight train

  • Arinthos

    AN-94 with its specific nvg scope is super good. Basically a VLK sight with a blue and red nvg.

    • A person
      A person

      Ehh I don’t like that sight very much.

  • wraith gaming
    wraith gaming

    " we can use more weapons than ever before" then why do all I see is the kilo and mp5

    • Levente Ács
      Levente Ács

      @camello321 now imagine what you could do with it if the detection system was the same as in MP. If supressors werent mandatory. It would be heaven for that and many other guns.

    • camello321

      @Levente Ács man the SA87 is a monster and surprised me a lot how good it works even as ground loot

    • Levente Ács
      Levente Ács

      Because they are unoriginal pricks. Nonetheless its true, I find way more success with my off meta loadouts than before. SA-87 built for ads and recoil control + JAK12 built for hipfire with 32 round mag. Youre technically invincible against zombies.

  • JaQuan Staten
    JaQuan Staten

    Great set ups !

  • Engineer Force
    Engineer Force

    For the kilo, would the 100 round drum also work?

  • Dakota Olivier
    Dakota Olivier

    Ok I love soap and I hate to say this but he’s dead play the campaign people🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Gustavo Anez
    Gustavo Anez

    super nice loadouts totally recommended ive always said that the mp7 is the best SMG, not MP5, mp7 bro and P90

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Dude where's the video of today ? Is everything fine ?


    On the ak.47 try to use the smg roudns thay have realy good time to kill and the range is ok

  • Paul.K.Dragon

    Any underrated loadouts for multiplayer?

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Hey, Hi, How ya doing? Me: JUST GREAT!

  • fisfero

    Zack u gotta make a class on’s pretty spicy

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael

    Nvg optic is a big ol' cap...everyone with a brain is rocking cold blooded in this mode

    • Sean Michael
      Sean Michael

      @WhosImmortal I mean I'm an EOD guy usually but in dark mode I roll with cold blooded because so many guys jumped right to thermals lol

    • WhosImmortal

      quick fix is far better than cold blooded imo

  • JayJayPee

    The ram-7 is the best gun in the game and is super underrated!

  • Misphit.

    How do you still throw C4 so far

    • JayJayPee

      Because he has a high FOV and it looks like he's throwing it far

  • God Man
    God Man

    Immortal man I need help with a good Grau 5.56 load out I don’t know what to do with me Grau

    • A person
      A person

      Yea it’s very good

    • God Man
      God Man

      @A person thanks very much I’ll be sure to try that out

    • A person
      A person

      I have one. Vlk 3x optic, 60 round mag, mono supressor, archangel barrel, and the tac laser. You can swap the tax laser for a foregrip. If you use a foregrip it becomes a bit slower. But not to much so you can still win close range.

    • God Man
      God Man

      Alr mate thank u

    • WhosImmortal

      If you search grau 556 on the channel, there's some setups for it there :)

  • Karateguy247

    Me: wants to use off meta guns Immortal: "tOp 10 bEsT oFf MeTa GuNs" Me: well now I'm not doing it Edit: bruen Mk9 still slaps no matter what you say Edit 2: battle hardend better than amped for zombie royale. Emps last shorter and Gas has less effect. Saves my life alot

    • JayJayPee


  • Jairo Gomez
    Jairo Gomez

    is anyone else finishing the Halloween challenges and not unlocking the pumpkin punisher immortal can u make a vid on it

    • A person
      A person

      Yes I know. That happened to me. Try to remember the last place you had to get the item for in order to get the pumpkin punisher. Go there and open chest there until it says on your screen “ Halloween challenges completed” and fire comes out of the chest

  • Dell S
    Dell S


  • Dan Prins
    Dan Prins

    Gotta love the AK with a Romanian dong

    • A person
      A person

      Ahh I see you are a man of culture as well

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister

    Great video. I would definitely sub in the PKM over the Holger though.

  • Xavier Young
    Xavier Young

    my favorites are kilo 141/fr 5.56/ M4/Grau 5.56, hk mp5/hk mp7/pp 19 bizon/aug/uzi/fennec/R9-0 shotgun/model 680,Kar98K/Spr-208/MK-2 carbine.Hdr/ax50/rytec amr (barret).pkm/bruen MK-9 (SAW)/M91/ Mg34/SA87.golden hew for my knife.pila/jokr/rpg/strela/.357 (my dream gun)/ desert eagle my second dream gun/ for lethals, semtex/C4/thermite/proximity/molotov. for tacticals, heartbeat sensor /stim flash/stun/smoke, (this is mine not anyone else's)

  • Abdul Klappstuhl
    Abdul Klappstuhl

    You forgot the AN-94

  • Timba R'dam
    Timba R'dam

    Uzi is my all time favorite in MW

  • Raevyk the Bot
    Raevyk the Bot

    AK-47 would be meta if they slightly reduced the jump between shots.

  • UrbanChamp

    On the ak i use monolithic, romanian barrell, vlk, stippy grippy, and sleight of hand

  • Matt Kingsley
    Matt Kingsley

    I like the setups other than the AK, I would lose the vlk for a tac laser

  • Mr Xquisit
    Mr Xquisit

    Why do streamers use the commando foregrip instead of the ranger/operator?

  • Raymond Daniel Javier
    Raymond Daniel Javier

    Holger vs Bruen?

  • Zdenko

    The first losdout of course: monolithic suppresor AKA everybody’s favorite suppresor 😅👍🏼👌🏼

  • Liven Raj
    Liven Raj

    Why don’t we call the monolithic suppressor the mono for short

  • SoulGlowCholo

    Take off skeleton stock and vlk scope on AK and put on holo sight and rubberized grip

  • Tactical Lime
    Tactical Lime

    Nah everytime I use the p90 I shoot first get chest shots like they do but they just purely outgun me only because they have an mp5

  • Maciej

    For AK I prefer: monolit suppressor, romanin barrel, VLK, tac laser and slight of hand (for this 1,5s reload)

  • D4 V3
    D4 V3

    The amax is better than the ak47 Sorry

    • WhosImmortal

      without a doubt, but it's not nearly as underrated ;)

  • Zee Niazi
    Zee Niazi

    What to do if we don't like the video?

  • Jordan Payne
    Jordan Payne

    Here's a much better mp7 for zombies royale: 5mw laser, merc foregrip, mono suppressor, 60 round mag, no stock. The hipfire is crazy accurate which helps tremendously when gas grenaded. P.s aim high, zombies have a ridiculous head shot multiplayer. I'd say it's close to 3x multiplyer.

  • Faizaan Ahmad
    Faizaan Ahmad

    I am now using the m13 instead of the kilo and the grau because you can take out someone very quick while aiming for headshots without recoil while the kilo in my opinion is still not as good as the m4a1 which is still in the meta

  • Shayne Adams
    Shayne Adams

    Just revisited the ak this season and I gotta say its alot better than when I used it a few seasons ago its my go to gun now.

  • Fortnite Jack
    Fortnite Jack

    I hate how I was using the kilo and then all of usudden everyone is using it

  • Arctic

    Lmao, the amount of hit markers at the begining

    • Arctic

      @WhosImmortal also,i joined ur dicord man. Irs pretty calm

    • WhosImmortal

      gotta love spawn protection

  • zalamoka yeet
    zalamoka yeet

    AN 94 is 2nd best AR IN the game ON GOD

  • peyman zarei
    peyman zarei

    thx, i think oden also could be in this list , im using it recently and its sooo satisfying

  • void

    U should try the loadout

  • void

    Thats not the right ak 47 i know what is tho compensator rpk barrel vlk sight The ranger fore grip and 40 rounds its actually proven better than the cr 56 amax according to actual stats

  • Team Burning Attack 96
    Team Burning Attack 96

    Whoimmortal try out my class. Grau Mono Nexus Ranger Thermal 60 Mags. Aug Mono 407 ranger 5m laser 60 mags


    Bro we gonna need how to get the chest at Dam. Fucking sweatfest there