Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch REVEALS The WARZONE CROSSOVER!
Here's everything we now know about how WARZONE will crossover into Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down everything we now know about the WARZONE Crossover in Black Ops Cold War! As we've heard recently, Call of Duty WARZONE Will be transferring to COD Black Ops Cold War, or COD BOCW, and because of this, we've got a lot questions regarding gameplay. Are we going to see a new WARZONE Map, are we going to be able to use our camos and weapons from Modern Warfare, etc. But thankfully, Treyarch revealed some details on how exactly the COD WARZONE Crossover is gonna work!
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  • WhosImmortal

    We've got even more information on how the WARZONE Crossover is going to work as we move into Black Ops Cold War!

    • Kevin Shadowz
      Kevin Shadowz

      Will we be able to use our Modern Warfare Operators in Black Ops Cold War Zombies?

    • Kevin Miller
      Kevin Miller

      The 8 attachments would be heaven for one player and hell for another. Wait and see how that plays out. Either way very excited for Cold War.

    • Oligarch

      So we will have a mw mp5 and a coldwar mp5... or 2 rafficas😁

    • Puss Free
      Puss Free

      How would that work tho because their on 2 different engines ?

    • NoobHere Trying
      NoobHere Trying

      Or the fact that CW guns seem to have no recoil, but the guns in warzone obviously do. That would make all the guns in right now irrelevant🤔 I think Treyarch screwed up pretty bad not taking into account that they have to integrate all these thing to warzone.

  • Veptex

    Wait so will we still be able to play warzone on modern warfare

    • Veptex

      @WhosImmortal ok thank you for the info

    • WhosImmortal


  • Rodrigo Hernandez
    Rodrigo Hernandez

    Wait is free to play warzone operators skins be able to transfer to cold war

  • Alonso

    I have a question so if I buy the Texas chainsaw operator in warzone I would be able to use it in Cold War warzone?

  • Kevin Shadowz
    Kevin Shadowz

    Will we be able to use our Modern Warfare Operators in Black Ops Cold War Zombies?

  • YRN6IX

    so the operators you bough won’t be able to be used in cold war ?

    • WhosImmortal

      In Warzone they'll be available

  • JaYk0413

    So is Warzone getting the PS5 treatment ? Or is it gonna just run via Backwards Compatibility on PS5? Thats whats stopping me from buying Coldwar because in the Alpha an Beta within Coldwar if u launch Warzone it closes ColdWar out an opens Modern Warfare? So confused I just wanna know if Warzone will be getting all the bells an whistles on PS5

  • Sauce

    So nothing in multiplayer would transfer like the anime super pack I buy ? That’s all I want transfered lol

  • Chance Roundtree
    Chance Roundtree

    You can probably only edit you modern warfare guns in modern warfare to use them in cold war Warzone kinda forcing you to buy modern warfare probably like 15 dollars

  • Robert G
    Robert G

    Cross play is trash, if I wanted to play on a computer with a bunch of cheaters then I would buy it for computer. Activision needs to quit being cheap and go in with Xbox, PS & Computer so each platform can have dedicated servers. Modern Warfare is the worst playing COD ever.

  • Justin Tucker
    Justin Tucker

    My question is will we be getting a whole new map?


    Wait does this mean all the guns we leveled up won’t save

  • Ben Fullgrabe
    Ben Fullgrabe

    Hey, Hi, I'm fine thanks for asking!

  • Dreziki i
    Dreziki i

    Hey Hi How you doin

  • KaBe

    Weapons balancing with MW en CW weapons together in Warzone is gonna be something :P I wish they just keep verdansk with the MW weapons and add a new map with de CW weapons.

  • SiblingsXI

    Does anyone know if your wins and KD transfer?

  • Tyler Southern
    Tyler Southern

    will cp be transferred to Cold War warzone?

    • WhosImmortal

      they should :)

  • Mr Stun
    Mr Stun

    I just got damascus. I hope it transfers over

  • Pharaoh El Capo
    Pharaoh El Capo

    F all the rumors... I just hope that Cold War BR is completely different than warzone. Not a copy and paste. Warzone is too noob friendly...

  • Indomitus

    So I’m assuming it’s MW2019’s Engine and Gameplay still but there’s is new Cold War themed content. So Warzone is kinda turning into its own separate spin off crossover game but at the same time you play Warzone by owning either BOCW or MW2019 or you can just use the free to play version of the game separate from the two.

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody

    I'm honestly worried because when warzone transfers to cod cold war it might feel a but 2much like blackout (which I didnt like)

  • TheClapGodSr.

    Im confused. Do the operators in the battle pass transfer over? And do weapon blueprints transfer? Are they using the same guns in the cold war warzone?

  • Brett

    Definitely interested to see how this turns out, but Cold War assets inside the warzone engine will amount to a failure overall. Warzone just isn’t that great and the game design decisions IW made around loadouts, TTK, sound, etc. are too bad to overcome. Unless cold war’s version somehow blends the two games but defers to treyarch design it just sounds like warzone will receive a Cold War update and map. Lame as fuck. Blackout is by far superior in design, feel and execution. All it needed was a little attention to fix small issues and add content. But hey, the kids like the worse game (warzone) because it takes less skill to be good at it and it’s far more casual. I get it. Casual gamers spend the majority of the money. At least MP looks good this year.

  • Luis Grou
    Luis Grou

    Mw Skins and Bundles goes to bopcw?

    • WhosImmortal

      yup :)

  • Kelvin Brank
    Kelvin Brank

    So tired of the map

  • Bentekkersss

    Imagine the amount of bugs we’ll get on Warzone once the crossover happens

  • Pharaoh El Capo
    Pharaoh El Capo

    Hope they change warzone and stop all this noob friendly bs with UAVs, starting with pistols and etc.

  • DeShone DeBlaw
    DeShone DeBlaw

    “Please note that previously earned Modern Warfare content is only available and usable in Modern Warfare and Warzone.”

    • WhosImmortal

      correct, it wont be available in MP as i said :)

  • zenmonkey070

    Good info as always Zac. Got the camera working yet!!! Going to be interesting though. Clint preorder Cold War as not sure which next gen console to with yet! Keeps safe 🙏🏻🕉

    • WhosImmortal

      got the new one in but havent had time to set it up. Next stream should have it on though :)

  • DJ S.Cream
    DJ S.Cream

    Wild cards will be MP only, makes no sense to even think about putting them in warzone if the weapon mechanics so different.

  • Gun Skill
    Gun Skill

    How can any one listen to what your saying while watching your game play lol 😂

  • Swaggy Uncle
    Swaggy Uncle

    God loves you

  • TrollMonkey

    Wow, no Battlepass? How will I get all of those new operators? Have to buy every single one?

    • WhosImmortal

      There will be a battle pass

  • DecimateRaid

    I think the Multiplayer will be better than warzone in Black ops cold war

  • Oscar Payne
    Oscar Payne

    A nuke goes off in Verdansk and we travel back in time to the 80's

  • Kris Kath
    Kris Kath

    Im more confused then evr... how can they even cross over .. the TTKI is so diffrent.. so when playing CW your going to have a super slow TTK and then get into a game of WZ and have a super-fast TTK? WTF?

  • HairBear

    Which movement style will be used in warzone (slide canceling, mounting) bc Cold War doesn’t have that stuff

    • WhosImmortal

      we're not sure yet

  • Hikaru3899

    This sucks. Blackout was so much better. Garunteed if blackout was free to play and cross play it would have more players

  • Brandon Brinkley
    Brandon Brinkley

    If you thought we usually get the same game year after year, just wait for this. Their keeping al.ost everything from MW including guns? Kinda wack. I always liked BlackOps games more, hope they don't take everything from this one.

  • Safwan Sayed
    Safwan Sayed

    Will we able to use the cp of warzone in cold war then?

  • Steve

    Oh for the love of God please don't mix that garbage game in with the new one

  • Harry Mcdowell
    Harry Mcdowell

    What about weapon balancing if both universes exist together in warzone how the hell they gonna do this?

  • Alex Teetzel
    Alex Teetzel

    You should post more modern warfare Loadout videos

    • WhosImmortal

      When weapons change, I do :)

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    So basically the Grau and Bruen are here to stay.... BULLSHIT!!!

  • Star Killer
    Star Killer

    Is the healthy going to be the same in warzone

  • ShoppingCart Bot
    ShoppingCart Bot

    So how are the Cold War guns and handling gonna be put in with MW weapons?

  • Ron Goodman
    Ron Goodman

    Wait, so the guns are still going to be the same in warzone? That’s dumb! I want to to try the new weapons and not have people still using the Bruen or the Kilo.

  • nobodyhasthis yet
    nobodyhasthis yet

    alot of people play only multiplayer and dont play warzone for many reasons. To have nothing carry over for multiplayer will lose them alot of paying customers.

  • Ethan Guetzkow
    Ethan Guetzkow

    At the moment I’m on the Xbox one. I am considering a PS5. I have 1,800 cod points on my account. I did a little research that told me I will not be able to transfer cod points from Xbox to PlayStation? Is this true because in the video you stated my progress would transfer?

  • FER:D

    will there be tactical sprint

  • Aiden Cepil
    Aiden Cepil

    So i can play as ghost? YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSIRRRRR but no mp ghost

  • Thunder Slug106
    Thunder Slug106

    I want to play MW Warzone, im really not a fan of warzone going to the next game despite it being completely different on a stylistic and technical level

  • John Sampson
    John Sampson

    Will you need to get the free Cold War edition to have warzone?

  • Max Leaman
    Max Leaman

    They'll just add DLC for warzone but cold war themed. They have operator Woods already, just going to port over weapons and a new cold war themed map along with the new operators. There is no benefit in trying to invent some janky hybrid type game and I expect this is how it'll be implemented. This to me looks to be the best solution anyways. Keep in mind, Warzone will be handled by another studio entirely or possibly a joint cooperation team resulting in both Modern Warfare and Cold War design perspectives.

  • Dylan Reynolds
    Dylan Reynolds

    So we will be able to run overkill with a gun from mw19 and bocw??

  • James Just
    James Just

    “Cold Warzone” eyyyyyy

  • Patrik N
    Patrik N

    What will happen to current Warzone stats? Kills, K.D, wins? Will those all reset?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Are the stats going to transfer or reset?

    • WhosImmortal

      no idea on that one right now

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale

    I'm really wondering how the mechanics will transfer. BOCW doesn't have tac sprint, so will warzone still have it or not? Will base health still be 100 or 150* like is estimated in BOCW? Will warzone retain the mounting feature?

  • Jay Contreras
    Jay Contreras

    They invited people like hollow to the early access thing who actually stopped uploading cod 3 months ago and didn’t talk about the gameplay but still people like immortal and Jev who grind out cod videos and play the game all the time don’t get invited Fuck Activision or whoever else is in charge of that stuff

  • Tuveyy

    Do you think kd and stats will trade over?

    • Tuveyy

      Hopefully kd doesn’t 😂

    • WhosImmortal

      no idea on that tbh

  • Devonta Buckles
    Devonta Buckles

    What about our KD

  • Alan Perez
    Alan Perez

    If you change your mw password will it save your stuff

  • Ironside

    So am I right that if I used my coins to buy an operater bundle, I can still acces that same Operater, weapon blueprint en idk Execution in Cold War? But only in Warzone?

  • Jeffrey Summers
    Jeffrey Summers

    Will we have to buy Cold War to play Warzone?

    • Jeffrey Summers
      Jeffrey Summers

      WhosImmortal thanks

    • WhosImmortal

      nope, Warzone is free

  • Detective Cheeks
    Detective Cheeks

    I doubt they will let you mix weapons like you won’t be able to have an M4A1 from modern warfare and then have a gun from Cold War using overkill. If they do they will probably make Warzone a stand-alone where the weapons aren’t as powerful as they are in multiplayer.

  • Max Foxley
    Max Foxley

    Immortal coldWARZONE sounds nice

  • Collyzlee Collier
    Collyzlee Collier

    Leave mwf alone and make a new warzone for black ops cold war otherwise they will butt fuckin kill it.. i never liked any of the black ops games though they were better than advanced and infinity lol

  • Spenzor 11
    Spenzor 11

    Wht about campaign🤔🤔

  • Sam Snowman
    Sam Snowman

    I don’t plan on getting Cold War at launch, do you know if I’ll be able to to play the new warzone thru modern warfare or if I can download the new one for free?

  • Adil Kamar
    Adil Kamar

    What about the game engine does it change in warzone .

  • Alexandru Falaus
    Alexandru Falaus


    • WhosImmortal


  • Bryan Skylit
    Bryan Skylit

    How the hell is CW content supposed to transfer over to Warzone if they run on completely different engines?? Are they going to have to develop and animate each gun or whatever twice? I don’t understand.

  • Adrian Bello
    Adrian Bello

    I was gonna buy cat mara but I guess not since I only play multiplayer.

  • Theo

    I'm soooo hyped for the new COD. Incredibly sad we have to move on from this one though. We hate you, yet love you with all our hearts MW2019 ❤️

  • Chaitanya Bansal
    Chaitanya Bansal

    The idea that u can call loadout drops from the two different game is banger. Just imagine the best wpns from the two game along with six perks

  • Kriczokisbacev

    The warzone destroyer is COD COLD WAR

  • Smoke ElemenT
    Smoke ElemenT

    Id like a new map

  • Cole Mullis
    Cole Mullis

    I really don’t see how these are gunna cross over with different movements styles, engines, damage profiles for weapons (BOCW using 150hp), etc.

  • Fresh You know
    Fresh You know

    Please don’t change the gameplay of warzone BO cold war seems like a downgrade for me

  • Roboto Ti
    Roboto Ti

    So If I don't have black ops cold war I will still be able to play it I can't buy cold war cuz it would be expensive

  • Botsile Wilson Ramabu
    Botsile Wilson Ramabu

    So will we be able to use base guns from MW in the new Warzone? Will I be able to use a regular GRAU or will I have to buy a blueprint to use it?

  • Roboto Ti
    Roboto Ti

    Please answer my question Is it still going to be free

    • Roboto Ti
      Roboto Ti

      So I will be able to play it even if I don't have black ops coldwar

    • WhosImmortal

      warzone will be, yes

  • michael zade
    michael zade

    But I want to use my grua in could war mp

  • Zansicora

    My question is will they finally separate your warzone classes from your multiplayer classes due to the MW weapons not being available in Black Ops Multiplayer?

  • Sebastian Amador
    Sebastian Amador


  • Remyecho

    Ok so it seems like we can use MW weapons in warzone, but will we be able to mount? Will the base health be 150? Is the movement going to change to BOCW style?

  • Axis Rot
    Axis Rot

    In my opinion they need to leave the core mechanics alone and just use it as a platform with new maps and dlc


    so this us why they didn't give use guns like m16 and spas 12 in modern warfare

  • Cody Lutes
    Cody Lutes

    I think it was jackfrags that said he thinks they’ll add all the Cold War guns to modern warfare so you can level them up & use the attachments in modern warfare for warzone so it’s fair. Think about it. The modern warfare mp5 has a bunch of recoil with the no stock. The Cold War mp5 looks like it has no recoil at all. That wouldn’t make sense to have both versions in warzone.

  • Tiago

    I have very mixed feelings about this. Either the guns are going to feel ultra different on BOCW and WZ or they‘re going to be extremly unbalanced. Different engines mean different assets. So changing a gun in WZ would maybe not affect MP in BOCW, BUT so you cannot „train“ (get used to) your gun and gun skills overall. It‘s so stupid, I hope they‘ll get it right, cause I‘d be quitting WZ for sure, if they change the gameplay! And I know for a fact that A LOT of people feel the same way about quitting...

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    Some of the dlc weapons in modern warfare are not free, you have to pay for them with sanity, because you have to do a ridiculous challenge that may not even track properly.

  • Alex Ayush Ryder
    Alex Ayush Ryder

    I want them to make the zombies free-for-all 😁😁😁😁 The confusion is real then the hype!!!!!!!!!!

  • MJamal97

    So we are gonna have MW weapons AND black ops weapons ? Damn how is that gonna work ? 20 Assault Rifles and 20 smgs to choose from ?! Seems exciting tbh.

  • Rhys Tan👍
    Rhys Tan👍

    Does this mean there gonna take out modern warfare warzone?

    • WhosImmortal

      it'll still be there

  • GhostCTV

    Thx for the info🐵

    • WhosImmortal

      You bet

  • Caden Ousley
    Caden Ousley

    Good job another good vid!!

    • WhosImmortal

      Thanks again!

  • cgl729

    I doubt I’ll be buying Cold War. Seems like a free to play mobile game. I hope I can still play war zone on MW.

  • R K
    R K

    It makes no sense to transfer current MW content into the new game in any mode. The only reason that I can think of is that WarZone will no longer have any significant value to the overall game storyline.

  • Bread

    I hope they really work hard on warzone cause blackout was garbage af