Black Ops Cold War: The MAJOR Problems & Concerns (Honest Review)
Here's the MAJOR Problems, Concerns, and Improvements I've got with Black Ops Cold War!
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In this video, we're breaking down the MAJOR Problems and Concerns I have with Black Ops Cold War, alongside the things I thought Treyarch did well with. This is essentially my final thoughts on the Black Ops Cold War experience so far throughout the Beta, regarding the Multiplayer modes and the brand new Fireteam mode as well. Between some of the more glaring issues with Cold War and some of the improvements Treyarch has made so far, I honestly think COD BOCW is headed in the right direction, however, with only a few weeks left before Cod Black Ops Cold War launches, is there enough time to polish off the game?

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  • WhosImmortal

    Here's my 2 cents on how the Beta feels in its current stage. Some good, some bad, but hopefully come launch it'll be more of the former! Thanks for tuning in!

    • Matthew Rios
      Matthew Rios

      What about the single player camping call of duty online only or can you play it offline

    • the original Synnykal 22
      the original Synnykal 22

      Dude, Zac! Did you check out the Haunting of Verdansk trailer?!?😲 it's gonna be epic!

    • D Granger
      D Granger

      Great vid. I’m gonna stick with modern warfare though.😉

    • CrazyIslandJam

      Bushes mess with aim assist ? 🤣

    • Bigg Saucy
      Bigg Saucy

      Worst part of the BETA was not feeling the impact of the bullets like in MW. Felt like all the guns had rubber bullets...

  • Addison Aker
    Addison Aker

    Grenade throws are terrible, movement feels awkward, lack of detail, feels like I’m playing with plastic guns, just seems so rushed and poorly made. Feels like they took a step back instead of forward with this game. Tbh I think they made this game to troll cuz there’s no way they were fr about this game. Disappointed

  • John Capewell
    John Capewell

    The driving is easy. Just like halo

  • Nathaniel wowchuk
    Nathaniel wowchuk

    Unless it changes hopefully it does the look of attachments and the lack of cool wacky prototype shit was a a shame. Such a crazy amount of experimental programs going on. The stoner could have 3 magazines but they were left out. Really sad.

  • Kevin Semidey
    Kevin Semidey

    Their concern with flinch is free headshots for the player shooting second with the flinch bouncing up to the head. An easy nerf would be add horizontal or/and diagonal flinch instead of vertical

  • Alan

    I have ps4 & Xbox the ps4 beta was way worse than Xbox , aim on ps4 felt broken and sluggish even after changing numerous settings I was getting dropped nearly every firefight , agree with most it needs a big fix for sure .

  • Alaskan Yeti
    Alaskan Yeti

    Am I the only one who felt this was just a recycled cod ww2? The worst cod in existence. So many similarities, I feel like sledgehammer should have never been apart of this, and hope they’re taken off any future projects

  • Geoff Ankrett
    Geoff Ankrett

    I'm glad I haven't ordered it. The graphics look terrible and wooden

  • Hunter Gaylord
    Hunter Gaylord

    Just found you today and subbed right away. Already love ur vids man

    • WhosImmortal

      Awesome thank you!

  • Frank Nickell
    Frank Nickell

    It's the same game the maps are just a remake. I not going to keep paying every time a new update comes up.🤬

  • Nick Islas
    Nick Islas

    I dont like that you can have the same operator on opposite teams. Getting killed by someone that looks like you is confusing in multiplayer

    • Brice Murrie
      Brice Murrie

      That's just awful...

    • WhosImmortal


  • Twitch nightcodex
    Twitch nightcodex

    Gonna wait untill release. If theres sbmm they can get a big fuck you

  • Joshua Greenley
    Joshua Greenley

    You don't even bring up the fact that PC players dont stand a chance against the broken aim assist in this shit heap of a game

  • F.B.I O
    F.B.I O

    It’s pretty much a complete bo4 bulid.

  • victor ortiz
    victor ortiz

    I hate how it takes so long for you to climb over something and the dropshotting is horrendous, when you dropshot and get into the prone position it stops aiming

  • Clarke Dennis
    Clarke Dennis

    On the skill base match making I agree I hate having to maintain my KD and playing against sweats but I do feel for the people who have disabilities I feel like that’s why skill base was put into effect. To level the playing field? Food for thought

  • Hood

    For me some of the maps. Like cartel reminds me of half village and half mission. It reminds me loads of mw3 tbf, I think it’s a decent game I dunno why people are hating on it so much. Least there’s no boost jumping 😂

  • Dennis Sågström
    Dennis Sågström

    Diden't like the map satellit, the attachment. But other then that it rocks mws butt, did not feel tryhard campy as mw does. But who knows everyone rushes since they don't care about stats

  • Liam O'Mahony
    Liam O'Mahony

    The graphics are so bad it looks 5 years old

  • SoundsEpicMusic

    Super uninterested in this COD, I'm staying with mw untill cod 2021

  • SunnyD

    -Shoot first die first memes as with all call of duty games because the tickrate blows -Laserbeam smgs outgunning assault rifles across the map cause they also have seemingly no damage dropoff -Aim assist sniper memes -Cancer based matchmaking still existing for some silly reason -Spas12 firing too fast -Flackjacket not stopping mines from killing you -Uavs being too easy to get enforcing ghost to be mandaotry -Most of the scorestreaks suck -Satellite and cartel suck -Janky vehicle lag when firing at people using them And this is just a complaint with all call of duties but they should just reset your health back to 100% when you kill someone so you have better chances when fighting against multiple people.

  • c a s t e d
    c a s t e d

    not many ppl even use the bushes in cartel

  • Richard Foshee
    Richard Foshee

    The end-match stuttering and frame drops were unreal. One of my biggest issues was how slow lethals were to toss out. Totally agree with player visibility, there were so many times either I literally could not see someone -- some of these camos are literally too good -- or they'd just appear out of nowhere because of lag.

  • Shaun Foo
    Shaun Foo

    I can't understand why I find MW light years ahead of this despite being the older game...... I suspect it's the sound... And yes... The snipers... I actually got the jump on 2 snipers with the Strig but got hitmarkers before being dispatched with a single shot. If it were MW, I'd have won those 2 gunfights I'm pretty sure....

  • fahimd69 Gaming
    fahimd69 Gaming

    So your other reviews were dishonest !! cool

    • fahimd69 Gaming
      fahimd69 Gaming

      @WhosImmortal Big brain

    • WhosImmortal

      what lmfao

  • Carlos Cañadas
    Carlos Cañadas

    Have you noticed the sound it makes every time you die, is like rubbing a balloon with your finger, quite annoying.

  • José Ochoa
    José Ochoa

    To be honest I'm not engage with this game are some stuff I didn't like

  • chris bobo
    chris bobo

    SBMM will never change bro I wish

  • Goaliecrab66

    So where's nuketown tho

  • Eduardo V
    Eduardo V


  • burntd toast
    burntd toast

    Petition to nerf the bushes

    • burntd toast
      burntd toast

      Also to completely remove SBMM

  • Cyan

    C4 is shite

  • lol cryo
    lol cryo

    Love you immortal I watch all ur vids keep the work up!

    • WhosImmortal

      I appreciate it!

  • KingJames _0509
    KingJames _0509

    I know u make a living from this ...seriously thats all u can say is wrong what about the graphics gameplay period is trash..dude start making vids on Destiny 2 cause COD is done...unless they pull something off with warzone

  • ShotzNasty

    Did y’all receive 4 tiers for playing the beta?I got the patch note thingy but didn’t get the 4 tiers😢

  • mario chavez
    mario chavez

    Shits worse than MW , nothing special i was looking forward to zombies, but i played beta shit disapoinment

  • Why you Lurking
    Why you Lurking

    The games trash but good vid🎉 if everyone spams that cold wars trash theil continue to update it

  • Luke Wetzel
    Luke Wetzel

    The game feels like warzone without the armor packs

  • MrKnifeart

    Will they have sabotage mode? Will you be able to set the speed and custom games like on Black ops 1? If they have these two things then I'll buy it or if they have a lot of co-op for two players. Otherwise I've already wasted my money on a bunch of these getting worse and worse.

  • Luke Wetzel
    Luke Wetzel

    I'm so glad you die so fast in this game. So when I'm the first person to see someone there dead guaranteed lol

  • MrKnifeart

    They better not leave out headquarters and especially sabotage mode!!! and certain settings from Black ops 1 where you can control the speed, etc!!! This is why I always fall back from all the other call of duty's to Black ops 1 !!!! Whoever makes these decisions is half an idiot.

  • Meeklmore

    I wish I could just get zombies by itself, the multiplayer is just not fun at all lmao

  • Frank Wasbetter
    Frank Wasbetter

    All these morons had to do was copy Black Ops 2 add a few different scoresteaks, maps and guns an call it a day. That was literally a perfect Call of duty game, instead they fall on their faces year after year trying to reinvent the wheel and placate shitty players with their woke everyone gets a trophy skill based match making. Fuck this game just as bad if not worse than Modern Warfare

  • Pat Joslin
    Pat Joslin

    This game is nothing special at all. It’s only exciting because its new. What makes this game special? Whats different? Nothing. Its a major step back from Modern Warfare in most areas. I have had 50, 60, and 70 kill games during the beta n it just isnt that fun. How can a game that is slightly faster paced be this boring? Been playing call of duty since the first one came out and its time for me to move.

  • Crayvd

    I just wanted 2020 black ops 1. Instead I got COD mobile. 😔

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    snipers are way too op, but nothing. second I feel like in almost all the important ways, this is a step backwards from MW (maybe 2 or more) third, I will admit Treyarch makes better maps -=--- I would long for them to partner with MW

  • s0SiLenT _
    s0SiLenT _

    All of you sayin mw is still better , wtf are you smoking ? cw feels like a nice cod , the weapon handling feels on point and sniping also is waay smoother. Also the Maps are better , the drop time is nice. MW with Ghosts are one of the WORST CODS EVER

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    The new down mechanics look like trash. Why change if it's not broke?

  • orangedrone

    Why would anyone play this when MW exists?

  • my name
    my name

    What the hell happened to the first person stealth kills we saw?... They were no where in the beta. Just a chunky one hit kill from behind.

  • Bryant T
    Bryant T

    It’s extremely underwhelming so far, feels like modern warfare 1.5

  • Pickle Stick
    Pickle Stick

    I love how u were giving constructive criticism rather than just complaining/ranting 👍🏿

    • WhosImmortal

      I try :)

  • Resent C137
    Resent C137

    Sniping was tough and aim resist not assist. Got me wanting to put the game down

  • Renowned MANNY
    Renowned MANNY

    Lmao I like the driving kind of like halo which helps me

  • Jacob Fleming
    Jacob Fleming

    I enjoy it

  • tyrannosauruslex

    imma be honest... I didn't like it, at all. if warzone is going to be a blackout 2.0 style game after the release, real deal might be better off playing fortnite. im really disappointed in how clunky everything is and didn't even enjoy it enough to play through the weekend. sbmm is cheeks, maps besides satellite had terrible flow, and the graphics weren't impressive by any stretch (I was on console so idk how different it was on pc). just big sad man

    • It’s Liam7
      It’s Liam7

      Infinity ward is making the warzone for BOCW So that’s that...

    • United Bacons
      United Bacons

      I mean if you want a decent BR just play Warzone or apex

  • Andre Oliver
    Andre Oliver

    Cookie cutter attachments for every gun, very unrealist attachments in there, why does the compensator basically not compensate.

  • Frank Aitoro
    Frank Aitoro

    I tried really hard to like this beta however it was very blah and unenjoyable. Visibility was not great, shoot first and die a lot, maps are mediocre at best, new streak system is not good and a unnecessary change and for the worse. MW has its issues however CW feels older, looks older, plays older, and just overall just feels very rushed and boring. Maybe they will do more before launch but this game so far is one of my least favorite in the franchise if this is how its going to play.

  • XMr.CatX

    Totally not a lie day 163 of I’m not lying

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    The games a downgrade. worse than mw in every way.

  • Ty Welch
    Ty Welch

    Do you think we will be able to use the perk greed wild card in warzone?

  • Comrade Medved
    Comrade Medved

    I really enjoyed the beta my only complants i have is that the visibility really hard to see at times, and having both teams using the same operators was confusing as hell, i hope that they were just showcasing some of the operators and will split them up according their factions so weird seeing American and British characters fighting as the KGB/Spetsnaz and vice versa .

  • Atheon Time Conflux
    Atheon Time Conflux

    LMGs do less dmg than a fucking pistols ffs, i hope they buff them

  • mike A
    mike A

    Cold war is trash over Modern Warefare. Wish I did not buy in

  • Rona Lisa
    Rona Lisa

    I’m heavily disappointed so far. Black Ops 4 was butchered and killed to basically make this game and it barely feels any better to me so far. Beta bored me. The zombies content doesn’t feel that promising to me because they put the chopper gunner in there

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris

    This game is GARBAGE !!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • mr. dismisser
    mr. dismisser

    I don't like that there weapon attachments don't have realistic effects. For instance the gun barrel that does extra vehicle damage Irl that's not a thing. It's a long barrel so it should increase range and velocity

  • Rona Lisa
    Rona Lisa

    What’s the point of League Play when every match is the CDL finals in the normal game mode

  • Rich_ banana
    Rich_ banana

    What’s your pc specs?

    • WhosImmortal

      main stuff is i9 9900k, 2080ti, 64 gbs ram, ton of storage for footage


    It sucks.. plain and simple rather play mw2 on ps3

  • Shane Nino
    Shane Nino

    They definitely need to change driving first time I used an RC-XD instantly killed myself


    ADD THE FLINCH BACK IN AND STOP MAKING IT EASIER FOR NEW PLAYERS EVERY GAME. You compromise the quality and learning curve which makes the game a cheesier experience with each release. Especially from MW 2019.

  • The reason they dash
    The reason they dash

    Nice analysis much much more is bad about this game however. Modern warfare 2.0 last good game cod ghost last great game 8 yes ago cod bo2 and all the glory days before it sad what cod is and has been since 2014

  • lbecerra913

    Modern warfare to me is more fun

  • Slushy

    i honestly hate flinch i am being shot at in all directions and and i literally cant do anything because it's impossible to hit your shots

  • McCringleberry

    This game is gonna flop so bad, the mechanics feel old/ outdated, it gets boring fast. Snipers have an insane op hit detection. Feels like you’re forced to use sight attachments, the stock sights on guns are so ass and the sights in this game look/feel weird and the guns don’t feel balanced. This game would’ve done very well if they just used the same mw engine and reskinned it and slightly did some changes . Mw was perfectly executed it doesn’t feel like other cods it was refreshing. So can’t wait for mw2 🤷‍♂️


      this is exactly what needs to happen, was considering preordering but canceled right after alpha gameplay came out

  • Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker

    I'm not buying this game. It looks like shit to me

  • RK Cronus55
    RK Cronus55

    I've gonna buy cyberpunk 2077 rather than this game. My only problem was that it feels so different. Graphics, gunsmith, movement animation, reload animation and the vehicles such as the tank and the helicopters are underpowered. Can easily be destroyed by machine gun or even small arms. I understand about your point of vehicle camping, but there are rocket launchers which you can use to deal with those vehicles. I played 70% battlefield and 30% COD so realism is a thing for me. Just including some realism to the game such as you're able to destroy armored vehicles with rocket launchers and not small arms will be a turn on for me. I don't mind if environment destruction is not included

  • Lich 1969
    Lich 1969

    Watching this video and seeing how pc looks shocks me how bad PS4 pro looks ... All muddy etc This game is definitely a miss step back in gfx

  • Chris Futrell Fishing
    Chris Futrell Fishing

    Totally agree about the sniping. Three or four hit markers then quick scope aim assost zero skill 1 bullet to the head. Snipers need flinch! Other than that the hame felt pretty good to me. I do thinkthey need to add an extra second to how quick uou can jump multiple times. First jimp fine 2nd and 3rd jumps needto be slowed drastically during a gun fight

  • huskerpower-

    I had to choose between Destiny 2 expansion or black ops, I chose destiny in a heartbeat. I know blacks ops will more than likely be ass, so I'll spend my $70 elsewhere.

  • White_NinjaUSMC

    Sniping for me was night and day difference between alpha, ps4, and this weekend. Guaranteed chest shots would get 98/100 hp and I'd get mapped by a Milano. The snipers are advertised as chest shot and head shot kills.

  • Callan Snow
    Callan Snow

    My pros for the game are the fact there is a button that launches you back into modern warfare to be able to forget this broken mess of a game they call cold war.

  • ReApErZ

    Whosimmortal what do you think about the damage of smg ar lmg? I my opinion there is a big mistake on it all smg are stronger then the first ar which should be impossible. We know cod treyarch favoritises smg above all others but this has to stop in my opinion, i felt that dmg where lmg with just the grip and front barrel attachments. And there damage isn't even dropping that much in comparison to ar's lmg's, for there is a huge buff needed for ar's lmg's or a nerf for smg's. Never in 1 cod game i saw this happening xm4 30 damage per shot (ar) smg mp5 32 damage per shots? This for me can't be possible. Cod has to make more real life things, smg are really only good a close ranges

  • Shane Infinity
    Shane Infinity

    Surprised more people aren't saying anything about the broken aim assist in this game. Probably because the majority of the game is console players and they just dont see or feel it i guess. I did fine in PC lobbies but would get mopped up by a console players which would NEVER happen in Modern Warfare..

  • WpGSweatyeti

    Hey whosimmortal what your m4 class so far.

  • jose hernandez
    jose hernandez

    The thing I hated the most is the driving I liked the modern warfare driving better

  • GlorgPlungie

    I actually haven’t had this much fun in a COD in a while. Ik there’s a lot that needs to be fixed but overall I think it’s gonna be good.

  • Gareth Hextall
    Gareth Hextall

    left on the D-pad is for ping ,, find that silly when we used to up on the D-pad from warzone

  • Jeremia Zwiers
    Jeremia Zwiers

    I don't like the attachment systeem every gun has the same attachments. And all the attachments have the same pro's and cons which makes some attachments useless. The wildcard for 8 attachments is useless to. And that is one off my complaints out of 8 complaints. Buying the game just for zombies anyway.

  • Nikolas Reinke
    Nikolas Reinke

    Skill-base-matchmaking needs to suc dic

  • lagerbeer1974

    I'll probably get into this sometime next year if at all. Everything I've seen so far says Modern Warfare is the better game. And already have a love/hate relationship with it.

  • k1nggkhi

    People at it cause it’s a new game

  • John Vellekamp
    John Vellekamp

    The AK47 is really gud

    • WhosImmortal

      It's a beast!

  • the prankster 22
    the prankster 22

    ‘I wondered where I was dying from..’ Git gud

  • shadowchaos1991

    I am on your boat man. I am skipping cold war to be honest. I just enjoy the gameplay style of warzone better

  • Manu Singh
    Manu Singh

    What about the terrible gun audio?

  • Pranav Viswanathan
    Pranav Viswanathan

    If I hadn't played MW, I would've thought this a decent game. Playing the beta felt boring and honestly a step down from what MW achieved. Maybe its more about MW being a brilliant game as opposed to BOCW being mediocre.


    I missed the Alpha and can’t imagine playing the game in a worse state than it’s in right now. The game isn’t awful, but it’s not good. Seems last gen, almost feels like the crossfire beta. Hopefully things get better, I know it’s just a beta.

  • Ali Ronaldo
    Ali Ronaldo

    This game is dog shit